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         Mathematics Education:     more books (100)
  1. Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics by NCTM Commission on Teaching Standards School for Mathematics, 1991
  2. Mathematics Contents: Standard
  3. Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education (Researching Mathematics Learning) by John Mason, 2004-03-12
  4. Advanced Mathematical Thinking (Mathematics Education Library)
  5. Mathematics Assessment: A Practical Handbook for Grades 6-8 (Classroom Assessment for School Mathematics K-12)
  6. Building Robust Learning Environments in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: New Directions for Higher Education (J-B HE Single Issue Higher Education)
  7. Mathematics Education for a Changing World by Stephen S. Willoughby, 1990-11-15
  8. Mathematical Modelling in Educations and Culture (Mathematics & Applications) by Qi-Xiao Ye, 2003-04
  9. Mathematics in Space And Time (Waldorf Education Resources S.) by John Blackwood, 2006-06
  10. The Didactical Challenge of Symbolic Calculators: Turning a Computational Device into a Mathematical Instrument (Mathematics Education Library)
  11. National Contexts for Mathematics and Science Education: An Encyclopedia of the Education Systems Participating in Timss
  12. Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment (Suny Series, Reform in Mathematics Education)
  13. Teaching Mathematics Vocabulary in Context: Windows, Doors, and Secret Passageways by Miki Murray, 2004-01-08
  14. Writing Mathematically: The Discourse of 'Investigation' (Studies in Mathematics Education Series) by Candia Morgan, 1998-07-01

121. Office For Mathematics, Science, And Technology Education (MSTE)
Office for mathematics, Science, and Technology education (MSTE) This World Wide Web (WWW) site is the home page of the mathematics, Science and Technology education (MSTE) Office, a joint venture

122. CRMSE: Center For Research In Mathematics And Science Education
Established in 1985 within the College of Sciences at SDSU.

Hepner Hall at SDSU College of Sciences' departments of Biology, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, and Psychology, and from the College of Education's School of Teacher Education, faculty and staff of CRMSE are engaged in a variety of activities designed to investigate issues of fundamental importance to teaching and learning. Such activities include research, grant writing, publications, presentations, and leadership roles. For example, CRMSE serves as the headquarters for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) , the leading organization devoted to supporting mathematics teacher education. Our Ph.D. Program in Mathematics and Science Education

123. Institute Of Mathematics Of RK
Institute of mathematics, Almaty.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

ERIC/CSMEE This World Wide Web (WWW) site is the home page of the ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, mathematics, and Environmental education (ERIC CSMEE). The Clearinghouse collects and processes

125. Institute For Mathematics And Science Education
Established to promote efforts to improve precollege and undergraduate education in the areas of mathematics and science. A hallmark of IMSE efforts is the collaboration of research mathematicians and scientists with education researchers and teachers.

126. Mathematics, Science & Technology Education At UIUC
with the Technology Center of DuPage comes in part from Partnership Illinois MSTEis a partner in the Technology, Research, education, and Commercialization
Home About MSTE Office Personnel Courses Java Lessons NSF Indicators Project MST Grad Program D.I.M.E. MSTE Forums Tech Support
MSTE Site Search
hand-in webmail Support for MSTE and its project with the Technology Center of DuPage comes in part from Partnership Illinois
MSTE is a partner in the Technology, Research, Education, and Commercialization Center (TRECC)
document.write(curYear); MSTE
505 East Green St., Suite 102
Champaign, IL 61820 USA
Phone: (217) 244-7486

127. ENC Online: ENC Features: ENC Focus: Past Issues: New Horizons In Mathematics An
Articles and resources from ENC Focus Magazine.
Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home ENC Features ENC Focus Past Issues ... New Horizons in Mathematics and Science Education Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
New Horizons in Mathematics and Science Education
Teachers of the future will deal with the implications of broad societal changes and will work with students, parents, and the community to create an educational system that is less conventional, but potentially more stimulating and successful than ever.
Welcome to the electronic version of the ENC Focus issue on the topic New Horizons in Mathematics and Science Education
This page provides access to the full text of all articles in the print version of the magazine. Some articles have been enhanced for this electronic version, and the list of theme articles has been organized by content rather than reflecting the layout of the print version. This electronic version has other benefits. Live links are provided for all web sites mentioned. Focus on the Collection links to complete catalog records of resources selected from ENC's vast collection.

128. ISAMA Homepage
ISAMA furthers interdisciplinary education relating the arts, mathematics, and architecture. Links to resources in the three areas.
The International Society of
the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture
ISAMA Directory Architecture Computer Graphics Knots Literary Arts ... Teaching
Welcome to the ISAMA homepage and to the world of Art and Math.
ISAMA was founded by Nat Friedman of SUNY Albany. Its purpose is to further interdisciplinary education relating the arts, mathematics, and architecture. ISAMA runs an interdisciplinary conference most summers, on the arts, mathematics and architecture. The conference ISAMA'04 will be held in mid-June 2004 in Chicago, IL, USA. ( PDF poster .) The ISAMA'03 conference was held in Granada, Spain in late July 2003. This ISAMA website includes the ISAMA Directory (left), a source of links to a large number of significant and informative websites elsewhere. It also includes an (updated and expanded) online bibliography for Ivars Peterson's 2001 math and art book " Fragments of Infinity Webmaster: John Sullivan . Hosted by

