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  1. Discovering Wavelets by Edward Aboufadel, Steven Schlicker, 1999-10-05
  2. Ripples in Mathematics: The Discrete Wavelet Transform by A. Jensen, Anders la Cour-Harbo, 2001-06-22
  3. Essential Wavelets for Data Analysis by Todd Ogden, 1996-12-01
  4. Wavelet Analysis and Applications (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis)
  5. Wavelets and Subband: Fundamentals and Applications by Agostino Abbate, Casimer DeCusatis, et all 2002-01-01
  6. Wavelets and Multiwavelets (Studies in Advanced Mathematics) by Fritz Keinert, 2003-11-12
  7. Wavelet Toolware: Software for Wavelat Training by Charles Chui, Andrew Chan, et all 1998-02
  8. Wavelets Mathematics and Applications (Studies in Advanced Mathematics)
  9. A Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets (London Mathematical Society Student Texts) by P. Wojtaszczyk, 1997-02-13
  10. Wavelets and Signal Processing: An Application-Based Introduction by Hans-Georg Stark, 2005-05-31
  11. Signal Analysis: Wavelets, Filter Banks, Time-Frequency Transforms and Applications by Alfred Mertins, 1999-02-24
  12. Real Analysis with an Introduction to Wavelets and Applications by Don Hong, Jianzhong Wang, et all 2004-12-14
  13. Fourier Analysis and Applications: Filtering, Numerical Computation, Wavelets (Texts in Applied Mathematics) by Claude Gasquet, Robert D. Ryan, 1998-11-06
  14. Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Transforms, Subbands, Wavelets by Ali N. Akansu, Paul R. Haddad, 2001-01

81. Yale Math Department Wavelets Resources
Software and papers on wavelet packets (Lionel Woog, Fran§ois Meyer, and Fazal Majid).
Wavelet Resources
Wavelets software and papers Lionel Woog's Home Page demonstrating wavelet packets based denoising Francois Meyer's Home Page XWPL - Fazal Majid's X Wavelet Packet Laboratory Yale Computational Mathematics Group

82. Welcome To Wavelets!
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83. MotionWavelets Video Compression - Aware, Inc.
Compression methods based on a mathematical technique known as wavelets are widely acknowledged as producing results superior to traditional blockbased
Products Compression Software
MotionWavelets Video
MotionWavelets is a software video codec that delivers real-time, high-quality video compression to the PC-based digital video user. Powered by a wavelet-based compression engine optimized for MMX processors, MotionWavelets compresses 640x480, 30 frames per second video with VHS quality, in real time on a PII/450MHz PC. MotionWavelets will compress greater than 60 fps 320x240 on any P/MMX 200MHz PC or above. Please click here to contact Aware The combination of the MotionWavelets codec and an inexpensive video capture device is an effective alternative to costly solutions using MPEG, Motion JPEG and other hardware capture codecs. In addition, the codec’s performance will continue to improve as faster PCs become available.
Intended Users
  • Makers of PC video capture devices such as video capture boards, TV tuner boards and digital video cameras who want to add high quality video compression to their products at low cost and with minimal development effort.

84. Theofanis Sapatinas
wavelets and statistical modelling.
Dr Theofanis Sapatinas
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Location: FST-01-B130 (University Campus)
Postal Address: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, CY 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus
Academic Qualifications:

85. Wavelets For Computer Graphics
wavelets FOR COMPUTER GRAPHICS APRIMER Eric J wavelets are a mathematical tool for hierarchically decomposing functions. Using wavelets
Eric J. Stollnitz Tony D. DeRose David H. Salesin Wavelets are a mathematical tool for hierarchically decomposing functions. Using wavelets, a function can be described in terms of a coarse overall shape, plus details that range from broad to narrow. Regardless of whether the function of interest is an image, a curve, or a surface, wavelets provide an elegant technique for representing the levels of detail present. This primer is intended to provide those working in computer graphics with some intuition for what wavelets are, as well as to present the mathematical foundations necessary for studying and using them. In Part 1, we discuss the simple case of Haar wavelets in one and two dimensions, and show how they can be used for image compression. Part 2 presents the mathematical theory of multiresolution analysis, develops bounded-interval spline wavelets, and describes their use in multiresolution curve and surface editing. Part 1 Eric J. Stollnitz, Tony D. DeRose, and David H. Salesin. Wavelets for computer graphics: A primer, part 1

