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         Lie Algebra:     more books (100)
  1. Invariant Measures for Unitary Groups Associated to Kac-Moody Lie Algebras (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Doug Pickrell, 2000-07
  2. Lie Groups and Lie Algebras: E.B. Dynkin's Seminar (American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2)
  3. Lie Algebras with Triangular Decompositions by Robert V. Moody, Arturo Pianzola, 1995-04
  4. Algebraic Integrability, Painlevé Geometry and Lie Algebras (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 3. Folge / A Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics) by Mark Adler, Pierre van Moerbeke, et all 2004-10-15
  5. Free Lie Algebras (London Mathematical Society Monographs New Series) by Christophe Reutenauer, 1993-06-10
  6. An Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) by Alexander Kirillov, 2008-06-30
  7. Mirror Geometry of Lie Algebras, Lie Groups and Homogeneous Spaces (Mathematics and Its Applications) by Lev V. Sabinin, 2004-10-14
  8. Lie Groups and Lie Algebras I: Foundations of Lie Theory : Lie Transformation Groups (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences)
  9. Simplicity of General Kac-Moody Lie AlgebrasMSRI03922-88 by O Mathieu, 1988
  10. Lie Algebras Graded by the Root Systems BC$_r$, $r\geq 2$ by Bruce N. Allison, Georgia Benkart, et all 2002-07-01
  11. Non-Abelian Minimal Closed Ideals of Transitive Lie Algebras (Mathematical Notes) by Jack F. Conn, 1980-03
  12. Semisimple graded Lie algebras. by Abraham (1918-2001) & Vladimir RITTENBERG (b. 1934). PAIS, 1975
  13. Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebra, 51 (Pure and Applied Mathematics (Academic Pr)) (Pure and Applied Mathematics (Academic Pr)) by Arthur A. Sagle, R. Walde, 1986-08-28
  14. Structure of the Level One Standard Modules for the Affine Lie Algebras Blp (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Marly Mandia, 1987-01

81. Re: Lie Algebras And Exponential Mapping By Arnold Neumaier
lie algebra of matrices, but the bracket is defined in a nonstandard way for a certain basis X,Y,Z the brackets are X,Y = 0 Y,Z = Y X,Z
Re: Lie algebras and exponential mapping by Arnold Neumaier
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Subject: Re: Lie algebras and exponential mapping Author: Organization: University of Vienna Date: The Math Forum

82. Project: Oneindig-dimensionale Lie Algebra's En Bäcklund Transformaties (NIWI)
Project Oneindigdimensionale lie algebra s en Bäcklund transformaties. switch to en. Titel-Eng, Infinite-dimensional lie algebras and Bäcklund transformations.
Login NIWI (nl) Onderzoek Informatie NOD - Nederlandse Onderzoek Databank ... Powered by from "Project: Oneindig-dimens..." entire NIWI site (nl)
Titel-Eng Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and Bäcklund transformations Samenvatting-Eng Looptijd Betrokken organisaties
Betrokken personen
  • : zuiver-wetenschappelijk onderzoek : algebra, groepentheorie : functies, differentiaalvergelijkingen
Leverancier gegevens: NWO
NOD pagina
Last modified: 30-03-2004 00:00

A summer school for students in number theory, algebra and algebraic geometry. Sophus lie Conference Center, Nordfjordeid, Norway; 1620 August 2004.
16.-20. August 2004
Sophus Lie Conference Center, Nordfjordeid, Norway
Don Zagier (MPI, Bonn)
Organizing committee:
Program: The summer school is particularly aimed at students in number theory, algebra and algebraic geometry.
The course will consist of three intertwined lecture series, "Elliptic modular forms and their applications" (Don Zagier)
"Hilbert modular forms and their applications" (Jan Bruinier)
"Siegel modular forms and their applications" (Gerard van der Geer) The first of these will treat the classical one-variable theory and some of its many applications in number theory (representations of numbers by quadratic forms, irrationality and transcendence results, moments of periodic functions, ...), algebraic geometry (counting of coverings of curves), and mathematical physics (appearance of modular forms in percolation theory, string theory, etc.) The second, which has a more geometric flavor, will give an introduction to the theory of Hilbert modular forms in two variables (i.e., over real quadratic fields), the geometry of Hilbert modular surfaces, and to Borcherds products and the Borcherds lifting. The third will give an introduction to Siegel modular forms (both scalar- and vector-valued) and present a beautiful application to the theory of curves of finite fields (Harder's conjecture).

