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  1. Ionic Crystals, Lattice Defects and Nonstoichiometry. by N N Greenwood, 1968
  2. Introduction to Lattice Dynamics by Ajoy Kumar Ghatak, L.S. Kothari, 1972-12
  3. Theory and Applications of Coupled Map Lattices (Nonlinear Science) by Kunihiko Kaneko, 1993-03
  4. Physics and application of semiconductor super lattice by The Physical Society of Japan, 1984
  5. Group analysis of classical lattice systems (Lecture notes in physics) by C Gruber, 1977
  6. Interatomic Potentials and Simulation of Lattice Defects
  7. Positive Definite Unimodular Lattices With Trivial Automorphism Groups (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Etsuko Bannai, 1990-05
  8. Crystal Lattice Defects and Dislocation Dynamics by Robert A. Vardanian, 2000-06
  9. Coherent Inelastic Neutron Scattering in Lattice Dynamics (Springer tracts in modern physics) by Bruno Dorner, 1982-04
  10. Integral Quadratic Forms and Lattices: Proceedings of the International Conference on Integral Quadratic Forms and Lattices, June 15-19, 1998, Seoul National ... University, Korea (Contemporary Mathematics) by China) International Conference on Advances in Structural Dynamics (2000 : Hong Kong, 1999-11
  11. The 2007 Import and Export Market for Iron or Steel Towers and Lattice Masts in Netherlands by Parker, Philip M., 2006-11-21
  12. The 2007 Import and Export Market for Iron or Steel Towers and Lattice Masts in Italy by Parker, Philip M., 2006-11-21
  13. Vector Lattices and Integral Operators (Mathematics and Its Applications)
  14. Continuous Lattices

121. Welcome To SouthernMonopole
Engineering and manufacturing of steel Monopole and lattice utility structures for electrical distribution, transmission, and communication industries. Processes, projects, and contact information.
Welcome to !
We are the premier source for a complete steel supply package. Our modern 240,000 sq uare foot state -of-the-art facility near Birmingham, Alabama is equipped to produce everything you need in steel. Monopoles for electrical transmission and cellular communications, conventional utility towers, and structural steel for electrical substations are all manufactured efficiently and simultaneously . Our experienced sales force can help you with product specifications. Our project managers will insure that your job is delivered on or ahead of schedule, from shop drawings through on-site delivery. We pride ourselves on our 'no surprises' customer satisfaction. The Quality Assurance Department will make sure that all materials and processes meet or exceed specifications and that required traceability and documentation is maintained. Our staff of capable fabricators will build it right, the first time. Please look through the pages here in our website to see our facility, our

122. EBulletin - Lattice Of Value - Designing Products For Self-growth
the lattice of value. designing for the lattice of value. Let s imagine we arethinking of producing a tool to help web developers create site maps.
e Bulletin Alan Dix (vfridge limited, aQtive limited and Lancaster University) the lattice of value - designing products for self-growth download PDF version on this bulletin (110K)
In 1998 some colleagues and I were working on the business plan for aQtive, subsequently funded by 3i. As we considered at our product range and marketing budget, we realised that traditional marketing was too expensive and we looked for ways in which our products could 'market themselves'. One of the results of this was the 'lattice of value' a way of looking at products to both assess how well suited they are to self-growth and how they can be modified to improve their ability to grow. This theme was followed up later within aQtive in the modelling and analysis of market ecology
One of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon is telephone use. The first user of the first telephone has no value from it (apart from it being a hi-tech ornament) as there is no one to call. The millionth telephone customer has far greater value as there are 999,999 existing telephone owners to talk to! Furthermore the first telephone user now has a more valuable product because others have bought telephones too. Figure 1. critical mass

123. Digital Systems Lab Report
Features programming a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) using the lattice ispDesignEXPERT Starterkit with an development board, the ispDesignEXPERT software to design in ABEL and with schematics.
Introduction In the first semester of the Digital Systems Lab course we have dealt with programming a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) using the Lattice ispDesignEXPERT Starter-kit with an development board, the ispDesignEXPERT software to design in ABEL and with schematics, and the ispVM (version 9.x) software to download the design into CPLDs on the development board. We have installed the software and hardware needed for the experiments and made a few applications related to theoretical aspects studied in the Introduction to Digital Systems Course.
Lattice ispDesignEXPERT Starter-kit Move the mouse cursor over different components in the image to find out more about them.

