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         Industrial Math:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters by Lee Smith, 2007-06-28
  2. Pipe Fitter's Math Guide by Johnny E. Hamilton, 1989-10
  3. Nonlinear Dynamics: A Two-Way Trip from Physics to Math by H.G Solari, M.A Natiello, et all 1996-01-01
  4. Management Science: Modeling, Analysis and Interpretation/Book and Disk (MB-Business Math) by Jeffrey D. Camm, James R. Evans, 1995-08
  5. Electrical and Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 1 Math: Encyclopedic Textbook and Reference Handbook (Electrical & Mathematical Analysis Math) by Ernest Joerg, 1992-01-01
  6. Math Basics for the Healthcare Professional (2nd Edition) by Michele Benjamin Lesmeister, 2004-01-10
  7. Basic Math for Process Control by Bob Connell, 2002-10
  8. Making Magnificent Machines: Fun with Math, Science, and Engineering by Carol McBride, 1999-06
  9. Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing by Todd K. Moon, Wynn C. Stirling, 1999-08-04
  10. Math Matters: The Links Between High School Curriculum, College Graduation, and Earnings by Heather Rose, Julian R. Betts, 2001-07-01
  11. Ohm's Law, Electrical Math and Voltage Drop Calculations by Tom Henry, 1992-12
  12. Maths for Engineers, A Student's Handbook by Ruth Rees, Mayveen Blackwell, 1999-02-26
  13. Fourth International Symposium on Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations (Proceedings in Applied Mathematics) by International Symposium on Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial di, Roland Glowinski, 1991-06
  14. Geophysical Inversion (Siam Proceedings Series) by Tex.) Geophysical Inversion Workshop (1989 Houston, J. Bee Bednar, et all 1992-06

K.F. Gurski's talk at the AWM July 2001 workshop
Miscellaneous Job Listings, Job Information, and Other Web page listings.
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Industrial Math Workshops
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42. Industrial And Interdisciplinary Mathematics
to ASU. Please make your own reservation by calling 480968-3451. Make sure you request the rate for the industrial math Workshop Iconference/

43. Thomas P Witelski, Assistant Professor
Research on mathematical models of granular materials. Mathematical Problems in Industry Workshop 2003 WPI, Center for industrial math and Stats;
Department of Mathematics Search Help Login ... Duke
Webpage Publications
Research Interests
Thomas P Witelski, Assistant Professor
Contact Info:
Office Location: 233C Physics Bldg Office Phone: Email Address: Web Page:
Office Hours:
Mondays 10-12 am, or by email request
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics California Institute of Technology
B. S. in Engineering, Cooper Union School of Engineering , Summa Cum Laude, 1991
Stuyvesant High School
, New York, 1987
Applied Math
Research Interests: Perturbation Methods, Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Methods, Partial differential equations
My primary area of expertise is the solution of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations via perturbation methods. Using asymptotics along with a mixture of other applied mathematical techniques in analysis and scientific computing I study a broad range of applications in physical systems. Focuses of my work include problems in viscous fluid flow industrial applications , flow in porous media, mathematical biology, and granular materials . Through my research I am working to extend the understanding of nonlinear diffusion processes in physical systems. Studying problems in a range of different fields has given me a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse set of collaborators and to transfer analytic techniques across the traditional boundaries that separate fields.
Areas of Interest:
Fluid dynamics
Partial differential equations
Asymptotics/Perturbation methods

44. Masters In Applied & Industrial Matheamtics
Research MATH 651 Mathematics of Fuzzy Logic MATH 671 Chaotic Dynamics and Fractal Geometry MATH 673 Applied industrial mathematics I MATH 674 Applied
The Department of Mathematics
about the Department
about the Faculty Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Masters in

Course Descriptions
(in separate window)
Masters in Mathematics

for Current Students for Prospective Students ... Colloquia
Master of Science
in Applied and Industrial Mathematics
at Towson University Mostafa Aminzadeh, Program Director
This program is intended to prepare individuals in areas of mathematics that deal with the problems typically encountered in business and industry. The program provides students with a broad knowledge in applied mathematics with an emphasis on areas with the highest demand in the high-technology sector. Examples of these areas are mathematical modeling, numerical methods and scientific computation, statistics, operations research and spectral analysis. Numerical, computational and algorithmic approaches to problem solving are stressed throughout the program. Graduates of this program will also be prepared for further work at the doctoral level. A unique feature of the program is the requirement of a successful completion of a two-semester internship (6 credits total). This internship can be completed in cooperation with one of the department's established industrial partners or at the place of employment with appropriate department supervision.

