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  1. Guide to Business Modelling, Second Edition (Economist Series) by John Tennent, Graham Friend, 2005-07-27
  2. Period Ship Modelling: An Illustrated Masterclass by Philip Reed, 2007-11-15
  3. Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure by Edouard Lanteri, 1985-10-01
  4. Modelling the Tiger I (Osprey Modelling) by Gary Edmundson, David Parker, et all 2007-07-24
  5. Advanced modelling in finance using Excel and VBA by MaryJackson, MikeStaunton, 2001-05-30
  6. Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel: A practitioner's guide to applied corporate finance (2nd Edition) (Financial Times Series) by Alastair Day, 2007-06-09
  7. Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics: A Feedback Systems Approach by John Morecroft, 2007-09-10
  8. Martingale Methods in Financial Modelling (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability) by Marek Musiela, Marek Rutkowski, 2007-06-11
  9. Financial Modelling with Jump Processes (Chapman & Hall/Crc Financial Mathematics Series) by Rama Cont, Peter Tankov, 2003-12-30
  10. Armour Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) by John Prigent, 2006-11-28
  11. A Climate Modelling Primer by Kendal McGuffie, Ann Henderson-Sellers, 2005-03-25
  12. Advanced Terrain Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) by Richard Windrow, 2007-08-21
  13. Modelling the US Army M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank (Osprey Modelling) by Steven Zaloga, 2007-10-23
  14. Modelling the Early Panzerkampfwagen IV (Osprey Modelling) by Tom Cockle, 2005-11-10

161. Ben's Anime Model Zone
Illustrated and stepby-step guides for sci-fi and anime models; modelling FAQs and links.
Enter the Zone Ben's Model Zone was designed to aid the beginning or beginner model maker to the moderately experienced, so for any advanced modelers who happen to stumble upon this page, suggestions and tips are always appreciated Ben
Last Update: 2-16-03
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If you'd like to use any of the images found in the Zone, mail us

162. Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Support Unit: Home Page
This is the Home Page of the Atmospheric Chemistry modelling Support Unit, a part of the UK Universities Global Atmospheric modelling Programme, funded by the
part of the UK Universities Global Atmospheric Modelling Programme About ACMSU


Trajectory server

ACMSU is one of the centres and facilities in the NERC Centres for Atmospheric Sciences, NCAS . NCAS carries out the core research programme in atmospheric science funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, NERC Centre for Atmospheric Science University of Cambridge , UK.
These web pages are maintained by Dr. Glenn Carver

163. CA Design - Home
A sun and shadow modelling program for architects and town planners, working with data from DWG/DXF files.

Existing users - update your Amethyst software by downloading the latest versions from the DOWNLOADS page. Free Technical Support, normally by email, is available on all our software - see CONTACTS Latest Releases: Amethyst CADwizz - Version 2.02.10
Amethyst CADwizz LE - Version 2.02.10
Amethyst CADconvert - Version 2.02.08
Amethyst CIPHER - Version 1.03
Amethyst ShadowFX - Version 1.08b
Amethyst ShadowCalc - Version 1.03 News: May 03, 2004
Amethyst CADwizz, Amethyst CADwizz LE - Versions 2.02
  • Support added for embedded hyperlinks.
March 29, 2004
Amethyst CADwizz, Amethyst CADconvert - Versions 2.01
New features include:
  • Save drawings to the AutoCAD 2004 file format Support for AutoCAD 2004 encrypted files Export drawings to the Design Web Format (DWF).
October 08, 2003 Amethyst CADwizz, Amethyst CADwizz LE, Amethyst CADconvert - Versions 2.01
  • New program versions released to include support for AutoCAD 2004 files In Amethyst CADconvert, you can now convert and print all layouts contained in a drawing, not just the current layout.

164. Enter Your User ID Password
Emerging standard as a modelling language for the description of software systems, by Mahesh Shantaram.

