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         Operational Research:     more books (100)
  1. Operations Research (Schaum's Outlines) by Richard Bronson, 1981-12
  2. Operations Research in the Airline Industry (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)
  3. Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, 2: Stochastic Models (Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science)
  4. Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, 3: Computing (Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science) by E. G. Coffman, 1992-11-01
  5. An algorithm based on discrete response regression models suitable to correct the bias of non-response in surveys with several capture tries [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by C. Anido, C. Rivero, et all 2005-04-16
  6. Reducing quadratic programming problem to regression problem: Stepwise algorithm [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by D.Q. Wang, S. Chukova, et all
  7. West's Federal Taxation Research by William Raabe, Gerald E. Whittenburg, 1999-02-01
  8. Introduction to Probability Models: Operations Research, Volume II (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac®) by Wayne L. Winston, 2003-06-05
  9. Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, 1: Optimization (Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science)
  10. Handbook of Metrics for Research in Operations Management: Multi-item Measurement Scales and Objective Items by Aleda V. Roth, Roger G. Schroeder, et all 2007-10-19
  11. Predicting online-purchasing behaviour [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by D. Van den Poel, W. Buckinx,
  12. Livesley Mathematical (Mathematics and its applications. Numerical analysis, statistics, and operational research) by Livesley, 1989
  13. Review of @?Operations Research and Health Care. A Handbook of Methods and Applications@? edited by Margaret L. Brandeau, Francois Sainfort and William ... European Journal of Operational Research] by G. Bevan, 2006-11-16
  14. Operations Research: Core Business Program by Paul Harrison, 1984-01

41. Operational Research Consultants, Inc.
About ORC. operational research Consultants, Inc. is a service related disabled veteran owned small disadvantaged business and has
var treeName = "MainTree"; new NosTreePRO(treeName, TREE_NODES, TREE_FORMAT); About ORC
Operational Research Consultants, Inc.
is a service related disabled veteran owned small disadvantaged business and has received SBA approval for fifteen NAICS/SIC codes. ORC ensures that all services rendered are enhanced by operational experience and all products reflect timely technological solutions. ORC's major areas of expertise include: Information Assurance
Systems Engineering
Operations Research
Internet Solutions
Marine Engineering
Dick Montgomery, Dan Turissini and Fred Thornton Founded in 1991 by Fred Thornton, Daniel Turissini and Richard Montgomery, ORC has assembled an organization of experienced and dedicated professionals who fulfill challenging and complex client requirements. ORC's staff hold advanced degrees in science, engineering, and management. Each individual is qualified and committed to ensuring the resolution of complex operational challenges through cost-effective planning and management with proven engineering, analytical and scientific applications.
"Each time the name ORC is spoken, thought of, written or digitized; it is linked to exceptional quality, superior competency and professional respect."

42. The Math Forum - Math Library - Operations Research
Association of European operational research Societies (EURO) International Federation of operational research Societies (IFORS) A not-for-profit association
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Math Topics : Operations Research

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  • High School Operations Research
    consisting of one or two student activity worksheets (4-6 pages) in which students discover mathematical concepts while solving a scaled-down problem set in a context they can relate to. In addition each module contains twenty to thirty pages of teacher resource material. Typical modules investigate average time waiting in line, managing a telephone ordering system, selecting a college, finding the shortest route for a delivery truck, etc. With Case Studies of major companies, from American Airlines to World Cup Soccer. more>>
  • INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection - Michael Trick, Carnegie Bosch Inst., Grad. School of Indust. Administration, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
    An organized listing of sites concerned with the field of operations research, the technique of using modern scientific models to predict and compare the outcomes of complex systems, considering factors such as change and risk, with links to: FAQs; Societies; Newsgroups/Email lists; Resources; People; Research Groups; Educational Programs; Companies; Online Computer Programs; Courses; Journals; Discussion. See also general course information , supplemented with class notes (including pages on Integer Programming, Mini Case for Discussion, Network Flow, and Dynamic Programming, the last with Excel worksheets) and homework with solutions.
  • 43. Mathematics Of Operations Research In Britain
    The following people are permanent academic staff whose main research interests relate to the mathematics of operational research.
    Mathematics of Operations Research in Britain
    The following people are permanent academic staff whose main research interests relate to the mathematics of operational research. The list is far from complete. If you would like to be added to this list, or have an update to your interests as described here, or a pointer to a personal page that should be included here, or suggestions for people who should be added, - please send email to See also department home pages , for pointers to home pages of university departments with teaching and research interests in OR and management science in Britain.
    • Baker, Dr R (Salford), Stochastic modelling, maintenance.
    • Baston , Dr VJD (Southhampton,, Combinatorics and games, particularly search problems.
    • Beasley , Dr John (Imperial,, Linear programming, optimization, test problems
    • Chen, Dr Bo (Warwick,, Design and analysis of optimal and heuristic algorithms, on-line and off-line, for combinatorial optimzation problems, especially those involving sequencing and scheduling.
    • Christer, Prof Anthony

