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         Real Functions:     more books (100)
  1. The Theory of Functions of Real Variables. Two volumes by James PIERPONT, 1959
  2. Theory of functions of a real variable by Edwin Hewitt, 1960
  3. Elementary Hyperbolics for Technical and Other Students, Volume I.Hyperbolic Functions of Real and Unreal Angles. by M. E. J. Cheury De Bray, 1947
  4. Symmetric Properties of Real Functions (Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Brian thomson, 1994-06-10
  5. Functions of Real Variables
  6. The Elements of the Theory of Real Functions by J.E. LITTLEWOOD, 1926
  7. The theory of functions of a real variable and the theory of Fourier's series, by E. W. Hobson by Ernest William Hobson, 1907
  8. Theory of Functions of Real Variables Volume Two by James Pierpont, 1959
  9. Lectures on the Theory of Functions of Real Variables (Volume II) by James Pierpont, 1912
  10. Theory of Functions of a Real Variable , Volume One Only by I.P. Natanson, 1964
  11. Theory of Functions of Real Variables 2V by PierpontJames, 1905
  12. A Primer of Real Functions. Number 13. by Jr., Ralph P. Boas, 1966
  13. The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and the Theory of Fourier's Series Volumes I AND II (Volumes 1 and 2) by E.W. Hobson, 1950
  14. Surprises and Counterexamples in Real Function Theory (Texts and Readings in Mathematics) by A. R. Rajwade, 2007-01

81. Plotting 2D Real Functions With Discontinuities -- From Mathematica Information
Title, Downloads, Plotting 2D real functions with Discontinuities, Author, FernandoGomez Lanza. Old MathSource , Also works with real values of x^(1/3) functions.
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Plotting 2D Real Functions with Discontinuities
Fernando Gomez Lanza
Old MathSource #
Revision date
The package RLSCF.m contains a function named PlotFR similar to Plot. PlotFR locates and avoids the discontinuities of real functions as Tan[x], 1/(x-2), and others, ploting the correct graphic. Also works with real values of x^(1/3) functions. "EjemploRLSCF.nb" shows a comparison between the plots obtained with Plot and PlotFR. Not for use with iterations of the same function as Tan[Tan[x]].
Technology Programming 2D Graphics ... Graphing and Plotting Keywords
Plot, Function, Discontinuity, Real, Singularity Downloads EjemploRLSCF.nb

82. IRA: Interactive Real Analysis
The Integral. Sequences of functions. Metric Spaces. Historical Tidbits Interactive real Analysis is an online, interactive textbook for real Analysis or Advanced Calculus in one real

83. Real Function -- From MathWorld
Calculus and Analysis functions. real Function. A function whose range is in thereal numbers is said to be a real function, also called a realvalued function.
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Real Function A function whose range is in the real numbers is said to be a real function, also called a real-valued function. Complex Function Function Real Variable Scalar Function ... search
Eric W. Weisstein. "Real Function." From MathWorld A Wolfram Web Resource.
Wolfram Research, Inc.

84. Gamma Function -- From MathWorld
As can be seen, the two definitions have identical real parts, but differ loggammafunction and are equivalent as analytic multivalued functions, they have
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Gamma Function
The (complete) gamma function is defined to be an extension of the factorial to complex and real number arguments. It is related to the factorial by It is analytic everywhere except at z = 0, -1, -2, ..., and the residue at is
There are no points z at which The gamma function is implemented in Mathematica as Gamma z There are a number of notational conventions in common use for indication of a power of a gamma functions. While authors such as Watson (1939) use (i.e., using a trigonometric function-like convention), it is also common to write The gamma function can be defined as a definite integral for (Euler's integral form)
The complete gamma function can be generalized to the upper incomplete gamma function and lower incomplete gamma function Plots of the real and imaginary parts of in the complex plane are illustrated above.

