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  1. A First Course in Harmonic Analysis (Universitext) by Anton Deitmar, 2005-03-09
  2. Introduction To Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB with CD-ROM(Mathematics) (Computer Science) (Mathematics) by Rizwan, Ph.D. Butt, 2007-10-15

141. O R Systems Pty Ltd: Mathematical & Statistical Services
Offers economic analysis, mathematical modeling, operations research, statistical analysis and survey design. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Includes contact information.

142. Centre For Mathematical Sciences, Lund University
Research and education in mathematics, mathematical statistics, and numerical analysis.
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics NF Faculty of Science Mathematics LTH Lund Institute of Technology ... Numerical Analysis Education
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Engineering Mathematics
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Events Seminars Conferences General information Open Positions Location of the Centre Search our web pages Local help pages Groups Bioinformatics Group Dynamical Systems and Rigorous Mathematical Physics Mathematical Imaging Group Spatial Statistics Group ... Lund Mathematical Society Visitors address : Sölvegatan 18, Lund Address : Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Box 118, SE-22100, Lund, Sweden Internal postal system Last updated: March 15, 2004 Anders Johansson ( Finn Lindgren ( Lars Vretare (

143. INI Programme MUC
Isaac Newton Institute for mathematical Sciences, Cambridge; 23 July to 10 August 2001.
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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Managing Uncertainty
23 Jul10 Aug 2001 Organisers : Professor P Embrechts ( Zurich ), Dr WJ Fitzgerald ( Cambridge ), Dr DJ Goodman ( British Antartic Survey ), Professor RL Smith ( North Carolina
Programme theme
Corporations and governments are making risk decisions based on perceptions of extreme values. Frequently these decisions are taken with an inadequate framework for handling low probability, high severity events drawn from non-stationary time series. These problems are very diverse and range from analysis of the stability of the UK economy, corporate governance issues, to the reinsurance purchase of a major insurer. Forecasts of future events must take into account possible changes in the structure of the underlying time series, including the possible impact of global changes in the environment. This Short Programme will bring together mathematicians, statisticians, economists and environmental scientists who specialise in the analysis of financial, economic and environmental data. Particular attention is paid to mathematical models and statistical prediction tools for extreme events, and for nonstationarity. Specific problems include the estimation of Value at Risk in nonstationary time series, the development of alternative "measures of risk", incorporation of model uncertainty into statistical calculations, and the extensions of multivariate time series.

144. IMA: Infectious Diseases
Cardiff University, Wales; 1113 September 2001.
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Branches ... Contact Us Site Info Downloads Page reviewed: 11/09/01 Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Diseases 11-13 September 2001 Cardiff University, UK This event will meet the requirements of the IMA Continuing Professional Development Scheme. IMA Conference Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Diseases To be held at the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University 11 – 13 September 2001 Final Programme All presentations take place in the Mathematics Institute, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff Tuesday, 11th September 2001 11.30am   Registration      Room M/0.37        Mathematics Institute 12.30pm   Lunch                Cyber-Café            Mathematics Institute

145. Bmc2004_welcome
56th British mathematical Colloquium conjointly with the 17th Annual Meeting of the Irish mathematical Society. Special Sessions Noncommutative functional analysis; Combinatorics. Department of Pure Mathematics, Queen's University Belfast, UK; 58 April 2004.

146. Center For Statistical Ecology And Environmental Statistics
Broad research areas of the Center relate to statistical ecology, environmental statistics, and quantitative risk analysis, with emphasis on mathematical statistics, statistical methodology, and data interpretation and improvement for future use. The adopted approach is to advance statistics for environment, ecology, and environmental health, and to advance environmental and ecological theory and practice using valid statistics. (Pennsylvania State University, USA).

147. Industrial Mathematical Solutions
Industrial mathematical consultancy, including detailed examples of numerical analysis.
We will provide you with a quick, reliable assessment of any mathematical difficulties you may have, whether they are based in business, science, engineering, finance, modelling or any other area. Simply provide us with a clear definition of the problem faced, and an indication of the information available. We will then tell you whether the problem, as posed, is solvable. If it is not, we will try to work with you to present the problem in a form amenable to mathematical representation and solution.
As examples of the kind of standard of solution which you can expect from us, we have prepared some original mathematical analyses of some problems for you to look at. These show the clarity of expression and efficiency of solution which we will apply to the tasks you set us. Perhaps these will even help you become aware of a wider selection of mathematical tools available. These are taken from a diverse range of fields and vary from the small-scale to the large. We are happy to help with any problem, however bizarre, commonplace, big or small.

