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         Mathematics Education:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Research on the Psychology of Mathematics Education
  2. Rethinking the Mathematics Curriculum (Studies in Mathematics Education Series 10) by Celia Hoyles, 1998-12-01
  3. Theory of Didactical Situations in Mathematics: Didactique des mathématiques, 1970-1990 (Mathematics Education Library) by Guy Brousseau, 1997-09-30
  4. Everyday Mathematics: Study Links : Grade 4
  5. The Language of Mathematics: Telling Mathematical Tales (Mathematics Education Library) by Bill Barton, 2007-11-13
  6. Making Sense of Mathematics Teacher Education
  7. Girls into Mathematics (Open University Mathematics Education Series) by Open University, 1987-02-01
  8. Everyday Mathematics: Student Math Journal 1
  9. Mathematics, Pedagogy, and Secondary Teacher Education by Thomas J. Cooney, Stephen I. Brown, et all 1999-02-18
  10. Humans-with-Media and the Reorganization of Mathematical Thinking: Information and Communication Technologies, Modeling, Visualization and Experimentation (Mathematics Education Library) by Marcelo C. Borba, Monica E. Villarreal, 2006-06-19
  11. Mathematicians as Enquirers: Learning about Learning Mathematics (Mathematics Education Library) by Leone L. Burton, 2004-05-26
  12. Teaching and Learning Mathematics (Woburn Education Series) by Peter G. Dean, 1982-09-09
  13. Amongst Mathematicians: Teaching and Learning Mathematics at University Level (Mathematics Teacher Education) by Elena Nardi, 2007-11-16
  14. Multicultural Mathematics Materials by Marina C. Krause, 2000-07

61. K-12 Science And Mathematics Education Resources
K12 Science and mathematics education Resources. The links in this siteare limited to resources that are ready for use in the classroom.
    K-12 Science and Mathematics Education Resources
    The links in this site are limited to resources that are ready for use in the classroom. The listings on these pages contain lesson plans, or materials that can easily be incorporated into lessons. Grade Level Subject K - 3 Biology Chemistry Geology ... Space and Earth Science
    Search by key word in a site's description:
    SDSC does not control the contents of the sites pointed to above. The information on all other site pages are entirely the responsibility of the webmaster of the site visited. This site is continuously updated with new links. This site was developed by David Jackson , Brett Hunter, Art Valdivia, and Dave Schutz, SDSC interns from Southern Illinois University Send comments or recommendations for additional sites to

62. UPJ CMSE: Mathematics Resources
mathematics education Resources. Lesson Plans Unit Plans Copyright © 1996UPJ Center for Mathematics and Science Education. All rights reserved.
Mathematics Education Resources Lesson Plans
Unit Plans

Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason
CSC Mathematical Topics
From the Center for Scientific Computing Graphics for the calculus classroom Ontario Science Centre Educational Programs
Workshops offered for math, science, and technology education. 1995 Virtual Science and Mathematics Fair 1995-96 SMART Catalog
An Up-to-date listing of professional development programs and resources for K-12 teachers of math, science and technology in LA county. 21st Century Problem Solving Problem solving
Addresses K-12 and college-level problem solving in algebra and physics. Advanced Computer Tutoring Research
Contains information about our research on the ACT Architecture for Cognition. There are links to the software for running cognitive models in ACT and you can read the manual on-line. AIMS Education Foundation
Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science. Annenberg/CPB K-12 Math and Science Project
...funding projects that educate and support key groups of adults that have a hand in changing the way math and science are taught. Ask An Expert Page
Get answers to questions about science, math, movies, internet and more.

63. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Mathematics Education
education DeweyClass 510 ResourceType guides, software Location uk Last checked20000910 Centre for Research in mathematics education Research centre at
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
Mathematics education
A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
  • Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
  • Centre for Research in Mathematics Education
  • Chance Database ...
  • Zero Saga Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
    Set of links to a large collection of activities, tutorials, lesson plans, projects and tools aimed at the educational sector. Broad subject categories include arts, business, English, foreign language, health and physical education, history and social studies, mathematics, science, technology, vocational education, education, and community interest.
    Author: Pacific Bell
    Subjects: art links, business education, education links, english as a second language, history education, language learning, mathematics education, school teaching, science education worldwide, technology education
    Location: usa
    Last checked:
    Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
    The Centre, established in 1986, is a focus for research and curriculum development in mathematics teaching and learning with the unifying aim of enhancing mathematical progress in schools and colleges. Includes mathematics resources, puzzles, games, computer programs, inservice courses, a comparative study of Maths GCSE exams, and the IMA journal 'Teaching Mathematics and its Applications'.
  • 64. New Jersey Mathematics Coalition
    Improves mathematics education through collaboratives, social networking, standard clarification and enforcement and governance committees.

    65. Mathematics For Students And Teachers
    With this page, the Canadian Mathematical Society wishes to highlightquality mathematics education resources available on the web.
    home about the CMS media releases search ... other societies
    Mathematics for Students and Teachers
    Collections Students Teachers More interesting links!
    With this page, the Canadian Mathematical Society wishes to highlight quality Mathematics Education resources available on the web. A particular interest is shown for Canadian sites. We hope that students and teachers alike will find information that sparks their curiosity and interest in the discovery and the learning of mathematics. The following links are just a sample of our favorite Canadian and International sites!
    • The Math Forum
      The Math Forum at Drexel University is an excellent collection of resources available on the Internet. We strongly recommend you visit this site.
    • Internet Mathematics Library
      This internet library is presented by Math Forum. It contains more exhaustive lists and allows to search for materials that match your specific needs. Here are a few shortcuts:

    66. YERME: Young European Society For Research In Mathematics Education
    This group was established at the ERME conference in the Czech Republic in February 2001. A forum in which people who are new to research in mathematics education can communicate with each other, offering support as well as practical advice.
    Welcome to the YERME webpage! Home Plans Contacts Mailing List ... ERME
    Important notice: the II ERME Summer School will be held in August 2004 in Podebrady (Check Republic) - see first announcement
    YERME (Young European Researchers in Mathematics Education) was set up at the ERME conference in the Czech Republic in February 2001 . You do not strictly have to be either young or European to be involved! The idea is to provide a forum in which people who are new to research in mathematics education can communicate with each other, offering support as well as practical advice. On this web site we plan to add information on YERME participants and their research interests, conferences/summer schools which might be of interest, and eventually details of more experienced researchers who might be able to help out individuals with their work. Of course, if you have any ideas of what you would like to see YERME provide or if you would like to get involved in the organization, please let us know. The original YERME participants found it very helpful to talk to other young researchers, and we hope you will find this too. This page is hosted by the Web Server of the Students of the Dept. of Mathematics

    Mathematics Science Michigan Gateways Home Page Information about the Michigan Gateways televisionprogram series about improved science and mathematics education.

    68. SMEC Homepage
    Homepage for the Science and mathematics education Centre at CurtinUniversity of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.




    CRICOS Provider Code: 00301J Welcome to SMEC The Science and Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC) at Curtin operates within the Division of Engineering Science and Computing and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and has a close relationship with the Department of Education . The Centre offers postgraduate studies in science, mathematics and technology education and has a national and international reputation for excellence in research and development. With over 600 students, including approximately 400 studying at the doctoral level, the Centre has the largest group of postgraduate students specifically in science, mathematics and technology education in the world. Students come from all Australian states and territories and approximately 20 overseas countries. Currently, groups of overseas students meet together on a regular basis in Miami and Fullerton in the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and Brunei. Please use the menus on the left and the tabs at the top of the pages to navigate to the sections that interest you.

