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         Mathematics Education:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematics in Nursery Education by Montague-Smith, 2002-10-11
  2. Mathematics & Economics: Connections for Life, Grades 9-12 (Mathematics and Economics) by Rich Macdonald, Lisa Breidenbach, et all 2005-08
  3. Educating the Engineer of 2020: Adapting Engineering Education to the New Century by Committee on the Engineer of 2020, Phase II, et all 2005-10-07
  4. Perspectives on Latinos (Changing the Faces of Mathematics)
  5. Applied Mathematics in Integrated Navigation Systems (Aiaa Education Series) by Robert M. Rogers, 2000-09-15
  6. Mathematics Education Research: A Guide for the Research Mathematician by Andy Magid, Teri J. Murphy, et all 2000-06
  7. The Politics of Mathematics Education (Mathematics Education Library) by Stieg Mellin-Olsen, 1987-03-31
  8. Readings in the History of Mathematics Education by James K. Bidell, 1970-06
  9. Mathematics in aviation: (a text for high school students) (Air-age education series) by George Osteyee, 1942
  10. Math Education for Gifted Students (Gifted Child Today Reader)
  11. Prealgebra College Preparatory Mathematics by Nanny & Cable, 1990-06
  12. Pattern in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (Cassell Education)
  13. Transforming Children's Mathematics Education: International Perspectives
  14. Timed Readings Plus in Mathematics: Book 4 (Jamestown Education) by McGraw-Hill - Jamestown Education, 2005-03-01

101. 2000 National Survey Of Science And Mathematics Education
Reports and presentations from the 2000 National Survey of Science and MathematicsEducation. 2000 National Survey of Science and mathematics education.
2000 National Survey of Science
and Mathematics Education
Home About the Survey Instruments Reports ... Contact
2000 Survey Reports
The Status of Science and Mathematics Teaching: (December 2002)
Elementary Science

Elementary Mathematics

Middle School Mathematics

Middle School Science
... Trends from 1977 to 2000 (May 2002) Report of the 2000 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education (December 2001) More Reports. . . The 2000 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education was designed to provide up-to-date information and to identify trends in the areas of teacher background and experience, curriculum and instruction, and the availability and use of instructional resources. A total of 5,765 science and mathematics teachers in schools across the United States participated in this survey. Among the questions addressed by the survey:
  • How well prepared are science and mathematics teachers in terms of both content and pedagogy? What are teachers trying to accomplish in their science and mathematics instruction, and what activities do they use to meet these objectives? To what extent do teachers support reform notions embodied in the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Principles and Standards for School Mathematics?

102. CME Home Page
Centre for mathematics education.
Open University
Centre for Mathematics Education
Founded in 1983, CME has as a small but active membership.
Our mission is to support teachers involved with mathematics at all levels from nursery to tertiary.
We produce supported distance learning courses for students, books and packs for supporting individuals and groups wishing to work on their professional development in relation to mathematics, based on our research projects and other activities.
We also undertake professional development work in schools and local education authorities.
Our approach is to work on ways of working, whether on mathematics, or on the teaching and learning of mathematics. People Courses Research - Projects and Themes Other Projects, Products and Activities ... Research Papers Contributions to Government Agencies National Day Conference 2003
Hosted Sites
The Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom SkillMath Website Teaching Secondary Mathematics with ICT We aim to balance educating awareness, harnessing emotion, and training behaviour. For further information contact the Centre for Mathematics Education on (01908) 653550 or via email

103. Discussing Undergraduate Mathematics Education On The Internet
Discussing Undergraduate mathematics education on the Internet. Whilethe WWW may seem for the present to have stolen the show, people
Search MAA Online MAA Home
Discussing Undergraduate Mathematics Education on the Internet
While the WWW may seem for the present to have stolen the show, people still get a lot of work done by writing to each other over the Internet. If volume is a good indicator, teachers thirst for opportunities to talk with others who share their interests and concerns. Newsgroups and mailing lists abound on just about any conceivable subject. Finding the right group, however, can be a challenge. Given a captive audience, some will abuse the privilege. You may learn of a group focused on the right topic only to find that the conversation is dominated by unproductive harangues, or wanders too far afield. Sometimes you join but there's no one there, or ideas come flying so fast that it's hard to achieve anything close to a conversation. Perhaps you are limited to email access but the discussion you want is taking place only on the Web or within a newsgroup. (There are usually ways to get around such limitations, but it can take extra energy to conquer the obstacles.) Since even in the best of situations the medium is not yet mature, many people are working together to define norms and productive formats that will help us realize its full potential. Even now, depending on their interests and purpose math educators have a number of solid options.