    44. Department Of Statistics And Operational Research
    Department of Statistics and operational research.
    Head office: Husova 11, 306 14 Plzen, phone + fax: +420-(0)19/722 08 77 Head RNDr. Jaroslav POTMESIL, CSc. Secretary Admin. officer RNDr. Ladislav LUKAS, CSc. Eva SIMKOVA Senior lecturers:
    Doc. RNDr. Jindrich BRANDZOVSKY, CSc.
    Doc. Ing. Jan MACEK, CSc.
    Ing. Vaclav FRIEDRICH

    RNDr. Mikulas GANGUR, Ph.D.

    RNDr. Ing. Ladislav LUKAS, CSc.
    Dr. Ing. Miroslav PLEVNY

    Mgr. Blanka SEDIVA

    RNDr. Jaroslav POTMESIL, CSc.
    KSO/OV1 Operational Research
    Operational analysis, the nature of the field, development, classification of methods - linear programming - the simplex method. The duality of tasks in LP, postoptimalization analysis, methods of distribution: transport, linkage - problems of combination: the problem of traffic calculation - methods of computer analysis, CPM - time, resource, expenditure analysis PERT - probability analysis. KSO/PMO Probability Models
    The pre-diploma assignment is meant to give the students an opportunity where the diploma thesis will be carried out to wok out a preliminary analysis of a given problem + to suggest an approach to solving it. More detailed instructions will be given to the student´s diploma advisor, who is normally authorized to award credit at the completion of the pre-diploma assignment. KSO/SA1 Statistical Analysis 1 Estimating and testing hypotheses: robust, non-parametric, sequential methods. Regression: optimalization of estimates, intervals of dependence: tests, diagnostics. Multilinearity, models of generality, planned transformation. Robust, non-linear, ortogonal, logistic regression.

    45. Mathematics For Operational Research
    Mathematics for operational research. This is a home page for a course of 24 lectures to Cambridge M.Phil in Statistics and Part
    Mathematics for Operational Research
    This is a home page for a course of 24 lectures to Cambridge M.Phil in Statistics and Part III students during autumn 2003. Lectures take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12.
    These files are in Adobe pdf format. Lectures 1-24 overheads Overhead projector slides
    Example sheet 1
    Example sheet 2 Example sheet 3 solutions 1 ...

    Lagrangian Methods
    Linear Programming
    The Simplex Algorithm
    Advanced Simplex Procedures
    Complexity of Algorithms
    Computational Complexity of LP
    The Ellipsoid Algorithm
    Complexity of the Ellipsoid Algorithm The Network Simplex Algorithm The Transportation and Assignment Problems Maximum Flow and Shortest Path Problems Algorithms for Shortest Path Problems Branch and Bound Integer Programming Travelling Salesman Problem Heuristic Algorithms Two-person Zero-sum Games Solution of Two-person Games Cooperative Games Coalitional Games Shapley Value and Market Games Evolutionary Games Auctions Optimal and Multi-unit Auctions These notes are all now corrected. Please let me know if you find any errors

    46. International Transactions In Operational Research Home Page
    International Transactions in operational research journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

    47. Operational Research Programming Trivia
    Computer code for research algorithms in operational research and combinatorial optimization.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. It is likely that your browser doesn't support XML either, so you cannot see most of this site. Use the links below and hope for the best. Title Page Page Sections Code Sections

    48. (Greece) University Of Ioannina
    Department of Mathematics Section(C) Probability, Statistics and operational research.

