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  1. Student Solutions Manual: Algebra & Trigonometry - 7th Edition - Sullivan by Mark McCombs, 2005
  2. Algebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method, Book 2: Study Guide for Reteaching and Practice by Kay Thompson, 1989-08
  3. A treatise on spherical trigonometry, and its application to geodesy and astronomy, with numerous examples. By John Casey. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  4. Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry, 10th edition (Student Solutions Manual) by Jeffrey A. Cole, 2001-08-27
  5. 2500 Solved Problems in College Algebra and Trigonometry (Schaum's Solved Problems Series) by Philip A. Schmidt, 1990-11
  6. Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (Prentice Hall) by Charles Smith, Dan Kennedy, 2005-01
  7. Algebra and Trigonometry, Student Solutions Manual by Cynthia Y. Young, 2007-02-16
  8. Analytic Trigonometry with Applications with Student Solution Manual To Accompany Analytic Set, 8th Edition by Raymond A. Barnett, 2003-09-23
  9. Trigonometry: Student's Solutions Manual by Margaret L. Lial, E. John Hornsby, et all 1997-01
  10. Trigonometry Fifth Edition by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, 2001
  11. Trigonometry (Wiley Plus Products) by Cynthia Y. Young, 2008-03-14
  12. College Algebra with Trigonometry: Graphs and Models by Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, et all 2005-01-01
  13. Trigonometry (Instructor's Annotated Edition) by John W. Coburn, 2008
  14. Aufmann, College Trigonometry Student Solution Manual 6e by Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, et all 2007-04-10

101. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Trigonometry
Introduction to trigonometry An introductory guide to trigonometry. Includes functions, inverse functions and equations. Author Johan
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  • Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Mathematics Archives
  • Name Project Trigonometry
  • PUMAS Subject Keywords: Practical Uses of Math and Science ...
  • WebMath Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Introduction to Trigonometry
    An introductory guide to trigonometry. Includes functions, inverse functions and equations.
    Author: Johan.Claeys
    Subjects: trigonometry
    Location: belgium, europe
    Last checked:
    Mathematics Archives
    Mathematics resources covering a range of topics including algebra, geometry, fractals, numerical analysis, statistics and trigonometry. Materials include bibliographies, images, photographs, problems, proofs, theories, conference proceedings and teaching materials. In addition to traditional subjects, the application of maths in art and music is considered and mathematics software is reviewed.
    Author: Mathematics Archives
    Subjects: algebra, fractals, geometry, mathematics education, mathematics software, numerical analysis, trigonometry
    document collection, proceedings
  • 102. Trig Help - Trigonometry Online Video Lessons
    Help with trigonometry, trig functions, right triangles, radians, identities, formulas, and graphing. Math and algebra help resources
    - Algebra and trigonometry video tutorials designed to help high school and college math students improve their math skills. Visit for more videos and learning resources. Select a chapter to begin viewing trig video tutorials.
    Requires RealPlayer 8 or higher
    Purchase this trigonometry course on CD-ROM
    and get higher quality video and no banner ads.

    103. MATH-abundance
    Tutorial covers trigonometry, vectors, lines,complex numbers, cubic equations sequences and limits, continuity derivatives, minimum and maximum values, exponential and logarithmic functions, hyperbolic functions, finding roots of equations, integration, polar coordinates and integration.
    Home Page =
    Last update: 18 apr 2004
    Main Purpose = MATH TUTORIAL
    The main purpose of this site is to provide the net with a 'upper secondary' MATH TUTORIAL The order of the topics is not random.
    Most of them appeal on the properties and formulas stated in a preceding topic.
    You can find headword-links of the tutorial in the MATH-TUTORIAL INDEX Download
    Since each topic is in 1 file, it is easy to download the file and to study the subject off line.
    See Copying Conditions
    TUTORIAL : Topics; Solved and unsolved problems
    Additionally, I can give a number of math links to math related links to math links...
    Math links to links to math links ...
    Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes Tutorial about trigonometry Tutorial about algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, trigonometry Linear Algebra ...
    Mathematics Archives Topics
    Searchable database.
    Mathematics Archives
    A very powerful search engine for math stuff
    S.O.S. MATHematics

    104. Trigonometry--what It Is Good For?
    Qualitative explanation of uses of trigonometry, illustrated by survey of India and discovery of fact that Mt. (M7) trigonometryWhat it is good for?
    Site Map
    (M-7) TrigonometryWhat it is good for?
    The basic problem of trigonometry runs somewhat like this: You stand next to a wide river and need to know the distance across itsay to a tree on the other shore, marked on the drawing here by the letter C (for simplicity, let's ignore the 3rd dimension). How can this be done without actually crossing the river? The usual prescription is as follows. Stick two poles in the ground at points A and B, and with a tape measure or surveyor's chain measure the distance c between them ("the baseline"). An old surveyor's tele-
    scope (theodolite). Then remove the pole at A and replace it with a surveyor's telescope like the one shown here ("theodolite"), having a plate divided into 360 degrees, marking the direction ("azimuth") in which the telescope is pointing. Sighting the telescope, first at the tree and then at pole B, you measure the angle A of the triangle ABC, equal to the difference between the numbers you have read from the azimuth plate.. Replace the pole, take your scope to point B and measure the angle B in the same way. The length c of the baseline, and the two angles A and B, contain all there is to know about the triangle ABCenough, for instance, to construct a triangle of the same size and shape on some convenient open field.

