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         Mathematical Statistics:     more books (100)
  1. Outlines & Highlights for Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by Rice, ISBN: 0534209343 (Cram 101) by Cram101 Textbook Reviews, 2006-10-28
  2. Mathematical Statistics,Updated Printing (2nd Edition) by Peter J. Bickel, Kjell A. Doksum, 2006-05-04
  3. Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Duxbury Classic) by Lee J. Bain, Max Engelhardt, 2000-03-17
  4. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis with CD Data Sets 3rd Edition by John A. Rice, 2006
  5. A Course in Mathematical Statistics, Second Edition by George G. Roussas, 1997-02-28
  6. Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications (with CD-ROM) by Jay L. Devore, Kenneth N. Berk, 2006-01-06
  7. Stat Labs:Mathematical Statistics Through Applications by Deborah Nolan, Terry P. Speed, 2001-11-26
  8. Approximation Theorems of Mathematical Statistics by Robert J. Serfling, 2001-12-21
  9. Mathematical Statistics by John E. Freund, 1986-10-01
  10. Solutions Manual for Wackerly, Mendenhall, and Scheaffer's Mathematical Statistics with Applications by Brian Caffo, 2004-02
  11. Mathematical Statistics by S. S Wilks, 2007-03-15
  12. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Paul G. Hoel, 1984-01
  13. Mathematical Statistics: A Unified Introduction (Springer Texts in Statistics) by George R. Terrell, 1999-06-04
  14. Mathematical statistics with applications, fourth edition: Solutions manual by Chris Franklin, 1990

21. Homepage For Richard D. Gill
Chair in mathematical statistics and Probability Theory, University of Utrecht; coordinator of the project Complex Statistical Models, at Eurandom.
Homepage for Richard Gill
Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory Mathematical Institute (my office: room 806),
University Utrecht
, Budapestlaan 6, 3584 CD Utrecht, The Netherlands ( local map Tel: +31-30-2533763, secr: +31-30-2531430, fax: +31-30-2518394, mobile: +31-6-22427127. Snailmail: R.D.Gill, Math.Inst, Univ.Utrecht, Box 80010, 3508 TA Utrecht, NL.
I'm a coordinator of the project Complex Statistical Models at Eurandom (Eindhoven, Netherlands).
Masters in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics
(joint with University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam).
To apply, you must download and fill out a standard form for international masters at the University of Utrecht, and send it to a central office. Specify in the form that you are applying for the "Stochastics and Financial Mathematics" component of the masters programme "Applied and Fundamental Mathematics". Click here and then follow the link "Application deadlines" for the application form and an instructions sheet.
Master Class "Stochastics in Molecular Biology and Genetics"
MRI , 2004-2005. For information about application to the master class - there are a few grants still available -

22. Mathematical Statistics: Preprints
Department of mathematical statistics. Welcome to the archive of reports. The research reports in the Preprint Series and in Studies
Mathematical Sciences Matemathical statistics
Undergraduate studies ... Bioinformatics Department of Mathematical Statistics
Welcome to the archive of reports
The research reports in the Preprint Series and in Studies in Applied Probability and Statistics , as well as Doctoral Dissertations, Licentiate and Master Theses , are available on this page. This archieve is searchable. Enter a word to search for in author, title or preprint number. Leave the field blank to obtain the complete archive. Search hints Display preprints from Show only those matching in table listed format
Display Studies in Applied Probability and Statistics from Show only those matching in table listed format Display Doctoral Dissertations Licentiate or Master Theses. staff list , to see if they are currently working here, and our address
" means that the preprint file was added to the archive during the last two weeks. Generated Jun 6 2004 07:34

23. Center For Statistical Ecology And Environmental Statistics
Broad research areas of the Center relate to statistical ecology, environmental statistics, and quantitative risk analysis, with emphasis on mathematical statistics, statistical methodology, and data interpretation and improvement for future use. The adopted approach is to advance statistics for environment, ecology, and environmental health, and to advance environmental and ecological theory and practice using valid statistics. (Pennsylvania State University, USA).