    69. Mathematics Education
    Survey perspectives on biology and mathematics. Looking at mathematics education for biology students.
    Human ecology

    Mathematics education Survey: perspectives on biology and mathematics
    I am currently looking at mathematics education for biology students.
    Please help me by taking part in my survey Notes for the mathematics education course that I'm taking. This is a four year Doctor of Education (EdD)course at the University of Exeter , Devon, UK Course co-ordinator: Paul Ernest Links at this site... Links at other sites... Created 4/11/99
    Last modified 15/11/01

    70. Mathematics Education
    Teaching Resources and Problems Teacher Helpline Programs and ProjectsStudent Organizations Conferences/Inservice Faculty Department
    Teaching Resources and Problems
    Teacher Helpline
    Programs and Projects
    Student Organizations ... Kris T. Schroeder
    Last Modified: 8/7/96

    71. Vanderbilt University Mathematics Education Graduate Programs, Doctoral Program,
    Vanderbilt University, mathematics education, GraduatePrograms, Doctoral Program, Doctoral Degrees.
    Vanderbilt University, Mathematics Education, Graduate Programs, Doctoral Program, Doctoral Degrees

    72. Internet Resources For Science And Mathematics Education
    Internet Resources for Science and mathematics education. Recommended by teachersand collected by the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation.
    Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education
    Recommended by teachers and collected by the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation . Since 1995. Annual updating completed July 31, 2002. All links checked.
    " of the most comprehensive and well-annotated guides to educational resources on the Internet.", The National Education Summit "Loads of links to lots of science sites. From materials for educators and journals to news and problem solving lessons - this page links them all. Add it to your bookmarks!", The SchoolZone review panel Most of the links in this collection were recommended or mentioned by teachers on various listserv lists or other teacher discussion forums. Note: These links are to pages that are

    73. British Congress Of Mathematics Education
    The theme is Removing Boundaries . BCME5 is on 5-7 July 2001, at Keele University. In doc format.
    < Z [ w x Š ‹ Ÿ   ¶ · Ò æ v z » ñ ÆÚ=y“doqŠ#L[]ty†ˆŸ '°º¼Ôï HTVnýúýòèòåòèòâÞÔÞÔÞÔÞÔÞÔÞÔÞÔÎËÇÎÅÎÇÎŽε«µ«µ¢µ«µ«µ¢µ«µ¢µ«µ«µ¢µ«µ«µ¢0J CJOJQJ6B*CJOJQJB*CJOJQJ5B*OJQJ66CJCJ B*OJQJ6B*CJOJQJ6CJCJ0J 5B*CJOJQJB*CJOJQJCJ(CJH@0‘ Ÿ¯° F ’ ì / ñ . Y  ® Ö ñ  ú÷úíííååÛÛÍÍÍÛÄÄÄÄÄÄÛÛ!„>dð¤ < $„>dð¤ dð $„>dð¤ <$$„E0‘ Ÿ¯° F ’ ì / ñ . Y  ® Ö ñ  < [ x ‹   · ¸ Ò æ v z » ñ ¢ÆÚ =y ð‡ˆ‚)×€íš <ꌟ ¡»h ¯ ]!ÿ!##ýýúôîììììììêêèêêêêèåßÙÓìÐÍÊÇÄÁ¾»‡ûÿÿ¢üÿÿDýÿÿòýÿÿ”þÿÿ9ÿÿÿæÿÿÿ          !       F

    74. Mathematics Foundation Of America
    The purpose of MFOA is to ensure that the mathematically talented high school student receives mathematics education appropriate for a future mathematician by providing suitable summer programs and mentors.
    Your National Partner in Mathematics Gifted Education The Mathematics Foundation of America (MFOA) is a federally tax-exempt, non-profit organization, whose purpose is to administer the Canada/USA Mathcamp a five-week summer program for mathematically talented high-school students and to help provide fundraising assistance and scholarships for Mathcamp students. For more information, please contact us by email.

