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  1. Lattice Functions and Equations (Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science) by Sergiu Rudeanu, 2001-09-06
  2. Free Lattices (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) by Ralph S. Freese, Jaroslav Jezek, et all 1995-03
  3. Conformal Field Theory and Solvable Lattice Models (Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, Vol 16) by Michio Jimbo, Tetsuji Miwa, 1988-09
  4. Lattice Methods for Multiple Integration (Oxford Science Publications) by I. H. Sloan, S. Joe, 1994-11-17
  5. Wave propagation in periodic structures;: Electric filters and crystal lattices by Leon Brillouin, 1953
  6. Scale-Isometric Polytopal Graphs in Hypercubes and Cubic Lattices: Polytopes in Hypercubes & Zn by Michel Deza, Viatcheslav Grishukhin, et all 2004-04
  7. Jacobi Operators and Complete Integrable Nonlinear Lattices (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) by Gerald Teschl, 1999-09
  8. The Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Gases by Barry Simon, 1993-09-07
  9. Concept Lattices: Second International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis, ICFCA 2004, Sydney, Australia, February 23-26, 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  10. Lattice Concepts of Module Theory (Texts in the Mathematical Sciences) by G. Calugareanu, 2000-08-31
  11. Introduction To Lattice Dynamics by A K Ghatak, 1972
  12. Series Expansion Methods for Strongly Interacting Lattice Models by Jaan Oitmaa, Chris Hamer, et all 2006-05-08
  13. Inclusion Compounds: Structural Aspects of Inclusion Compounds Formed by Organic Host Lattices (Inclusion Compounds) by J. L. Atwood, J. E. D. Davies, 1984-04
  14. Lattice Defects in Semiconductors. by Ryikiti R. (ed) Hasiguti, 1968

101. Chemistry : Periodic Table : Gold : Lattice Energies
This WebElements periodic table page contains lattice energies forthe element gold. 79 Au 196.96655(2). lattice Energies. All values
Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table Professional Edition Gold : lattice energies Pro Home Scholar Home Books WebElements CD ... Help Goud or Gold oro Ouro oro Guld Chemistry News Chemistry Forums Chemistry Wiki index Index for gold background Key data; description History gold Wiki gold around us Uses Geology Biology gold compounds Reactions of gold Compounds Bond enthalpies Radii in compounds ... Reduction potentials electronic properties Electronic configuration Ionization energies Electron affinities Electronegativities ... Valence shell radii physical properties Bulk properties (density, resistivity, etc.) Thermal properties (melting point, etc.) Thermodynamic properties crystallography Crystal structure [view VR world] [view pdb image] nuclear properties NMR Naturally occurring isotopes Radioisotopes WebElements Printable periodic table Drive traffic to your site by sponsoring gold WebElements online book store PalmElements for your Palm WapElements for your phone Acknowledgements Help About WebElements WebElements wall chart ... FlashElements Search by keywords:
Lattice Energies
All values of lattice energies are quoted in kJ mol
  • AuF
    thermochemical cycle: (no value) kJ mol
    calculated: 5777 kJ mol
  • AuCl:
    thermochemical cycle: 1066 kJ mol
    calculated: 1013 kJ mol
  • AuCl
    thermochemical cycle: (no value) kJ mol
    calculated: 4605 kJ mol
  • AuBr:
    thermochemical cycle: 1061 kJ mol
    calculated: 1015 kJ mol
  • AuI:
    thermochemical cycle: 1070 kJ mol
    calculated: 1015 kJ mol
  • AuH:
    thermochemical cycle: (no value) kJ mol

102. Cake And Dessert Recipes
Recipes for lattice coffee cake, ice cream pie, fudge, muffins, squares, pies, scones, and bars.
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103. Quotes Matrix
A site that acts as a hyperlinked commonplace book, offering a lattice of recurring ideas drawn from ancient and modern literature.
You may be able to see much of the QuotesMatrix presented as ordinary Webapges if you go to

104. Lattice Energy
lattice Energy. lattice Energies and the Strength of the Ionic Bond. Thelattice energies of ionic compounds are relatively large.
Lattice Energy Lattice Energies and the Strength of the Ionic Bond Lattice Energies and Solubility Lattice Energies and the Strength of the Ionic Bond The force of attraction between oppositely charged particles is directly proportional to the product of the charges on the two objects ( q and q ) and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects ( r The strength of the bond between the ions of opposite charge in an ionic compound therefore depends on the charges on the ions and the distance between the centers of the ions when they pack to form a crystal. An estimate of the strength of the bonds in an ionic compound can be obtained by measuring the lattice energy of the compound, which is the energy given off when oppositely charged ions in the gas phase come together to form a solid. Example: The lattice energy of NaCl is the energy given off when Na and Cl ions in the gas phase come together to form the lattice of alternating Na and Cl ions in the NaCl crystal shown in the figure below. Na g ) + Cl g NaCl( s H o = -787.3 kJ/mol

