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         Mathematics Education:     more books (100)
  1. Improving Access to Mathematics: Diversity and Equity in the Classroom (Multicultural Education (Cloth)) by Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Paul Cobb, 2006-12-01
  2. New Directions for Situated Cognition in Mathematics Education (Mathematics Education Library)
  3. Today's Mathematics, Concepts and Classroom Methods, and Instructional Activities (Wiley/Jossey-Bass Education) by James W. Heddens, William R. Speer, 2005-04-11
  4. New Mathematics Education Research and Practice
  5. Engaging Young Children in Mathematics: Standards for Early Childhood Mathematics Education (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning)
  6. International Comparisons in Mathematics Education (Studies in Mathematics Education Series, 11) by Ian Huntly, 1999-04-01
  7. Foundations for the Future in Mathematics Education
  8. Multiple Perspectives on Mathematics Teaching and Learning (International Perspectives on Mathematics Education, V. 1)
  9. Elementary Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Powerful Ideas for Teachers by James E. Schwartz, 2007-06-08
  10. The Young Child and Mathematics (naeyc Series, #119) by Juanita V. Copley, Nat Assoc for the Educ of Young Children, et all 2000-12
  11. Reshaping School Mathematics: A Philosophy and Framework for Curriculum (Perspectives on School Mathematics) by Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Research Council, 1990-01-01
  12. Philosophical Dimensions in Mathematics Education (Mathematics Education Library)
  13. Perspectives on Practice and Meaning in Mathematics and Science Classrooms (Mathematics Education Library)
  14. Taking Flight: Education and Training for Aviation Careers by Committee on Education and Training for Civilian Aviation Careers, National Research Council, 1997-02-14

21. (UK) Oxford University Centre For Mathematics Education Research
Department for Educational Studies, University of Oxford.

22. SciEd: Science And Mathematics Education Resources
SciEd Science and mathematics education Resources What s New at SciEdScience in the News Ask Science Questions Astronomy and Space
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources What's New at SciEd
Science in the News

Ask Science Questions

Astronomy and Space Science
Other Science Links

If you wish to make a comment or submit a link for this page please send mail to This site is maintained by Alan Cairns . He is solely responsible for any errors. Equipment and internet connection provided through the HPCC/ESS Project at the University of Washington George Lake , P.I.

23. MES 3
3rd International Conference. Helsing¸r, (Elsinore) Denmark ; 27 April 2002.
The 3rd International Conference on
Mathematics Education and Society
Helsingør, April 2nd-7th 2002

Rasmus Hedegaard Nielsen
Sunday December 9 2001

24. MathEd: Mathematics Education Resources
MathEd mathematics education Resources. A few months ago this pagemysteriously disappeared from my site and all backup copies had
MathEd: Mathematics Education Resources A few months ago this page mysteriously disappeared from my site and all backup copies had been overwritten thanks to a bug in the script I had written to maintain the pages. Because of the existence of Steve's Dump , a searchable and browsable site at Swarthmore College, the original function of this page is moot. From now on I will only be linking those things for which my students or I need quick access. Please use Steve Weimar's excellent set of resources to find what is available on the Internet. New Calculators Reference Problem Solving/Reasoning Numbers

25. NCTM: About: MET
mathematics education Trust. Supporting Teachers Reaching Students NCTM LifetimeAchievement Awards for Distinguished Service to mathematics education;
NCTM's e-Resources

Starter Kit

Figure This!

Do Math
... Grants and Awards
Mathematics Education Trust
Supporting Teachers...
Reaching Students...
Building Futures
Established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) offers opportunities to expand your professional horizons! MET supports the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning through the funding of grants, awards, and other projects by channeling the generosity of contributors into classroom-based efforts that benefit all students. MET provides funds to support classroom teachers in the areas of improving classroom practices and increasing teachers' mathematical knowledge. MET also sponsors activities for prospective teachers and NCTM's Affiliates, as well as recognizing the lifetime achievement of leaders in mathematics education. There may be a program that's just right for you! The NCTM Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented annually following a nomination and selection process. Other awards are available through a competitive process based on proposals submitted by individual applicants. Except for the two programs listed below, all 2005-2006 applications must be postmarked by

26. OSU Mathematics Education Center
To the. OSU mathematics education Center. Click here for FRAMES version.Click here for NONFRAMES version. (C)1996 Oklahoma State
To the
O.S.U. Mathematics Education Center
Click here for FRAMES version
Click here for NON-FRAMES version

C)1996 Oklahoma State University Mathematics Department Created and Maintained by the Techincal Shop Staff in 502D Math Sciences

27. OSU Math Ed Center: Projects
mathematics education Projects Page. Here Oklahoma State Universityis a member of the MER mathematics education reform forum. This
Mathematics Education Projects Page
Here you will find information about and links to home pages of educational projects.

