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         Real Functions:     more books (100)
  1. Lectures By H.F. Bohnenblust on Theory of Functions of Real Variables 1936-1937 by H.F. Bohnenblust, 1937
  2. A Treatise on Advanced Calculus: Including Those Parts of the Theory of Functions of Real and Complex Varibles Which Form the Logical Basis of the Infinitesimal Analysis and Its Applications to Geometry and Physics by Philip Franklin, 1940

141. Dinkum C99 Library
Large number of functions from the standard C library.
Dinkum C99 Library
Use of this Dinkum C99 Library Reference is subject to limitations. See the for detailed restrictions. A C program can call on a large number of functions from the Dinkum C99 Library , a conforming implementation of the Standard C library , as revised in 1999. These functions perform essential services such as input and output. They also provide efficient implementations of frequently used operations. Numerous macro and type definitions accompany these functions to help you to make better use of the library. Most of the information about the Standard C library can be found in the descriptions of the standard headers that declare or define library entities for the program.
Table of Contents
C Library Overview Characters Files and Streams Formatted Output ... Formatted Input The standard headers are: for enforcing assertions when functions execute
for performing complex arithmetic
for classifying characters
for testing error codes reported by library functions
for controlling IEEE-style floating-point arithmetic
for testing floating-point type properties
for converting various integer types
for programming in ISO 646 variant character sets
for testing integer type properties
for adapting to different cultural conventions
for computing common mathematical functions for executing nonlocal goto statements for controlling various exceptional conditions for accessing a varying number of arguments for defining a convenient Boolean type name and constants

142. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Iron In Diet
Provides recommended intake, deficiency symptoms, food sources, and functions.
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Medical Encyclopedia
Other encyclopedia topics: A-Ag Ah-Ap Aq-Az B-Bk ... Z
Iron in diet
Contents of this page: Alternative names Diet - iron Definition Return to top Iron is an important trace mineral that is found in every cell of the body, usually combined with protein Function Return to top Iron is an essential mineral for humans because it is part of blood cells. About 30% of the iron in the human body is in storage to be readily available to replace any that is lost. Iron is essential to the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which carry oxygen in the blood and muscles. It also makes up part of many proteins and enzymes in the body. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide. Although full-blown anemia is rarely evident, partial deficiency is widespread. Symptoms of decreased iron stores include general fatigue shortness of breath headache , irritability, and/or lethargy . Other symptoms include pica (the development of an appetite for unusual substances such as paper or clay products) and pacophagia (the development of an appetite for ice). If you have constant unusual signs of tiredness , see your health care provider. There are many causes of such symptoms, and simply taking an iron supplement may not be enough.

143. Bay City Fire Department
Includes the department organization, functions, station listings, and photos.
Bay City Fire Department Index Telephone Directory Fire Administration Division Fire Chief Administrative Assistant Training Officer Fire Reports Fire Fighting Division Fire Suppression Emergency Rescue Confined Space Rescue Hazardous Materials Team Fire Prevention Division Fire Prevention Fire Investigation Fire Awareness Unit Juvenile Fire Setters Smoke Detector Program Fire Service Response Map EMS Response Map Honor Roll Stations and Apparatus ... Contacts THE BAY CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY OF BAY CITY, MICHIGAN THE BAY CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT The function of the Bay City Fire Department is to protect lives and property within the city from fires, natural or manmade disasters, medical emergencies, and entrapments. The legal authority to carry out these services comes from the City Charter, city ordinances, and the Michigan Fire Prevention Act, which is Michigan Public Act 207 of 1941, as amended. The department is broken down into functional groups to carryout these tasks. BAY CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT MISSION STATEMENT The Bay City Fire Department...a full time professional fire department, dedicated and working together to effectively provide life safety and property preservation through fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical service and other emergency services to all who live, work, and visit our community.

144. Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
Provides prehospital emergency care and transportation. Site includes functions, contact information and office hours.
Emergency Medical Service
recently merged with Fire Department Functions FAQ's Common Terms Major Projects ... Office Hours
Functions Horry County Emergency Medical Service is a comprehensive service for pre-hospital emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured to increase survival rate, decrease permanent injury and alleviate suffering by ensuring that trained advanced life support crews are on duty around the clock to provide prompt and efficient service to all residents and visitors of Horry County with in a 7.5 minute average response time, and to provide for the efficient billing and collection of fees for services rendered to residents and visitors of Horry County. Back to top Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between Horry County EMS and Rescue? Horry County EMS is a fully staffed tax funded service, strategically located throughout the county, capable of responding with advanced life support personnel and equipment to any emergency for the purpose of treating and transporting the sick and injured to the nearest hospital. Rescue Squads are community based volunteers who compliment Horry County EMS's efforts in providing emergency care. They vary in the level of service which they can provide. The members of these squads usually work full time jobs elsewhere, and respond according to availability. Therefore, they cannot be depended on nor are they charged with the responsibility of providing 24 hour service seven days per week.

145. Some Number-theoretical Constants
Products of rational functions of p over primes, computed by Gerhard Niklasch and Pieter Moree.
Some number-theoretical constants
arising as products of rational functions of p over primes
In September 1999, Pieter Moree asked me to help with high-precision calculations of some constants arising in various contexts in elementary and analytic number theory. PARI/GP running on a few 333 and 360MHz UltraSPARC-IIi(tm) CPUs soon made short work of them. We pushed the calculations to just beyond 1000 decimal digits. The basic reference for our method is
  • P. Moree, Approximation of singular series and automata, to appear in Manuscripta Math. preprint available (DVI).
Many of these constants appear with explanations and references on Steve Finch 's Favorite Mathematical Constants site (abbreviated FMC in what follows), and are cross-referenced to the corresponding pages there. We regard the constants as given in the form of an Euler-type product over rational terms f g with rational coefficients, where the degree of the polynomial g is at least 2 plus that of f , evaluated at all primes p , or sometimes at almost all primes (e.g. when one factor would vanish for p Products of terms of the shape f g are readily accommodated by moving the sign into f . What really counts for the computation, however, is the behavior of

146. Formula Interpreter FORINT (Mathematic Calculation And Presentation Program)
A free mathematical program with basic and higher functions. Free download, web demo version.
english deutsch espanol
Welcome to
What is new?

Dear visitor nr. of this page, do you have not also often the problem that during you are doing your job are missing exactly in that moment the calculation of mathematical expressions? The context is difficult and a formular calculation similar to a programming language would be useful? You are studying and want to complete your work fast and well, but are missing the correct assistance? You are working on an even important project and the mathematic brings trouble into your time schedule?
Then you are here exactly correct. The new Forint-Version 1.12 from the FORmula INTerpreter program FORINT is available, a multi-platformable calculation and presentation program. Click here to get informations about a lot of possibilities of Forint! The program is free and without any limitation. But ideas, opinions and experiences are welcome. Click here for the discussion with other users! Or download the program for your prefered operating system from the download area!

147. MATH-abundance
Tutorial covers trigonometry, vectors, lines,complex numbers, cubic equations sequences and limits, continuity derivatives, minimum and maximum values, exponential and logarithmic functions, hyperbolic functions, finding roots of equations, integration, polar coordinates and integration.
Home Page =
Last update: 18 apr 2004
Main Purpose = MATH TUTORIAL
The main purpose of this site is to provide the net with a 'upper secondary' MATH TUTORIAL The order of the topics is not random.
Most of them appeal on the properties and formulas stated in a preceding topic.
You can find headword-links of the tutorial in the MATH-TUTORIAL INDEX Download
Since each topic is in 1 file, it is easy to download the file and to study the subject off line.
See Copying Conditions
TUTORIAL : Topics; Solved and unsolved problems
Additionally, I can give a number of math links to math related links to math links...
Math links to links to math links ...
Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes Tutorial about trigonometry Tutorial about algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, trigonometry Linear Algebra ...
Mathematics Archives Topics
Searchable database.
Mathematics Archives
A very powerful search engine for math stuff
S.O.S. MATHematics