24. University Of Sydney - Maths & Stats Home
Formerly the departments of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and mathematical statistics.
About the School
Contact How to get here ... Preprints More links (select) What's on Semester dates SUMS (student maths society) SUMS problem competition Mathematics Enrichment Groups Secondary schools liaison officer Scholarships FAQ Postgraduate scholarships Publications of School members MAGMA computational algebra Computing topics School site Undergraduate units School publications Mathematics sites ... Internal School pages For questions or comments please contact the Webmaster . Last updated 6 May 2004. Privacy Statement

25. UWM Mathematical Statistics SOC - Spring 2004
mathematical statistics (MTHSTAT) Mathematical Sciences Spring 2004. MTHSTAT 362, Introduction to mathematical statistics Not recom for grad students in math.
UWM Timetable
College of Letters and Science
Mathematical Statistics (MTHSTAT)
Mathematical Sciences
Spring 2004
This page created Sun 16-May-2004 22:10
Chair: Karen M. Brucks EMS E404 229-5264
Registration Information
Spring 2004 Index

Exam Schedule
Course Index
MTHSTAT 215: Elementary Statistical Analysis
MTHSTAT 362: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

MTHSTAT 465: Introductory Mathematical Statistics for Social Sciences and Education

MTHSTAT 489: Internship in Mathematical Statistics, Upper Division
MTHSTAT 869: Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics:

Abbreviations: (NS) - GER Natural Science E - Evening Course Course
Affiliations Level Crts (NS) MTHSTAT 215 Elementary Statistical Analysis Prereq: math placement level B, AB, or A Conservation/Environmental Sci Elective Courses International Studies Major, Crosslisted Courses U Section Class Number Notes Dates Days/Hours Bldg/Rm Instr LEC 001 MW 4:00pm-5:15pm EMS E495 Zheng,Ziyu

26. Mathematical Statistics With Mathematica
Then, imagine a book on mathematical statistics that uses that software to bring mathematical statistics to life, with hundreds of live examples, animations
ISBN 0-387-95234-9 Hardcover (7x10 format)
500 pages, 134 figures
186 examples, 24 animations
101 exercises, "live" text on CD Includes 2 CD-ROMs:
Free fully functional trial copy of Mathematica
Free copy of mathStatica (Basic version) Imagine computer software that can find expectations of arbitrary random variables, calculate variances, invert characteristic functions, perform transformations of random variables, calculate probabilities, derive order statistics, find Fisher's Information, derive symbolic (exact) maximum likelihood estimators, perform automated moment conversions, ... . Imagine that this software is wonderfully easy to use, and yet so powerful that it can find corrections to mainstream reference texts, and solve new problems in seconds. Then, imagine a book on mathematical statistics that uses that software to bring mathematical statistics to life, with hundreds of live examples, animations and illustrations ...
Two cross-platform CDs are included: CD 1
Mathematica Version 4 (trial CD): for readers who are new to Mathematica CD 2
CD-ROM: Basic version 1.0

27. Meetings Around The World
Schedule of Meetings and Conferences from the IMS (Institute of mathematical statistics).

28. STATSnetBASE: Statistical Sciences Online
mathematical statistics. Keith Knight. relevant to statistical practice. mathematical statistics stands apart from these treatments.

29. Matches For:
Matches for Theory of Probability and mathematical statistics (print format) ISSN 00949000

30. Bernoulli News
Newsletter of the Bernoulli Society for mathematical statistics and Probability. Full text from vol.2 (1995).
Newsletter of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
In connection with the change of editorship, the home page of Bernoulli News as moved to

Plaease click on the above line to reach the new site.