28. International Conference On Mathematics Education
Exchange successful experiences and discuss problem to be solved on international mathematics education. Discuss new models of 21st mathematics education. (A satellite conference of ICM2002.) Tibet University, Lhasa, Tibet; 1217 August 2002.
Satellite Conference on Mathematics Education
Second Announcement
Objectives: To exchange experiences, discuss issues arising from international mathematics education and discuss new models of mathematics education in the 21st century. The Conference will focus special on the following areas: (1) Mathematics Education in the University; (2) Mathematics Education in different culture and different nationality. Academic Committee: Jianpan Wang (Chairman), East China Normal University, China Lopsong Namgyal (Vice-chairman), Tibet University, China Bernard R. Hodgson (Vice-chairman), University Laval, Canada Zalman Usiskin, University of Chicago, USA Gilah Leder, La Trobe University, Australia Yukihiko Namikawa, Nagoya University, Japan Lianghuo Fan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Frederick Leung, University of Hong Kong, China Dianzhou Zhang, East China Normal University, China Xiuyuan Yu, HangZhou Teacher College, China Xiaotian Sun, The Central University for Nationalities,China

29. Centre For Mathematics Education, Didsbury
MMU Home Page. Centre for mathematics education at Manchester MetropolitanUniversity, Institute of Education, Didsbury. Geometry, (the
Centre for Mathematics Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, Institute of Education, Didsbury
Geometry , (the beginnings of) some (teaching) notes with associated Cabri files and QuickTime movies. My intention is that they will turn into something useful and interesting at a range of levels. 'Official' Education and maths education sites (but see below!) Useful and interesting sites relevant to mathematics and mathematics education
Some temporary links for specific purposes!
Chreods : a journal of writings exploring educational issues with a maths education tendency. The last issue of Chreods was published in 1998. It has now ceased publication. Those issues which were published on the internet will continue to be archived here. Theory and Practice in Teacher Education a paper on influencing trainee teachers' behaviour in classrooms written for ICME 2004 (Copenhagen) Archive of student writings on issues relevant to mathematics education and wider issues.

30. International Journal Of Computer Algebra In Mathematics Education
Formerly the International Derive Journal. Offers contents and abstracts.

31. SBU Centre For Mathematics Education
South Bank University Centre for mathematics education. School Of ComputingInformation Systems and Mathematics. MSc/ PG Dip in mathematics education
South Bank University
Centre for Mathematics Education
School Of Computing Information Systems and Mathematics
South Bank University
103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA
Tel: 0171 815 7440
Fax: 0171 815 7499
Welcome to our Home Page. On this page you will find a description of the activities of the centre including the courses that we run, our research interests including research in progress and links to the individual home pages of the members of the centre and additional interesting links. You will also find links to unit guides and course notes for students.
Courses that we offer
MSc/ PG Dip in Mathematics Education
from here you can Link to the Home Page of The Swedish MSc 1996 Cohort.
Inservice Courses For Secondary School Teachers
Research Degrees - Full or Part-Time.
The centre staff are: (Click on a picture to go to individual Home Pages)
Dr Stephen Lerman Head of Centre
Peter Winbourne
Dr Adam Vile
Click here for our list of research interests and our recent publications. Click here for a list of Maths Education Sites Maths Education Sites.

32. International Group for the Psychology of mathematics educationInternational group of researchers in the field of the psychologyof mathematics education. Apologies. This site contains frames.

33. CSME
This is the Home page of the Centre for the Study of mathematics educationat Nottingham University. If you are reading this, it
This is the Home page of the Centre for the Study of Mathematics Education at Nottingham University. If you are reading this, it is because your browser has not got the facility to deal with frames. We are currently updating our pages and hope that you will be able to read this information soon.

34. Mathematics Education Directory
mathematics education. International Directory. The following international directoryconsists of individuals currently working in mathematics education.
Mathematics Education
International Directory
The following international directory consists of individuals currently working in mathematics education. It includes details of all individuals who supplied information up to 1st November 2003 The list may be browsed by country or in full. The full list follows. For information on particular countries click below: Any comments, additions, deletions or alterations should be posted to: It should be possible to download this directory as a CSV file onto a spreadsheet/database.
Full List
Abrantes, Paulo, , Departamento de Educacao da Faculdade de Ciencias; Universidade de Lisboa; Edificio C1-Campo Grande; 1700 LISBOA-PORTUGAL; Tel: (351 1) 757 3141 ext 1103 or 2012; Fax (351 1) 757 3624 Aczel, James, , Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes; MK7 6AA; Tel: +44 (0)1908 652953 Adams, Verna