148. Dolfin::Function Class Reference
Function~Function, (, ), Destructor. Member Function Documentation. real Functionabs,(, unsigned int, i,. real, t. ), real Functionabs, (, real, x,. real, y,. real,z,.
Main Page Namespace List Class Hierarchy Alphabetical List ... File Members
dolfin::Function Class Reference
Function.h Inheritance diagram for dolfin::Function: legend Collaboration diagram for dolfin::Function: legend List of all members.
Public Member Functions
Function Create a function of unspecified type.
Mesh dolfin::Vector Create function specified on given mesh with given nodal values.
(const char *name, int dim=0, int size=1) Create function specified by the given expression.
(unsigned int N) Create an ODE function of given dimension.
void init Mesh dolfin::Vector Initialize function on given mesh with given nodal values.
void init (const char *name, int dim=0, int size=1) Create function specified by the given expression.
void init (unsigned int N) Create an ODE function of given dimension.
(const Node real t=0.0) const Evaluation for given node and time.
(const Node real t=0.0) real (const Point real t=0.0) const Evaluation for given point and time.
(const Point real t=0.0) real real x

149. MathFinance - Financial Functions Library In Fortran 90
Fortran 90 code for the CoxRoss-Rubinstein binomial model, the analytic Black-Scholes formula, and Monte Carlo Simulation.
MathFinance - Financial Functions Library in Fortran 90
Here you find some sample source code written in FORTRAN 90. It covers the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial model, the analytic Black-Scholes formula as well as Monte Carlo Simulation. These functions can easily we converted into a dynamic link library , such that you can use them in other applications such as Microsoft Excel. !- !wy_US produces values and greeks of European and American puts and calls !following the Cox, Ross, Rubinstein binomial model. !- !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT :: WY_US parameter percent = 0.01 parameter nmax = 1002 double precision :: spot, strike, vol , rd , rf, tau integer ::ea, convention, quotation, greek , N, phi double precision, dimension(-nmax: nmax):: s double precision, dimension(-1: nmax):: V double precision :: dt, DF, u, p, q, relstrike, rforward, disc, valuefactor integer :: i, j, k select case (greek) case (0) !value f = 0. !initialize, then do two binomial trees, one with N steps and one with N+1 steps do k = 0, 1 ! set parameters: dt = tau / (N + k) u = exp(vol * Sqrt(dt)) select case (convention) case (0)

150. Agency Software & Meeting Planner Software By EBT
Software for booking agents, talent, modeling and artists management. Itineraries, contacts, contact and scheduling functions.

News Services Products ... Support
In Search of Extra Time...
can help.
Please click on your industry to view EBT's software solutions. We also develop custom software, design multi-media packages and Internet solutions. If you do not find the software solution that you need, please email us at or call us at (800) 580-1191. Support / Help/ Questions for all EBT products. since 01/28/2000 or call us at (800) 580-1191
Book-It! software , software for booking agents, software for DJ,s and artist, is designed for those who are in the business of marketing, bookings, scheduling, management, engagements or creating itineraries - virtually anyone involved entertainment. Book-It: Designed for smaller agencies -or- those that need basic contract generation, itineraries and artist information. Click here for more details: Book-It!

Magic and pickpocketing for events, corporate functions and trade shows.
magic matt Tel: +44 (0)161-2488484 / +44 (0)7973-890401 "My tip for the top, the next big thing, is none other than Magic Matt!"
magic matt performs first class sleight of hand magic. In addition, his pickpocketing skills are almost unique: stealing watches, wallets, belts and even ties from unsuspecting helpers. Matt's broad experience gives him the skill to entertain any audience in his professional, friendly and humorous style. He started performing magic whilst studying Law, and has since performed on TV, internationally, aboard cruise ships in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and at the famous Magic Circle. He is the resident magician at Manchester United games and presently performs at events throughout the UK and abroad. Please click here for recommendations. Recent events... Matt has appeared on the TV shows "Talk of the North" and "Live With Chris Moyles", he performed his trampolining show in Hong Kong, and was selected as one of the UK's leading magicians to perform at the Harry Potter DVD launch in London. "Magic refreshes the customers your competitors hope to reach."