85. DJGPP FAQ -- How To Call Real-mode Functions
18.3 How to call realmode functions. Q My program crashes/doesn't do what it should when I structure before you call the DPMI function that invoke real-mode procedures djgpp /faq18_3.html search Node: Zero SP , Next: Xfer , Previous: Pointer segment , Up: Low-level
18.3 How to call real-mode functions
Q : My program crashes/doesn't do what it should when I call
A : You should zero out some of the members of the structure before you call the DPMI function that invoke real-mode procedures. Random values in these members can cause your program to behave erratically. The members in point are .x.sp , and .x.flags . When and .x.sp are zeroed, the DPMI host will provide a stack for the call. This stack is usually large enough, but sometimes you'll need to use your own, larger stack, e.g., if you expect interrupts to nest deeply, or if your handler needs a lot of stack space . In these cases you should point and .x.sp to a larger buffer which is in conventional memory (possibly part of the transfer buffer). If SS:SP isn't zero, it will be used as the address of the stack for the interrupt handler, so if it points to a random location, your program will most certainly crash. A non-zero FLAGS member can also make the processor do all kinds of weird things (e.g., imagine that the single-step or the debug bit is set!).

86. Real (MATLAB Functions)
. X = real(Z) returns the real part of the......MATLAB Function Reference, real real part of complex number. SyntaxX = real(Z).
MATLAB Function Reference real
Real part of complex number Syntax
  • X = real(Z)
X = real(Z) returns the real part of the elements of the complex array Z. Examples
real(2+3*i) is See Also
angle conj i ... imag
rcond reallog

87. Vignettes On Automorphic And Modular Forms, Representations, L-functions, And Nu
By Paul Garrett.
Vignettes on automorphic forms, representations,
L-functions, and number theory
Notes home this page updated 19 Jan 04 Also: functional analysis Buildings notes algebra
  • holomorphic discrete series updated 04 Mar 04] ... Proving (for Sp(n,R) and U(p,q)) the apparently apocryphal result that for sufficiently high lowest K-type rho the universal holomorphic discrete series (g,K)-module with lowest K-type rho is irreducible. This implies that rho determines the isomorphism class of the (g,K)-module, and also that the whole representation space is the tensor product of the enveloping algebra U(p+) with rho. The latter freeness property is essential in a treatment of Maass-Shimura operators.
  • von Neumann density theorem updated 10 Jan 04] ... A one-page proof, not entangled with anything else.
  • Unitary representations of topological groups updated 02 Jan 04] ... Basics, emphasizing discrete series, compact quotients, integration-theory methods.
  • GL(2) over a finite field updated 17 Jan 04] ... Very simple illustration of irreducibility of principal series, Jacquet modules, uniqueness of Whittaker models, Mackey-Bruhat orbit decomposition, Gelfand-Graev involution method. (dumb errors fixed Jan 2004, but SL(2) part not done. Toy Weil/oscillator representation stuff to be added.)

88. Numerit: Mathematical & Scientific Computing - Numerical Programming
An environment for developing numerical computation programs and producing publicationquality documents with equations, graphs, and tables. Includes a program editor, a debugger, a scientific word processor, an equation editor, and a powerful high-level programming language that supports multidimensional arrays, complex numbers, and user-defined functions.

What's New
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Technical support


do your numerical computations the easy way
go directly to the final publication-quality document
write powerful programs with minimum effort
use superior tools to edit and debug your programs Numerit is an intuitive programming environment for developing numerical computation programs and producing publication quality documents . If you are a scientist, an engineer, or a student, Numerit is the right tool for you. In Numerit you write a program in the Editor pane using the built-in program editor , and edit the program's output in the Document pane using the built-in scientific word processor . The objects in the document (graphs, tables, etc.) are directly linked to the variables in the program. Click here for a screen shot Numerit 's high-level programming language is easy-to-learn, powerful, and versatile. It supports multidimensional arrays, complex numbers, and user-defined functions. It has many built-in functions for data analysis. Numerit 's built-in debugging tools will take you safely through the process of program development. You may pause the program during the run, or execute it line by line. You may inspect variables while the program is running with a simple mouse click.

89. L-Functions
Classified by degree, then by level, then by eigenvalue, then by root number.
Degree 1 Degree 2 This is the starting point for the L-functions site. In this web site we are interested in giving information about L-functions from the Selberg class S . The information is intended to be both qualitative and quantitative. We intend to list as many properties and features of specific L-functions as possible and also to allow for the computation of coefficients, special values, and zeros upon request by the reader.
The class S
These are Dirichlet series which satisfy 4 axioms as given by Selberg.
Functional Equation
S satisfies a functional equation that can be written uniquely as
There is a unique 4-tuple of data that can be associated to F where We will call d the degree q the level the eigenvalue set , and the root number of F
is the data for the Riemann zeta function. is the data for the Dirichlet L-function with the character which is the Legendre symbol modulo 5 is the data for the Dirichlet L-function with the character modulo 5 defined by is the data for an element of S corresponding to a holomorphic newform of weight k for the full modular group.