    105. James Newton's Demos
    Director behavior demonstrations including 3D, imaging Lingo, geometry and trigonometry, objectoriented programming.

    106. A Math Refresher
    The sections below are meant to refresh your memory about some basic ideas in algebra and trigonometry. Elements of trigonometry. (M7) What is it good for?
    Site Map
    A Math Refresher
    "From Stargazers to Starships" tries to be self-contained , even in the mathematics it uses. The sections below are meant to refresh your memory about some basic ideas in algebra and trigonometry. Even if this material is completely new to you, with enough motivation and persistence you should be able to understand it. Care was taken to remove any potential stumbling blocks. And if algebra and trig are old hat to you, rest assured that you will still find here some unexpected goodies. Here is what is covered:
    Elements of algebra
    (M-1) Basic ideas
    (M-1A) Algebra Proficiency Drill
    (M-2) How it all started
    (M-3) Formulas
    (M-4) Identities
    (M-5) Deriving Approximate Results (M-6) The Theorem of Pythagoras
    Elements of trigonometry
    (M-7) What is it good for?
    (M-8) How to tell sines from cosines
    (M-9) Deriving sines and cosines
    (M-10) Going past 90 degrees
    (M-11) Deriving sin( a+b ), cos( a+b
    (M-11A) Trigonometry Proficiency Drill (M-12) The Tangent To explore math further, you may look up by Peter Alfeld. We also recommend highly Plus , a free web magazine supported by Cambridge University, England. In its own words, "Plus is an internet magazine published five times a year which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics."

    107. Trigonometry: A Day At The Track
    trigonometry A day at the track. Half angles Special Values degrees, radians, sin, cos. 0, 0, 0, 1. 30, 45, 60, 90, Relations with HighSchool trigonometry
    Rates of Growth Derivatives of Trigonometric functions UBC Calculus Online Course Notes
    Trigonometry: A day at the track
    Let's suppose we are watching a foot race and while watching the runners, our minds turn in a mathematical direction. Let's focus on one of the runners as she runs in a counter-clockwise direction about the circular track. She is wearing a blue hat as she runs at a constant speed. The picture below shows what we might see from three vantage points. We have three observers who can record her position. One is a photographer directly overhead, in the sponsor's blimp, and two others are on the ground in the bleachers at the East (E) and South (S) end of the track. The photographer in the blimp sees the picture shown above. However, the two observers on the ground see her running past, first one way and then the other. Each one of them can only see a one-dimensional view of her motion, and it might look as though she is bouncing back and forth, like a ping-pong ball. You might think that what these two ground observers are seeing is quite similar. Indeed, in many ways the picture that they see is the same, but they see it at different times. This is what we call a

    108. The U Of O Physics Student Page
    Vectors trigonometry. The following is a list of problems. To access a problem, click on its title Converting from Polar to Cartesian
    The following is a list of problems. To access a problem, click on its title:
    Converting from Polar to Cartesian Coordinates
    Adding Vectors
    Hexagon Inscribed in a Circle
    The Earth Curving Away From You ...
    Surveying with a Protractor
    The U of O Physics Student Page last update: September 25, 1995

    109. Regents Math A: Right Triangle Trigonometry
    Right Triangle trigonometry L = Lesson, P = Practice, T = Teacher Resource. Type, Resource Title, Author. L, trigonometry Solving for a Side, Donna Roberts.

    110. Right Triangle Trigonometry
    Math A. Right Triangle trigonometry Solving for an Angle. You can do this!!! trigonometry is easy! . Formulas How to solve a problem that asks for an angle
    Math A Right Triangle
    Solving for an Angle "You can do this!!!
    Trigonometry is easy!" Formulas: How to solve a problem that asks for an angle: In right triangle ABC, leg BC=15 and leg AC=20.
    Find angle A to the nearest degree. We will be using the same set up strategy that was discussed on the page
    for solving for the missing side of a right triangle.
    Now, divide 15 by 20 to change the fraction into a decimal. You now need to find an angle whose tangent is 0.75. To do this, use your scientific calculator. Enter 0.75 into the calculator. You need to activate the tan key (it is located above the tan key). To activate this tan key, press (or shift) and then the tan key.
    How to use your
    TI-83+ graphing calculator with beginning trigonometry.
    Click calculator.