35. UOB MathsLinks: Mathematics Education Sites On WWW
This is a personal selection of mathematics education sites on the Web.It covers mostly mathematics education at primary and secondary

36. Collaborative Group For Research In Mathematics Education (CRME) University Of S
Collaborative Group for Research in mathematics education. mathematics educationLinks, Links to journals, mathematics education centres, etc.
Collaborative Group for Research in Mathematics Education University of Southampton The Collaborative Group for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME) is based in the School of Education University of Southampton , United Kingdom. Find out about us . Read reports on our work. Members Active members of the group come from the School of Education and the School of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, UK. The current co-ordinator of the group is Julie-Ann Edwards. Research projects Details of projects and related publications on research on teaching and learning mathematics.. Recent publications Details of recent publications available, wherever possible, as full text (in html or pdf format). Research students Details of the research students who are (or recently have been) members of this research group. Research opportunities Information on research opportunities with members of this research group. Master's level courses Information on Master's level courses offered by members of this research group.

37. Mathematics - Research By Harlan Brothers
Projects and research in the areas of approximation theory, fractals, cellular automata, and mathematics education.
Harlan Brothers, founder of Brothers Technology, has a long-standing interest in number theory and its applications. He has discovered formulas and relationships relating to the constants e pi , and Euler's gamma . His most recent paper entitled " Improving the Convergence of Newton's Series Approximation for e " includes the fastest known methods for computing this fundamental constant of nature. The article appears in current issue (January 2004) of the College Mathematics Journal Mr. Brothers teaches at The Country School where he serves as Director of Technology . For the last four years he has been working with Michael Frame and Benoit Mandelbrot at Yale University to explore the use of fractal geometry in mathematics education . Current projects at Yale include an upcoming workshop on the subject of fractal musical composition and analysis. An ongoing project with architect Michael Silver involves using cellular automata to program the electronic skin of a Liquid Crystal Glass House . The project was on exhibit at the New Museum of Contemporary Art The following links reference early work on the base of the natural logarithm

38. Welcome To Key Curriculum Press
mathematics education texts and courseware.
Home Customer Service Ordering Information Contact Us ... Site Map Resource Centers The Geometer's Sketchpad Fathom Dynamic Statistics Discovering Algebra Discovering Geometry ... Statistics in Action
Professional Development In Partnership with You Summer Institutes Three-Day Courses Five-Day Courses ... Implementation
General Information Ordering Information Customer Service Contact Us Meet Our Authors ... Press Room
Other Key Sites Key College Publishing KCP Technologies
Browse products by subject... Algebra Geometry Problem Solving Precalculus Calculus Statistics Software Interactive Mathematics Program Mathematics Essentials Multicultural Classroom Posters
Discovering Algebra

Discovering Advanced Algebra
Discovering Geometry, Third Edition
Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration

Problem Solving Strategies

Precalculus with Trigonometry
NEW! Calculus: Concepts and Applications Activity-Based Statistics Statistics in Action NEW! Workshop Statistics Since 1991, our Professional Development Center has been providing services to educators nationwide. Find out why we consistently get high marks from people like you! Add-on Modules TinkerPlots NEW!

39. EXTEND: Perspectives On Mathematics Education
Perspectives on mathematics education. Resources. Information about resources forreform of mathematics education, including direct links to other sites
Perspectives on Mathematics Education
EXTEND is a national Internet forum on mathematics education intended to involve new constituencies, to engage new voices, and to examine new perspectives.
Major topics will be explored through forum reports, position papers, and reader commentary:
Expectations Articulation Integration ... Numeracy These topics are addressed from many perspectives, including those of educators and employers, business leaders and public officials. To contribute to the discussion, send e-mail to: In addition, EXTEND provides information on innovative programs and links to important documents related to reform of mathematics education in schools, colleges, and universities. Access Providing access to higher mathematics for all students amidst continuing public debate about the wisdom of tracking and the role of federal, state, and local policy in enabling reform. Expectations Society's conflicting expectations for the goals (ends) and pedagogy (means) of school mathematics. Concerns about the relation of skills to understanding, about connections with other disciplines, and about preparation for employment. Articulation Creating smoother transitions between education and work, between school and college, and within sectors of higher education. Preparing teachers to facilitate these transitions and students to respond to new environments.

40. EXTEND: Resources For Mathematics Education
Resources for mathematics education. Societies and Organizations. EMail Lists.Societies and Organizations. Mathematics and mathematics education.
Resources for Mathematics Education
Societies and Organizations

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