104. Advisory Committee On Mathematics Education - ACME
The Advisory Committee on mathematics education (ACME), established in January2002, is an independent committee which acts as a single voice for the
About ACME ACME people What's happening now ACME's achievements ... Contact us The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), established in January 2002, is an independent committee which acts as a single voice for the mathematical community, seeking to improve the quality of education in schools and colleges. It advises Government on issues such as the curriculum, assessment and the supply and training of mathematics teachers. ACME was established by the Royal Society and the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK with the explicit backing of all major mathematics organisations, and is supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation What's new ACME is seeking 2 new teacher members to join the Committee from 2005. ACME has been recently evaluated and an electronic summary of the final report is now available.

105. NYC HOLD On Mathematics Education Reform
Welcome to New York City HOLD. Honest Open Logical Debate on mathematics educationReform. Issues in mathematics education. (Section Editor NYC HOLD). Subsections.
Welcome to New York City HOLD
Honest Open Logical Debate on Mathematics Education Reform Please see also the NYC HOLD News Page
Contact Us
Contact Information: Elizabeth Carson , Co-Founder NYC HOLD. Email:
Join Our Mailing List
Join Our Mailing List . To receive notices of news, reports and upcoming events.
Advice for Parents
Advice for Parents
A Call to Action
A Call to Action . Contact information for NYC and NYS Education officials; NYC and NYS Elected Officials and the Press.
Site Content
Site Outline here. We also have a separate News Page
Our Mission
The performance of American students in mathematics is mediocre at best. In many cases, mathematics instruction is not serving our children's best interests. In order to help all students achieve success in school mathematics courses, have access to adequate preparation for the broadest options in high school math and science courses, and the opportunity to advance into mathematics based college courses and careers, it is important to examine the direction of recent attempts at mathematics education reform. NYC HOLD (Honest Open Logical Debate on Mathematics Education Reform) was formed in order to address mathematics education in the New York City schools. We are a nonpartisan advocacy organization that provides parents, educators, mathematicians and other concerned citizens information, resources and networking opportunities to support systemic improvements in the quality of mathematics education in the New York City schools.

106. Nuova Pagina 2
mathematics education into the 21st Century project meetings. Proceedings of conferences.
MATHEMATICS EDUCATION INTO THE 21 ST CENTURY PROJECT Coordinators: Proceedings of Conferences of st Century Project
    1999 Cairo Egypt 2000 Amman Jordan 2001 Palm Cove, Cairns, Australia 2002 Terrasini, Palermo, Italy ... First Announcement The Mathematics Education into the 21 st Century Project
    An international educational initiative whose coordinators are Dr. Alan Rogerson (Australia/Poland) and Professor Fayez Mina (Egypt). Since its inception in 1986, the Mathematics Education into the 21 st Century Project has received support and funding from many educational bodies and institutions throughout the world. In 1992 UNESCO published our Project Handbook " Moving Into the 21st Century " as Volume 8 in the UNESCO series Studies In Mathematics Education. The Mathematics Education into the 21 st Century Project is dedicated to the improvement of mathematics education world-wide through the publication and dissemination of innovative ideas. Many prominent mathematics educators have supported and contributed to the project, including the late Hans Freudental, Andrejs Dunkels and Hilary Shuard, Bruce Meserve and Marilyn Suydam, Alan Osborne and Margaret Kasten, Mogens Niss, Tibor Nemetz, Brian Wilson, Tatsuro Miwa, Henry Pollack, Werner Blum, Roberto Baldino, Waclaw Zawadowski, and many others throughout the world. Information on our Project can be found at the websites:

107. Math
The Mathematics Activities Guides, from the Center of Excellence for Science andmathematics education (CESME), is a collection of lesson plans for grades K8
This site has a new address. You will be automatically taken there in 10 seconds, or click the link below to go there right away. Please change your bookmarks and favorites. http://www.sitesforteacher
Lesson Plans Applications Board Games Organizations
Lesson Plans
Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 32 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the elementary school level.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 13 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the middle school level.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 8 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the high school level.
Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin. Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin features a curriculum database where the K-8 teachers can search for math lesson plans/activities by grade level.
Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) provides a variety of cross-curricular lesson plans for grades 4-8 based upon the theme of ancient Egypt. Formath teacher-created plans, click here
Apple K-12 Curriculum.

