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         Trigonometry:     more books (100)
  1. Trigonometry (2nd Edition) (Dugopolski Series) by Mark Dugopolski, 2006-07-29
  2. Student Solutions Guide: By Dianna Zook, Indiana University/purdue University: Used with ...Larson-Trigonometry by Ron Larson, 2006-10-20
  3. Algebra and Trigonometry, 7th Edition by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, 2006-01-03
  4. Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides) by Peter H. Selby, 1975-04-18
  5. Algebra And Trigonometry: Graphs And Models
  6. Algebra and Trigonometry: A Graphing Approach (4th Edition) by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, et all 2004-01-16
  7. Trigonometry (with BCA Tutorial and InfoTrac ) by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, et all 2002-12-30
  8. Algebra and Trigonometry A Graphing Approach by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, et all 2007-03-27
  9. CliffsStudySolver Trigonometry (Cliffsstudy Solver) by David Alan Herzog, 2005-05-27
  10. College Algebra and Trigonometry (4th Edition) (Dugopolski Series) by Mark Dugopolski, 2006-03-04
  11. Advanced Trigonometry by C. V. Durell, A. Robson, 2003-11-19
  12. Pre-calculus With Trigonometry: Concepts And Applications by Paul A. Foerster, 2006-03-31
  13. Trigonometry by John W. Coburn, 2007-01-11
  14. Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities (5th Edition) by Michael Sullivan, Michael III Sullivan, 2008-04-12

41. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Archives: Middle School Pi
Dr Math answers over 60 questions submitted by people about Pi including questions relating to the bible's relationship to it and it's relationship to trigonometry.
Ask Dr. Math
Middle School Archive

Dr. Math Home
Elementary Middle School High School ... Dr. Math FAQ
This page:


Dr. Math

See also the
Dr. Math FAQ
Pi = 3.14159...
Internet Library pi T2T FAQ pi day MIDDLE SCHOOL About Math Algebra equations factoring expressions ... Word Problems
Browse Middle School Pi Stars indicate particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing.
Accuracy in Measurement
Since pi is irrational, either the circumference or the diameter of a circle must be irrational. How is that possible?
Calculating Pi - Brent-Salamin Algorithm
Can you show me a simple method to calculate pi accurately to an arbitrary number of digits?
Facts about Pi
What are some interesting facts about pi?
Finding Pi: Buffon's Needle Method
I was hoping to find a surprising way of finding pi using a needle and parallel lines...
Formula for Pi
I would like to know the formula for Pi that was used to calculate out to the bazillionth digit for the memory contests.
Pi and the Area of Circles
If pi truly goes on and on forever without repeating, is it impossible to find the exact area of a circle?

42. Mathematics Problem Writing Service For School, Math Leagues
Mathematics problems for middle school and high school math competitions with topics range from algebra and geometry to probability and trigonometry.
Math Competition Problem Writer
Quality Mathematics Problems For High School and Middle School Competitions
One of the great ways to inspire students to learn more about mathematics is to hold competitions in which students compete against students from their own school, or from around the state, or country. Problem solving skills are sharpened, while teamwork is encouraged. The end result is that students think more critically, understand concepts better, and learn to work well together.
Douglas Twitchell, who maintains Virtu Software's Problem Of the Week page, experienced this first hand throughout his elementary, secondary, and college career. Twitchell is a former competitor and award winner in a variety of state and national math competitions. He has won awards and recognition in leagues such as MAML, NEML, ASMA, NEAML, and in college he ranked in the top 150 in the prestigious William Lowell Putnam exam.
In recent years, he has been hired by various mathematics leagues, such as the Maine Association of Math Leagues, the Maine Algebra and Geometry League, and others, to write creative and challenging math problems for middle school and high school mathematics competitions.
Whether it's a regional, state, or school competition, consider hiring Doug to write problems for your math meet. The problems are carefully crafted and written, with diagrams where appropriate, all cleanly formatted for printing. Each problem is proofed to guarrantee both accuracy and clarity. Proofing is done by a high school math teacher and math team coach, and the proofing cost is included.

43. Math Online Live E Book And Tutoring
Live online classes in calculus, trigonometry, and basic math.
Welcome to e Textbooks Completely Online. College Credit Available. The e books includes the following:
  • A complete e Textbook . Additonally, throughout the pages you will find buttons in the margin that will launch practice exercises, Java applets, Mathematica and Maple projects, biographies, historical essays for selected topics and exercises with guided solutions for each section. Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher Use 'Tutor Center' to speak with a mathematics instructors via 'Virtual Office Hours, or toll-free phone number, Watch 'video lectures' and complete assignments on a self-paced basis.
Economical: Purchase an e book and start immediately; the e-textbook is completely online. Why lug around heavy books when you can dowload, print or read Online as needed? college credit eTextbook Catalog Math Cartoons.
... ath help now?