152. Math Unit III: More On The Derivative And Differential Equations
Exact definition of derivation and calculating the relationship of derivatives of related functions.
Back to Contents!
Math Unit III: More on the derivative and differential equations
In the last unit, we discussed how mathematicians and scientists deal with quantities that change in ways other than linearly. The key idea turns out to be the rate of change of the quantity. The lowbrow way to measure the rate of change is to compute the average rate of change over a small interval. The high-class way to talk about change is to try to compute the derivative , or instantaneous rate of change In real-world situations, when one deals with measured data, it is often the case that the data has been measured only for certain specific values of the independent variable. Then, one can only compute average rates of change between the data points. But in mathematics, when one deals with abstractly-defined functions, it is possible to compute derivatives. Often, mathematical models are developed using derivatives, predictions are made based upon these mathematical models, and then experimental results are compared to the predictions to see how well the models reflect reality. 1. Review and extensions

153. Arnab's Graph Explorer
Simple Windows freeware program for plotting and interactively exploring graphs of mathematical functions. Supports algebraic, trigonometric, and hyperbolic, and user defined functions.
Homepage Goodies > Graph > Letters
Arnab's Graph Explorer 3.00b
Click here to download (231 kb). Arnab's Graph Explorer was known as Graph Paper before version 2.10a. I had to change the title, and include my name too, hoping to eleminate title-clashing with other softwares once and for all! Graph Explorer is a tool to produce interactive methematical graphs. To begin using it you just have to enter the mathematical function whose graph you want to plot (for example y=x*sin(1/x) ). Graph Explorer actually has a sophisticated system of defining functions to plot, which lets you use variables or call other user defined or mathematical functions. More than one function can be graphed simultaneously. You can then view and explore the graph interactively in real time . Graph Explorer can also automatically differentiate or integrate your function. It also supports exporting to EMF, BMP or copying to clipboard. It has gone a long way since I lost the source code and rebuilt it. It has improved a lot thanks to your imaginations. I still sincerely hope that you will send me any doubts/suggestions/opinions about this program! You may also be interested in 3D Graph Explorer (Below is only a small part of walkthrough to give you a taste of the program. Don't worry; more thorough walkthrough is packed with the package.)

154. Functions Of The Foreskin
by George C. Denniston MD Presented at The Second International Symposium on Circumcision 1991 Article discusses the development and physiological functions of the male prepuce.
George C. Denniston, M.D., M.P.H. Presented at The Second International Symposium on Circumcision, San Francisco, California, April 30-May 3, 1991. Abstract: Beginning with the development of the embryo, the structure of human genitalia is described. The male foreskin has three important physiological functions that circumcision irreversibly destroys. The Gomco clamp and Plastibell circumcision devices and procedures are compared, and religious circumcision procedures are explained. Examination of the risks and alleged benefits of newborn circumcision will include a discussion of immediate and long-term complications, indications and contraindications, and alternative procedures. The question is raised: Do physicians who circumcise babies honor the first maxim of medical practice, "Primum non nocere" (First, do no harm)? False claims The history of circumcision in the United States is filled with excuses for doing circumcisions. First it was alleged that circumcision prevented masturbation, and that masturbation caused insanity. We now know that this idea is incorrect. More recently, it was claimed that circumcision reduces the risk of cancer of the female cervix. That has now been scientifically refuted, but not before millions of young American boys had their foreskins amputated.

155. Vantage Point Entrance
Specialising in assisting companies with the integration of corporate functions to wider motivational or marketing strategies. Contact details.