108. Resources From Black Douglas
mathematics education RESOURCES.
Poly Plug
Professor Morris
Sphinx Shapes
... Black Douglas Order Form Note: We reserve the right to alter prices without notice. In particular where non-Australian currencies are listed, they should be viewed as a guide. In times of volatile currency markets these may have to be changed. Black Douglas Publications Poly Plug Professor Morris Puzzles Return to top Other Resources

  • The Mathematics Task Centre Project is managed by Black Douglas on behalf of Curriculum Corporation, Australia. Tasks are hands-on problem solving experiences packed with the equipment students can use to set up and manipulate the problem. All the information about these resources and their professional development purpose can be found at the Mathematics Task Centre Home Base
    Swedish teachers call these tasks Mattegömmor
    - a place where mathematics is hidden.
Return to top
Sphinx Shapes
  • 100 sturdy, colourful, plastic Sphinx Shapes. Only $52.25

109. AMESA - Mathematics Education
Homepage of the Association for mathematics education of South Africa (AMESA), representing the interests of its members and of the discipline.
Welcome to AMESA The A ssociation for M athematics E ducation of S outh A frica - AMESA - is the professional association of Mathematics educators in South Africa. AMESA is the voice of the Mathematics educator in South Africa, representing the interests of its members and of the discipline at provincial and national level. All who have an interest in the teaching and learning of Mathematics should belong to this dynamic Association. Click on the links below for more information about AMESA: More about AMESA Conferences Membership Activities ... News Webpage by document.write(EPos('oia', 'Alwyn Olivier', ''))
Last updated on 13 September 2002

110. Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education
Extensive offerings for research and development in science and mathematics education in India.
TOWARDS EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE Staff Publications Graduate School Activities ...

www About Us Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is a national centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , Mumbai. The broad goals of the Centre are to promote equity and excellence in science and mathematics education from primary school to undergraduate college level, and encourage the growth of scientific literacy in the country. To these ends it carries out a wide spectrum of inter-related activities, which may be viewed under three broad categories: (a) Research and Development, (b) Teacher Orientation and Science Popularisation, and (c) Olympiads and other Students' Nurture Programmes. Please look under Activities for details about these activities. Three decades after its inception, HBCSE has emerged as the premier institution in the country for research and development in science, technology and mathematics education. It is India's nodal centre for Olympiad programmes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy. Activities Events Graduate School News ... Staff This document was last modified at: Mar. 22, 2004 12:17 pm

111. Oregon Mathematics Education Council
The mission of the Oregon mathematics education Council (OMEC) is to propose, throughintersegmental study and deliberation, recommendations to improve the
NEWS MEETING NOTES MEMBERS SEARCH K-12 Teachers Professional Development

Curriculum Resources
Higher Ed Teachers Professional Development

Curriculum Resources Prospective Teachers Licensure Guidelines
Education Programs

Other Resources Parents, Activists, Administrators Oregon Dept. of Ed
Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Assessment

Other Resources Other Resources OTEC
OCEPT TOTOM Hosted by Pacific University Contact the Webmaster Upcoming OMEC Meeting OMEC will next meet May 15 at Hewlett Packard in Corvallis. Be sure to review the latest draft of the Elementary Mathematics Teaching Competencies OCEPT WRITE-ON! OCEPT II will be sponsoring the WRITE-ON! retreat July 18-21 in the Columbia Gorge. Click here for application information Updated Draft Standards for Math Endorsement Competencies for Middle School and Secondary Teachers The drafts of Basic and Advanced Math Endorsement Competencies for middle school and high school teachers are available in PDF format. If you have comment on these standards, please contact Linda Samek ODE Updates Assessment Site The Oregon Department of Education continues to update its Mathematics Assessment website. The latest addition is in regard to

112. Recent Articles On Mathematics Education
From the AMS Notices.
Recent articles on mathematics education in
NOTICES of the American Mathematical Society

113. The Department Of Curriculum And Instruction
Secondary mathematics education. Email Dr. DavidRock Associate Professor Secondary mathematics education Secondary
Secondary Mathematics Education E-mail: Dr. David Rock
Associate Professor

Secondary Mathematics Education
Secondary Education Coordinator
Room 117A School of Education
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics Last modified: June 10, 2002 3:53 PM
The University of Mississippi
School of Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

114. Fairmount Center For Science And Mathematics Education: Resources For Students A
Fairmount Center for Science and mathematics education. The FairmountCenter was created by Wichita State University in the summer
Fairmount Center
Science and Mathematics Education
The Fairmount Center was created by Wichita State University in the summer of 1995 to serve as a resource for K-12 science and math education.
The Center operates the Lake Afton Public Observatory , runs the Kansas Science Olympiad , hosts the Kansas Academy of Science's Kansas Junior Academy of Science and coordinates the JASON Project in Kansas. Click on one of the logos to visit the site of your choice or explore other offerings of the Fairmount Center. Calculator Based Labs and TI-83 Graphing Calculators NEW Kansas Science and Mathematics Teachers Resource Manual Games and Activities for Sale The Compass - The Math/Science Newsletter published by the Fairmount Center The CBL equipment, along with FOSS Kits, and additional math lending kits that the Fairmount Center lends out to teachers were purchased with a grant from The Boeing Company This page is maintained by the Wichita State University Fairmount Center for Science and Mathematics Education. Contact us by e-mail at:

115. Freudenthal - Link Error
Research into aspects of mathematics education and how mathematics is taught. Its aims are to understand and improve the teaching of arithmetic and mathematics at all levels, but particularly in kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational education.
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Dedicated to providing the best mathematics education possible at all levels in the Keystone State.

117. Educational REALMS
Goal is to provide access to information for teaching and learning about science, mathematics, and the environment.

Educational REALMS
...helping you find the pieces! ERIC/CSMEE Resources Move to
Educational REALMS

The U.S. Department of Education required that the official web site of ERIC/CSMEE and all telephone services closed on December 19, 2003. The Clearinghouse already closed permanently on December 31, 2003. We thank you for your support and patronage for the past 36 years. Currently, many of the public domain materials produced by ERIC/CSMEE are available for your browsing or downloading pleasure at the new Educational REALMS Web site: Educational REALMS hopes to pick up where ERIC/CSMEE left off. It is our hope that we will eventually offer many of the same services and resources to anyone interested in science, mathematics, technology, and environmental education. We are staffed by Science Education faculty and graduate students and we are located on the campus of The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Since January 2004, the Department of Education has been implementing a reengineering plan for ERIC. The new ERIC mission continues the core function of providing a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials. It enhances the database by adding free full text and electronic links to commercial sources and by making it easy to use and up to date.

118. The Staff And Educational Development Association.
A collection of case studies illustrating some innovative practices currently taking place in Higher education mathematics Departments across the United Kingdom. Ken Houston (Staff and educational Development Association).
The Staff and Educational Development Association
Innovations in Mathematics Teaching
SEDA Publication No. 87 Ken Houston (Editor)
ISBN No. 946 815 88 7 ISSN NO. 141 4186 Reviewed in Mathematics Support Newsletter, 3, 1995, pp 20-21; HE Digest, 23 , Autumn 1995; The Lecturer , February 1996; Teaching and Learning Undergraduate Mathematics, 5, 1996, pp 6-8.] This publication is a collection of 18 case studies which illustrate some of the innovative practices currently taking place in Higher Education Mathematics Departments across the United Kingdom. Who is it for? The paper is written for lecturers who teach mathematics in H.E., but it will also be of interest to colleagues in Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges. What does it contain? The following selection of case studies is not exhaustive but it does reflect the diversity of recent innovations in mathematics teaching: 1. Using Comprehension Tests. 2. Using Reading Activities. 3. Using Critical Reviews. 4. Teaching Calculus with DERIVE. 5. Mathematical Skills Maintenance with DERIVE. 6. Using MATHEMATICA with mathematics students.

119. The Math Forum Home Page
Search for Math or browse our Internet mathematics Library, Ask Dr. Math DiscussionGroups Internet Math Resources by Subject, Math education, Key Issues in Math.

What's New
Join an Upcoming PoW-Wow
Varnelle's New Primary Math Unit

Order Dr. Math Algebra books

Forum Features
Search for Math

or browse our



Ask Dr. Math
... in Math Innovations and Concerns About the Forum Join the Forum Awards Text-Only Home Page

120. Mathematics And Education Resources
Includes recommendations for webpages and books for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, games and help forums. Also has a list of educational administrators and associations.
Home Administrators Algebra Assessment ... Business Opp Secure online shopping-great prices! Mathematics and Education Resources Welcome to the Mathematics and Education Resources page, a directory of sites for students, parents, teachers and administrators. Take some time to browse through the different categories found on the menu to the left. If you are a teacher, you'll find some useful sites for teachers below. Our newsletter is sent out periodically , and contains more detailed reviews of some of our featured sites, along with classroom ideas and sample problems. Subscribe here - it's free! Please send an e-mail if you notice any broken links or if you want to suggest a site for inclusion in this directory.
Directory of Sites for Teachers:
Site Level Description Secondary secondary mathematics page, with links to lesson plans, assessment and other subject areas. AMS All Levels American Mathematical Society homepage, with membership information, journals, conferences, and indices to other topics. Currency Converter All Levels The Universal Currency Converter page. This is a working currency converter with up-to-date conversion rates. Good for most currencies in the world.

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