124. Index Of LATTICE Language Links
LINKS TO LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTIC SITES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. Here is a listof Web sites relating to languages, linguistics, and many related topics.
Here is a list of Web sites relating to languages, linguistics, and many related topics. These have been collected from many sources, from the Internet, colleagues, the Web, and books and journals. We are always interested in obtaining more sites for inclusion into this list. If readers know of more, please contact us on the address listed below. Because the number of links has grown substantially, we have split the links page into several new pages, which should assist in faster loading. All the sites worked at the time of posting. If you find a URL that isn't working, or sites that are closed, please contact us at: Peter White
The University of Queensland, Qld 4072
Tel: +61 7 3365 6893; Fax: +61 7 3365 7077
Click on any one of the items and go to the sites
the NLLIA Home Page GO TO the CLTR Home Page
Peter White
For problems regarding this World Wide Web site, send email to:

125. Horse Jumps By Jumps Of Course
Offer a wide range of products from custom designed standards to intricate lattice pillars. Designs, photos and prices. Temecula, California.

Cavalite (TM)
Info Higher standards lower prices Photos ... Full Courses
Horse jumping equipment is what we do. Jumps of Course offers horse jumps, equestrian jumps for show, training jumps, hurdles, standards, rails, gates, sponsored jumps, Grand Prix, and more... We are a California-based manufacturer and retailer of wood based horse jumps, obstacles, schooling standards, cavaletti, jump cups, and rails We provide top-quality, appealing horse-jumping products Quality Horse Jumps at affordable prices since 1989 Call Toll Free (888)-NEW-JUMP Temecula, CA Please click here for more information, designs and photos. OUR PRICE LIST OUR PHOTO ALBUM Thank you for visiting our Web Site. Our jumps are designed for trainers, horse show managers, equestrian centers as well as personal facilities. We offer a wide range of products from custom designed standards to intricate lattice. Quality and craftsmanship are evident in our products for the hunter/jumper industry from schooling to Grand Prix for jumping horses, equine jumps, equestrian jumps, and show jumping. Call today so we can design a course for you. SaddleRight This site is a member of WebRing.

126. Veeco Learning Center - Lattice Parameters And Bandgap Data
lattice PARAMETER AND BANDGAP DATA. lattice Constants, Energy Gaps,and Physical Properties Material System. Element or Compound. Name.
PRODUCTS SUPPORT ABOUT INVESTORS ... REQUEST INFO Country: Europe Japan GO LATTICE PARAMETER AND BANDGAP DATA Lattice Constants, Energy Gaps, and Physical Properties Material System Element or Compound Name Crystal Structure Lattice Constant (A) at 300 K Band Gap (ev) at 300 K Band IV C Carbon (diamond) D I Ge Germanium D I Si Silicon D I Sn Grey Tin D D IV-IV SiC Silicon carbide W a = 3.086,
c= 15.117 I III-V AlAs Aluminum arsenide Z I AlP Aluminum phosphide Z AlSb Aluminum antimonide Z I BN Boron nitride Z I BP Boron phosphide Z GaAs Gallium arsenide Z D GaN Gallium nitride W a = 3.189,
c = 5.185 GaP Gallium phosphide Z I GaSb Gallium antimonide Z D InAs Indium arsenide Z D InP Indium phosphide Z D InSb Indium antimonide Z D II-VI CdS Cadmium sulfide Z D CdS Cadmium sulfide W a = 4.16,
c = 6.756 D CdSe Cadmium selenide Z D CdTe Cadmium telluride Z D ZnO Zinc oxide R D ZnS Zinc sulfide Z D ZnS Zinc sulfide W a = 3.82,
c = 6.26 D ZnSe Zinc selenide Z D ZnTe Zinc telluride Z D IV-VI PbS Lead sulfide R I PbSe Lead selenide R I PbTe Lead telluride R I 1. D = Diamond, W = Wurzite, Z = Zincblende, R = Rock Salt

127. Witamy W Sklepie Internetowym FH AMPROG
mikrokontrolery Pic Microchip, AVR Atmel, 89C51 , układy programowalne Xilinx, lattice, Altera, multimetry, sprzęt lutowniczy, pamięci , kompilatory, programatory Elnec, RKSystem. Możliwość sprowadzania układ³w na zam³wienie.

128. Lattice Group :: Web Development Specialists ::
Who We Are Our Services Portfolio Products Employment Opportunities Contact Us.

129. Institute Of Mathematical Problems Of Biology Quantum-mechanical Systems
The Institute, part of the Russian Academy of Sciences, works on longrange electron transfer in DNA and proteins, bipolarons, and the dynamics of a crystal lattice with defects.