90. Real Function From MathWorld
real Function from MathWorld A function whose range is in the real numbers is said to be a real function, also called a realvalued function. See also Complex Function, Function, real Variable

91. Curve Fit XYZ Computer Program
Curve fit program determines equation coefficients for functions y = f(x) and y = f(x,z). Polynomial, exponential and power form of the equation are included.
Curve Fit XYZ Computer Program
A software program, CurvFitXYZ PlotXYZ
The software package includes programs, , for fitting sinusoidal variations of the form y = a1(sin(x)) and y = a1(sin(x)) + a2 . The latest program addition, , uses the equations y = a1x/(x + a2) and y = (a1x + a2)/(x + a3) as another curve fit option. The following link provides y = f(x,z) data plotting samples from the software . The equation forms could be used in the field of biochemistry, microbial physiology, economics, electrical engineering and aerodynamics. If you are interested in data analysis consulting, see link "Consulting Services for Data Analysis".
Hot Links
  • Curve Fit Algorithm Examples Ordering Information Other Software (Spline Curve Fit 3D Computer Program) Consulting Services for Data Analysis

  • The curve fit program is an excellent tool for many business and scientific applications. Several examples of business applications are total revenue and total cost curves to maximize profit, total product curve for determining diminishing returns. Possible aerospace science applications are algorithm development to define aircraft performance parameters such as climb and descent (time, fuel and distance), cruise (fuel flow) and maximum endurance (speed). Similarly, helicopter cruise performance parameters (cruise torque and fuel flow) may be derived. The following link provides other aircraft performance examples. Curve Fit Aircraft Performance Flight Parameters For polynomial y = f (x) function, determinants as high as order 9 (9 equations with 9 unknowns) may be solved to obtain the coefficients of the equation. For polynomial y = f (x,z) function, determinants as high as order 5 may be solved.

    92. Ordinary Mathematics
    Covers forms, numbers and functions. Introduces high school students to basic to advanced math principles and reasoning.

    93. F2vb - Home -
    Fortran to Visual Basic Conversion Service. Company have developed a library of runtime functions that emulate Fortran capabilities and a translation program and then scan the resulting VB for potential evaluation differences and correct them manually.
    We convert Fortran programs to Microsoft Visual Basic version 6 and VB.NET
    You get the quality of a manual conversion for the price of an automatic one
    How We Do It

    How We Work

    What You Get

    What It Costs
    What To Do Next

    How We Do It
    • We have developed a library of run-time functions that emulate Fortran capabilities not immediately available in VB such as backspace and rewind, formatted input/output and certain instrinsic functions We have evolved a strategy for implementing Fortran capabilities with no direct equivalent either in VB or in our run-time library such as format reversion and implied DO loops within data transfer statements We have written a translation program called that converts Fortran into VB using this strategy in combination with the run-time library After conversion to VB, we trace and correct arithmetic expressions that produce different results in the two languages such as truncation during real-to-integer conversion and timing differences of type coercion in mixed integer-real expressions
    How We Work
    • You supply us with a representative sample of your Fortran source code. Usually several thousand lines are required to get an accurate picture of the particular problems posed by each conversion

    94. RCMS - Rental Software For AV, Computer, Equipment, Etc. Industry
    Rental software provides all operational and accounting functions. Runs on Novell and NT networks.
    The Only Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the Rental Industry Offshore IT Solutions is the only company to offer a "Total Solution" for the rental industry's Asset Management and IT deployment requirements. We are the developers of RCMS (Rental Control Management System) a fully integrated rental software with accounting, barcode support (including wireless data collection using the Symbol Palm OS PDT, thin client browser interface and web quoting with shopping cart for your prospects and clients. This "Total Solution" rental management software brings together all of the pieces of the puzzle to put us way ahead of the competition. But, what would you expect from the founders of the largest Computer/Audio Visual rental company on the West Coast since 1985.
    Benefits RCMS Professional Edge over your competitors with the #1 software for rental business Fully Integrated Accounting Eliminate redundant data entry RC-Commerce (E-Commerce) Integrated online shopping and Asset Management Customizable Source Code Protect your investment with modifiable source code Offshore Programming Team Cost effective program modifications Thin Client Deployment Internet Deployment, eliminate IT staffing problems