84. College Halfenkelvoudige Lie-algebra's
College Halfenkelvoudige liealgebra s, april - mei 2000. Een ander computer algebra package geheel gewijd aan lie-berekeningen is lie.
College Halfenkelvoudige Lie-algebra's, april - mei 2000
(Course on semisimple Lie algebras, April-May 2000) Dit is een onderdeel van het kernvak Lie-groepen , maar kan ook onafhankelijk daarvan worden gevolgd. bestemd voor : derdejaars-studenten wiskunde; ook interessant voor studenten theoretische natuurkunde. docent T.H. Koornwinder (email boek : J.E. Humphreys, Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory Springer , Corrected 7th printing, 1997, ISBN 3-540-90053-5.
De boekhandel heeft als prijs genoemd 105 gulden. Levertijd is ca. 3 weken. aanvang college : maandag 3 april, 13.15-15.00 uur, zaal P.015A, gebouw Euclides , Plantage Muidergracht 24, Amsterdam Data en tijden van college (kan in overleg eventueel veranderd worden):
maandag en woensdag, 13.15-15.00 uur, zaal P.015A.
Data: 3, 5, 10, 12, 19, 24, 26 april, 8. 10, 15, 17 mei
Vanaf 10 april zal er op maandag van 15 tot 16 uur bovendien een vraagstukkenuur zijn in zaal P.016. Inhoud van het college : algemeenheden over Lie-algebra's; halfenkelvoudige Lie-algebra's; wortelsystemen en gewichtenroosters; representaties van halfenkelvoudige Lie-algebra's. Voorkennis : Lineaire algebra, enige algebra

85. WNS
FRANS CANTRIJN liegroepen en liealgebra’s optievak licenties wiskunde en 2e licentie natuurkunde.

86. Linear Algebraic Groups And Related Structures
Including Azumaya Algebras, Algebras with Involutions, Brauer Groups, Quadratic and Hermitean Forms, Witt Rings, lie and Jordan Algebras, Homogeneous Varieties. DVI, PS, PDF (~80 items).
Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures
Preprint Server
This preprint server is intended to be a forum of the recent development of the theory of Linear Algebraic Groups over Arbitrary Fields and its "Related Structures" , like Azumaya Algebras, Algebras with Involutions, Brauer Groups, Quadratic and Hermitean Forms, Witt Rings, Lie and Jordan Algebras, Homogeneous Varieties Some related manuscripts are to be found on
K-theory Preprint Archives
and Homology, Homotopy and Applications
Related Address:
EU Network: Algebraic K-Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures
Instructions for Readers and Authors
The Preprints:
Louis Rowen, Alexandre Sivatski, Jean-Pierre Tignol:
Division Algebras Over Rational Function Fields in One Variable (24 p.)
(2004, May 24) Abstract 1 k, dvi.gz 35 k, dvi 86 k, ps.gz 735 k, pdf.gz 204 k, pdf 233 k Venkata Balaji, Thiruvalloor Eesanaipaadi:
Degenerations of Rank 3 Quadratic Bundles and Rank 4 Azumaya Bundles over Schemes - Dedicated to Professor Martin Kneser (32 p.)
(2004, May 4)

87. H.A.N.D.L.E.M.E.D.O.W.N. Musik & Movie Fanzine

88. CompHEP For MS Win9x/NT

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