130. Amethystine Lattice
Since 2002.7.15 Last up 2004.1.19 Chinese Only ?, Enter list ++ previous +?+
Since 2002.7.15
Last up :
Chinese Only


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131. Benjamin Canals Home Page
Researcher in the Louis N©el Laboratory, belonging to the CNRS site of Grenoble, France. Research interests Kondo lattice systems; High dimensionnal spin liquid; Mesoscopic systems; Small magnetic systems; Self Organized critical systems; Magnetism in quasicrystals; Molecular magnetism.
Personnal Information

Pics and Trips

Miscellanous Links
Scientific Activity

My Colleagues

Scientific Sites
Max-Planck (Dresden)
Max-Planck (Halle)

Landau Institute

Joseph Fourier University
Princeton Physics Department
CNRS Sites
CNRS France CNRS Grenoble
System Mirrors for RedHat
Web Sites Construction
I am a researcher in the Laboratory, belonging to the CNRS site of Grenoble (France).
You can contact me at Tel. : Fax : Address : Benjamin Canals 25, Avenue des Martyrs - BP166 38042 GRENOBLE CEDEX 9 FRANCE

132. Lattice From FOLDOC
lattice. mathematics, logic that name. See also complete lattice, domaintheory. FOLDOC. 200103-16 . Try this search on OneLook / Google.

133. ClusterExpansion
This site gives an introduction to a program package that enables to calculate zero temperature cluster expansions for various quantum lattice models. A special emphasis lies on the handling of the large number of clusters which is a complex combinatorical problem in itself.
Welcome to the world of
S. Trebst, H. Monien and N. Elstner
We have implemented a completely object oriented program for generating series expansions for quantum lattice models. A special effort was made in programming easy to use data structures for the underlying clusters which include efficient cluster generation and subcluster enumeration. The algorithm was designed to optimize memory allocation in generating ground state expansions, operator expansions and effective hamiltonians, thus allowing to calculate high order expansions.
A primary goal of the implementation was to keep the general applicability of series expansions in the studies of quantum lattice problems. The package therefore makes no assumptions about the dimension of the underlying problem nor the type of lattice.
Simon Trebst
Last modified: Sat May 22 14:22:06 MET DST 1999

134. International Journal Of Modern Physics C
Covers Computational Physics, Physical Computation and related subjects. Publishes both review and research articles on the use of computers to advance knowledge in the physical sciences, and the use of physical analogies in computation. Topics include computer algebra, numerical simulation techniques, parallel and vector computers, lattice gauge theory, and algorithms.

135. E8 HyperDiamond Lattice
Tony Smith s Home Page. E8 HyperDiamond lattice. The E8 lattice is.The say D+n is a lattice packing if and only if n is even.
Tony Smith's Home Page
HyperDiamond Lattice
The E8 lattice is The 8-dimensional HyperDiamond lattice is made up of one hypercubic checkerboard D8 lattice plus another D8 shifted by a glue vector Conway and Sloane, in their book Sphere Packings, Lattices, and Groups (3rd edition, Springer, 1999), in chapter 4, section 7.3, pages 119-120) define a packing D+n is what David Finkelstein and I named a HyperDiamond lattice (although in odd dimensions it is technically only a packing and not a lattice). Conway and Sloane also say in chapter 4, section 7.1, page 117) that the lattice Dn is defined only for n greater than or equal to 3. To see what happens for n = 2, note that D2 should correspond to the Lie algebra Spin(4),which is reducible to Spin(3)xSpin(3) = SU(2)xSU(2) = Sp(1)xSp(1) = S3xS3, and is not an irreducible Lie algebra. The root lattice of D2 is two copies of the root lattice of SU(2), which is just a lattice of points uniformly distributed on a line. If you are to fit the two lines together, you have to specify the angle at which they intersect each other, and requiring "lattice structure" or consistency with complex number multiplication does NOT unambiguously determine that angle: it can be either

136. Time Travel And Modern Physics
Paradox, Cartesian product, closed timelike curves, partial Cauchy surface, acyclic lattice, glancing blow continuations, multiple wormhole traversals, equations and diagrams.
This is a file in the archives of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A B C D ... Z
Time Travel and Modern Physics
A Botched Suicide
Why Do Time Travel Suicides Get Botched?
prima facie
Topology and Constraints
Wheeler and Feynman (1949) were the first to claim that the fact that nature is continuous could be used to argue that causal influences from later events to earlier events, as are made possible by time travel, will not lead to paradox without the need for any constraints. Maudlin (1990) showed how to make their argument precise and more general, and argued that nonetheless it was not completely general. Imagine the following set-up. We start off having a camera with a black and white film ready to take a picture of whatever comes out of the time machine. An object, in fact a developed film, comes out of the time machine. We photograph it, and develop the film. The developed film is subsequently put in the time machine, and set to come out of the time machine at the time the picture is taken. This surely will create a paradox: the developed film will have the opposite distribution of black, white, and shades of gray, from the object that comes out of the time machine. For developed black and white films (i.e. negatives) have the opposite shades of gray from the objects they are pictures of. But since the object that comes out of the time machine is the developed film itself it we surely have a paradox.