156. Applied Calculus: Everything
Covers a review of functions. Explains derivatives from the numerical, geometrical and algebraic aspects. Gives some examples of applications. Integrals are introduced. Includes practice exercises.
Applied Calculus
Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble

Table of Contents, On-Line Resources,
Return to Main Page
Everything for Finite Math

Everything for Calculus

Topic Summaries
On-Line Utilities
You can get back here from anywhere by pressing the "Everything for Calculus" link. Chapter 1 Functions and Models 1.1 Functions from the Numerical and Algebraic Viewpoints On-line tutorial for Section 1.1 1.2 Functions from the Graphical Viewpoint On-line tutorial for Section 1.2 1.3 Linear Functions On-line tutorial for Section 1.3 1.4 Linear Models On-line tutorial for Section 1.4 1.5 *Linear Regression On-line tutorial for Section 1.5 On-Line: New Functions from Old: Scaled and Shifted Functions On-Line: Fitting Functions to Data: Linear and Exponential Regression You're the Expert Modeling Spending on Internet Advertising
On-Line Resources for Chapter 1
Chapter Summary Chapter True/False Quiz Chapter Review Exercises Chapter Excel Tutorials
Math Tools for Chapter 1
Java Graphing Utility Excel Grapher Simple Regression Utility Free Mac Grapher
Chapter 2 Nonlinear Models 2.1 Quadratic Functions and Models

BizControl primarily is an ERP business system that integrates all departments and functions of a company onto a single computer system to serve all the different departments' particular needs.
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Lists rules and formulas for a number of mathematical subjects, such as plotting graphics, functions, factoring, derivatives, integrals, matrices, vectors, and numerical analysis. In English, French and Turkish languages.
Tracer des graphiques Geometrie analytique Nombres complexes Analyse complexe-I ... Dinamiðin Temel Prensibi s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Mesure d'audience et statistiques
Classement des meilleurs sites, chat, sondage
Votez pour ce site au Weborama

159. Embedding R In Postgres
The REmbeddedPostgres package allows you to embed the R interpreter in Postgres and use R functions as if they were builtin SQL functions.
Embedding R in Postgres - The REmbeddedPostgres package
The REmbeddedPostgres package allows one to embed the R interpreter in the Postgres relational database and use R functions as if they were built-in SQL functions. This is done by defining several new Procedural Languages within Postgres whose functions are implemented in R. This means that one can implement
  • per-record
  • aggregate and
  • trigger
functions in Postgres with regular R functions. There are several simple motivating ideas for this package.
  • It can be much faster to perform the computations in the server rather than transferring the data from a query to the client and doing the same computations there.
  • Statistical functionality is available to SQL users without them having to learn a new language
  • We can use existing software (i.e. R functions) typically with no changes.
There is no security model in the current version of R. Nor is it thread-safe. While this is likely to change in the coming months, please be aware of the potential dangers in using this package in publically accessible Postgres servers.
The package is available as a GNU zipped tar file . It installs in the same way as a regular R package, i.e.

160. Chris Holt : Colloquia 1996-97 / 04 Dec
Abstract of John Sargeant 4Dec-1996 colloquium.
General Info Dept of Computing U of Ncl Events ... Colloquia
4 december 1996 : John Sargeant
Department of Computer Science
The University of Manchester
Uniting Functions and Objects
Object-oriented programming has successfully made the transition from academia to the mainstream. Functional programming, on the other hand, has largely remained an esoteric minority interest. This is unfortunate, because functional programming also has a great deal to offer. The United Functions and Objects (UFO) language is an attempt to combine the advantages of both paradigms. We believe that UFO has a number of significant advantages over languages in general use today. The two most important are 1) a simple yet expressive way of writing programs, normally in a functional style but using OO-style classes and inheritance to organise the program, and 2) semantics which encourage parallel execution, without imposing an additional burden on the programmer. In this talk I will give an overview of UFO, explaining the key ideas with a number of examples. More information can be found on the ufo web page:

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