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         Optics:     more books (100)
  1. Dictionary of Ophthalmic Optics by Arthur H. Keeney, Robert E. Hagman, et all 1995-01-15
  2. Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics) by Okan K. Ersoy, 2006-12-01

141. The Electro-Optics Foundry
Provides contract manufacturing services for electrooptic and vacuum microelectronic devices.
The Electro-Optics Foundry Foundry Properties Processes Frontend ... Home Hudson Research established the Electro-Optics Foundry in 1996 to provide manufacturers and researchers a secure contract manufacturing environment. The foundry is modeled on the classic foundries of the semiconductor industry. These companies offer complete semiconductor manufacturing facilities. A significant portion of the world semiconductor output comes from foundries. In that spirit, the Electro-Optics Foundry was established. But it was also recognized that the requirements of electro-optic fabrication, while similar to the semiconductor processes, are quite distinct. Thus, we adjusted our model to reflect that need. Where the semiconductor foundries have a fixed process that the customer design must conform to, the electro-optic foundry offers a more flexible approach. We offer a wide range of "a la carte'" processes which we tailor to your specific requirements. We also have

142. Scan-Optics, Inc. The Business Of Solutions
Government. Scanoptics, Inc. Assessment. Insurance and Health. Increasing productivity is Scan-optics primary goal in developing solutions for our customers.
Customized and integrated system solutions that respond to rapidly changing business requirements.
Scan-Optics, Inc. combines technology, experience and expertise to develop cost-effective solutions for government agencies.
Solutions for the automatic scoring of "bubble" forms using electronic technology.
Increasing productivity is Scan-Optics' primary goal in developing solutions for our customers.
May 28, 2004
Visit Scan-Optics Booth 517 at TAWPI May 14, 2004
Scan-Optics Announces First Quarter Results April 13, 2004
Scan-Optics' SO Series Scanner Receives High Grades Scan-Optics, Inc.
169 Progress Drive
Manchester, CT 06040-2294
Toll Free: 1 (800) 745-6001 Phone: (860) 645-7878 Fax: (860) 645-7995 Scan-Optics, Ltd. Peter Moralee, Managing Director Unit 5, Brookside Colne Way Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 7QJ England Tel: 011-44-1923-819581 Fax: 011-44-1923-212633 web site design: Trimerous via The Creative Group

143. G-S Plastic Optics - Welcome
Manufacturer of precision plastic optics for sensing, scanning, imaging and detecting applications.

144. William Optics
William optics World Class Telescopes, Mounts, and Accessories. USA Distributor Anacortes Telescope Wild Bird http//

145. Interference Optical Filters
Produces a variety of optical components, including thin film interference filters, in a range of bands, particularly for analytical determination of gaseous substance concentrations. Based in Kiev, Ukraine.
ABOUT CENTER "OPTICS" Professional staff of the employees under the direction of Dr. Orlov , Member of the International Society for Optical Engineering, develops and produces the highest quality optical filters corresponding to the requirements of the international standard ISO We have been producing optical filters working in ultra-violet, visible, and infrared areas of a spectrum for over 21 years. Our facilities allow us to manufacture up to 200 filters/day with over 300 optical layers per filter. Please download a brochure with a description of our products We manufacture our products on the equipment of firms "Balzers" (Switzerland) with constant quality control by the instruments of firms "Pye Unicam" (England), "Carl Zeiss" (Germany), "LOMO" (Russia). We have sent our products to USA, Japan, Finland, Germany, and Russia. Some of our former and current clients include, but not limited to: Apprise Technologies Inc, USA PPM systems (Finland) Ministry of Environment (Ukraine) Ministry of Industry (Ukraine) OUR GUARANTEE You can buy from us with absolute confidence. Every item is completely guaranteed for 30 days after the order.

