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         Numerical Analysis:     more books (100)
  1. Introductory Functional Analysis : With Applications to Boundary Value Problems and Finite Elements (Texts in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 27) by B. Daya Reddy, 1997-11-20
  2. Afternotes Goes to Graduate School: Lectures on Advanced Numerical Analysis by G. W. Stewart, 1987-01-01

141. Research Group For Numerical Functional Analysis And Mathematical Modelling - Un
Includes focus of studies, list of staff and preprints. In Belgium.
Welcome to the Research Group
Numerical Functional Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
our website has moved to

142. Dr. Roland Braun Rock Mechanics
Services offered for the determination of in situ stresses and rock parameters, followed by numerical stability analysis for the optimization of drilling and geotechnical projects.

143. CANES Homepage
Website of research center dedicated to the study of high power computing in engineering analysis and design.
The mission of CANES is to promote state-of-the-art high performance computing in engineering analysis and design for enhancing the nation's industrial competitiveness.
Site created and maintained by
Norman Neo

Created On: Nov. 29, 2000
Modified On: Sept 9, 2003
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144. [ . . Numerical Modelling . . ]
Has developed its own FEM programme with interchangeble kernels for sensor and actuator devices, for magnetostatic analysis, electro harmonic analysis and eddy current analysis, for modeling reactive flow as for example fuel cells, and for modeling driftdiffusion. of holes and electrons in semiconductor devices.

145. SourcePro Analysis
Objectoriented numerical computation class-library from Rogue Wave.
Service-Oriented Development
Enterprise C++ Development

SourcePro Core

SourcePro DB
Technical Services

Rogue Wave Log In:
Enterprise C++ Components SourcePro Analysis
Deliver effective C++ applications - on time, on budget, and to specification! SourcePro Analysis includes a broad range of C++ classes for dealing with everything from basic math to specialized issues:
  • Intuitive C++ interfaces to essential mathematical algorithms C++ classes for performing numerical linear algebra C++ classes for performing sophisticated data analysis for business intelligence Intuitive C++ classes for handling currency and money Decimal classes for representing and manipulating decimal fractions exactly
Learn more about SourcePro Analysis today! To receive a custom quote for SourcePro Analysis, please fill out our Request for Quote form . Or contact your local sales representative New for SourcePro Analysis in Edition 6!
Support for MKL v6 Support extended to 64-bit Windows and Linux for MKL Free SourcePro C++ Evaluation Privacy Statement Site Map Subscribe to Rogue Wave eNews!

146. Synaps Epogy And Pointer - Process Integration And Design Optimization Sofware
Pointer is a graphical analysis automation and numerical optimization framework. Allowing engineers to couple their analysis codes without programming.
Products Applications Solutions Support ... Contact Company Menu Overview Partners Advantage News Customers Officers Overview Founded in 1995, Synaps , Inc. provides optimization and software integration technology to engineers at world-class organizations such as Airbus, Bombardier, Textron, Timken and Sandia National Labs. The recent acquisition of Synaps by Engineous Software now allows organizations to access the market's leading Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) solutions from one company, Engineous Software. Synaps Epogy™ software quickly and efficiently couples your CAE tools, both commercial and in house, into a single application. Navigate this website for an overview on the benefits of Epogy and other Synaps solutions. The mission of Synaps is to provide our clients with software tools that accelerate their research and development. Engineous Software
    Please visit Engineous Software for more information on how Engineous technology is helping our customers to: Reduce design cycle time through integrated design workflow.

147. Equilibrium And Transport In Plasmas (ETP), TU-Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Research on plasma assisted deposition, ICPs, tomography of plasmas, expanding plasmas, incineration gas analysis and numerical models.
faculteit contact
ETP Homepage
Welcome to the group E quilibrium and T ransport in P lasmas (ETP) which is lead by Daniel Schram and Richard van de Sanden (both group leaders) and Dr. Richard Engeln and Erwin Kessels
Research projects
The Expanding Thermal Plasma (ETP) plasma source
Advanced plasma and surface diagnostics and studies
Collaboration with industry
General Contact Information:
ETP part of the research school CPS
Dept. of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology

148. Electromagnetics Models, Prototyping, Simulation
Professional engineering services in Ontario, Canada. numerical electromagnetics prototypes and analysis of antennas, scatterers and coupled structures in support of system design, troubleshooting and compliance assessment.
EMproto / 247 Old River Rd. / Mallorytown, ON K0E 1R0 / Canada
tel: (613) 923-2647 / fax: (866) 707-6704 / email:
Enter EMproto

Antenna picture of the month (info)

photo courtesy of

Numerical E lectro M agnetics proto types (software models)
and analysis of antennas, scatterers and coupled structures
in support of system design, troubleshooting and compliance assessment.