148. Mathematical Modeling And Analysis
mathematical Modeling and analysis. T7 group's staff members, research, and employment opportunities in applied math, mathematical physics, and numerical analysis.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Lab Home Phone Search Mathematical Modeling and Analysis T-7 Home
T-7 Misson
The Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group (T-7) combines the strengths of applied mathematicians, mathematical physicists and numerical analysts to derive, analyze and solve mathematical models of complex problems. Its mission is to conduct forefront basic and applied research in mathematical modeling and analysis, provide theoretical leadership and support for the Laboratory and other programs of national interest, and to furnish an effective interface with academic science. In accordance with this mission, T-7 maintains its multidisciplinary, but highly mathematically oriented character, by supporting a strong applied research effort that is grounded in basic research. The applied mathematicians in T-7 have made substantial contributions in solving large systems of linear and nonlinear equations, in the theory, and numerical solution nonlinear partial differential equations, in modeling the long-time predictability of ocean dynamics, in nonlinear optical transmission lines, in the applications of wavelets and homogenization to multiscale problems, and in deriving mathematical models for disease transmission. Operated by the University of California for the National Nuclear Security Administration of the US

149. Chengchun Hao's HomePage
Chinese Academy of Sciences. Partial Differential Equations and mathematical Physics in particular, SchroedingerPoisson systems, Schroedinger equations, Hartree equations and harmonic analysis.

150. Home Page
A group of mathematical, physical, chemical, biophysical and biomedical researchers focused on the development of computational techniques for the analysis of polypeptides.

151. MathPro, Inc. - Energy Economics - Applied Optimization
Specializes in the practical application of mathematical programming to economic analysis, planning, public policy, and decision support.

Welcome to MathPro Inc.'s Web site. We hope you find it interesting and useful, and we appreciate your interest in our firm. Overview Math Pro Inc. is a small consulting firm specializing in energy economics, with a particularly strong capability in technical and economic analysis of the petroleum refining industry. The firm, founded in 1990, is recognized for sound, independent analysis of refining economics . We have earned special recognition as a source of objective and widely-accepted estimates of the refining costs and investment requirements associated with federal and state clean fuels programs (including gasoline sulfur control, diesel fuel sulfur control (ULSD), oxygenated gasoline, federal RFG, California RFG, and other state programs). MathPro's principals, Dave Hirshfeld and Jeff Kolb , have extensive experience in the analysis of oil refining technology and economics. They have carried out dozens of studies - for public and private sector clients - of regulatory, economic, and technical issues involving the refining industry in the U.S. and various parts of the world. Our experience and advanced computing capabilities enable us to conduct rigorous analyses, often on a "quick response" basis.

152. Reviews In Mathematical Physics
Fills the need for a review journal in the field, publishing introductory and survey papers for mathematical physicists, and mathematicians and theoretical physicists interested in interdisciplinary topics. Topics include gauge fields, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, dynamical systems, functional analysis, and interactions between theoretical physics and pure mathematics.

153. Home Page Of The MLAB Mathematical And Statistical Modeling Software
Makers of MLAB mathematical and Statistical Modeling System for research, exploration, and scientific data analysis, including ODE models.
Welcome to Civilized Software's Home Page (WWW.CIVILIZED.COM)
We are the developers of MLAB, an advanced mathematical and statistical modeling system. MLAB is an ideal tool for mathematical and statistical exploration, and for solving simulation and modeling problems such as chemical kinetics, pharmacological compartmental models, multiple site ligand binding, neurophysiological modeling, and ultracentrifuge models, to name just a few. MLAB is especially designed to handle differential equation models. There are versions of MLAB for PC (DOS,Windows3.1,Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux), Macintosh PPC(OS 8.x, OS 9, OS X-classic mode), older Motorola Macintosh systems, SGI, and NeXT (Motorola, Intel, and HP) platforms. Data Analysis and Modeling Services are also available! Contact: "Much of the joy of science is the joy of solid work done by skilled workmen. ... There is a great satisfaction in building good tools for other people to use. ... The essential factor which keeps the scientific enterprise healthy is a shared respect for quality. Everybody can take pride in quality, and we expect rough treatment from our colleagues when we produce something shoddy." - Freeman Dyson, Disturbing the Universe.
Descriptive material plus a collection of technical reports showing the application of MLAB are available. Please take a look at whatever you wish from the selections offered below. Especially note the Technical Application Notes and Examples!