146. Melles Griot - Home
Melles Griot is a multifaceted international company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of lasers, optics, optical systems, and accessories
Photonics is transforming the world we live in.
Melles Griot supplies the components used
to create light, control its efficient use,
and reliably hold or position photonics
devices for photonics applications.
Create light from the deep ultraviolet (uv) to the infrared (ir) with our complete line of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS), ion, helium neon, helium cadmium, and semiconductor diode lasers and assemblies. Control light with our lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters, beamsplitters, polarizers, high-energy optics, and unique standard and custom coatings. Position light with our mirror holders, translation and rotation stages, nanopositioning equipment for precision automated fiber-optic alignment, and optical tables and breadboards. Melles Griot business definition statement
About Melles Griot
Home Buy Online ... Sale Items

147. Army Navy Shop Online Store Surplus Camouflage Military Fatigues Army/Navy Store
Offers military and police clothing, outdoor apparel for adults and children, accessories, optics, knives, camping, survival equipment, and various styles of U.S. flags.
Army Navy Shop Online Store
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148. A Taylor Francis Journal Journal Of Modern Optics
The journal (under its former title Optica Acta) was founded in 1953 some years before the advent of the laser - as an international journal of optics.

149. Tru-Form Optics -
Manufacturer of specialty rigid gas permeable lenses.
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150. APOP, Photonics Group, Blackett Lab, Imperial College
Link to Photonics, Short Courses. The Applied optics Group, The Applied optics Group is now a subsection of the Photonics Group. MSc in optics Photonics,
Group Merger The Applied optics group and some parts of the Laser and Spectroscopy Group have recently merged to form the Photonics Group. Research People (APOP) Colloquia Publications Links Recent PhD Theses PhD Studentships Short Courses in 2002 The Optics group runs two short courses in June 2001 Applied Optics and Adaptive Optics The Applied Optics Group The Applied Optics Group is now a subsection of the Photonics Group. The activities of the Optics Section are reviewed twice yearly by an external group of 12 industrialists, the Optics Advisory Committee. We carry out research in a broad range of topics in optical physics and engineering, from optical design to optoelectronics The Photonics group offers a one year MSc course in Optics and Photonics. Information on the Mike Kidger Memorial Scholorship in Optical Design. How to find, the Blackett Lab.
Campus map of Imperial College Pages written by Nick Wooder and maintained by Kevin Goddard (Last modified 06/06/02)

151. 28 AM In Oulu 2001
28th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods held August 1924, 2001 in Oulu, Finland. Abstracts available online in PDF format.
28th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods,
19 - 24. 8. 2001, Oulu, Finland Meeting: Mainpage

Scientific program

Photo Page

Related pages: Space Physics Group of Oulu
Oulu Space Physics Textbook

Department of Physical Sciences

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
Finnish Meteorological Institute / Geophysical Research
28th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods was held in Oulu, Finland, on 19th - 24th August 2001 starting with an excursion day, continuing with scientific sessions on 20th - 23rd and ending as a calibration workshop on 24th of August. Information about program etc. was informed on these pages. 28AM Local organizing committee would like to thank all the participants for the nice meeting! We hope that you all enjoyed for staying in Oulu. Scientific organizing committee: Dr. Kari Kaila (University of Oulu)
Dr. Kirsti Kauristie (FMI/GEO) Dr. Gilbert Leppelmeier (FMI/GEO)

152. Lucid Optical Services Ltd.: Home Page
Fibre optics training, technical consultancy, testing and publishing in the UK and Europe.
Optical Services Ltd.
Training Courses

Laser Safety

About Lucid

153. Delta Controls - Your Trusted Partner In Process Instrumentation
Instrumentation, process control, pressure switch, temperature switch, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, fibre optics, flow, switches, transmitters. A Concentric company.
About Us Overview Temperature Transmitters ...
Delta Controls designs and manufactures high quality, reliable and accurate temperature and pressure measurement instruments for process monitoring and
control applications worldwide. Delta Controls is flexible and responsive to individual customer requirements. The company has more than 50 years' experience of providing cost effective process instrumentation solutions and is committed to the lifetime support of its products.
Your trusted partner in process instrumentation

154. Optics Express Beta 1 Test Submission
optics Express has moved. Click here to go to the new location.
Optics Express has moved. Click here to go to the new location.

