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  1. Hierarchical Modelling for the Environmental Sciences: Statistical Methods and Applications (Oxford Biology)
  2. The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series by Terence C. Mills, Raphael N. Markellos, 2008-04-30
  3. Modelling Trends and Cycles in Economic Time Series (Palgrave Texts in Econometrics) by Terence C. Mills, 2003-09-17
  4. Actuarial Modelling of Claim Counts: Risk Classification, Credibility and Bonus-Malus Systems by Michel Denuit, Xavier Marechal, et all 2007-10-08
  5. Molecular Modelling: Principles and Applications (2nd Edition) by Andrew Leach, 2001-03-30
  6. Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling Using SPSS and AMOS by Niels Blunch, 2008-04-17
  7. Modelling the F-4 Phantom II by Geoff Coughlin, 2003-11
  8. Introduction to Connectionist Modelling of Cognitive Processes by Peter McLeod, Kim Plunkett, et all 1998-04-23
  9. Modelling the Tiger I (Osprey Modelling) by Gary Edmundson, 2008-02-29
  10. Postwar Aircraft (Osprey Modelling Manuals 12)
  11. Modelling the Panzer IV in 1/72 scale (Osprey Modelling) by Alex Clark, 2005-07-13
  12. Modelling and Sculpting Animals by Edouard Lanteri, 1985-09-01
  13. Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability) by Paul Glasserman, 2003-08-07
  14. Terrain Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) by Richard Windrow, 2001-08-25

61. Applied Mathematical Modelling
(Elsevier) Tables of contents from vol.19 (1995). Full text to subscribers.
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Simulation and Computation for Engineering and Environmental Systems
M. Cross

See editorial board for all editors information
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Applied Mathematical Modelling is a monthly publication focusing on research related to the mathematical modelling of engineering and environmental processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems. A significant emerging area of research activity involves multiphysics processes, and contributions in this area are particularly encouraged.

62. CMBI - Bioinformatics Courses
Nijmegen, CMBI homology modelling course. Welcome to the CMBI homology modelling course. Please work through the steps sequentially.
Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
University of Nijmegen, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen C M B I homology modelling course Welcome to the C M B I homology modelling course. Please work through the steps sequentially. Do not hurry: it is better to get no further than step 11 understanding what you have done, rather than getting to the end without remembering anything. The early steps contain more material than the later steps, so you can expect to speed up towards the end of the course anyway.
  • Introduction to protein structures
  • Elementary protein structure analysis
  • Advanced protein structure analysis
  • The amino acids and secondary structure ... Pointer (Amended 17 May 2001 by David Thomas)
  • 63. De Bellis Homepagius - DBM Miniatures Wargames
    De Bellis Multitudinis and the DB* family of miniatures wargames from WRG DBA, HOTT, DBM, and DBR. Rules, scenarios, battle reports, modelling tips, variants, tournaments, and other aspects of the games presented.
    Hobby Hovel DBM Horse and Musket Colonials ... Guestbook
    De Bellis Homepagius
    Ancients, Medieval, and Renaissance Miniatures Wargaming
    Dedicated to
    Hordes of the Things
    With some material on competing systems like
    NEWS! The DBM mailing list is moving. We have set up a new list at Egroups, a commercial mailing list service with many fine wargaming lists already there. Egroups has subsequently been bought by Yahoo. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank email to, or by going to the web page at . If you do it at the webpage, you can get digest or web-only service as well as the usual individual messages. Fernando Liste has sent me some sample 15mm Celts from his new company. Take a look at them. Last update Sept 30, 2003 (minor deletion) The topics marked are the ones I managed to get some new material linked into. But here's a

    64. D-3-Group GmbH Software And Networking Company - COMPANY
    Specializing in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), High Level Architekture (HLA), Space and Aviation.