86. Vivek Goyal
wavelets, frames, packet erasure coding.
Vivek Goyal
email: v . g o y a l @ i e e e . o r g On May 1, 2001, I left my position as a Member of Technical Staff in the Mathematics of Communications Research department of Bell Labs to become a Senior Research Engineer at Digital Fountain . Since then, LCAV has hosted my web presence, even though I was last a true member of LCAV in September 1996. I subsequently moved on from Digital Fountain. I was a Visiting Scholar in the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley where my sponsors were the Berkeley Audio-Visual Signal Processing and Communication Systems research group and Professor Martin Vetterli. Then on January 1, 2004, I joined the EECS Department and the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor. I will soon retire this web site. Please visit the web site of my Signal Transformation and Information Representation group at MIT. List of writings, many with abstracts and text available on-line
Vivek Goyal Last updated 4 Mar 04

87. Wavelets For Computer Graphics
wavelets for Computer Graphics. Overview. wavelets are a mathematical tool for hierarchically decomposing functions. They
Wavelets for Computer Graphics
Wavelets are a mathematical tool for hierarchically decomposing functions. They allow any function to be described in terms of a coarse overall shape, plus details that range from broad to narrow. As the figures below illustrate, wavelets can be applied to a wide variety of objects used in graphics, including images, curves, surfaces, and the solutions to lighting simulations. Images
20 coefficients
200 coefficients
16,000 coefficients Curves
level 3.1
level 5.4
level 8.0 Surfaces
229 triangles
2,000 triangles
10,000 triangles Simulation
no refinement 6 refinements final gather
Although a great deal has been written about wavelets, most of the literature uses terminology from signal processing and pure mathematics. Our aim in writing the tutorial article and the book listed below was to provide a consistent theoretical framework for those working in computer graphics, as well as examples of graphics applications that make use of wavelets. The Article Wavelets for Computer Graphics: A Primer . Eric J. Stollnitz, Tony D. DeRose, and David H. Salesin.

88. Julian Magarey
Multiresolution image sequence processing, wavelet transforms, and computer vision, complex wavelets for motion estimation.

89. C S Salimath
Applications of wavelets.
Wavelets Contact Me: My Backround My Picture Gallery C S Salimath Yahoo! More on Wavelets... Google Search You have reached the personal webpage of C S Salimath, I am a Research Scholar working on Wavelets at Karnatak University, Dharwad, India. Articles (Expository/Tutorial) on WAVELETS can be found on this page in .pdf file formats. This research is being carried out under the guidance of Dr.N.M.Bujurke. All the articles are in (.pdf) fromat and can be downloaded.
C S Salimath Papers on Wavelets:
Wavelets and Their Applications.
Orthogonal Wavelets and Multiresolution Analysis.
Wavelets - From Approximation Theory Point of View.
Wavelets in Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations.
(.pdf) More on Mathematics... This site is optimized for 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution More about my guide Dr.N.M.Bujurke My research guide Dr.N.M.Bujurke, recipient of various awards in the field of teaching and research. Awarded Fellow of National Academy in 2003.
Read More

90. Wavelets
WAVELET These images show the principle of wavelet processing. Wavelet processing is much alike a series of unsharp masks applied
These images show the principle of wavelet processing. Wavelet processing is much alike a series of unsharp masks applied to an image to strip information from that image into layers. The left column below the original image shows the information that is stored in the layers when the scale settings are initial=1 and step=0 (notation 1/0). The right column shows the image if that specific layer is set 20x enhancement (using the slider).
The next page shows how a setting of 1/1 would work out on this same image. Original Image Layer 1 scale=1 Layer 2
scale=1 Layer 3
scale=1 Layer 4
scale=1 Layer 5
scale=1 Layer 6
scale=1 Difference Slider=20 Processed image:
settings (1/0)
layer 2 : 9.5
layer 3 : 22.5 layer 4 : 10.2 other layers: 1 Noise is very apparent in this layer for this image. In general layer 1 (if scale=1) is often the layer that contains noise. Still some noise can be seen (lines) but far less than in layer 1. This layer is usefull. Noise is gone but now the finest details are also slightly lost. The most usefull layer. Again the image got smoother but also more and more detail is lost.