    95. New Page 2
    UK Magician offering illusions and magic tricks to buy. The Great Kovari has performed worldwide, and is available for parties, childrens entertainment and functions.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    96. Finding Green's Functions For ODEs
    A brief but technical overview of methods of finding Green's functions. By Evans M. Harrell II and James V. Herod.
    Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics Evans M. Harrell II and James V. Herod*
    version of 1 June 1996
    Finding Green functions for ordinary differential equations.
    We begin with the case of the first Fredholm alternative. If the equation is in this case, we are guaranteed that it has a unique solution - but how to find it? Our method to solve a nonhomogeneous differential equation will be to find an integral operator which produces a solution satisfying all given boundary conditions. The integral operator has a kernel called the Green function There are several methods of constructing Green functions. The one we will present first, and emphasize, is the one students seem to prefer. Perhaps this is because it is easy to remember and has an inherent simplicity. Other methods will be included in these notes for comparison. There are ideas which the other methods use that are important. As before, we assume a certain form for the differential operator L: We suppose that a n (x) is not zero on [0,1] and that each term of the sequence a p (x), p=0,..., n, has at least n continuous derivatives. We discuss the construction of the

    97. Plane Graphic Calculator
    Java applet that can interactively plot the graph of mathematical functions. Handles complex numbers, vectors, and parametric equations.
    Plane Graphic Calculator
    Version 1.1
    June 2001
    The Plane Graphic Calculator is a software tool that interactively displays a graphical view of mathematical functions.
    This calculator is intended primarily as an educational aid to understanding the geometric interpretation of mathematical functions.
    The calculator allows you to directly manipulate points on the surface of a graph. These points can represent either complex numbers or 2-dimensional vectors, depending on the selected function. In addition, the calculator can plot the graphs of real functions and parametrically-defined functions. The calculator's results are displayed directly on the graph, (as either points or lines), and are automatically kept updated at all times.
    The calculator is located in the area below. If you see only a blank gray space, then you might need to wait for several more seconds while the calculator's files are downloaded across the Internet. If the calculator does not appear, then you might need to investigate your browser's ability to run Java 1.0 applets.
    Error: Cannot run the Java applet.

    98. Anatomy And Functions Of The Male Foreskin
    To understand the function of the prepuce, it is necessary to understand the function of the penis. While it is commonly recognized that the penis has two functions urination and procreation - in reality, it is essential only for procreation, since it is not required for urination.
    E Quick links to products available in the Campaign for Genital Integrity . . . INFORMATIVE VIDEOS:
    Facing Circumcision
    Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
    Restoration in Focus
    Instructional Video for Foreskin Restoration
    They Cut Babies, Don't They?
    One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
    Whose Body, Whose Rights? Award-winning documentary seen on PBS! FORESKIN RESTORATION with:
    The P.U.D.
    new low pricing!
    and The VacuTrac at
    special introductory pricing! plus the Foreballs device Anatomy and Functions of the Male Foreskin
    as described in Circumcision: Male - Effects Upon Human Sexuality b y Marilyn F. Milos, R.N. and Donna Macris, C.N.M. in Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia, pp.119-121, Garland Publishing, Inc., New York, 1994 NOHARMM has enhanced this article with photos from Paul Russo's Male Sexual Anatomy Site NOTE: Links with a right-facing blue arrow will take you off this site.

    99. Functions Unlimited
    A resource centre for all function requirements including venues, catering, entertainment, clothing and Jewish information.

    100. UBC Calculus Help Derivatives
    University of British Columbia course notes. Covers functions, derivatives and applications of derivatives in some detail. Calculus labs or short quizzes are also included. There are many fine illustrations in this tutorial.
    The UBC Calculus Online Homepage
    Welcome to UBC Calculus Online. This site is an online supplement to Math 100, Sections 103, 104, 107 and 109, being taught within the University of British Columbia Department of Mathematics. Everyone is welcome and feedback is appreciated.
    Who We Are
    Course Notes
    In class demonstrations
    Links to some other interesting sites
    Please send us your comments.

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