129. Wellcom To Joetsu Mathematics Department
Department of mathematics
Welcome to Department of Mathematics, Joetsu University of Education
Now, under construction !!
[Japanese Version]
We are engaged in studying mathematics and mathematics education.If you like mathematics or mathematics education, please peruse our pages!
About Our Department
  • Faculty
    • Hiroshi Tanaka (Function Theory)
    • Hiroshi Mori (Differential Geometry)
    • Takemi Mizokami (Topology)
    • Jin Nakagawa (Number Theory)
    • Koichi Kumagai (Mathematics Education)
    • Kengo Matsumoto (Operator Theory)
    • Kazuhiko Nunokawa (Mathematics Education)
    • Hiroshi Iwasaki (Mathematics Education)
    • Hitoshi Takahashi (Mathematics Education)
    • Masakazu Okazaki (Mathematics Education)
  • Graduate Students
Basic Resources for Research in Mathematics Education
Joetsu University of Education Homepage Joetsu City Homepage If you have any impressions or advice about this page, please send a mail to

130. Mathematics Resources On The Internet
An electronic guide prepared by Pam Bishop for the workshop on Teaching Materials for Engineering mathematics within the IMA Conference on the Mathematical education of Engineers, 2628 April 2000.
Learning and Teaching Support Network
Centres for Engineering and for Maths, Stats and OR
Mathematics Resources on the Internet
An electronic guide prepared by Pam Bishop for the workshop on Teaching Materials for Engineering Mathematics within the IMA Conference on the Mathematical Education of Engineers , 26-28 April 2000
This is a guide to some of the ways in which the World Wide Web can be used as a resource for teachers and learners of mathematics. Browsing the Internet can be very time-consuming, so the following selection has been made to save time during this workshop. Many of the descriptions have been taken or modified from the documents themselves; some are tutorials or interactive materials, others are mathematical tools. more sophisticated ones require Windows 95 or better. Many sites are listed on the Mathematics Gateway page originally set up by CTI Mathematics. These represent resources of all kinds, including links to departments, organisations and projects developing Web resources for research, teaching and learning. If you find sites of interest that are not included in our pages, please send us details.
Selection of North American sites containing tutorial materials
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Very useful list of links to lessons and tutorials from all over the world, which was used in compiling this selection.

131. JOMA - Journal Of Online Mathematics And Its Applications
(MAA) Webbased journal of mathematical education.
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Register Volume 3
Published by the MAA
Editorial Board

About JOMA


Developers' Area
... Editor's Notes , by David A. Smith (November, 2003) Put your mouse on this picture to view a kaleidoscopic representation of six finite cyclic groups. For an explanation, see the article by Shannon and Bardzell
DRILL 3.1 by Vadim Ponomarenko (December, 2003) Searching for Patterns in Pascal's Triangle with a Twist by Kathleen Shannon and Michael Bardzell (November, 2003) Classroom-Ready Data Sets in Environmental Mathematics by Greg Langkamp and Joe Hull (October, 2003) Evolution of a Computer Application by John J. Wavrik (September, 2003) Precalculus with WebCT Support: Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Developing Assessment Items by Draga Vidakovic, Jean Bevis, and Margo Alexander (September, 2003) Also: three more articles in the areas of statistics, PDE's, and ODE's
The Consumer Price Index and Inflation by Elizabeth Appelbaum (May, 2003) Estimating the Area of Virginia by Julie Clark, Caren Diefenderfer, Steve Hammer, and Trish Hammer (February, 2003)

132. Untitled Document
mathematics section. Mainly student textbooks. Online ordering for Europe, Asia, Africa.

133. Chronicle Careers, From The Chronicle Of Higher Education
Job listings in the Chronicle of Higher education.

Advanced Search

Site Map

Front Page

The Chronicle Review

Sunday, June 6, 2004
Jobs from more than 1,110 institutions.
(No job listing older than 30 days.) Chronicle Careers usage Monthly page views: Monthly visitors: Weekly job alerts sent:
Enter a keyword to begin your search.
ZIP: Look up Radius: 30 miles 60 miles 90 miles 120 miles 180 miles 240 miles Search tips Advanced search Faculty positions (1,148 listings) Administrative positions (969 listings) Executive positions (152 listings) Positions outside academe (97 listings) E-mail alerts: Sign up to receive free e-mail notification of new jobs in your field. Search additional jobs in the nonprofit world on The Chronicle of Philanthropy' s Web site. Special searches: community-college jobs (837 listings) adjunct/support staff/part-time jobs (46 listings) Colleges, universities, and other employers that have provided in-depth information for job candidates. Look for this icon in print and online. Join discussions about your experiences on the job market or in the classroom in our newly expanded online forums. MOVING UP Haunted by the Past, Part 2