    111. SCORE Mathematics Lessons
    . CA Standards Links. NCTM Standards Links. Noon Project Revisited 2200 years......SCORE Mathematics. trigonometry. Lesson Title/
    SCORE Mathematics
    Lesson Title/Description CA Standards
    Links NCTM Standards
    Links Noon Project Revisited
    2200 years ago, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth from the measurements of two shadows (in a well and from a pole). The Noon Project is an annual Internet event for schools to team up and make their own measurements. Using the reported 1995 shadow measurements, you can perform the calculations to determine the diameter of the Earth. Suggestions or comments to
    Jim Shaver

    Last updated June 1, 2000

    112. Trigonometry - A Review
    trigonometry A Review. Note This text is under construction at this time!!! Please proceed with caution!!!
    Trigonometry - A Review
    Note: This text is under construction at this time!!! Please proceed with caution!!! James A. Sellers

    113. Precalculus Tutorial
    Supplemental resources for students enrolled in a Precalculus Course, or a course in College Algebra and trigonometry.
    Precalculus Tutorial
    This tutorial is designed for students enrolled in a Precalculus Course, or a course in College Algebra and Trigonometry. It does not, and cannot, replace the textbook or other class resources or assignments. At the instructor's discretion, all or part of this tutorial may be assigned to students requesting supplemental resources or to the class at large. All or parts of this resource may be copied and modified provided the following notice is included: "This resource incorporates material developed by John W. Bales, the Department of Chemistry at Tuskegee University, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgia State University under a grant from the National Science Foundation." John W. Bales
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    114. Review Of Precaculus Topics
    Covers graphing, functions, trigonometry review, and abosolute value.
    Next: 1 Graphing with Coordinates
    Ch.1 Review of Needed Topics
    Michele Williams

    115. Boyle' Law

    116. Math_Tutor
    Homework help with high school and college algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and finance. Includes email address and emergency phone numbers.

    117. Online And Private Math Tutor
    Subjects include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, electrical engineering, and elementary physics, English. Private tutoring is only available in the cities neighboring Redwood City and Santa Rosa. Includes contact information and prices.

    118. Trigonometry
    trigonometry in right triangles is really just a way of labelling the sides of the triangle and the fractions you can make out of them. trigonometry page 1
    Or, ... "What's all that sin, cos, and tan stuff on my calculator"
    T rigonometry in right triangles is really just a way of labelling the sides of the triangle and the fractions you can make out of them.
    For example, consider this right triangle:
    Here are three fractions you can make from the sides of this triangle:
    Each of the sides of a right triangle has a name, and each of these fractions you can make from the sides has a name!
    Let's look at a simple right triangle, with one of the angles marked
    The sides are named according to where the marked angle is.
    The side called 'Hypotenuse' is always the long side across from the right angle.
    The side called 'Opposite' is always across from, or 'opposite' to, the marked angle
    The side called 'Adjacent' is the one next to, or 'adjacent' to,
    Now let's make the fractions from the named sides: Here is the interesting part: each one of these fractions has its own name! Here are the names of the fractions you can make from the sides of a right triangle: Mathematicians being generally lazy sorts of people wanted an easy way to remember these fraction names, and a quicker way to write them:

    119. Online And Private Math, Physics, Engineering, English Tutor In Redwood City & S
    Offers online and local private tutoring for elementary school to college level students. Subjects include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, electrical engineering, and elementary physics. Private tutoring is available in Redwood City, California area. Page includes contact information.
    Welcome to Ask A Tutor Net Online and Private Tutors - Elementary School Through College Level Students Welcome Knowledge Excellence Empowerment Our Service Online Tutoring Private Tutoring Test Preparation ... Become a Private Tutor in your Area Download Example Problems (coming soon) Our Service
    • As online and private tutors for elementary school to college level students, we, at Ask A Tutor dot Net , perform quality tutoring in mathematics, elementary physics, electrical engineering, and/or English courses. We accept students on a single or reoccurring basis.
    What Students and Parents are Saying Subjects Tutored Math English Sciences Engineering Basic Math Composition Elementary Physics Circuits and Devices Algebra Grammar Biology Statics Pre Algebra Mechanics General Sciences Geometry Spelling Trigonometry Outlining Pre Calculus Sentences Calculus I, II, III Technical Writing Differential Equations Linear Algebra Finite Math Online Tutoring

    120. EAAE-AOL : Simple Trigonometry - Distance Towards Saturn
    A bit of trigonometry. In order to investigate these shadows further, we need some straight definitions. Detailed trigonometry.
    This EAAE/AOL Student Project has been prize-awarded within the Danish Young Scientist Competition
    - and was given the CoolMath Award 2001.

    How to estimate Saturn's Mass and Distance.

    Planet Saturn. Photo : Albert Zijlstra, Astronomy On Line, Dutch 91 cm telescope, La Silla, picture processing by Troels Christensen.
    Click here for photocaption, software, imagefiles, etc
    The Basic Idea of this EAAE AOL project goes back to 1610, were Galileo applied planet shadows ("phases") in order to estimate the distance towards Venus. The combination of modern CCD - technique and the Astronomy On-Line Network allows a (first of it's kind ?) revival of this old Middle Age method. In this exercise, students may - applying simple math - measure a. Distance to Saturn. b. Diameter of the planet and its ring system. c. Mass of this huge gas-planet. As described below, the results fit with reasonable accuracy to the official values. The planet Saturn - is well known for its famous rings.These strange rings consist of ice and rocks, there has been some discussion about these rings. Computer simulations indicate these rings should not be stable on a geological timescale, so their existence is still an open topic
    The interesting point about Saturn right now is the ring-shadow, which we see marked on the picture below:

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