154. MICROMORPH, Mathematical Morphology Software
Contains image analysis software package based on mathematical morphology.
Version / Release 1.4
Centre de Morphologie Mathématique
Ecole des Mines de Paris Armines Transvalor
Dernière mise à jour / Last update: 1er Mars/March 1st, 2002

155. Forbidden
Stock analysis using a 300 point mathematical model, past performance and future growth potential.
You do not have permission to access the requested file on this server.

156. Dipartimento Di Informatica - Università Di Torino
Department of Informatics. Research groups concentrate on knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, databases and information systems, decision making models and management systems, informatic technology, linear programming, integer linear programming, game theory, logic programming and automated reasoning, mathematical logic, performance analysis, modelling in biology and medicine, cooperative systems, multidimensional signal processing, security and computer networks, semantics and logics of computation.
phone number
Il Dipartimento di Informatica aderisce allo STATO DI AGITAZIONE
HowToReachUs People ... University home Administrator: wwwadm[at] Last update: 29 Apr 2004

157. Lord Kelvin And The Age Of The Earth
mathematical details of Lord Kelvin's young earth calculation, from a course in applied fourier analysis.

158. David W. Boyd
University of British Columbia. analysis, number theory and mathematical computation. Selected publications, workshop and course information.
David W. Boyd
  • Position: Professor
  • Background: B.Sc., Carleton University (1963)
    • M.A., University of Toronto (1964)
    • Ph.D., University of Toronto (1966)
    • F.R.S.C.
  • Office Location: Mathematics Building, 200
  • Office Telephone: (604) 822-4457
  • Email Address:
  • Department Telephone: (604) 822-2666; Fax: (604) 822-6074
Research Interests
Analysis, Number Theory and Mathematical Computation
Research in Progress
Another project which combines number theory and computation is the search from polynomials whose coefficients are all either +1 or -1 and which vanish to high order at the point x = 1. Such polynomials are used in the design of notch filters in antenna theory. We have determined the smallest degree possible for each order of vanishing up to m = 7 and lower bounds on the degree in terms of m for larger values of m.
Selected Publications

159. SISSA - Home Page
Sectors include mathematical physics, functional analysis and statistical mechanics.
Topics: Information Sectors Phonebook SISSA / ISAS
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
International School for Advanced Studies

via Beirut 4 - 34014 Trieste - Italy
Phone: +39-040-378711 Fax:+39-040-3787528
It is with great sorrow that we have to communicate the sudden death of Prof. De nnis Sciama. His death leaves a vacuum at SISSA that will be extremely difficult to fill considering his scientific stature and warm and generous personality.
It is with great sorrow that we have to communicate the sudden death of Prof. Dennis Sciama. His death leaves a vacuum at SISSA that will be extremely difficult to fill considering his scientifica stature and warm and generous personality.
Welcome to the W3 home page of SISSA in Trieste, one of Italy's leading centers for higher learning and research. In this site you will find a wide variety of information about the organization of the school, its curricula, research facilities, central services as well as links to local, national and international communities. SISSA is the home of: JHEP , the first electronic, refereed journal of High Energy Physics, and BABBAGE , the electronic preprint mirror archive for Europe and maintains also a SCHOOL IN SCIENCE COMMUNICATION providing a Master to the selected students.

160. EMS - European Mathematical Society Publishing House | Interfaces And Free Bound
(EMS) mathematical modelling, analysis and computation of interfaces and free boundary problems. Full text online to subscribers.
Mathematical Modelling Analysis and Computation
Interfaces and Free Boundaries is dedicated to the mathematical modelling, analysis and computation of interfaces and free boundary problems in all areas where such phenomena are pertinent. The journal aims to be a forum where mathematical analysis, partial differential equations, modelling, scientific computing and the various applications which involve mathematical modelling meet. Submissions should, ideally, emphasize the combination of theory and application.
Current Issue

All Issues

The journal Interfaces and Free Boundaries is distributed online by the
American Mathematical Society
for the European Mathematical Society
Online ISSN 1463-9971; Print ISSN 1463-9963

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