134. Ames Research Center Education Office
Web sites, libraries, and other information for students, teachers, informal educators, and the media to inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discovery.
Welcome to
Education Office
NASA's Vision
To improve life here,
To extend life to there,
To find life beyond.
NASA's Mission
To understand and protect our home planet,
To explore the universe and search for life,
To inspire the next generation of explorers
. . .as only NASA can.
NASA's Goals
  • To inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
    To engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discover
For Students
Web sites image library and opportunities for student employment and internship
For Educators
Educator Astronaut program Explorer schools calendar assemblies ... multimedia projects and educator workshops
For Informal Educators
Mars Center speakers and volunteer opportunities
For Media
Web site Curator: Mary Valleau Responsible NASA Official: Donald G. James

135. ENC Online: A K-12 Math And Science Teacher Center.
The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for mathematics and Science education (ENC)is located at The Ohio State University, and is funded through a contract
Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Ask ENC
ENC Online is a K-12 math and science teacher center. Visit Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus , or . Or just Ask ENC
Web Links
Explore online resourcesENC's Digital Dozen , and arranged by Math and Science Topics. More
Curriculum Resources
Find information on teaching materials using a Basic or Advanced Search, and through a Browse list. More
Education Topics
Read articles about Assessment Equity , and Inquiry and Problem Solving More
Professional Development
Plan your learning in By Your Own Design , find Funding Opportunities , and use Standards More
New from ENC
Send Some Digital Dozen Classics Home for the Summer ...
Education Headlines June 06, 2004
Scientists to View Venus' Atmosphere During Transit, Search for Water Vapor on Distant Planet Starting kids on path to reading: Parkway Elementary loans Head Start preschoolers a weekly bag of stories. Teachers who care get most from kids More ... Of these central strategies for standards-based teaching, the one that I find most challenging to practice is . . . The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education (ENC) is located at The Ohio State University, and is funded through a contract with the U.S. Department of Education.
2004 ENC
Back to Top You Are Here ENC Home

136. Aerospace Academy
A collaboration of industry, government, and academic communities. The academy addresses the shortages of engineering and other high technology practitioners and the mathematics and science teachers needed to produce that workforce.
The Aerospace Academy demonstrates what can be accomplished when education, industry, and government work together to address a problem threatening the well-being of our nation - the shortages of engineering and other high technology practitioners as well as the mathematics and science teachers needed to produce that workforce.
About Us Grant Programs Contact Us ... Privacy
Aerospace Academy Houston, Texas
Site development by Asset Web Design

137. Center For Innovation In Education - Math Their Way And Math A Way Of Thinking W
Provider of mathematics inservice and training.
Mathematics Their Way
by Mary Baratta-Lorton
Math a Way of Thinking
by Bob Baratta-Lorton (FREE)
by Bob Baratta-Lorton
Pattern Block Shapes
Downloading may
require Acrobat
Reader. Click here
to get your free copy.

138. Maplesoft - Command The Brilliance
Developers of Maple, an advanced mathematics and computer algebra software package including symbolic and numeric computations and web connectivity, widely used in education, research and industry; also other mathematical software products.

MapleNet Maple T.A. Toolboxes ... Contact Us
Maple 9.5, the essential productivity tool for every technical professional.
Learn more about
Maple 9.5 Learn how our products make all tasks that depend on mathematics easier, more efficient, and more effective.
Take the Maplesoft Product Tour Now!
New product line offers powerful solutions for specialized
application areas. Learn more about the series and the release of Global Optimization,
the first Maple Professional Toolbox Series product Read the complete press release
Maple T.A. Release 1.5 delivers richer experience to students and increased efficiency to instructors.
Maple Course, Aug 9-13th, Vancouver. Hosted at Simon Fraser University, this course provides an opportunity to learn Maple from an expert. Click here to learn more. MapleConnect First set of third party products now available from the Maplesoft Web Store.

139. Applied Mathematics
8th WSEAS International Conference. Sessions on Linear Algebra and Applications, Numerical Analysis and Applications, Differential Equations and Applications, Probabilities, Statistics, Operational Research, Optimization, Algorithms, Discrete mathematics, Systems, Communications, Control, Computers, education. Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands; 1618 December 2005.

140. ISHM | Home
The Society aims to promote study, teaching and education in history of mathematical sciences.
Home Ganita Bharati Conferences Articles ... Forums Upcoming Events Submit Event Conferences International Conference on History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences
Dec 19, 2004 Ganita Bharati Silver Jubilee Offer Thursday, April 1, 2004 The current annual subscription rates for Ganita Bharati are Rs. 400 per volume in SAARC Countries and USD 60 (or equivalent) per volume outside SAARC Countries and the back volume rates are just double the current rates (viz. Rs.800/USD 120). Silver Jubilee Discount on all Back Volumes: Upto any 5 volumes : 30% Discount on back volume rates
Upto any 10 volumes(>5) : 40% Discount on back volume rates
Upto any 20 volumes(>10) : 50% Discount on back volume rates
More than any 20 volumes : 60% Discount on back volume rates For further details and for subscription form, click here (pdf). Call for papers - International Conference on History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences Thursday, March 4, 2004 An International Conference on History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences will be held at from December 16-19, 2004

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