    49. (Switzerland) École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
    Chair of operational research South East (ROSE). The operational research group of EPFL deals with graph theory, evolutive algorithms, arc routine problems, scheduling, algorithmics, neural networks and other problems in the field of operational research.


    50. Operational Research Homepage
    The operational research (OR) Group is a strong, committed team of 7 academic staff and a number of research and related staff.

    OR Homepage

    Contact Details


    Related Groups

    The Operational Research (OR) Group is a strong, committed team of 7 academic staff and a number of research and related staff. The group teaches a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as undertaking consultancy work for outside organisations. The extensive research interests of the group are described in the pages that follow. Many of the OR staff are internationally known in their fields of research. The group was awarded a rating of 5 in the 1996 and 2001 Research Assessment Exercises.

    51. Graduate School: Operational Research
    Search. Graduate School operational research, Diploma/MSc in operational research. Introduction Diploma/MSc in operational research
    Diploma/MSc in Operational Research

    52. Faculty Of Informatics - Mathematics, Statistics And O.R. Research
    Mathematics, Statistics and operational research in the Faculty of Informatics.

    Faculty Structure and Information
    Admissions and Teaching Research Staff ... Faculty Seminar Programme Staff Research Interests in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research Staff research interests in this area are concentrated on the following topics. A link is provided to the apppropriate members of staff. Fire Safety Evaluation Multiple-Criteria Decision Making Multivariate Data Analysis Probability Theory ... Stochastic Modelling

    53. LAMSADE
    Site of LAMSADE the Decision Aid and operational research laboratory of Universit© Paris Dauphine. Specialised in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis.
    Laboratoire d'Analyse et
    UMR 7024
    Nouveau : recrutements 2004-2005
    English version

    Cahiers et Documents
    Logiciels Services internes Consulter les dernières mises à jour
    Remarques et suggestions

    54. Statistics And Operational Research
    Statistics and operational research department.
    Statistics Staff Research interests Activity Related Sites ... School of Mathematics Home Page Address: School of Mathematics, Cardiff University,
    Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF2 4YH, UK

    55. Government Operational Research Service: Site Has Moved
    Government operational research Service. The Government operational research Service (GORS) offers exceptional opportunities to graduates
    G overnment O perational R esearch S ervice
    The Government Operational Research Service (GORS) offers exceptional opportunities to graduates with the potential to reach the very highest levels. GORS also supports the community of Government Operational Researchers offering training, career development, maintenance of professional standards and links to consultancy and academe.
    The GORS web site has been relaunched, please wait to be re-directed or click here for the new site.

    56. Statistics, Operational Research And Probabilistic Methods Research Centre
    Research and courses in linear and additive models, queueing theory and reliability, combinatorial optimisation, graph theory, and the underrepresentation of working class students in Higher Education.
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    57. Mathstore | LTSN Maths, Stats & OR Network
    Supporting lecturers in Mathematics, Statistics and operational research and promoting, disseminating and developing good practice in learning and teaching
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    58. AIRO
    Membership, meetings, publications.
    Welcome to the Web Server of the Operational Research Society of Italy
    AIRO Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa
    Optimization and Decision Sciences
    c/o Sig.ra Agnese Martinoli-Bagnasco
    Casella Postale 795
    I-16121 Genova
    tel: +39 010 377 7703
    fax: +39 010 377 7703
    airo home page
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    59. Operational Research Department
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    Operational Research Department
    Address and contacts Operational Research
    London School of Economics
    Houghton Street
    London WC2A 2AE Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7653
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 6885 Enquiries: Ms Brenda Mowlam
    Departmental Manager
    Contents Introduction Who's who Study Research ... Privacy statement

    60. Statistics And Probability Division, Department Of Mathematical Sciences, Liverp
    Division of Statistics and operational research.
    Statistics and Probability
    Division of Statistics and Probability
    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    Liverpool, L69 7ZL,
    England, U.K. Phone:
    Mrs I. Harper

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