165. Colloquium 1996
modelling hydrodynamically dominated marine ecosystems.
Modelling hydrodynamically dominated marine ecosystems
General introduction
Modelling ecosystems in a sustainable development perspective is a truly interdisciplinary challenge.
Biogeochemical cycles cannot be considered independently of the hydrodynamic constraints exerted on them.
Hydrodynamic processes the time scales of which correspond to the time scales of biological populations, capture these populations in their physical spatial structures (the so-called "ecohydrodynamic adjustment") and the frequency and persistence of the latter command the speed of the exchanges between the marine biosphere, the ocean reservoirs and the atmosphere.
It is difficult to see how a simple model could be used to describe ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles. On the one hand, geochemical and ecological processes are strongly correlated with physical processes by the resonant interactions and subsequent scale matching of the ecohydrodynamic adjustment; in addition, they live on nutrient supplies which are partly regenerated in the water column - hence subject to the caprices of local hydrodynamics -, partly imported into the system through the boundaries (bottom-sediments, coasts, air-sea interface,...) with a spatial variability which, inevitably, is imprinted on the system's kinetics. On the other hand, the complexity and diversity of ecological and geochemical interactions webs leaves little hope for the development of realistic management models including too simpliste biology and geochemistry.

166. Model Figure
Carries a selection of resin and white metal figurines, accessories and scenic items from many respected manufacturers, as well as carrying books and publications on modelling.

167. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.
News, articles, data and other information on climate modelling.
Geophysical Fluid
Dynamics Laboratory
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Welcome to GFDL
Welcome to the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. GFDL's mission is to be a world leader in the production of timely and reliable knowledge and assessments on natural climate variability and anthropogenic changes and in the development of the required earth system models. GFDL works cooperatively in NOAA to advance its expert assessments of changes in national and global climate through research, improved models, and products.
Notice: GFDL's mail addresses have changed.
For contact information, go to GFDL's

168. Daniel Keysers
Pattern recognition and statistical modelling for object recognition.
This is the home page of Daniel Keysers , currently PhD-student at the
Chair of Computer Science VI
at RWTH Aachen University , Germany.
The main research topics of the Chair are: My personal research interests include pattern recognition and statistical modeling, especially for image object recognition (and medical imaging, see IRMA ) as well as comparative irrelevance. I am also involved in some teaching activities. See the list of publications of the Chair here
Also see the home page of my former colleague and his Ph.D. Thesis and the home page of my new colleague Thomas Deselaers
You may also be interested in our software for image recognition with non-linear deformation models or the COIL-RWTH data set for evaluation of object recognition in complex scenes. List of Publications (reverse chronological order)

School of Mathematics and Computing. Research groups include Image processing; Machine learning and AI; 3D modelling; Multimedia; Networks; Software engineering.
Home Research Staff Events ... Courses
Quick links


Website updated May 24th, 2004
The new Information Systems and Applied Computing website is now online. You should transfer by following the link below. Logging into the new system New users to the site need to enrol for an account, accounts have not been moved across from the old site. Please be aware by default your username will be your first name followed by your surname separated by a dot and your password is set to what you assign it to when enrolling for an account. For example if your name is Boris Brian Bing then by default you logon as: Username: Any problems with logging on should be notified to and not the technicians in B block. During the testing period the old site will remain online. Staff should follow the instructions sent to them separately. The material on this old site will not be further updated but the site will remain live during the changeover period. GO TO NEW SITE
Derbyshire Business School
University of Derby 2003
Staff/Student Login
All SCAT staff and students may now login for online discussion, module information and more.