149. Tellus - Series A
encompasses dynamic meteorology, climatology and oceanography, including numerical modelling, synoptic meteorology, weather forecasting and climate analysis.

150. BALTEX Home Page
BALTEX is designed as a cage experiment to assess the total heat and water flux divergence of the BALTEX area. The basic BALTEX programme elements include numerical modelling, data assimilation, experimental and numerical process studies, reanalysis of existing data sets, and application of remote sensing.
Welcome to the BALTEX Home Page Enter

151. Numerical Science - The Software Cost Consultants
Software cost analysis and estimating.
... putting numbers to software decisions
Services (overview) Software cost estimating Management metrics ... Contact us
Numerical Science is a London-based firm of software consultants. We provide specialist services to leading companies and organisations to support the planning and management of software projects. Successful project decision-making depends on a sound grasp of software costs and what drives them - we measure and analyse development and maintenance activities so that software, projects and processes can be understood, controlled and optimised. Our clients may be considering sourcing options, or planning critical projects. They may need to demonstrate business value, or require more effective information to achieve project goals. In situations like these we empower management by putting numbers to software decisions.
© 1999-2004 Numerical Science Ltd.

152. The Engineering Vibration Toolbox
Including single degree of freedom response, response spectrum, finite elements, numerical integration, modal analysis and phase plane analysis.
The Engineering Vibration Toolbox
Joseph C. Slater
Overview Most Recent Update Faculty/Instructors/GTAs ... Downloads
The Engineering Vibration Toolbox is a set of over 35 educational programs and associated files written in M ATLAB by Joseph C. Slater . It can be run on any platform supported by M ATLAB (Mac, Windows, VMS, Unix). Also included are help files, examples, and files containing raw experimental data. The codes include single degree of freedom response, response spectrum, finite elements, numerical integration, modal analysis and phase plane analysis. It is included free with the text "Engineering Vibration" by Dr. Daniel J. Inman Prentice Hall , 1994). The version for use with student versions of M ATLAB 3.5 is bundled with older printings of the book (PC version, Mac version available from the MathWorks, Inc. ). It is still available on the download page. No other toolboxes are required to run this new version. The files are also distributed on 3.5" disk by the MathWorks, Inc as stated in the back of the text (at least in some printings!).
The Engineering Vibration Toolbox is now being ported to Octave ! If you know Matlab, you already know most of Octave. Most students will hardly know the difference, except that it's free! As they are ported, the Octavized vibration toolbox codes can be found

Subroutine library providing Fortran 77 implementations of numerical algorithms for computations in systems and control theory. Based on numerical linear algebra routines from BLAS and LAPACK libraries, SLICOT provides methods for the design and analysis of control systems. Freeware for scientific (noncommercial) use
The Control and Systems Library SLICOT
General information
The freeware subroutine library SLICOT provides Fortran 77 implementations of numerical algorithms for computations in systems and control theory. Based on numerical linear algebra routines from BLAS and LAPACK libraries, SLICOT provides methods for the design and analysis of control systems. The basic ideas behind the library are: 1. usefulness of algorithms;
2. robustness,
algorithms must either return reliable results or an error or warning indicator;
numerical stability and accuracy:
the results are as good as can be expected when working at a given precision. If possible an estimate of the achieved accuracy should be given;
with respect to speed and memory requirements. Although important because of ever increasing complexity of control problems, this objective may never be met at cost of the two previous ones;
5. portability and reusability the library should be independent of platforms;
based on rigorous programming and documentation standards;

154. Welcome To MIT GmbH
Data mining and clustering software for numerical and textual data. Main product is DataEngine. Interfaces to LabView and BridgeView. DataEngine is a software tool for data analysis in which fuzzy rules, fuzzy clustering, neural networks and fuzzy neural systems are offered in combination with mathematics, statistics and signal processing.
d/index.htm" d/index.htm"

155. National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
The official source of advisories, warnings, forecasts, and strike probabilities for all tropical depressions and named storms. With satellite views, radar images, numerical data, and detailed analysis. Site Map News Organization Search
Search TPC
Text-only version

Get Storm Info
Satellite Imagery

US Weather Radar

Aircraft Recon

Advisory Archive
Tropical Analysis
and Forecasting
All TAFB Products
About TAFB Products Learn About Hurricanes Hurricane Awareness Frequently Asked Questions ... Breakpoints Hurricane History TPC Archives Climatology Deadliest 1492-1996 (Atlan) 1900-2000 (USA) Most Expensive Most Intense ... State About Us About the TPC Mission/Vision Other NCEP Centers ... FTP Server Contact Us Webmaster
Top News of the Day
(Our Mission and Vision)
Active Tropical Cyclones Remember to Refresh or Reload this page for the latest information Need help with getting the latest information?

156. Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd
Providing a variety of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)software, covering numerical computation/visualization, structural analysis, optical design, fluid dynamics analysis and EDA to Japanese market. Also offer software development and training.
Digital Engineering Solution Innovator With the progress in globalization and deregulation, companies are now faced with an era that necessitates reforms. The scale of investment necessary to launch a new product into the market is tremendous; this is particularly true in manufacturing. To remain competitive the product needs to enter the market faster and at a lower price. DIGITAL ENGINEERING (i.e. engineering utilizing CAD/CAM/CAE) systems aiming to revolutionalizing research and development, design and production processes, which have been introduced and adopted by a number of companies, now bear fruits and become indispensable to their competition for new product development. Every engineer can benefit from improved performance and reduced costs of PCs and workstations, which promote a digital engineering environment equipped with analysis/simulation software (CAE). This proliferation of digital engineering environment results in increased demand for CAE software. The company has been providing advanced systems, software and services in the field of scientific/technical computing and engineering since its inception as Japan CDC, Japan office of super computer manufacturer Control Data System of the United States. While accumulating know-how through approximately 30 years of experience, we have been able to achieve steady growth. We, at Cybernet Systems, provide a wide range of world class analysis/simulation software and services, from structural analysis, acoustic analysis, mechanical analysis, communications system analysis, signal processing, image processing, optical design, illumination analysis to electronics circuit analysis. Our aim, as a leading company in such fields, is to provide world class software and consulting/educational services to our clientele; largely servicing the automobile, electronics, communications, machinery, precision machinery industries and educational/research institutions to their satisfaction, and ultimately to contribute to the development of information society and innovation in scientific technologies.

157. BIT Homepage
Development and analysis of numerical methods and the design and use of algorithms for scientific computing. Table of contents starting 1993, search engine. Full text to subscribers.
    BIT is a primary research journal which publishes original research papers of the highest quality, which
    has been published since 1961. BIT is devoted to the development and analysis of numerical methods
    as well as the design and use of algorithms for scientific computing. BIT emphasizes numerical methods in approximation, linear algebra, and ordinary and partial differential ,
    equations but also publishes papers in areas such as numerical functional analyis and numerical optimization. For current information about editors, contributions, subscription, etc., see
    BIT's Local Homepage

    Managing Editor Axel Ruhe

    Department of Computer Science
    Royal Institute of Technology
    SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
    Contents: Volumes 33-42. Search old BIT volumes ... BIT 40th Anniversary Meeting Last modified Wednesday, 31-Mar-2004 16:51:26 MEST.

158. Mike Giles
University of Oxford. Development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations, particularly in computational fluid dynamics; parallel and distributed computing.
Mike Giles
Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre
Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics, St Hugh's College
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Wolfson Building,
Parks Road,
Oxford, OX1 3QD,
Direct: +44 (0)1865 273862
Secretary: +44 (0)1865 273883
Department: +44 (0)1865 273838
Fax: +44 (0)1865 273839
Work-related information (OUCL)
Personal Information
(Personal page, content is not the responsibility of OUCL) oucl people Updated February 2003 Home Search SiteMap Feedback ... News

159. Graphics And Analysis Software
high resolution numerical simulations threaten to overwhelm us with gigabytes of numbers devoid of meaning, we must develop and use data analysis and graphing


Software for Graphics and Data Analysis
1995-2004 by S. Baum As the data we collect from high-bandwidth instruments (e.g. sensors on satellites) and the output we obtain from high resolution numerical simulations threaten to overwhelm us with gigabytes of numbers devoid of meaning, we must develop and use data analysis and graphing tools as complicated as, if not more so, those used to produce the numbers. Fortunately, for the folks who need to use such tools and don't have a year or so to spare designing and building one, there are quite a few of these tools freely available on the Web. Some are the finished products of research groups (or, in some cases, individuals), and some are continually being developed and welcome user input for improvements or additions. I've collected these tools and list them below in in three broad categories which (inevitably) overlap to some extent. The first group contains links to software that is chiefly designed for graphing 2-D (and less often but moreso all the time 3-D) data. These range from the simplest (in concept and design) packages for quickly drawing 2-D graphs to systems for creating 3-D graphs with animation, ray-tracing, texture-mapping, and various other capabilities. As you might expect, the more complicated the package gets the more onerous are the hardware requirements. Most of the packages also contain simple data handling capabilities such as multiplying the data being plotted by a constant, although that is not their main purpose.

160. Xu, Jinchao
Pennsylvania State University. numerical methods for PDEs and in particular finite element methods; multigrid methods for theoretical analysis, algorithmic developments and practical applications.

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