Partial Fractions

Complete the Square

Factoring a Polynomial
Long Division of Polynomials


Quadratics Solving a Polynomial Equation Graphs Equations Inequalities Three-dimensional Plotting Plotting Functions on the same Graph ... Asymptotes of Rational Functions Numbers

44. Brolaski's Math Products & Services
Offers inyour-home tutoring for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Details of services and meeting places.
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45. Trigonometric Functions
This makes Hipparchus the founder of trigonometry. This contained work on planar and spherical trigonometry originally done much earlier in about 1464.
The trigonometric functions
Analysis index History Topics Index
The use of trigonometric functions arises from the early connection between mathematics and astronomy. Early work with spherical triangles was as important as plane triangles. The first work on trigonometric functions related to chords of a circle. Given a circle of fixed radius, 60 units were often used in early calculations, then the problem was to find the length of the chord subtended by a given angle. For a circle of unit radius the length of the chord subtended by the angle x was 2sin ( x /2). The first known table of chords was produced by the Greek mathematician Hipparchus in about 140 BC. Although these tables have not survived, it is claimed that twelve books of tables of chords were written by Hipparchus . This makes Hipparchus the founder of trigonometry. The next Greek mathematician to produce a table of chords was Menelaus in about 100 AD. Menelaus worked in Rome producing six books of tables of chords which have been lost but his work on spherics has survived and is the earliest known work on spherical trigonometry. Menelaus proved a property of plane triangles and the corresponding spherical triangle property known the regula sex quantitatum.

46. Math Regents Exam Prep
Free online tutorials for high school algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, in preparation for New York High School Regents Examination.

Formula Sheet
About Exam Study Tips Hub: Math ... Math A Topic Headings Scroll down to see the "New!" (or updated) - May 2004 items that have been recently added. On-line Multiple-Choice Questions Interactive Games and Puzzles for Math A
PowerPoint Interactive Review Activity for Math A
Play using PowerPoint or play On-Line
(opens in a new window)
Each subtopic below contains a lesson page, an interactive student practice page, and a
teacher resource page. Sections denoted with have Graphing Calculator references. 1. Mathematical Reasoning (5-10% of Regents Exam)
Logic - Constructing Valid Arguments
Venn Diagrams

Truth Values: and, or, implies, if and only if

Related Conditionals: converse, inverse, contrapositive
Truth Value of Compound Sentences ... Truth Value of Open Sentences (5-10% of Regents Exam) Approximations of Irrational Numbers Properties of Real Numbers How to Round Numbers for Math A
3. Operations (15-20% of Regents Exam) Algebraic Skills Signed Numbers Multiplication of Polynomials Division of Polynomials by Monomials Operations with Radicals ... Exponents Transformations Line Reflection Translation Rotation Dilation ... Applications of Mathematics 4. Modeling/Multiple Representation

47. Math Tutoring By Randall Pierre
Tutoring, test preparation, and problem solving in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry from middle school to high school and college levels.
Email: Phone and Voicemail Site Design by Okon Ekpo For Tutoring in Chemistry and Physics please click here Introduction My name is Randall Pierre. I provide tutoring services and help on home work, test preparation, and problem solving in a variety of math courses such as basic arithmetic, basic algebra, intermediate algebra, college algebra, pre-calculus algebra, geometry and trigonometry. It does not matter if you are in a remedial class preparing yourself for college-level mathematics, or you are in elementary school, high school, college or university, I can assist you in test preparation, homework, or problem solving. My tutoring service is specifically-tailored to meet your specific academic needs. It is designed to guide you towards sharpening your problem solving skills so as to enable you become more proficient and independent in problem-solving as you tackle problem sets in the areas you may be experiencing difficulties or need a more in-depth understanding of the concept. If your require one-on-one or group tutoring in any of the math courses that I have described above and would like to know what times I am available, please feel free to contact me by email at

48. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Archives: High School Trigonometry
Browse High School trigonometry Stars indicate particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing. with waves? trigonometry Positive vs.
Ask Dr. Math
High School Archive

Dr. Math Home
Elementary Middle School High School ... Dr. Math FAQ
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Dr. Math

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Dr. Math FAQ
trigonometry formulas
See also the Internet Library trigonometry HIGH SCHOOL About Math Analysis Algebra basic algebra ... Trigonometry
Browse High School Trigonometry Stars indicate particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing. Selected answers to common questions: DeMoivre's theorem. Volume of a tank.
Averaging Two Angles
How do you take the average of two or more angles?
Basics of Trigonometry
Why is trigonometry important? How is it used in the real world?
Calculating Height in the Air
I need to know the formula for calculating the height of an object, like how high in the air an object is.
Carrying a Ladder around a Corner
A ladder of length L is carried horizontally around a corner from a hall 3 feet wide into a hall 4 feet wide. What is the length of the ladder?
Changing a Trigonometric Graph
How do you graph: -cos 2x / 2?
Curious Property of a Regular Heptagon
How can I prove that in a regular heptagon ABCDEFG, (1/AB)=(1/AC)+(1/ AD)?