45. C. Sean Bohun: Curriculum Vitae
(2000). Optimal Design of a MicroElectrical-Mechanical Systems Actuator In Proceedings of the third PIMS Graduate industrial math Modelling Camp.
Assistant Professor Ph.D. (1998): Applied Mathematics
M.Sc. (1992): Theoretical Physics
B.Sc. Honours (1989): Mathematical Physics Mailing Address:
Mathematics and Statistics

Penn State Mont Alto
One Campus Drive
Mont Alto, PA
Curriculum Vitae D ATE : January 2001
Surname: Bohun
Given Names: Christopher Sean Citizenship: Canadian E DUCATIONAL I NSTITUTIONS A TTENDED University of Victoria, Victoria 1986-1999 D EGREES A WARDED Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics) University of Victoria 1998 M.Sc. (Theoretical Physics) University of Victoria 1992 B.Sc. (Physics) University of Victoria 1989 T ITLE OF T HESIS OR D ISSERTATION System with an External Coulomb Field M. Sc.: A Self-consistent Dirac-Maxwell Field of Solitons M AJOR F IELD S OF S CHOLARLY OR P ROFESSIONAL I NTEREST -Soblev spaces, semigroup theory -Industrial Mathematics -Mathematical physics including:
  • Quantum Statistical Mechanics High Energy Particle Physics General Relativity High Speed Digital Communications
M EMBERSHIP AND O FFICES H ELD IN L EARNED AND P ROFESSIONAL S OCIETIES Member of the Canadian Mathematical Society 1992-current Member of the SIAM Mathematical Society 1992-1996 Member of the American Mathematical Society 1991-1998 Member of the Canadian Association of Physicists 1986-1987 H ONOURS AND A WARDS Graduate Teaching Fellowship 1990-1998 Graduate Research Grant 1991-1992 Graduate Teaching Award 1991 Job-Track Fund 1989-1990

46. Texas State Technical College - Course Information
.......Course Information. Rubric, Number, Course Title, Lec Hrs, Lab Hrs, Ext Hrs, Clock Hrs, Cred Hrs. TECM, 1301, industrial math, 2, 2, 0, 64, 3.

47. Mathématique - CyberMath World - FUNDP
industrial math NET Home Page (de) industrial mathematics Digest is an electronic newsletter for mathematics in industry, commerce and the business world.
CyberMath World Mathematics sites
Fortran sites

Ftp sites

Jobs sites
Mathematics sites
ACM : Contents of all Journals (org)
ACM TOMS home page (gov)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Anneau des Mathématiques Francophones (fr)
Liste de sites internet francophones dédiés aux mathématiques.
Aptech Sytems, Inc. GAUSS Home Page
The GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System, an easy to use data analysis environment based on a powerful matrix language.
Baltzer Science Publishers.
Belgian Mathematical Society (be)
A Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the Internet (edu)
Conway's Game of Life (edu)
Paul's Page of Conway's Life Miscellany.
CSC Mathematical Topics (fi)
Links to various mathematical research information and software archives .
Devoirs de Math à la maison, d'Antoine et Amélie
Exercices et cours en ligne pour le primaire et le secondaire.
e-MATH Home Page
Home page for The American Mathematical Society, a good starting point for finding mathematical resources.
ERCIM (fr)
European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics.
Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites in Mathematics (edu)
The coolest mathematics sites every month.

(Source Society for Industrial and Applied Math., Careers Bulletin ). What Kind of Problems do IMS Professionals Work On? The problems
I NDUSTRIAL M ATHEMATICS AND S TATISTICS An Interdepartmental B achelor of S cience offered by The E berly C ollege of A rts and S ciences Not Just Another Degree T What Kind of Job can an IMS Student Get? IMS students can select jobs from many opportunities. Those more interested in the statistics side of the degree will be able to seek jobs as statisticians. About one-fourth of those employed as statisticians work in the federal government in such organizations as the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services. Outside of the government, most statisticians are employed in private industry, especially in the insurance, pharmaceutical, health, manufacturing, research and testing services, and computer and data processing industries. Those more interested in the applied mathematics side of the degree who want to work outside of academics are usually part of interdisciplinary teams that are often divided evenly among mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers with a smaller proportion of physical scientists. Applied mathematicians and statisticians have found employment in organizations such as:
  • Government labs and agencies : Oak Ridge National Lab, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos, National Security Agency, the Center for Communications Research, the Supercomputing Research Center, NASA;

49. C. Sean Bohun Mathematician/Physicist
In Proceedings of the third PIMS Graduate industrial math Modelling Camp, Simon Fraser University. PDF, TeX. Batten, L., Bohun, CS, Bona, A., et al. (1999).

