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         Nonassociative Rings:     more detail
  1. Computers in Nonassociative Rings and Algebras
  2. Algebraists Homage: Papers in Ring Theory and Related Topics (Contemporary Mathematics V. 13) by S. A. Amitsur, D. J. Saltman, et all 1982-12
  3. The Lie Algebras su(N): An Introduction by Walter Pfeifer, 2003-09-17
  4. Algebraic Groups and Their Representations by R.W. Carter, J. Saxl, 1998-08-31
  5. The root system of sign (1,0,1): Dedicated to Professor Shigeo Nakano on his 60th birthday by Kyoji Saito, 1984
  6. Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)
  7. Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications (Mathematics and Its Applications)

81. Mathematical Review 1991 Subject Classification
infinite)}; 16XX Associative rings and algebras, {For the commutative case, See 13-XX}; 17-XX nonassociative rings and algebras; 18
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification
This is version 2.1 (April 1996) of a hypertext version of the MSC, prepared by Chris Eilbeck of Heriot-Watt University , Edinburgh. If you have any comments regarding this implementation, please email the author ( ), quoting the version number. And in case you're wondering, he didn't type in all the 2647 hyperlinks himself, he wrote a Perl programme to process the index automatically. Version 2.1 corrects a bug in 2.0 where some links of the form "-XX" were incorrectly written as "-xx". An introduction to the current (1991) MSC, and instructions on how to use it, are available. Readers new to the MSC should note that it is only a tool to find the Mathematical Review Classification number of a specified area of mathematics, useful for journal editors and authors submitting papers where this number is required. It does not provide links with the contents of Mathematical Revies or with any other information on these subject areas.

16, D 84, Associative rings and algebras. 17, D 84, nonassociative rings and algebras. 18, C 88, Category theory, homological algebra. 19, D 84, Ktheory.
Code = code beginning with Shelf mark = shelf mark beginning with Code Shelf mark Description A General N 80 General applied mathematics N 81 General applications in physics B 81 Mathematical history and biography B 83 Collected works C 82 Mathematical logic and foundations C 82 Set theory C 85 Combinatorics C 85 Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures C 88 General mathematical systems D 82 Number theory D 82 Field theory and polynomials D 84 Commutative rings and algebras G 83 Algebraic geometry D 84 Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory D 84 Associative rings and algebras D 84 Nonassociative rings and algebras C 88 Category theory, homological algebra D 84 K-theory D 88 Group theory and generalizations E 88 Topological groups, Lie groups E 81 Real functions E 81 Measure and integration E 82 Functions of a complex variable E 82 Potential theory E 82 Several complex variables and analytic spaces E 84 Special functions F 85 Ordinary differential equations F 86 Partial differential equations F 87 Finite differences and functional equations E 85 Sequences, series, summability

83. :: Ez2Find :: Ring Theory
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84. คณิตศาสตร์ - Wikipedia
Associative rings and algebras; 17xx nonassociative rings and algebras; 18-xx Category theory; homological algebra; 19-xx $K$-theory;คณิตศาสตàÂ
จาก Wikipedia, สารานุกรมฟรี Mathematics mathematics (นิยมเขียนย่อในประเทศทางอเมริกาตอนเหนือว่า math และ ประเทศอื่นๆ ที่ใช้ภาษาอังกฤษว่า maths) คำว่า "mathematics" มาจากคำในภาษา กรีก ( Greek m¡thema mathematik³s
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification(MSC2000)
  • 00-xx คณิตศาสตร์ทั่วไป (General) 01-xx ประวัติ และ ชีวประวัติ (History and biography) 03-xx Mathematical logic and foundations 05-xx Combinatorics 06-xx Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures 08-xx พีขคณิตทั่วไป (General algebraic systems) 11-xx Number theory 12-xx Field theory and polynomials 13-xx Commutative rings and algebras 14-xx Algebraic geometry 15-xx Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory

85. Section Descriptions
16, Associative rings and algebras. 17, nonassociative rings and algebras. 18, Category theory, homological algebra. 19, Ktheory. 20, Group theory and generalizations.
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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification
No. Subject Name General History and biography Mathematical logic and foundations Combinatorics Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures General algebraic systems Number theory Field theory and polynomials Commutative rings and algebras Algebraic geometry Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory Associative rings and algebras Nonassociative rings and algebras Category theory, homological algebra K-theory Group theory and generalizations Topological groups, Lie groups Real functions Measure and integration Functions of a complex variable Potential theory Several complex variables and analytic spaces Special functions Ordinary differential equations Partial differential equations Dynamical systems and ergodic theory Difference and functional equations Sequences, series, summability Approximations and expansions Fourier analysis Abstract harmonic analysis Integral transforms, operational calculus Integral equations Functional analysis Operator theory Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization

86. Browse Via MSC
search, browse. 16, Associative rings and algebras, 696, search, browse. 17, nonassociative rings and algebras, 982, search, browse. 18, Category
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87. MPI MIS Leipzig - Preprints And Lecture Notes - MSC Numbers 1...
17XX, nonassociative rings and algebras, 17B37, 88/2002. 18-XX, Category theory; homological algebra, 19-XX, K-theory, Info about the Editor
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Preprints and Lecture notes - MSC numbers 1...
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10-XX Number Theory 11-XX Number theory Lattices and convex bodies Continued fractions and generalizations 12-XX Field theory and polynomials 13-XX Commutative rings and algebras 14-XX Algebraic geometry Parametrization (Chow and Hilbert schemes) Vector bundles on surfaces and higher-dimensional varieties and their moduli 15-XX Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory Matrix inversion, generalized inverses

88. }‘Ú×î•ñ
, *Kandasamy, WB Vasantha. ? ?, LCSHnonassociative rings. LCSHSmarandache notions. , ID=21932969 NCID=BA65236662. ?

89. Pacs Scheme 1999 Newpac~1.htm
02.10.Tq Associative rings and algebras. 02.10.Vr nonassociative rings and algebras. 02.10.Ws Category theory and homological algebra.
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1999 Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS)
00: General
10: The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

20: Nuclear Physics

30: Atomic and Molecular Physics
PACS Appendi.-to 43: Acoustics
00. GENERAL 01. Communication, education,history, and philosophy 01.10.-m Announcements, news, and organizational activities 01.10.Cr Announcements, news, and awards 01.10.Fv Conferences, lectures, and institutes 01.10.Hx Physics organizational activities 01.20.+x Communication forms and techniques (written, oral, electronic, etc.) 01.30.-y Physics literature and publications 01.30.Bb Publications of lectures (advanced institutes, summer schools, etc.) 01.30.Cc Conference proceedings 01.30.Ee Monographs and collections 01.30.Kj Handbooks, dictionaries, tables, and data compilations 01.30.Mm Textbooks for graduates and researchers 01.30.Pp Textbooks for undergraduates 01.30.Rr Surveys and tutorial papers; resource letters 01.30.Tt Bibliographies 01.30.Vv Book reviews 01.30Xx Publications in electronic media (for the topic of electronic publishing, see 01.20)

90. Nonassociative Computable Rings And Their Isomorphisms
nonassociative Computable rings and Their Isomorphisms We investigate computable isomorphism types of nonassociative rings. We prove that for any n 2 ! f!g there exists a ring with exactly n

91. Nonassociative Computable Rings And Their Isomorphisms
nonassociative Computable rings and Their Isomorphisms. AUTHOR Abstract We investigate computable isomorphism types of (nonassociative) rings.
Nonassociative Computable Rings and Their Isomorphisms
B. Khoussainov, A. Slinko
Keywords: Math Review Classification: Length: 54 pages Last updated: 31 March 1998
This article is available in:

92. MSC2000
rings ( 0 Dok. ); 17A15 Noncommutative

93. Capítulos De Livros Publicados
Capítulos de livros publicados
  • Nonassociative structures
    (com E.N.Kuz'min), VINITI, Itogi nauki i tekhniki, seria ``Fundamental Branches", v.57, 179266, Moscou, 1990; Tradução inglesa em ``Encyclopaedia of Math. Sciences, v.57, Algebra VI, 199280", edited by A.I.Kostrikin and I.R.Shafarevich, SpringerVerlag, 1995.
  • Nonassociative rings
    (com Ju.A.Bakhturin, A.M.Slin'ko), VINITI, Itogi nauki i tekhniki, seria Algebra. Topologia. Geometria. v.18, 372, Moscou, 1981; Tradução inglesa: J. Sov. Math. 18 (1982), 169211.
  • Noncommutative Jordan and right alternative rings,
    em ``Rings, I", Instituto de Matemática, Novosibirsk, 1973, 1318.
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