    D-3-Group GmbH is a technology and
    research company specializing in the
    development of sophisticated networking
    and simulation software. Our key business areas are
    aerospace, aviation and industrial
    applications based on the distributed
    technologies in particular
    High Level Architecture (HLA)
    MAIN CUSTOMERS European Space Agency
    EADS Space Transportation
    Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems Other partners and clients (in projects both finished and underway) Alenia Spazio Astrium Dutch Space (former Fokker Space) LAAS Silogic , Sysload and DLR , Oberpfaffenhofen IABG , Ottobrun University of Stuttgart Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre Institute for System Analysis of RAS Softlab-NSK D-3-Group has become well recognised by space simulation and distributed simulation communities and industry world-wide First distributed (DIS-compliant) space simulator First HLA-compliant space federation First cross-Atlantic (ESA-NASA) distributed sim demo First PC/Linux/RTAI-based prototype hardware-in-the-loop (Milbus 1553B) simulator D-3-Group experts participated in many world renowned Conferences, Simposia and

    65. Interdisciplinary Centre For Mathematical And Computational Modelling
    The international Graduate College Complex processes modelling, Simulation and Optimization invites to the upcomming Workshop on
    Site ICM/P
    (mailing adress)

    Pawinskiego 5a
    02-106 Warsaw
    building D, floor 5
    tel. (22) 8749100
    fax (22) 8749115
    Site ICM/G
    Zwirki i Wigury 93
    02-089 Warsaw
    floor 2 1/2 tel. (22) 5540800 fax (22) 5540801 PL ABOUT ICM RESOURCES RESEARCH ... ACTIVITIES The international Graduate College "Complex processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization" invites to the upcomming Workshop on:
    Shocks and irreversible developments in biological systems, Apoptosis and heat-shock proteins
    Warsaw, 24-26 March 2004

    66. Milliput
    The last ten years has seen the introduction of a number of epoxy putty formulae, one of which has revolutionised the field of miniature sculpture and its related hobby of military modelling.
    Designed by
    Team Media
    The last ten years has seen the introduction of a number of epoxy putty formulae, one of which has revolutionised the field of miniature sculpture and its related hobby of military modelling. Both amateurs and professionals have come to rely on Milliput for the production of superbly detailed and refined miniatures to the extent that, along with Hoover and Xerox, it has already passed into our technical vocabulary as a blanket term for epoxy resin putty. Thousands of people all over the world use Milliput for... About Us Products Gallery How To ... Contact

    67. Strategic Directions In Simulation And Modelling
    This strategy has been developed as a component of the UK Research Strategy in Computing, which aims at maximizing the contributions of British Computer Science to resolving the Grand Challenge of the next decade.
    Strategic Directions in Simulation and Modelling (paper invited by the Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing
    as a contribution to the UK Computing Research Strategy
    CPHC Meeting, Manchester, 6-7 January 2000) Andrzej Bargiela

    Department of Computing, The Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham NG1 4BU
    (e-mail: ; URL:
    The essence of simulation and modelling within the framework of Experimental Applications is the characterisation of real-life objects by:
    - a set of abstract entities,
    - a relationship between these entities and
    - a set of unique mappings that give the abstract entities a real-world interpretation.
    In this sense systems modelling is one of the basic knowledge-building processes and simulation is a knowledge-evaluation technique which enables inquiry into the possibility of knowledge and the limits of this possibility. With the increasingly rapid evolution of science and the globalisation of economy and society, over the last several decades, there is a marked shift in our concerns with knowledge, our perceptions of problems and attempts at their solutions. The knowledge is assessed not only on the basis of facts or truths but also on the basis of what can and cannot be known and how we know at all. The problems are abstracted as questions of how to cope with knowledge (or the lack of it); and the solutions are defined in terms of decision support, information management and prediction of system behaviour through balancing large amounts of information coupled with large amounts of uncertainty. With the ever-increasing complexity of systems that are of scientific and social relevance, this trend is certain to continue into the future and the proposed strategic directions for simulation and modelling research highlight the most promising avenues towards answering this challenge.