50. Industrial Mathematics
mathematical analysis. The internship is an important part of an industrial math degree. The industrial math Group, consisting of
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: (505)835-5393
Fax: (505)835-5366
MS in Mathematics with Emphasis in
Industrial Mathematics
at New Mexico Tech
Industry and business provide many areas for the application of advanced mathematics, and many possiblities for mathematicians to make significant contributions. According to " The SIAM Report on Mathematics in Industry ", Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1995, industry is looking for mathematicians for their
  • skills in abstraction, analysis of structure, and logical thinking expertise in formulating and solving problems

Some of the skill needed for a mathematician to contribute in industry include
  • modeling and problem solving interest in and knowledge of applications communication skills working with others

  • Our program at New Mexico Tech is designed to prepare students in these areas.
    The degree program includes courses in mathematical modeling, core industrial mathematics courses, and a concentration in some particular field. Part of the degree requirements is a one semester (normally summer) internship. The student will spend the term working in an industrial setting, using their knowledge of modeling and mathematical analysis. The internship is an important part of an industrial math degree. The Industrial Math Group , consisting of faculty in the applied mathematics and Operations Research, oversees the program.

51. MATH 026: Industrial Mathematics
. industrial mathematics was developed to provide the basic mathematical skills needed......MATH 026 industrial mathematics.
Contact Feedback Site Map ...
About BCOU

MATH 026
Industrial Mathematics
Industrial Mathematics was developed to provide the basic mathematical skills needed to successfully practice a trade. The course is designed for use with a hand-held electronic calculator. The use of a calculator will enable you to solve problems with realistically complicated numbers. The calculator handles such numbers easily. You will not be asked to work out calculations with pencil and paper. Industrial Mathematics is a practical course. It is recommended for students who plan to enter a trade, or for tradespeople who wish to upgrade their trades-related mathematics. No previous training in a trade or in mathematics is necessary for this course. Note: This course does not lead to higher level Math courses. Students going on with their education in ABE should take MATH 014.
Delivery Method
Delivery is self-paced, allowing you the flexibility to proceed through the course according to your own schedule. The BCOU has no admission requirements and you can register for this course at any time throughout the year.
MATH 014, grade 10 math or equivalent is recommended.

52. Pacer Times Online
Education The Education HELP! forum. 0, 0, , -. Engineering/industrial math The Engineering/industrial math HELP! forum. 0, 0, -, -. Exersize§ion=14

53. Atlas Conferences
IAMPIMS senior undergraduate industrial math workshop. February 18-20, 2000. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Mathematics. Host The Institute
Atlas home Conferences Abstracts about Atlas
IAM-PIMS senior undergraduate industrial math workshop
February 18-20, 2000
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Host: The Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), The University of British Columbia
Sponsor: IAM, PIMS
Email: Organizers: We are proposing a workshop on industrial applications of mathematics for undergraduate students. Date received: February 03, 2000 Atlas Conferences Inc.

54. Industrial Mathematics Program
very excited about this weeklong international workshop where industrial problems are for detection of underground objects Joe Coyle,
Industrial Applied Mathematics
in the Department of Mathematical Sciences People
Faculty, post-docs, visitors, students and alumni Research Research in cooperation with industry and national labs Seminars Seminars Graduate Program Graduate Program Computing Resources Scientific Computing Resources Projects Current and past projects, including Mathematical Problems in Industry workshops Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Numerical analysis and scientific computing at UD Fluids and Materials Fluid Mechanics and Materials science applications group People Faculty
  • Richard Braun Associate Professor
    • Nonlinear BVPs and free boundary problems in fluid mechanics and materials science.
  • David Colton Professor
    • Scattering and inverse scattering; numerical analysis.
  • L. Pamela Cook Professor
    • Fluid flow: Transonic and viscoelastic flows.
  • Tobin Driscoll, Assistant Professor
    • High-order and spectral methods for differential equations; radial basis functions; numerical conformal mapping.
  • David Edwards, Associate Professor
    • Asymptotic and perturbation methods in biochemical, chemical engineering, instrumentation (chemical reactions) and viscoelastic systems.

55. Coconino Community College: Math Department
Our Math Department also offers contract training designed to meet the needs of business and industry throughout Coconino County. Mat 107 industrial math.
MATH DEPARTMENT The CCC Math Department offers courses that enable students to understand mathematics and its applications. CCC offers developmental mathematics courses designed to improve basic math skills, as well as transfer courses from College Algebra through Differential Equations. Our Math Department also offers contract training designed to meet the needs of business and industry throughout Coconino County. We offer a low student to teacher ratio to facilitate learning and to provide more opportunities for one-on-one learning. Most courses transfer to Northern Arizona University and other colleges and universities. Math Courses Math Faculty Return to CCC Home Page Mathematics at CCC-current course offerings: Mat 055 Arithmetic Review Mat 087 Beginning Algebra with Review Mat 107 Industrial Math Mat 108 Technical Math Mat 121 Intermediate Algebra with Review Mat 123 Work-based Mathematics I Mat 130 Math for Elementary Teachers I Mat 131 Math for Elementary Teachers II Mat 151 College Algebra Mat 153 Work-based Mathematics II Mat 16O Elementary Statistics Mat 172 Finite Math Mat 184 Functions and Trigonometry Mat 187 Pre-calculus Mat 212 Business Calculus Calculus I Mat 230 Calculus II Mat 240 Calculus III Differential Equations Math Faculty Monica Baker, BS, MAT