170. ScienceDirect - Ecological Modelling - List Of Issues
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Ecological Modelling Bookmark this page as:
Articles in Press
Volumes 171 - 176 Volume 176, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-209 (15 August 2004) Volume 175, Issue 4 , Pages 319-430 (1 August 2004) Volume 175, Issue 3 , Pages 217-317 (15 July 2004) Volume 175, Issue 2 , Pages 115-216 (1 July 2004) Volume 175, Issue 1 , Pages 1-114 (15 June 2004) Volume 174, Issue 4 , Pages 331-438 (1 June 2004) Volume 174, Issue 3 , Pages 225-330 (15 May 2004) Volume 174, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-222 (1 May 2004)
Lugano aftermath and contemporary advances in Ecological Modelling: Selected materials from the IEMSS 2002 conference Volume 173, Issue 4 , Pages 313-412 (15 April 2004) Volume 173, Issues 2-3 , Pages 109-312 (1 April 2004) Volume 173, Issue 1 , Pages 1-107 (15 March 2004) Volume 172, Issues 2-4 , Pages 103-438 (1 March 2004)
Placing Fisheries in their Ecosystem Context Volume 172, Issue 1 , Pages 1-99 (15 February 2004) Volume 171, Issue 4

171. Center For Molecular Modeling
Center for Molecular Modeling Several tutorials related to molecular modeling, directory of software

172. UML
UML™ Resource Page.
UML™ Resource Page
Introduction to UML UML Success Stories UML Certification Program
Getting Started:
Available UML ™ and Related Modeling specifications (includes MOF, XMI, CWM, and UML Profiles)
UML 2.0 Specifications nearing completion:
UML-Related Specifications nearing completion:
UML-Related Work in Progress:
Articles and Information:

173. Firearmsmod Models
Red models ( 18) Blue models ( 27) - Player packs ( 1) - Knives ( 26) + Grenades + Pistols + Shotguns + Smg's + Assault Rifles + Sniper + Machine Guns + Launchers - Parachute ( 6) - Mortar ( 6) -
- Red models - Blue models - Player packs Knives ... - League
document.write(code); Maillist Signup... All we need is your Email: Read more... Headline: Webserver changed configuration for PHP. Admin: CoNnEcToR Date: 3rd January 2004 I'm working on the site to make it fit the changes to the PHP configuration. As usal Recongamers dident inform us about any changes, and i therefor wrote them a e-mail but dident get any answers... Signup, stats and other small functions aint all done yet and will not be done untill the end of this month. Sorry about it... And a happy newyear to you all.
CoNnEcToR Headline: Update Admin: Snap Date: 11th December 2003 Only a small update, 22 models in total, mostly stuff from the forums.
Added: 2 red player, 1 blue player, 2 knife, 2 1911, 1 deagle, 2 remington, 1 mp5, 2 g3a3, 1 m16, 1 famas, 2 svd, 1 ssg, 1 m79, 1 mortar, 1 flags
that's all for today Headline: Update! Admin: Wolferine Date: 15th November 2003 Well, I promised to make update for this weekend and now it´s done. This time about 25 models got listed, so be sure to check them out. Also, as Snap mentioned in last news post some of the models has become incompatible with latest version of FA 2.8. Fortunately Snap has removed them from listing and now we are waiting for the first replacements for new weapons to arrive here (In fact there was a few already). Till next time, peace! Headline: Firearms 2.8 released

174. Journal Of Molecular Modeling
Journal of Molecular Modeling. Probably the most successful electronic journal in chemistry. You are looking for a good scientific
Journal of Molecular Modeling
Probably the most successful electronic journal in chemistry
You are looking for a good scientific journal in the field of molecular modeling?
You want brand new information about today's current topics?
You think that color graphics and 3D-data files should be part of an innovative publication?
But you also like classical printed journals?
Then give the Journal of Molecular Modeling a try.
Don't miss taking a look at our list of abstracts of published papers. The Journal of Molecular Modeling is the first journal in chemistry to offer network, print based and CD-ROM editions. The Journal is fully citeable with CAS-abstract, ISI-entry and ISSN (0948-5023). The final product is produced and distributed by the Springer-Verlag. If you want to keep pace with leading-edge research in the field of molecular modeling and experience the rapid development of scientific publishing, the Journal of Molecular Modeling is a must for you.
You make this Journal a success!
Become an author in the Journal of Molecular Modeling Last change: 26/03/2003 by Webmaster