    68. Making Models In 3D Studio Max
    modelling in Max using a DJ and his decks as an example. Studio Max-Making the decks.htm
    Making Models in 3D Studio Max By Kevin O'Shaughnessy For my first 3D studio model I wanted to model a modern vinyl player such as the one shown below: Here is a brief overview of how it was created: 2. This is done by first creating a cylinder and putting a bend modifier on it: 4. The brown outline in the below picture shows the effect of the first bend modifier on the cylinder. You can see that the upper limit is placed near the beginning of the cylinder (bend modifier acts from to 30 units) so only part of the cylinder is bent. The bend must be on the correct axis, in this case the z axis. 5. And the next picture shows the effect of the last bend modifier on the cylinder. The magnitude of the bend is the same, but in the opposite direction, and it acts across the entire cylinder (from to 150 units, the cylinder has length 150). Next Page

    69. MMTK Home Page
    Home page for MMTK, the Molecular modelling Toolkit, a free library for molecular simulations. The Molecular modelling Toolkit. The
    Sections Documentation Examples Download Useful links See also MMTK Wiki Python ScientificPython DomainFinder Contact
    The Molecular Modelling Toolkit
    The Molecular Modelling Toolkit (MMTK) is an Open Source program library for molecular simulation applications. In addition to providing ready-to-use implementations of standard algorithms, MMTK serves as a code basis that can be easily extended and modified to deal with standard and non-standard problems in molecular simulations. The three most common usage patterns of MMTK are
    • Writing Python scripts that make use of MMTK functions for standard simulation and modelling applications. This is similar to using other simulation packages with a scripting language (i.e. CHARMM or Gromos), but with the added advantage of having access to lots of useful Python modules from elsewhere. The example section shows what such scripts look like.
    • Writing modules that interact closely with MMTK (and perhaps other packages) to solve problems for which no standard solution exists. For example, adding a particular force field term or a particular simulation or analysis algorithm. There is not much competition for MMTK in that domain.
    • Writing application programs in Python that use MMTK internally, for users that do not need to know anything about such internals. Those programs can provide easy-to-use graphical interfaces (see e.g.

    Handleidingen en informatie op het gebied van 3d graphics, modelling en rendering.
    in samenwerking met
    opmerkingen of suggesties?
    Inhoud: R. Eshuis

    71. OCCAM Home Page
    The OCCAM project has developed two high resolution (1/4 and 1/8 degree) models of the World Ocean including the Arctic Ocean and marginal seas such as the Mediterranean. The project is being carried out by researchers at the Southampton Oceanography Centre in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of East Anglia and Edinburgh.
    OCCAM Home Page
    Prev Next Topics: James Rennell Division Large scale modelling OCCAM 1/12th OCCAM Model ... The FRAM Atlas
    The OCCAM global ocean model
    The OCCAM project has developed several high resolution models of the World Ocean - including the Arctic Ocean and marginal seas such as the Mediterranean. Some early results from our highest resolution (1/12th degree) global model are available in poster form . The information on this page refers chiefly to our earlier, 1/4 and 1/8th degree global models. The project is being carried out by researchers at the Southampton Oceanography Centre in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of East Anglia and Edinburgh. A selection of animation sequences from the model are available for viewing (using quicktime and mpeg formats). Two 4 Mb Quicktime movies which show the global ocean surface temperature field can be downloaded. More detailed mpeg sequences, each covering a smaller area, may be selected via the OCCAM area selector . Features of special interest are :
    • Eddies in the Agulhas retroflection and Mozambique Channel region
    • Loop current eddies in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Regular eddies in the Celebes Sea/Mindanao region
    Data from the OCCAM model can be requested using the OCCAM data selector . This runs a JAVA applet which allows the user to request data from an area of interest. People using the facility should ensure that the current internet browser they are running will display JAVA applets. The system is currently under development so only a limited amount of data is available via this route.

    72. Information Systems Consultant, Spreadsheet Audit, Testing, System Modeling And
    Systems modelling Ltd. provides auditing. Systems modelling Ltd. Managing reality in Information Systems strategies for success .
    Systems Modelling Ltd.
    Software engineering consultant, spreadsheet best practices
    Traduisez / Übersetzen / Tradurre / Traduza / Traduzca Site Map Spreadsheets SPI ... Search Systems Modelling Ltd. provides quality training and consulting in: We publish PraxIS, a monthly email newsletter on information system s risk, spreadsheets, and current topics ( click here to join the mail list , free). Patrick O'Beirne 's blog on best practices in information systems and risk management is also available as an RSS Feed This site has a popular online Euro currency exchange conversion calculator for EU countries and world currencies, updated daily from the European Central Bank rates. At the end of this page is an Index of all the pages on this web site. If you can't see what you want, try the quick site search button above, the advanced Search page for more exact search options or contact us for further information Systems Modelling Ltd., Suite 2, Villa Alba, Tara Hill, Gorey, Co. Wexford, IRELAND. Email