    75. MATHDI - Search
    Mathematics Didactics Database. mathematics education Database.
    Math ematics Di dactics Database
    Math ematics Educ ation Database
    Advanced Search Command Search ... Citation Checker News MATHDI new software release ... read more 106 472 items in database since 1976 (jan 04)
    Services Classification Serials and Journals
    Information About MATHDI (MathEduc) Mirror sites Subscription Quick Search Help
    is (are) one of [ Example : Wiles; Taylor, R ] Title words one of expression Global index words one of expression Source words one of expression Classification is (are) one of Document Type Book Journal Article
    Display: entries per page. Format: html ascii bibtex dvi postscript pdf TeX source complete short
    European Mathematical Society
    FIZ Karlsruhe Cellule MathDoc UJF ... CNRS

    76. Diversity In Mathematics Education, Center On Learning And Teaching (DiME)
    NEW. Syllabus for Issues for Diversity, Equity, and mathematics education.Diversity in mathematics education (DiME) is one of a network

    About Us
    Press Release Projects Components Manuscripts ... Home
    Syllabus for Issues for Diversity, Equity, and Mathematics Education
    Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME) is one of a network of Centers for Learning and Teaching (CLT) funded by the National Science Foundation . DiME/CLT is building an integrated program to develop and enhance the instructional workforce from kindergarten through graduate school. The program consists of three interrelated components: a doctoral/postdoctoral component; a teacher education component for teachers and instructional leaders; and a comprehensive research agenda. These components are integrated by a strong focus on the ideas of algebra and issues related to learners with diverse cultural, language, and cognitive backgrounds. The Center is a consortium led by education and mathematics faculty of three research universities, two school-system partners, and a group of teacher professional-development providers for inservice teachers. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the lead grantee institution. The other two universities are the University of California, Berkeley

    77. UOB MathsLinks: Mathematics Education Sites On WWW
    A personal selection of mathematics education sites on the Web. It covers mostly mathematics education at primary and secondary level, and in the United Kingdom, with some pointers to overseas sites.

    78. JavaMath
    A Collection of Java Websites to Support mathematics education. AnArticle on the Use of Java Applets in mathematics education. Uses
    A Collection of Java Websites to Support Mathematics Education
    An Article on the Use of Java Applets in Mathematics Education
    Uses of Java Applets in Mathematics Education th anniversary dinner.
    Archive Sites - Lots of Applets! Manipula Maths Collection One hundred and fifty eight applets, all mathematical, from middle school to university. These applets are slick, and load very fast. You hardly need to go past this site to view the best applets to support mathematics education. There is a file containing nine applets that you can download.
    Educational Object Economy A large collection of Java applets. Select Search for Applets, type in your category, and click on [Search].
    Developer.Com A website with over 200 Java applets for Maths education, from lower primary to tertiary level.
    Number A Simple Calculator

    79. JRME Online
    The Webbased version of the Journal for Research in mathematics education, the official journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
    You're being directed to NCTM's e-resources

    80. Mathematics Education Websites
    mathematics education Internet Sites. calculator. Websites with greatmathematics education links Shaler Mathematics Department.
    Mathematics Education Internet Sites
    Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
    The ULTIMATE in mathematics sites!!! Links to classroom lessons, mathematics problems, curriculum documents and much, much more.
    Activities for the mathematics classroom:
    A collection of online interactive simulations which allow the children to manipulate the input data. This site fosters connecting mathematics to chemistry and physical science topics such as electron movement.
    Chicago Systemic Initiative
    A resource site for the Chicago Systemic Initiative containing software links, mathematics education development projects, a parents page and the ultimate "Kids Web Sites" page containing fun math problems
    Cyberspace Middle School
    Great classroom activities from mathematics, physics, astronomy and fractals. Fosters the development of connections across the curriculum.
    Cyberspace mathematical magic tricks
    Mathematical magic trick - great for a fun start to class.

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