137. 4-dim HyperDiamond Lattice
Tony Smith s Home Page. 4dim HyperDiamond lattice. by Surreal Numbers.The 4-dim HyperDiamond lattice is based on the D4 lattice.
Tony Smith's Home Page
4-dim HyperDiamond Lattice
Why did Feynman fail in his efforts to generalize to higher dimensions his successful 2=(1+1) dimensional Feynman Checkerboard? Conway and Sloane (in their book Sphere Packings, Lattices, and Groups, Third Edition, Springer 199) say on page 119: "... Formally we define Dn+ = Dn
The HyperDiamond Feynman Checkerboard model is based on the 4-dim HyperDiamond lattice and is a generalization of the (1+1)-dimensional Feynman Checkerboard
The Planck length is the fundamental lattice link scale in the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model According to John C. Baez and S. Jay Olson in their paper at gr-qc/0201030 "... Ng and van Dam have argued that quantum theory and general relativity give a lower bound delta L L^(1/3) L_P ^(2/3) on the uncertainty of any distance, where L is the distance to be measured and L_P is the Planck length. Their idea is roughly that to minimize the position uncertainty of a freely falling measuring device one must increase its mass, but if its mass becomes too large it will collapse to form a black hole. ... Amelino-Camelia has gone even further, arguing that delta L ... Relativistic limitations on the rod's rigidity, together with the constraint that its length exceeds its Schwarzschild radius, imply that zero-point fluctuations of the rod give an uncertainty delta L

138. Prof. Kaiser
University of Houston Mathematical logic, universal algebra, lattice theory and logic programming.
Klaus Kaiser
Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston Office: 607 PGH
Office Phone: (713)-743-3462 The easiest way to reach me is by sending me e-mail to . Students and UH colleagues should use my other e-mail: . You may also send me snail-mail via the Department of Mathematics, University of Houston, Houston, TX77204-3476. During Summer I, 2004, I will teach Math 4377, Linear Algebra and
Math 1330, Elementary Functions
I came to the University of Houston in 1969 with a degree from the University of Bonn. My main research interests are in Mathematical Logic, Universal Algebra, Lattice Theory and Logic Programming. Some of my papers, e.g., on quasi-universal and projective model classes are with Manfred Armbrust who retired from the University of Cologne. A paper on non-standard lattice theory is with two of my former Ph.D. students Mai Gehrke and Matt Insall . We had this paper dedicated to Abraham Robinson.
Since June 1996, I am the Managing Editor of the Houston Journal of Mathematics . I got quite interested in publishing issues: At the Satellite Conference on Electronic Information and Communication in Mathematics of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Beijing, August 2002

139. Harmonic Lattice Diagrams, (c) 1998 By Joseph L. Monzo
Harmonic lattice Diagrams. I illustrate here the 5Limit, 7-Limit, 9-Limit, 11-Limit,and 13-Limit Tonality Diamonds as represented by my lattice diagrams.
Deutsche Joe Monzo's Harmonic Lattice Diagrams
    The best way that I have discovered, to grasp as much harmonic information as possible in a just-intonation musical tuning system, is the use of lattice diagrams which portray pitches as points in multi-dimensional space connected by vectors. In a just-intonation tuning system, each note is represented by a ratio which describes that note's relationship to another note, usually one that is used as a reference for the whole system. This reference tone has the ratio 1/1, also described as 1:1 or 1 to 1. Any number can be factored into the series of prime numbers , each of which is a base which has an exponent that is either positive or negative, representing numbers >1 or <1, respectively, unless the exponent=0, which represents 1, the identity in multiplication. Powers of 2 are all harmonically equivalent to this identity 1, thus, powers of 2 represent " octaves ", and thus have no pronounced effect on the harmony, and may be eliminated, unless "octave" registration is specifically under consideration. Therefore the diagrams normally begin with prime-base 3. My lattice diagrams treat each prime base as a unique dimension in space, with all the exponents radiating outward from the central 1/1, which is equivalent to all numbers to the 0th power, or

140. Spacelike Tessellations Of Tetrahedrons
lattice of spacelike intervals that can map all of space and time. Pictures of some models.
Spacelike tessellations of tetrahedrons
William R. Olson
Quantization of space and time paper
Click on animated gif to read paper
Shapes with sizes similar to particles
The size is relative to an electron as a single tetrahedron
Click on pictures for a description
small image

large image

wire frame
small image ...
wire frame
Shapes contained in more than one light cone
small image
large image

wire frame
small image ...
wire frame
Projections of light cone tessellations
Click on picture for more tessellations
small image
medium image large image

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