175. UCL Biochemistry Biocomputing Group
UCL Biochemistry Biocomputing Group. The Biocomputing group comprises of researchers making use of computing and database resources
Biocomputing Pages:
BSM Pages:
UCL Pages:
Other Pages:
UCL Biochemistry Biocomputing Group The Biocomputing group comprises of researchers making use of computing and database resources to elucidate facets of protein function and structure. Group publications for 1991-2002: Alphabetical order Reverse date order
Group Databases and Services

176. Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Modelowania Matematycznego I Komputerowego
ul.Pawinskiego 5a 02106 Warszawa tel 874-91-00 fax 874-91-15 e-mail FESTIWAL NAUKI. AKADEMICKA TELEWIZJA NAUKOWA.
O ICM ZASOBY ... MAPA SERWISU ul.Pawiñskiego 5a
02-106 Warszawa
tel : 874-91-00
fax : 874-91-15

  • W dniu 4 czerwca 2004 odbêdzie siê szkolenie KDM po¶wiêcone " Wstêpowi do modelowania w ¶rodowisku Materials Modeling 3.0 Wiêcej o Szkoleniach
  • Dnia 7 czerwca 2004 (poniedzia³ek) o godz. 9:00 odbêdzie siê seminarium Graduate College , podczas którego referaty przedstawi± doktoranci polsko-niemieckiego Graduate College z Uniwersytetu w Heidelbergu. Program seminarium: Dirk Hartmann - "Pattern formation in cell cultures" Igor Doktorski - "Bio-mechanical approach for mathematical modeling of biofilms" Seminarium odbêdzie siê w bibliotece w siedzibie ICM, ul. Pawiñskiego 5A, blok D, V piêtro. Streszczenia
  • Dnia 7 czerwca 2004 (poniedzia³ek) o godz. 13 odbêdzie siê seminarium ICM prowadzone przez przedstawicieli firmy Accelrys. Program seminarium:
    Welcome and introduction - Caroline Rubery
    Presentations - Scott Kahn Accelrys scientific developments in the macromolecular area Accelrys scientific developments in the small molecule area Identifying targets from pathogenic genomes
  • Seminarium odbêdzie siê w bibliotece w siedzibie ICM, ul. Pawiñskiego 5A, blok D, V piêtro.

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178. ECONbase
Publishes largescale economic models relating to macroeconomy, growth, planning, and international trade.

179. Data Modeling: Finding The Perfect Fit
Data Modeling Finding the Perfect Fit. An Introduction to Data Modeling. by Tim McLellan. Copyright 1995. All Rights Reserved. This
Data Modeling: Finding the Perfect Fit
An Introduction to Data Modeling
by Tim McLellan
This article is available for personal and public non-commercial use and may be referenced or reproduced, in whole or in part by any means, without further permission from the author. We only ask that you exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced and that the author be credited for the work.
Contents Introduction Data Modeling
Application Audience and Services Entities ...
Will Data Modeling Look Good on You? See Also What Is an Oracle Relational Database?
If you ask an application developer what the most important task is in developing new or enhanced applications for institutional data and processes, almost every time they will tell you it is the initial analysis of client requirements. Before purchasing any software, before storing a single byte of data in a database, analysis of the client's requirements is paramount to developing the appropriate solution. More time spent in analysis directly increases the effectiveness of the resulting application. Since the early 1960s, and despite the waves of change since then, one thing has remained constant the initial analysis is still the most important activity that an application designer undertakes. It gives the developer the chance to design an effective, spectacular application, no holds barred. This analysis takes on various forms. Usually the application developer has a feeling about what form the analysis should take. It may simply require a phone call to the client asking them "Do you want to add or subtract 5 percent from all the employees' salaries?" Or, it may require the organization of week-long meetings with clients to collectively analyze their requirements. Overkill is rarely a problem in the analysis stage as it guarantees the involvement of all the relevant people. The worst thing a developer can do is to not include a key person in the requirements analysis. Everyone's knowledge and experience is needed during this analysis. Their presence or absence makes or breaks the success of the analysis.

180. Sorry
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First visit Contacts EDP Sciences's sites Journals' home ... FAQ Sorry, the Web page you've asked no longer exists.
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EDP Sciences

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