49. Homeschooling, Unschooling
Offers information for new homeschoolers, some ideas to get your child interested in educational subjects; such as trigonometry by using K'nex. A list of book stores for the home schooler is also provided.
Welcome to the Homeschool Section
of my garden.... Information about homeschooling.... Ideas for homeschoolers.... This page is created by me, Christy. I spent six years in school and then six years homeschooling. I have now completed a three year degree in political studies, and am graduating with distinction. Since starting university, I've wondered whether I can still call myself a homeschooler, or whether homeschooling ends when one "graduates from highschool". I'm now convinced that homeschooling doesn't end. It can - and should - be a lifestyle. Reading, studying, learning, questioning, challenging are going to be part of my life forever, I hope. I create this homeschooling section of my webpage with the hope of inspiring and encouraging other homeschoolers. Journal entries...

50. The Math Forum Trig/Calc Problem Of The Week
This is the trigonometry and Calculus weekly interactive math project. A Math Forum Project. trigonometry and Calculus Problem of the Week.
A Math Forum Project
Trigonometry and Calculus
Problem of the Week

Student Center
Teachers' Place All Problems of the Week Search Calcpows ... Print This Problem
Try Our New Problems! - posted June 16, 2003
August 24, 2003 Everyone is invited to use and submit to our current problems of the week throughout the year, starting August 25 with the Geometry and Pre-algebra problems. The Algebra and Math Fundamentals problems will start September 1. We will not be offering a Trig/Calculus problem this year, but if you're searching for a wider range of problems, we have pointers to a number of problems hosted by other people or organizations . You're sure to find something there that will be entertaining and challenging. You might also want to check out our Problems Library , where you can browse and search through all of our past problems. We will be able to offer a limited amount of free mentoring this year. For more information on our new membership services for teacher accounts and access to our new Active PoW Library, as well as pricing for guaranteed scoring and mentoring, please see our PoW Status page We are not accepting submissions at this time.

51. Litha Activity
trigonometry is used in this unusual activity for Midsummer time.

52. - Mozcalc: Index
mozCalc is a localized (currently English and German) desktop calculator application allowing for both input in standard and reverse polish notation. For now it is a simple one, doing arithmetic operations and common math (eg. trigonometry). Yet it tries to use the power of XUL to implement an enhanced UI (eg. a sidebar showing the contents of the memory and skinning).
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NS 6.x version
Home Mailing List Installation ... Feedback
mozCalc is a localized (NEW: Spanish - thanx to Luis Fernandez!) desktop calculator application allowing for both input in "standard" and reverse polish notation. For now it is a simple one, doing arithmetic operations and common math (eg. trigonometry). Yet it tries to use the power of XUL and RDF to implement an enhanced UI (eg. a sidebar showing the contents of the memory and skinning). CALCULATOR FEATURES
  • integration in Mozilla (via Tasks/Tools-menu) localized (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish) reverse polish notation mode common arithmetic operations (incl. reciprocal and percentage) common functions (square root, trigonometry and logarithms) copy and paste to and from the system clipboard memory management (10 slots) result history

Spanish translation (0.4.5 for NS 6.x).
Online version (0.4.4 for NS 6.x).

53. Practice Trigonometry
Search, Sorry, no trigonometry online problems yet. Try these great online resources or Calculators. Cosine Sine Tangent. Identities. Tables. Hyperbolas. Graphs.
Home Teacher Parents Glossary ... Email this page to a friend Select Subject -Select Subject Basic Math Everyday Math Pre-Algebra Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Statistics Calculus Advanced Topics Others Resources Cool Tools

Test Preparation

Study Tips
Wonders of Math

Sorry, no Trigonometry online problems yet.
Try these great online resources or... Calculators Cosine

Identities ... Graphs Functions Overview
The functions

Unit modes - degree, radian, grad
Labeling sides ... Legal Notices . Please read our Privacy Policy

54. Steel Fabrication Software
Supplies software for the steel fabricator including trigonometry and development of patterns or templates required in pipe fabrication.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

55. Expression Calculator
Performs over a hundred simple, and complex calculations, with the ability to make several calculations simultaneously. Functions range from simple trigonometry, to Gaussian integrals, through 2D plots. Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
Expression Calculator will dazzle you with its simplicity and power of over 100 mathematical expressions, its multithread capabilities and its complete documentation with historical references, algorithms and more.
Expression Calculator
version 2.43 for Windows XP, 2000, NT, 95/98
Introducing the Expression Calculator