    73. CQM - Specialists In Quantitative Modelling
    Consulting service and software design.
    Route description Address Information form Route description Address Information form

    74. Military Modelling Magazine - Welcome!
    The Best of Show model End of an Era , Euro Militaire 2003 Photos from this year s show in Folkestone, England. Ramses II War Chariot,

    75. CAMASE - Guidelines For Modelling
    CAMASE Guidelines for modelling. From CAMASE_NEWS (Newsletter of Agro-ecosystems modelling), extra edition, November 1995. Ecological modelling 68 33-50.
    CAMASE - Guidelines for modelling
    From CAMASE_NEWS (Newsletter of Agro-ecosystems Modelling), extra edition, November 1995.
  • Guidelines
  • Evaluation
  • Definitions
  • Guidelines ...
  • References Editorial I CAMASE is a concerted action that would not have come into existence without the generous support by the European Commission's RTD programme. This is greatly appreciated by us and, we are sure, by our readers. Editorial II Systems analysis and simulation are commonly used tools of researchers. Yet, many of us learned to use them by ourselves, by trial and error. In the process, we tumbled in many pitfalls, sometimes even without realizing it. It was suggested to CAMASE to make an effort to produce guidelines for modelling and distribute widely. We have pooled our limited wisdom is this matter, and propose two short sets of guidelines on these pages. We hope they will make a difference. No doubt that our guidelines can be improved further! May we have your comments?
    1 Guidelines
    The need for guidelines for modelling has been expressed several times, particularly by those out of the main stream of developments. In the CAMASE project , we have developed a first draft of guidelines for 'validation', 'sensitivity and uncertainty analysis' and 'calibration'. These are presented below, preceded by some relevant definitions. To provide readers with more details and access to examples, we added references to some of the most relevant scientific papers. We welcome very much all responses to further improve the guidelines and the set of most relevant papers. A next step in upgrading the quality of model building and model use should be a manual with more explicit guidelines, procedures, tools and examples. Ongoing projects on software quality aim (see next
  • 76. Online Miniature Painting And Modeling Guide
    A stepby-step guide to painting miniatures, building scenery, and converting miniatures.
    Topic of the Month
    Last updated:
    You are visitor # since 01/07/97
    * * * Recent Updates * * *
    • 09/27/02 - New pictures loaded to Gallery page.
      After not attending a Golden Demon painting contest since 1994 (when I won 2 silvers), I've finally attended another GD. This one was held in Chicago. I was able to complete and enter two pieces, one of which won 3rd place for 40K vehicle . While the second piece didn't place, it was good enough for GW to take a picture of it and post it on their site. Also uploaded numerous new pictures to my gallery pages, including some Eldar, Chaos, and other items. Well, I have Updated guest gallery with some excellent models from Kelly Kim 01/28/02 Updated several links 01/28/02
    About this webpage
    This webpage is devoted to the art of miniature painting and scenery building. It is intended as a reference guide to anyone and everyone who is interested in the miniature painting and gaming.
    Miniature painting and gaming
    Miniature painting is the art of painting pewter or lead figurines used for tabletop wargaming. The figures are used in such games as Dungeons and Dragons, by TSR, and Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, both by Games Workshop On this site you will find photos and tips on how to paint your own miniatures. The figures shown on this site are manufactured by Games Workshop, unless otherwise noted.

