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         Multilinear Calculus:     more detail
  1. Multilinear analysis for students in engineering and science by George A Hawkins, 1963
  2. Introduction to Vectors and Tensors Volume 1: Linear and Multilinear Algebra (Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering)

Banach Spaces; Radovi matematicki, vol7(1991),305316, Sarajevo 2 calculus for theMultilinear Stieltjes Integrals in Banach Spaces; Glasnik matematicki,Vol.
E-mail: Tel: +46 8 790 4810 Fax: + 46 8 790 4800 address: KTH-HANINGE 136 40,HANINGE,SWEDEN
KTH SYD, Campus Haninge: Matematisk statistik och informationsbehandling 6H2320 , media, p4, våren 2004 Matematik1,kurskod 6H2901, elektroteknik, p4, våren 2004 Matematik2,kurskod 6H2324, Media, Period3, 2003/04 Transformmetoder, 2.5 p (Del 1 i kursen 6H3005, Signaler och reglersystem) , P3, våren 2004 ... MATEMATISK STATISTIK, datateknik, våren 2001
Högskolan i Gävle Stokastiska processer, våren 2001
Högskolan i Gävle 1999-2000 DEN PROPEDEUTISKA KURSEN I MATEMATIK NUMERISK ANALYS TRANSFORMMETODER Diff och int 3 KTH-Stockholm: 1996-1999 KOMPLEX ANALYS, argumentprincip
I was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 22.jan.1954, lived in Doboj 1955-1992.I studied mathematics in Sarajevo and received diploma in 1977. Master of Arts work I defended at Zagreb's University in 1988 with the theme:
"Riemann Stieltjes integral in Banach algebra".
I defended the doctorial dissertation at Zagreb's University, 1990 under the title:

62. The Math Forum - Math Library - Multilinear Algebra
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  • Linear and Multilinear Algebra; Matrix Theory (Finite and Infinite) - Dave Rusin; The Mathematical Atlas
    A short article designed to provide an introduction to linear and multilinear algebra and matrix theory. As presented to engineers and as the subject of much numerical analysis, this subject is Matrix Theory. To an algebraist or geometer, it is the theory of Vector Spaces. Linear algebra, sometimes disguised as matrix theory, considers sets and functions which preserve linear structure. In practice this includes a very wide portion of mathematics; thus linear algebra includes axiomatic treatments, computational matters, algebraic structures, and even parts of geometry; moreover, it provides tools used for analyzing differential equations, statistical processes, and even physical phenomena. History, applications and related fields and subfields; textbooks, reference works, and tutorials; software and tables; other web sites with this focus. more>>
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  • 63. Lecture_table_of_contentsla
    PART II TENSOR calculus. Chapter V Tensor Algebra. Lecture 22. Tensors as MultilinearMaps Tensors Their Components; Tensors Their Basis Representation;
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    Math 701: Calculus of Variations and Tensor Calculus
    (Table of Contents and Its Time Line)