The history of the calculator, references and more.
Download the Expression Calculator

Shareware and registered versions.
Users Guide and Reference

Adobe PDF format
Complete reference of all functions with historical notes, definitions and items of interest.
Register the Expression Calculator

Paying for a License

By registering, you will be able to download the full version of the Expression Calculator with 3D plots, financial functions and more. Screenshots from the Calculator What's New FREE! 15 days trial Quick Download back to Vestris Inc. site Vestris Inc

56. Trigonometry
trigonometry The very fast review. I. Basics. trigonometry is nothing more than how to deal with angles versus straight lines.
Basics Identities Examples Formulae · Exercizes · Advanced Keywords Navigation Recommended Books Site Index ... Gift Shop
Trigonometry: The very fast review
I. Basics Example The 45° triangle Figure 1- The 45° triangle According to Pythagorus, . Using the definitions of the trig functions gives us back to top Example 2. The 30°/60° triangle Figure 2 - The 30°/60° triangle According to Pythagorus, . Using the definitions of the trig functions gives back to top Example 3. The 15°/75° triangle Figure 3 - The 15°/75° triangle Now we make use of the formulas Addition , Subtraction There are other triangles, but I am lazy. Let's see how far you can get with just those I've done so far and a few simple laws (so you can add and subtract and multiply and divide angles). Please note that getting 1/3 of an angle is equivalent to trisecting it, a classic impossible problem! ( Advanced - because the answer depends on solving a cubic. The answer is rather dirty-looking, anyway). back to top And there are as many more as you care to memorize (always a mistake!). The hard part will be in coming up with smaller divisions (such as 5 degrees) without the arithmetic getting infinitely hairy. The author tried for hours and gave up! back to top II. Trig

57. G.C. Blackwell - Amateur Physicist
Program of trigonometry that will solve for the sides, angles and areas of a triangle. It can identify ambiguous case and impossible situations. By G.C. Blackwell.
Jerry Blackwell - Amateur Physicist
Federal Way, WA (USA)
Welcome and please join me in these Projects - PC Trigonometry, Nearby Stars, Meteorites, Fireball Reports, Physics of Heaven
TRIGONOMETRY - I have an interest in PC programs which are mainly used as Triangle Side, Angle and Area Finders. Please download the latest shareware version of my TRIG program. It is very Small, Fast, Accurate and identifies Ambigious Case situations. I believe it is still the Best available anywhere. Please send me your registration and your comments so that I can continue to make upgrades based on the suggestions of it many users. NEARBY STARS - I am very interested in Nearby Stars. I have started a database on Nearby Stars within a 62.5 Light Year radius of the Sun. While I am not a visual Astronomer, I am collecting this data for Amateur and Professional Research purposes. If you are also interested in research into this subject, please let me know and I'll be happy to share my information with you. METEORITES - METEORITE MAGAZINE , it has a good balance of professional and amateur information.

58. Precalculus Trigonometry
The following Trigonometric pages contain numerous graphs and equations, which call for increased download time. It is advised that
Precalculus Trigonometry Home Intermediate College Algebra Precalculus Algebra [ Precalculus Trigonometry ] Modern Algebra Calculus I Calculus II College Geometry ... Discrete Mathematics The following Trigonometric pages contain numerous graphs and equations, which call for increased download time. It is advised that you wait until the entire page finishes loading before viewing each document! The following set of notes is listed in chronological order, not alphabetically. This is to promote understanding while walking through concepts. If there is a particular topic you're looking for, click the Search! link above and search the entire site. Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Csc, Sec, Cot: Basic Trigonometric Concepts
Right Triangle Trigonometry

Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Inverse Trigonometric Functions
The Unit Circle
I strive to provide accurate and error-free documentation concerning all aspects of mathematics. As a student, I do not hold the expertise or experience that my professors do. These notes represent countless hours of study, but they do NOT represent textbook-level proofing and editing. Since this project is managed by one student, I must rely on my peers for assistance. Please report any errors to

59. AP Calculus At BHS
Readiness for calculus review quizzes covering functions, graphing, trigonometry, and precalculus.
AP Calculus at BHS
What's Here? "Swirl 2" by Steve McDonough

60. TheMathPage  Topics In Trigonometry
14. Functions of an Acute Angle. 15. trigonometry of Right Triangles. 16. The Isosceles Right Triangle. Arc Length. 16. Analytic trigonometry The Unit. 16. Circle.
Home These pages are intended to be seen in Garamond
Ratio and Proportion
Radicals: Rational and Irrational Numbers The Pythagorean Theorem ...
Questions or comments? E-mail: . Please do not sent attachments.

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