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106. EMedicine - Dystrophy, Lattice : Article By William Trattler, MD
Dystrophy, lattice lattice dystrophy usually is an autosomal dominantcondition, and it is the most common of stromal dystrophies.
(advertisement) Home Specialties Resource Centers CME ... Patient Education Articles Images CME Patient Education Advanced Search Consumer Health Link to this site Back to: eMedicine Specialties Ophthalmology Cornea
Dystrophy, Lattice
Last Updated: August 13, 2001 Rate this Article Email to a Colleague AUTHOR INFORMATION Section 1 of 11 Author Information Introduction Clinical Differentials ... Bibliography
Author: William Trattler, MD , Miami Center for Excellence in Eye Care; Consulting Staff, Department of Ophthalmology, Miami Baptist Hospital Coauthor(s): William Lloyd Clark, MD , Fellow in Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery, Department of Ophthalmology, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation William Trattler, MD, is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Ophthalmology Editor(s): Fernando H Murillo-Lopez, MD , Instructor, Department of Ophthalmology, Bolivian National Institute of Ophthalmology; Donald S Fong, MD, MPH , Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA School of Medicine; Consulting Physician, Department of Ophthalmology, Southern California Permamente Medical Group;

107. - Grid To Buy Lattice For $18 Billion - April 22, 2002



CNN TV what's on
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CNN Headline News

CNN International

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Grid to buy Lattice for $18 billion
LONDON, England (CNN) National Grid Group, monopoly owner of the electricity grid in England and Wales, has agreed to buy Lattice Group for £12.5 billion ($18 billion) in stock and debt. National Grid's acquisition on Monday gives it control of Britain's natural-gas transportation system. The combined group, to be called National Grid Transco, will be Britain's largest energy utility with a market value of about £14.8 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, Lattice ( LAT ) shareholders will get 0.375 new National Grid Transco shares for each Lattice share. That values each Lattice share at about 183.75 pence, a 6.4 percent premium to Friday's close. Lattice's stock stormed up more than 12 percent to 193.6 pence in early London trading on Monday, while National Grid, which will own 57.2 percent, of the new company, rose 2.8 percent to 504 pence. Europe's utility markets is undergoing a flurry of takeovers with British companies falling prey to their continental peers. Innogy, Britain's biggest electricity supplier, agreed to a £3.1 billion takeover by Germany's RWE last month.

108. Illinois Early Childhood Career Lattice Overview
Illinois Early Childhood Career lattice. Purpose. The project. The careerlattice model will be designed and finalized by Summer 2003.
@import "../../includes/inccrra.css"; About INCCRRA Early Childhood Professionals Glossary HOME ... Early Childhood Professionals Career Lattice
Overview Project Structure What and Why Goal and Objectives Guiding Principles ... Contact Info For Committee Members Meeting Calendar PDAC Resources
Illinois Early Childhood Career Lattice
The Illinois Early Childhood Career Lattice is being created to facilitate smooth transitions for early childhood practitioners through the professional development system so that they are well prepared to educate, nurture, and meet the needs of young children from birth to age eight and their families. The career lattice will identify the knowledge, skills, qualifications, and student learning outcomes for all roles and levels in the early childhood field, as well as clear pathways for movement between roles and levels. The career lattice will enable practitioners to obtain meaningful credentials, degrees, and employment by effectively linking credential and degree programs, college faculty and administration, and community-based training entities.
The Illinois Early Childhood Career Lattice project is administered by the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (INCCRRA) through a contract with the Illinois Department of Human Services. The project is supported by a two-year U.S. Department of Labor grant to the Illinois State Board of Education. The Illinois Workforce Investment Board approved the funding for this project. The career lattice model will be designed and finalized by Summer 2003. Year Two will concentrate on developing and implementing an Early Childhood Career Information System to provide clear, comprehensive information about early childhood career options and educational pathways. This includes creating a website and informational materials, as well as delivering technical assistance and training to faculty and administrators and career advisement to students and practitioners.