91. Jayakanth Home Page
University of Texas at Arlington. Application of wavelets in Image Processing as applied in display products particularly for consumer electronic devices.
Home Personal News
  • Life @ UTA , including picture with Desmond Tutu My comment published in "The Hindu" on " Redefining Secularism" Joined UTA in EE dept . for my masters. Fall 2003. See my latest presentation on Wavelets and application in Image Upsamling and denoising Visit my photo album my latest trip to Toronto. Pictures at Niagara, CN Tower etc. Visit research link to know more abt my recent work on MIPS . (Multi Scale image Processing System) a software for doing various image related transforms and processing Visit my Company Genesis Microchip world leader in providing display processor solutions Signal Processing
    • Wavelet based algorithms Wavelet based Algorithm for image interpolation along spline edges MIPS " Multi scale image processing system. A command based software implementing various advanced image processing techniques, including wavelets, adaptive scaling, image denoising, zooming etc. Current Work: Algorithm for Adaptive Non-linear image interpolation.and video de-interlacing. Signal processing finds varied applications in almost all engineering field from seismology to medical imaging. I find the filed of image processing particularly interesting, my interests are in image and video processing, multi scale image analysis, adaptive resampling. Applying innovative thoughts in these areas to consumer electronics interests me a lot.

92. Wavelet -- From MathWorld
Wavelet. wavelets are a class of a functions used to localize a given function in both space and scaling. A family of wavelets can
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MATHWORLD - IN PRINT Order book from Amazon Applied Mathematics Numerical Methods Approximation Theory ... Wavelets
Wavelet Wavelets are a class of a functions used to localize a given function in both space and scaling. A family of wavelets can be constructed from a function sometimes known as a "mother wavelet," which is confined in a finite interval. "Daughter wavelets" are then formed by translation ( b ) and contraction ( a ). Wavelets are especially useful for compressing image data, since a wavelet transform has properties which are in some ways superior to a conventional Fourier transform An individual wavelet can be defined by
and gives
A common type of wavelet is defined using Haar functions Fourier Transform Haar Function Wavelet Transform ... search
Benedetto, J. J. and Frazier, M. (Eds.). Wavelets: Mathematics and Applications.

93. Liu, Xiteng
Image compression, wavelets, and curve approximation theory.

94. WAVELETS 2004: University Of Prince Edward Island
Sponsors Organizing and Program Committee Objective Program ... P.E.I. , CANADA
April 26 - May 7, 2004
AARMS , Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences.
, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems.
University of Prince Edward Island
Organizing and Program Committee:
Gordon MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island.
Sheldon Opps, University of Prince Edward Island.
James Polson, University of Prince Edward Island.
Nasser Saad, University of Prince Edward Island.
Syed Twareque Ali, Concordia University, Montreal.
Keith F. Taylor, Dalhousie University, Halifax.
  • To acquaint undergraduate and graduate students with this exciting field of research, and to highlight possible applications to different industrial areas. To facilitate future and ongoing contacts between students in Atlantic Canada and elsewhere with experts in the field. To facilitate future contacts of researchers in Atlantic Canada and elsewhere with industries interested in this area of research. To explore and summarize the current status of research on wavelets and to suggest and stimulate novel theoretical, methodological and computational research directions for both students and researchers.

95. Wavelets Tutorial
wavelets Theory. The research analyzed. Therefore wavelets, as component pieces used to analyze a signal, are limited in space. In
"I have probably gotten more good information on the 3D and VideoGraphics worlds from the Wave Report than from any other single source. It can be accessed from their website, or via a steady stream of emails." BILL FERSTER'S VIDEOGRAPHICS NEWSWIRE ISSUE 99-20 Homepage About WAVE Subscribe ... Search WAVE Issues
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Wavelets Theory The research on this topic has once again reminded us of the tremendous mathematical complexity behind data compression and transmission. Developed independently in the fields of mathematics, quantum physics, electrical engineering, and seismic geology, the theory of wavelets has already found applications in image compression, vision analysis, and earthquake prediction. Understanding how it works in lay terms, however, is quite difficult. Mathematical Transformation There are currently many applications for transformation functions. Two examples are:

96. Wavelet Explorer: New Generation Signal And Image Analysis
Visualize and apply wavelets, data processing.
PreloadImages('/common/images2003/btn_products_over.gif','/common/images2003/btn_purchasing_over.gif','/common/images2003/btn_services_over.gif','/common/images2003/btn_new_over.gif','/common/images2003/btn_company_over.gif','/common/images2003/btn_webresource_over.gif'); Products Wavelet Explorer Who's It For? An Example ... Give us feedback Sign up for our newsletter:
New Generation Signal and Image Analysis
Discover the power of wavelets! Wavelet analysis, in contrast to Fourier analysis, uses approximating functions that are localized in both time and frequency space. It is this unique characteristic that makes wavelets particularly useful, for example, in approximating data with sharp discontinuities. Engineers, physicists, astronomers, geologists, medical researchers, and others have already begun exploring the extraordinary array of potential applications of wavelet analysis, ranging from signal and image processing to data analysis. Wavelet Explorer introduces you to this exciting new area and delivers a broad spectrum of wavelet analysis tools to your desktop. Wavelet Explorer 's ready-to-use functions and utilities let you apply a variety of wavelet transforms to your projects. Generate commonly used filters such as the Daubechies' extremal phase and least asymmetric filters, coiflets, spline filters, and more. Visualize wavelets and wavelet packets and zoom in on their details. You can transform your data to a host of wavelet bases, wavelet packet bases, or local trigonometric bases and do inverse transforms in one and two dimensions. Then view the transform in time-frequency space, selecting different bases and boundary conditions. Data compression and denoising are surprisingly simple procedures with

97. Magasa's Wavelets
An Introduction to wavelets by Amara Graps. Wavelet digest; wavelets Bristol Univ. wavelets and their application to condition monitoring (Univ.
Image Processing Lab.
Magasa's Wavelet
Magasa's Wavelet page has been visited times by waveletizen since Aug. 1995
Wavelet Home Page

98. Wavelets And Their Applications
wavelets and their Applications. IMPORTANT UPDATE. Subprojects. Morphological wavelets with applications in binary image processing.
Wavelets and their Applications
Due to a fire at the University of Twente, the seminar of the 6th of December has been relocated. It will now be held at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam. Please click here for more information.
  • General Subprojects Wavelet Seminar
    The project Wavelets and their Applications is a research project sponsored by the Dutch science foundation NWO in which four Dutch research groups participate. The major goal of this project is to put wavelet research in the Netherlands on a firm footing by
  • investigating theoretical and applied problems in wavelet theory organizing a national wavelet seminar.
  • Subprojects
    Morphological wavelets with applications in binary image processing
    Project leader: Henk Heijmans CWI , Amsterdam. Ph.D. student: Lute Kamstra The goal of this research project is to concentrate on nonlinear wavelet transforms that are based on morphological operators. Particular attention will be given to the construction of wavelet decompositions for binary (i.e., black-and-white) images.
    Wavelet-based signal detection in functional neuroimaging
    Project leader: Jos Roerdink Dept. of Mathematics and Computing Science

99. Guide To Wavelet Sources
Links to tutorials, software and other wavelet sites. Compressed using gzip and cannot be rendered by all browsers.

100. Wavelets'02, Barcelona
wavelets AND APPLICATIONS. Barcelona, July 16, 2002. The course is addressed to graduate students and young researchers not necessarily specialized on wavelets.
WAVELETS AND APPLICATIONS Barcelona, July 1-6, 2002 The Institute of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona (IMUB) organizes a workshop on Wavelets and Applications , July 1-6, 2002 (Barcelona). The Organizing Committee The course is addressed to graduate students and young researchers not necessarily specialized on wavelets. There will be four main basic courses: Introduction and basic aspects of wavelets theory , G. Weiss ( PDF Wavelets and probability , R. Gundy ( PDF Wavelets and numerical methods , C. Canuto and A. Tabacco ( PDF Slides 1 Slides 2 Slides 3 ... Computer-based wavelet analysis , T. Nguyen ( PDF The workshop will also consist of several specialized lectures related and complementing the above courses. (The workshop Lecture Notes , published by the IMUB , can be downloaded in PDF format.) The lectures will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics building, located at the downtown campus of the University of Barcelona Programme for more details). The inscription will be done by rigorous date of payment. With the support of the Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) , the organizers will offer a few grants to cover some of the participants expenses. This money will be awarded directly by the RSME after the workshop.

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