31. Institutionen För Matematisk Statistik - Umeå Universitet
mathematical statistics, Matematisk Statistik, Department of mathematical statistics, Institutionen för Matematisk statistik. .
Institutionen för Matematisk Statistik
Umeå Universitet


För våra studenter ...
För våra anställda
Inom matematisk statistik studeras och utvecklas matematiska modeller som beskriver fenomen som påverkas av slumpen. Även om det finns andra faktorer av betydelse så är det avgörande om man på ett korrekt sätt kan beskriva slumpens inverkan. Det kan exempelvis handla om att bedöma tillförlitligheten hos en teknisk konstruktion eller hur överlevnadstiden påverkas av en viss behandling.
Vid institutionen bedrivs forskning inom datorintensiva metoder, spatial statistik, signal- och bildanalys, tillförlitlighetsteori samt livslängdsanalys. Institutionen för matematisk statistik ansvarar tillsammans med matematik och datavetenskap för utbildnings-programmet i tillämpad matematik.
Gör ditt val här: »Startsida Aktuellt Om Umeå Universitet Organisation Student i Umeå Utbildning Forskning Samarbeta med oss Utbildningskatalog Personalkatalog Universitetsbiblioteket BildMuseet
Umeå universitet

Teknisk Naturvetenskaplig Fakultet

Institutionen för Matematisk statistik
Presentation ... För våra anställda Genvägar Kursutbud Länkar Seminarier Bibliotek ... Vinterkonferens 2004 Institutionen för Matematisk Statistik Umeå universitet Informationen kontrollerades den 08 mars 2004 Ansvarig för sidan: Postadress: 901 87 Umeå Tel: 090-786 52 25 Fax: 090-786 76 58 E-post:

32. Stat Labs Home Page
STAT LABS mathematical statistics Through Applications.
STAT LABS: Mathematical Statistics
Through Applications
Index to site
Stat Labs How to Use Stat Labs ... Errata
Stat Labs integrates the theory of statistics with the practice of statistics through a collection of case studies, which we call labs. Each lab introduces a problem, provides some scientific background, suggests investigations for the data, and provides a summary of the theory used in the investigations. Our philosophy of teaching statistics through case studies is described in a recent article appearing in The American Statistician, Vol. 53, No. 4, pp 370-376 We have collected our labs into a text for advanced introductory statistics courses. A sample chapter, Maternal Smoking and Infant Health , can be found at this web site along with ideas on how to use our text in a course. This web site provides the data used in Stat Labs , and answers to our students' frequently asked questions on how to use S-plus and R to analyze these data. To Order: Stat Labs: Mathematical Statistics through Applications can be purchased in paperback from Springer-Verlag for $34.95.
Stat Labs How to Use Stat Labs ... contact Deb Nolan and Terry Speed last updated on March 21, 2000.

33. Dept Of Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics
mathematical statistics Group. The mathematical statistics group at Uppsala University belongs to the Department of Mathematics.
Mathematical Statistics Home Staff Seminar Research ... Mathematical Statistics
Uppsala University
Department of Mathematics
Mathematical Statistics Group
The Mathematical Statistics group at Uppsala University belongs to the Department of Mathematics . The group has approximately 20 employees. The department is situated at Polacksbacken, Uppsala. We have research in many areas of mathematical statistics and probability theory.
Mailing address: Box 480, S-751 06 Uppsala, Sweden
Visiting address: Polacksbacken , building 3
Phone: (+4618) 471 32 00
Fax: (+4618) 471 32 01
Robert Parviainen
Last updated: 2003-01-08

34. Peter Bickel
Other recent papers. Some are also available by FTP mathematical statistics Second Edition v. 1 by Peter J. Bickel and Kjell Doksum. Errata
Peter Bickel Dept of Statistics
367 Evans Hall
Berkeley, CA 94710-3860 Phone
Recent Papers
Papers that are available in the Department Tech Report web site
Efficient Independent Component Analysis

A new methodology for evaluating incident detection algorithms

The Histogram Method for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models

Posted on The Mathematics Preprint Server PDF
PostScript ... PDF
An Edgeworth expansion for the m out of n bootstrapped median.

472. Karl Petty, Peter Bickel, Jiming Jiang, Michael Ostland, John Rice, Ya'cov Ritov, Frederic Schoenberg (August 1996)
Accurate estimation of travel times from single-loop detectors

Closure of linear processes

PostScript Abstract PostScript ... PostScript
Inference in Hidden Markov Models I: Local Asymptotic Normality in the Stationary Case
Abstract PostScript
Other recent papers
Some are also available by FTP
Mathematical Statistics Second Edition v. 1 by Peter J. Bickel and Kjell Doksum
Problems 2003 (Username and password required)
STAT 210A (Fall 2003)
Spring 2003 Neyman Seminar (Statistics 278B)
STAT 210B (Spring 2003)
Personal stuff
Look at the photo of family reunion smaller version) Photo of Zack and Nana

35. AU Department Of Mathematics And Statistics - Program And Course Info
Programs in mathematical statistics and applied statistics.
you need frames. sorry.