    Lecture 1 Chapter I: Fundamental Ideas
  • Multivariable Calculus as a Prelude to Calculus of Variations Some Simple Problems in Calculus of Variations Methods for Solving Problems in Calculus of Variations
  • Method of Finite Differences Lecture 2 Method of Variations
  • Variants and Variations Variational Derivative Euler's Differential Equation Solved Example Lecture 3 Integration of Euler's Differential Equation
  • Chapter II: Generalizations
  • Functional with Several Unknown Functions Lecture 4 Extremum Problems with Side Conditions
  • Isoperimetric Problems
  • Heuristic Solution Solution via Constraint Manifold
  • Lecture 5 Variational Problems with Finite Constraints Variable End Point Problem Extremum Problem at a Moment of Time Symmetry Lecture 6 Generic Variable Endpoint Problem
  • General Variations in the Functional Transversality Conditions Junction Conditions
  • Lecture 7 Parametrization Invariant Problem
  • Variational Principle for a Geodesic Lecture 8 Equation of Geodesic Motion
  • Parametric Invariance Parametrization in Terms of Curve Length Lecture 9 Physical Significance of the Equation for a Geodesic Equivalence Principle and ``Gravitation''=``Geometry''
  • Lecture 10 Chapter III: Variational Formulation of Mechanics
  • Hamilton's Principle Lecture 11 Hamilton-Jacobi Theory
  • The Dynamical Phase Momentum and the Hamiltonian The Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Lecture 12 Hamilton-Jacobi Description of Motion: Constructive Interference
  • 64. Undergraduate Catalog
    3. II Vector calculus including the theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes; multilinearalgebra and tensors; tensor analysis, differential forms and applications.
    The course number at the beginning of each description is linked to that course home page. Analytic Geometry and Calculus. (4-0) Credit 4. I, II Functions, limits, derivatives, Mean Value Theorem, applications of derivatives, integrals. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, applications of integrals and a computer laboratory (with Maple). Prerequisite: MATH or satisfactory performance on a qualifying examination. Credit will not be given for more than one of MATH , and Calculus. (4-0) Credit 4. I, II Techniques of integration, sequences, indeterminate forms, improper integrals, transcendental functions, parametric equations, polar coordinates, infinite series and a computer laboratory (with Maple). Prerequisite: MATH or Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics. (3-0) Credit 3. An introduction to discrete mathematics including logic, set theory, combinatorics, graph theory. Prerequisite: MATH Several Variable Calculus. (4-0) Credit 4. I, II Vector algebra and solid analytic geometry; calculus of functions of several variables; Lagrange multipliers: multiple integration, theory, methods and application; line and surface integrals, Green's and Stokes' theorems; Jacobians. Prerequisites: MATH

    65. Jen Blue's Home Page
    calculus 2 Navy Nuclear Training Program Optimal Decision Trees Through MultilinearProgramming, Invited Talk, INFORMS, November 3, 1996, Atlanta GA.
    Jennifer A. Blue, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Mathematical Sciences Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Phone: (518) 276-6345 E-mail:
    Ask me about the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference or visit their web site!
    Course Material Summer 2004
  • Calculus 1 - Navy Nuclear Training Program Calculus 2 - Navy Nuclear Training Program Introduction to Differential Equations - Navy Nuclear Training Program
    "MAXIMIZE! Even with all those imposing constraints," 9 th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Hamilton College, April 27, 2002, Clinton NY. "The Trouble with Flying," 8 th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Skidmore College, April 28, 2001, Saratoga Springs NY. "What is a Neural Network?" 7 th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Vassar College, April 8, 2000, Poughkeepsie NY. "An Introduction to Data Classification," 6
  • 66. Math322 - Calculus On Manifolds
    Math 322. calculus on Manifolds. Vectors and covectors. Alternating multilinearfunctions. Differential rforms. The exterior algebra of forms.
    Math 322. Calculus on Manifolds
    Ana sayfa / Home
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    Vectors and covectors. Alternating multilinear functions. Differential r -forms. The exterior algebra of forms. The pull back of a differential form by a transformation. The exterior derivative. Vector fields and local groups with one parameter. The volume n -form and orientation. Manifolds. Measure, orientation and the integration of forms on manifolds. Generalised Stoke’s theorem. Closed and exact forms. Poincaré’s lemma.
    Prerequisite: Math 222 or consent of the instructor.
    Core for Math.
    Instructors: Andrei Ratiu
    Assistants: Analysis Lecture Notes (Ali Nesin): dvi pdf ps
    Analysis HWs, Quizzes, MTs and Finals

    67. Search Results For Calculus
    Grunsky He then introduces the calculus of alternating multilinearforms and gives a proof of Stokes s theorem for manifolds. Guinand

    68. Rice University Catalog
    Topology of Rn, calculus for functions of several variables, linear and multilinearalgebra, theory of determinants, inner product spaces, exterior

    69. References
    (MR 92m05013). 80 C. Parrish. Multivariate umbral calculus. J. Linear and MultilinearAlgebra, 693109, 1978. (MR 58 10487). 81 S. Pincherle and U. Amaldi.
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