    77. Nevolution
    Gundam/mecha/scifi/anime modelling with tips and techniques; art works and links.
    Nevolution has moved!
    The new url is

    Please update your bookmark.
    Problems? Please contact me at n e v i n at netvigator dot com

    78. Artifice, Inc. - Creative Tools And Media For Spatial Design
    Develops and markets DesignWorkshop, an architectural 3D modelling software for Windows and Macintosh.
    Artifice, Inc.
    ... the way of Architecture CAD Outpost 3D Gallery User Gallery Great Buildings ... Members Login Search Artifice: Search Great Buildings:
    Examples: "Savoye", "Wright", "Tokyo" Classic Home Collection online, weekly
    on CD-ROM, expanded

    Buy Now
    ... DesignWorkshop
    Design-Oriented 3D Modeling
    complete with Live Walkthrough,
    Presentation Rendering, and lots more! Instant
    ESD Download BUY ONLINE Now
    Available Lite Classic Home Design Professional Order by phone anytime through our Digital River store at USA 1-800-656-5426 or 1-952-253-8400 Great tools and media for real 3D design and communication, with powerful rendering and
    accessory products, scaleable to fit every budget. For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Macintosh. T H E G R E A T B U I L D I N G S C O L L E C T I O N TM Search Buildings Architects Books ... O N L I N E A N D O N C D - R O M A R C H I T E C T U R E W E E K P I C T U R E I N D E X ... G R E A T E S T H I T S Artifice, Inc. Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. 800-203-8324 sales 541-345-7421 voice 541-345-7438 fax

    79. Statistical Modelling - A Statistics Journal From Arnold
    Statistical modelling Official Journal of the Statistical modelling Society. Editors. John articles. Why subscribe to Statistical modelling?
    Statistical Modelling
    Official Journal of the Statistical Modelling Society
    Editors John Hinde , National University of Ireland, Ireland
    Emmanuel Lesaffre
    , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    Brian Marx
    , Louisiana State University, USA Print ISSN: 1471-082X - Online ISSN: 1477-0342
    Volume 4 - 2004 - Quarterly - Approx 384 pages per volume To view the online version of Statistical Modelling (hosted by please click HERE
    Relevant to a wide range of application areas, Statistical Modelling is used by statisticians and researchers in many other fields. Statistical Modelling is the first interdisciplinary journal to take statistical modelling as its defining focus and to incorporate contributions from non-statisticians working in related fields. The journal contains articles from the leading researchers and practitioners in fields as varied as economics, psychology, medicine and statistics. The practical and applicable nature of Statistical Modelling will be reflected in the online provision of software and datasheets to accompany the text articles. Why subscribe to Statistical Modelling
    • Full-text journal is available online Peer reviewed by leading researchers International advisory board - ensures the journal's world-wide relevance

    80. DBMS - July 1998 - The Unified Modeling Language Takes Shape
    Rendering the fundamental components of the UML and the values different views provide, by Paul Reed.
    DBMS , July 1998 Some think that the Unified Modeling Language (UML) fills many of these expectations. The Object Management Group (OMG) adopted the UML in November 1997 as the official object-oriented modeling notation for describing application domains. In this article, Iýll outline the fundamental components of the UML and the value that the different views provide. In addition, Iýll explain the translation of object-oriented models into nonobject-oriented implementation solutions, chiefly relational DBMSs. The UML is also the basis of Microsoftýs repository and is being extended to support enterprise modeling. The UML got its initial start from the combined efforts of Grady Booch, with his Booch method; James Rumbaugh, with his Object Modeling Technique (OMT); and Ivar Jacobson, with his Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE) method. (For an interview with Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson, see the October 1996 DBMS .) Beginning in 1994, under the auspices of Rational Software Inc., the UML began to take shape. Although it was strongly influenced by the practices of Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson, the UMLýs evolution also included insights from such organizations as Hewlett-Packard and IBM. The UML was also submitted as a formal response to the OMGýs Request for Proposal (RFP) for a standard object-oriented modeling notation. Itýs impossible to overlook the ramifications of the OMGýs adoption of the UML. For those of us who grew up in the Structured Analysis and Design (SA/SD) world, there were numerous diagramming notations to choose from and several process models to which you could apply them. Wouldnýt it have been wonderful if the likes of Ed Yourdon, James Martin, and Tom DeMarco had sat down one day in the late ý70s or early ý80s and agreed to put aside egos and adopt one notation for the SA/SD approach to software development? Alas, this didnýt happen. Not only would all the models in an organization have been similar, but an individual moving from company to company or application domain to application domain would have had a common notation as a foundation.

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