155. Y-connect
Offers connector products in these areas RF coax, board level and I/O, fiber optics. Also cable assemblies.
RF Products: Connectors and Cable Assemblies
Engineer: Jim English
RF connectors are used in many applications where high frequency analog signals are transmitted. These include extremely high precision and performance uses such as test equipment and military communications. Other applications are in cellular systems, radios, automotive communications, CATV and recording equipment, coaxial networks, and satellite systems. These products range in sizes from micro-miniature PCB connectors to larger connectors used in high power transmitters. With the increasing popularity of cell phones, high speed internet connections, and high definition TV, the uses of RF products has grown rapidly. Y- connect offers a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies to meet many of these needs. more... © 2000 Yazaki North America, Incorporated.

FiberOptics: LC Connector

Engineer: Mike Hamonko
Y- ... New Products Addition to Y-connect Website

156. The ATM's Workshop
Areas covered include optics, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, programming, and telescope equipment.
The ATM's Workshop
Projects, Tips, and Techniques for the Amateur Telescope Maker





Web Surfing
Reading Index Projects Techniques Reviews Printable Email John D. Upton Personal Page What's New About This Site Welcome To The ATM's Workshop Amateur Telescope Makers (ATMs or TNs [Telescope Nuts] for short) are a varied lot. Our workshops often reflect that diversity. In our quest for that perfect telescope, we resort to building some or all of the components ourselves. ATMing can span the gamut from building everything yourself to just making modifications or accessories for your favorite manufacturer's product. ATMing as a hobby allows you to bring your own unique ideas, skills, and talents from other hobbies to the forefront. In this way, you may enjoy the pleasure of working at a combination of several of your hobbies at the same time. The ATM's telescope often says a lot about the builder's other hobbies. Many ATM's telescopes are works of art in terms of woodworking, metalworking, optical or mechanical design innovations, electronic accessories, or some other aspect. While many ATMs build their own telescopes to save money, others do it for the fun, satisfaction, educational value, and varied other reasons. In addition to building telescopes, ATMs often end up building many of the specialized tools their hobby projects require. This can often lead to new projects that build (and feed) upon themselves and can lead the ATM into worlds they never knew existed.

157. Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (AMO) USA
Advanced Medical optics, Inc. (AMO) is a global leader in the Contact Lens Care needs. Advanced Medical optics, Inc. (AMO) is a

158. L-com Connectivity Products - Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Connectors And More
Connectivity products such as cable assemblies, fiber optics and network equipment.

Connectors HANDY FIBER
of Fiber Cables L-com EXCLUSIVE!
Right Angle D-Sub Adaptors FROM ONLY $199
Web Cams
Ethernet Switches BIG SELECTION OF
Cat5E Patch Cords E-mail A Colleague Contact Us Reseller Program ... Site Map

159. Siebert Optics - Home Page
Handcrafted telescope optics including 1.25 eyepiece, binoviewers, and barlows. Welcome to the All New Siebert optics. Check out
Hours: 10am - 11pm EST
Monday - Thursday Saturday Tel.: FAX: eMail: 200 Short Johnson Road
Clayton, NC
USA 27520 Place Online Order Home About Siebert Optics Eyepiece Comparisons 1.25" Eyepieces: Standard Eyepieces Ultra Eyepieces Ultra Plus Eyepieces 2" Eyepieces: Standard Eyepieces Ultra Eyepieces Ultra Plus Eyepieces Observatory Eyepieces .965" Eyepieces: Standard Eyepieces 3" Eyepieces: Observatory Eyepieces 4" Eyepieces: Observatory Eyepieces Binoviewers: 1.25" Handcrafted Binoviewers 1.25" Black Night Binoviewer View Feedback on BN Bino Sign BN Guestbook ... View Guestbook - Customer user comments View Buyers Comments page look under "Harry Siebert" Review by the Director of Deep Sky Observatory in NY - Planetary Section Welcome to the All New Siebert Optics Check out our Black Night Binoviewer Packages . Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Aluminum barrels on all eyepieces for your eyepiece pairs to reduce weight when used with Binoviewers.

160. Eurolab Instruments
optics and electronics for analytical chemistry laboratories.

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