36. 20th Nordic Conference On Mathematical Statistics
The Nordic Conference on mathematical statistics (NORDSTAT) is a biennial meeting for statisticians and probabilists from the countries in Northern Europe.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Jyväskylä
Finnish Statistical Society The Nordic Conference on Mathematical Statistics (NORDSTAT) is a biennial meeting for statisticians and probabilists from the countries in Northern Europe. NORDSTAT also welcomes participants from countries outside Scandinavia, in particular from our close neighbours in the Baltic states. The official language at all sessions of this international conference is English. The focus is on recent research in the Nordic countries, but we are also very happy to announce that the conference will be attended by a few specially invited guests from overseas. The SJS Prize is to be awarded for the best paper presented by a young statistician in the conference. This paper is to be published in a forthcoming issue of Scandinavian Journal of Statistics Useful information (in PDF) Timetable is available here Registration ... Venue

37. Mathematical Statistics
Ingenta all issues Bernoulli Journal of Mathematical user name. password. remember me. enter. Athens click here to login via Athens. Bernoulli Journal of mathematical statistics and Probability,
Mathematical Sciences Matemathical statistics Matemathics Computational Matemathics ...
Department of Mathematical Statistics Education Undergraduate studies, Chalmers (in Swedish)
Undergraduate studies, GU
(in Swedish)
Graduate studies

Activities Research
Stochastic Centre


Current Internal information (in Swedish)
The Statistics Seminar


The weekly announcements
(in Swedish) The coffee list Services Library Computer support Consulting unit (in Swedish) Porter's Office (in Swedish) People Secretaries and Directors of Studies Faculty and Graduate students Guests Postal address Department of Mathematical Statistics Chalmers University of Technology SWEDEN Visiting address Eklandagatan 86 Phone Fax Last modified 2004-03-05 by John Gustafsson

38. Rubriek: 31.73 Mathematical Statistics
Rubriek 31.73 mathematical statistics. Link , American Statistical Association (Amstat online) / American Statistical Association (ASA).
Rubriek: 31.73 mathematical statistics
American Statistical Association (Amstat online) / American Statistical Association (ASA) Guide to available mathematical software (GAMS) / National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) HyperStat Online Textbook / David M. Lane Institute of Statistics and Decision Science ... Zipf's law

39. STAT710-Shao(Spring 2000)
Textbook for STAT 709710 mathematical statistics. Instructor Teaching Assistant Prof. Jun Shao, Wang, Hansheng. CSSC 4385, CSSC 4257.
Textbook for STAT 709-710: Mathematical Statistics
Instructor: Teaching Assistant:
Prof. Jun Shao Wang, Hansheng CSSC 4385 CSSC 4257
  • Preface " April, 2003
  • A list of corrections " December, 2003
  • 40. IMI. 8th Vilnius Conf.
    8th International Vilnius Meeting. Vilnius, Lithuania; 2329 June 2002.
    The 8th International


    June 23-29, 2002
    For three decades the International Vilnius Meetings on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics have provided an important event for our science. The meeting will follow the well established pattern of Vilnius Conferences with a few plenary talks and sessions on important subfields. The conference will provide a forum for the international exchange of knowledge among scientists and give an impulse for international relations between participants, statistical societies and other official and non-official organizations.
      Honorary Patron of the Conference - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas ADAMKUS
      The Conference is supported by the government of the Republic of Lithuania.
      The Conference is being organized under the auspicies of the International Statistical Institute
    Contents of Information
  • Honorary Organizing Committee
  • Organizing Institutions
  • Programme Committee
  • Organizing Committee ...
  • List of participants
  • Foto exhibition: Room 1. Sessions
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