109. L B Structures
Design and fabrication of structural steelwork covering portal frames, lattice beams, Metspan and CLASP system building. Erection and cladding services throughout UK and Europe.
Design and fabrication of structural steelwork covering portal frames, lattice beams, Metspan and CLASP system building. Erection and cladding services throughout UK and Europe." Keywords = structural steelwork, traditional steelwork, trusses, lattice beams, modular buildings, multi-storey buildings, fabricated steel, portal frames, cladding, metspan, CLASP, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton" Cladding and Decking LB / CLASP Building System Contact Us Design and Erection Service ... Web site by Midland Alpha Internet Services

110. Reciprocal Lattice
The Reciprocal lattice. Introduction. In hkl. The dimensions of thereciprocal lattice are reciprocally related to the real lattice.
The Reciprocal Lattice
In the introduction to crystal symmetry I have shown that a crystal consists of a periodic arrangement of the unit cell (filled with the motif and its symmetry generated equivalents ), into a lattice . In the same fashion we can define the reciprocal lattice , whose lattice dimensions are reciprocal to the original cell (and correspond to the reflection positions ) and whose 'size' (the intensity of the reflection) corresponds to the contents of the unit cell. The following picture will make this clear. Each of the lattice points corresponds to the diffraction from a periodic set of specific crystal lattice planes defined by the index triple hkl . The dimensions of the reciprocal lattice are reciprocally related to the real lattice. In the case of the orthorhombic system I have drawn, the relations are simple: c* = 1/c etc., but in a generic oblique system the relation is more complicated . The length of a reciprocal lattice vector d (hkl)* (from origin to reciprocal lattice point h,k,l) again corresponds to the reciprocal distance d(hkl)of the crystal lattice planes with this index. In our simple case, for 001 this is just the cell dimension c for d(001) or 1/2 c for 002 etc.(d(001)*=1/c, thus d=c).
  • Exercise 1 : show that in the orthorhombic case the generic equation for d reduces to
    d(hkl) = 1/sqrt((h/a) + (k/b) + (l/c) ). Eeeeek, math!

111. SISMO Building Technology Website: Earthquake Resistant, 40% Cheaper,40% Faster.
Manufactures and distributes a threedimensional lattice galvanized steel wire and concrete building system.

112. Darwish Studio
A collective of artists and artisans creating Arabesque architectural components, which inlcude mosaics, painted tiles, murals, turned wooden lattice, forged steel, brass chandeliers, as well as carved stone, panels and plaster.

113. Seminar And Workshop On:
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Nonlinear Lattice Structure and Dynamics

114. Materassi & Materassi SpA Produzione E Vendita Materassi Ed Accessori
Catena di negozi dedicati alla salute e al relax, offre materassi in lattice, waterlattex, ortopedici.'news.asp', '', 'width=420,height=120,scrollbars=yes') window.opener=self
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115. Reciprocal Lattice
In particular we will concentrate on the reciprocal lattice and itsrelationship with the real lattice. The reciprocal lattice can
"... The nature is created so that all the simple in it is true,
and all the complicated is false."
Grigory Skovoroda.(Ukrainian philosopher, XVIII century) As the title figure of this page shows, you will find below a lecture by an imaginary professor (in the middle) about the peculiar ways in which scientists extract atomic level information about the structure of crystals. In particular we will concentrate on the reciprocal lattice and its relationship with the real lattice. The reciprocal lattice can be observed if we shine X-rays or other short wave radiation onto the real lattice. Unlike the real lattice, the reciprocal lattice can be confusing and needs definite knowledge to be interpreted. However even at this point we can state that the things which are larger in real space are smaller in reciprocal space by definition. :Before we go any further, let me introduce you to the student
P: Reciprocal space is also called Fourier space, k- space, or momentum space in contrast to real space or direct space. The concept of the reciprocal lattice was devised to tabulate two important properties of crystal planes: their slopes and their interplanar distances.

116. Entrez PubMed
Click here to read A test of lattice protein folding algorithms.Yue K, Fiebig KM, Thomas PD, Chan HS, Shakhnovich EI, Dill KA.

117. Centaurus - Machinae Pro Hominibus
Montascale, scooter, poltrone, ascensori per disabili ed anziani. Materassi in lattice e reti ortopediche.
home l'azienda i punti vendita i nostri prodotti i disegni tecnici ... richiedi un preventivo

118. - Lattice
Combine by Marianne Muller Private moments, public spaces. posted 6/7/2000.You have reached a Nerve Premium offering. lattice by JT LeRoy.
home photography personal essays fiction ...
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119. SAM DESIGN Structure Analysis, Design, Maintenance Transmission Line
Structure analysis, design, maintenance and inspection program to analyse and build lattice tower, hframes, and poles. Products, online demo, and contact information.
Enter Site TOLL FREE 877-816-7277 The single solution for performing a structural analysis, design and maintenance on a transmission line structure or substation. Model single or multiple structures, e.g., lattice tower, h-frame, steel and wood poles and more. Perform maintenance and inspection tasks and instantly calculate how defects affect the overall structure.

120. Sean Blanchfield - Homepage
may be asking, where is the lattice? Quite right. I was fully confident that I dbe able to finish an alpha of the lattice, right up to the moment I left.

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