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         Sequences Series Summability:     more detail
  1. Some theorems on Cesaro regular summability method for sequences and series by Wendell Neal, 1969
  2. Sequences, Summability and Fourier Analysis by D. Rath, 2005-04

81. Descripteur - 40-XX
Translate this page Descripteur AMS 40-XX sequences, series, summability, 30 documents trouvés.Ajouter au panier, Imprimer, Envoyer par mail, Liste détaillée. 1 2.

39, F 87, Finite differences and functional equations. 40, E 85, sequences, series,summability. 41, E 85, Approximations and expansions. 42, E 85, Fourier analysis.
Code = code beginning with Shelf mark = shelf mark beginning with Code Shelf mark Description A General N 80 General applied mathematics N 81 General applications in physics B 81 Mathematical history and biography B 83 Collected works C 82 Mathematical logic and foundations C 82 Set theory C 85 Combinatorics C 85 Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures C 88 General mathematical systems D 82 Number theory D 82 Field theory and polynomials D 84 Commutative rings and algebras G 83 Algebraic geometry D 84 Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory D 84 Associative rings and algebras D 84 Nonassociative rings and algebras C 88 Category theory, homological algebra D 84 K-theory D 88 Group theory and generalizations E 88 Topological groups, Lie groups E 81 Real functions E 81 Measure and integration E 82 Functions of a complex variable E 82 Potential theory E 82 Several complex variables and analytic spaces E 84 Special functions F 85 Ordinary differential equations F 86 Partial differential equations F 87 Finite differences and functional equations E 85 Sequences, series, summability

83. 40-XX
40XX, Prev 39 Up Top Next 41 . sequences, series, summability. 40-00,General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.).
40-XX Top Sequences, series, summability
General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.) Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01) Explicit machine computation and programs (not the theory of computation or programming) Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. Convergence and divergence of infinite limiting processes Convergence and divergence of series and sequences Convergence and divergence of integrals Convergence and divergence of continued fractions [See also ] [xref: 11A55, 30B70] Convergence and divergence of infinite products Approximation to limiting values (summation of series, etc.) Convergence and divergence of series and sequences of functions None of the above, but in this section Multiple sequences and series General summability methods Matrix methods Integral methods Function-theoretic methods (including power series methods and semicontinuous methods) None of the above, but in this section

84. LIUC - Biblioteca "Mario Rostoni" - LIUC Papers
Translate this page Abstract. Two proofs are given of a sufficient condition for sequenceconvergence and series summability in Banach abstract space.
Biblioteca Mario Rostoni
LIUC Papers
N. 69, dicembre 1999 (Serie: Metodi quantitativi) (123 Kb)
On bounded sequences and series convergence in Banach abstract space.
Sommario Sono date due differenti dimostrazioni di una condizione sufficiente per la convergenza delle successioni e la sommabilità delle serie nello spazio di Banach astratto. Tale condizione consiste in una nozione di limitatezza per successioni che risulta essere "più profonda" della nozione ordinaria in ciò: che (a) ogni successione limitata in tale senso più profondo lo è anche nel senso ordinario mentre non vale la proposizione inversa e (b) ogni successione limitata in tale senso più profondo è convergente mentre una successione convergente è limitata in tale senso se e solo se una particolare condizione è verificata.
AMS 1991 subject classification. Primary 40A05, 40C05, 40D05, 40G05; secondary 41A65.
Key words and phrases: Banach space, Cauchy sequence, bounded sequence, Cesàro-Hölder mean.
Two proofs are given of a sufficient condition for sequence convergence and series summability in Banach abstract space. Such a condition amounts to a notion of sequence boundedness, called d-boundedness, which is deeper than ordinary boundedness in that: that (a) any d-bounded sequence is bounded whereas the converse does not hold, and (b) any d-bounded sequence is convergent whereas a convergent sequence is d-bounded if and only if a particular condition is met.
AMS 1991 subject classification. Primary 40A05, 40C05, 40D05, 40G05; secondary 41A65.

85. Book_figures.html
Fourier series the Fejer kernel, m=6. Figure 8.3 The quasi positive delta sequenceqm(x,y) for Daubechies wavelet 2phi(x), m=0,; Figure 8.4 the summability

86. Arithmetic, Geometric And Harmonic Sequences By Stephen R. Wassell For The Nexus
In mathematics, a series is an infinite sum of terms, whereas a sequenceis an infinite list of terms (as is a progression). return to text.
Abstract. Stephen Wassell replies to the question posed by geometer Marcus the Marinite: If one can define arithmetic and geometric sequences, can one define a harmonic sequence?
Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Sequences Stephen R. Wassell
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Sweet Briar College
Sweet Briar, Virginia USA A sking the right question is half the battle. Ever the investigative geometer, Marcus the Marinite came up with an excellent question involving the three principal means. If one can define arithmetic and geometric sequences, can one define a harmonic sequence? [ ] It turns out that the answer has some interesting nuances. Although the answer is yes, the main distinction is that the numbers in a harmonic sequence do not increase indefinitely to as they do in arithmetic and geometric sequences. In developing the answer, an easily applied general form of a harmonic sequence is obtained. a a a a a n a n a n be any three in a row; then for this to be an arithmetic sequence, it must be the case that . It may be more intuitive to consider the general form of an arithmetic sequence: start with any number, say

87. Departments - Graduate School Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Real and Complex Functions Theory Division sequences, series and Summabilityof Integrals, Integral Equations, Approximation Theory, Riemann Surfaces

88. Hylleoppstilling Lenket Til Bibsys
39 Finite differences and functional equations. 40 sequences, series, Summability41 Approximations and expansions. 42 Fourier analysis 42.01 General.
UiO - nettsider UiO - personer BIBSYS - forfatter BIBSYS - tittel WWW - Google Om UiO Studier Studentliv Forskning ... Matematisk bibliotek
Her finner du en oversikt over Matematisk biblioteks (UMN/MATs) emneklassifikasjon og hylleoppstilling. Vi bruker en gammel utgave av Mathematical Subject Classification (MSC) som er laget av American Mathematical Society her videoer Det er lenket til Bibsys Faglig forfatterskap
C 10
C 12 C 12.20 C 12.50 ... C 14.40
Redaksjon: Matematisk bibliotek
Dokument opprettet: 29.10.2002, verifisert: 29.10.2002 Kontakt UiO Hjelp

89. Ýnönü Üniversitesi
E. Öztürk On generalized dual summability methods Pure Stronglyconservative sequence-to-seriesmatrix transformations F. Basar Certain matrix sequences on l

90. Index Via Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)
INDEX USING MATHEMATICS SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION. The index pages at this site areorganized according to the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme.
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original .) Begin with a major heading from the right column below. Alternative hierarchies to sort through the mathematical landscape are provided in the left column below. If you are more comfortable with one of them, select it to begin; you will eventually be directed to a blue index page in the MSC hierarchy which matches your area of interest. See also the alternative navigation tools at the top of this page.
Broad subdivisions of Mathematics
Core branches of mathematics:

91. ÎïÀíÊýѧѧ¿ÆÐÅÏ¢ÃÅ»§ - ÏÔʾȫ²¿×ÊÔ´¼Ç¼
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