56. Waiakea High Course Catalog: MATHEMATICS
MV30 industrial mathEMATICS A (1 sem, 1/2 credit). industrial math utilizing mechanical drawings, measuring, estimating of materials and designing of projects.
MATHEMATICS Due to the sequential nature of mathematics education, each math course requires the recommendation of a math teacher. The recommendation is based on the student's aptitude, attitude, work habits, and mastery of the preceding math course. If a student/parent does not agree with the recommendation, a waiver form may be signed to allow registration in the desired course. Summer school math courses are intended for remediation and not acceleration. MV30 INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS A
(1 sem, 1/2 credit) Industrial Math utilizing mechanical drawings, measuring, estimating of materials and designing of projects. Math concepts (basic math, fractions, algebra, geometry) will be applied in the construction of the projects in a shop setting. Students should have a solid basic math background and will be required to purchase certain materials and supplies. This course is open to students who are serious about a career in the building industry. Recommendation: Students must have completed 1- year course work in a Vocational Technical class, satisfactorily, or will be currently enrolled in a Vocational Technical class. MV75 INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS B
(1 sem, 1/2 credit)

57. Mu Alpha Theta Pythagorean Pages - Fall 2002
insurance instruments. He argued that the ability to explain mathematics to the customer is one key to success in industrial math.
How Can Mathematics Help - Mathematics at Work
"What is the real cost of a speeding ticket?", "How can a computer recognize a person's voice?", "How can an insurance company use loss data to identify possible fraud?". These are some of the math questions the participants in the Mathematics in Industry Institute for Teachers (MIIT) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute will ask their students this fall. The message to the students is that advanced mathematics can be used to develop and improve products from cars and airplanes to inkjet printers, or can provide a better understanding of the stock market or insurance. Sheila Tobias, a strong advocate for "mathematical mental health" as the ability to learn the math you need, when you need it focused on the stage of "creative floundering" that is crucial in any real-world application. She helped the teachers understand the process needed to overcome the panic that comes with open-ended real-world problems. More than forty teachers worked for five days to develop versions of real industrial projects that will be used in their own classrooms. An abridged version of one project that focuses on decision making in the automobile insurance business is linked

58. Robbie Buckingham, Tony Royal, Pierre Gremaud, Suhail Ahmed, Val
I participated in industrial math Modeling Workshop in July 2002 and it was tiring( +) ) but good experience. My group consisted
I participated in Industrial Math Modeling Workshop North Carolina State University Pierre Gremaud ). We were modeling shape of sand flow around an obstacle.
Robbie Buckingham, Tony Royal, Pierre Gremaud, Suhail Ahmed, Val Sylantyev, Corry Hauck, Masa, Chris Kuster
All participants

59. The UCCS Industrial Mathematics Program
Equations (MATH 340), Probability Theory (MATH 381), and Mathematical Modeling (MATH 448 be expected to write a Master s thesis on a topic relevant to industry.
The Industrial Mathematics Program
The certificate program in Industrial Mathematics is designed to provide a well focused education for students who expect to make the best use of their mathematical training in an industrial setting. These students may be pursuing careers as traditional numerical analysts or software engineers focusing on tasks with significant mathematical content, they may plan to provide design or performance analysis in engineering organizations, or they may be headed for careers in statistics, actuarial work, or finance. In these and other career options the employer will value certain skills not developed in the traditional mathematics curriculum. These often neglected skills fall roughly under the category of mathematical modeling. While it is not possible to prepare students for the details of their industrial experience, the UCCS Mathematics Department is improving the educational program for students interested in industrial mathematics. A new certificate program in Industrial Mathematics has been developed. Three types of certificates are available.
  • The first is offered to any student completing the following sequence of courses: Calculus (MATH 135, 136, 235), Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 313), Introduction to Differential Equations (MATH 340), Probability Theory (MATH 381), and Mathematical Modeling (MATH 448).

60. Professional Opportunities
Openings in applied math and operations research from SIAM News.
Professional Opportunities
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Web-Only Professional Opportunities
Week of May 31, 2004
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