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  1. Endogenous risk and long run effects of liberalization in a global analysis framework [An article from: Economic Modelling] by J.M. Boussard, F. Gerard, et all 2006-05-01

141. Institute For The Analysis Of Global Security (IAGS)
A nonprofit public educational organization dedicated to research and public debate on issues related to world's security with a special interest in energy security.
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Our Energy and Security Problem
Our energy supply is vulnerable
Our energy supply is extremely vulnerable . A terrorist attack on a major oil facility overseas or in one of the narrow ocean channels through which oil is shipped could have severe impact on our economy. Over the past 30 years, our dependence has cost America countless jobs and dollars. Our energy demand is financing terror
We are dependent for our energy on regimes that derive their power from oil and use it to fuel terror and spread hatred toward our country and our democracy. On September 11, 2001, we paid the ultimate price. If we do nothing, our dependence, and our vulnerability, will steadily increase Our Solution
Moving beyond oil
The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to setting America free from the oil dependence that threatens its security. It is the world's only think tank focused on energy security. We believe that a shift from oil is the best guarantor of global security, prosperity, and freedom for generations to come. Through technology we can win the war on terror and shake the yoke of our energy dependence without compromising our way of life.

142. Global Partners Securities
Offers portfolio and asset management, equity trading, research and market analysis.
Global Partners Securities offers you a diverse suite of services including asset and wealth management, market making and order execution, equity and emerging market debt trading and investment. The strength of our services, expertise and experience, coupled with in-house and third party research, and market analysis and commentary from our in-house analyst Peter Cardillo, ensure the objectives of sophisticated institutional and individual investors are met. Our position as an industry leader has been achieved through an assimilation of experience, creativity, quality and consistency which is unsurpassed. Our clients are our best testament to our products and services, as they rely on us year after year to bring them ingenuitive approaches to their investment needs.
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143. Pinkerton Consulting And Investigations - Defining Business Intelligence
Offers global risk analysis covering terrorism, crime and civil unrest.

Contact Us 1-888-774-9600
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Contact Us 1-888-774-9600
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144. Global Policy Forum UN Security Council - East Timor
Key documents focusing on the activities of the UN security Council, analysis and links.
about GPF What's New Newsletter Sitemap ... *Opinion Forum
East Timor
(Timor Lorosa'e)
In 1975, Indonesia invaded East Timor (a former Portuguese Colony). The UN never recognised East Timor as being under Indonesian sovereignty. A UN ballot was held in 1999, in which the East Timorese voted for independence. The ballot was followed by violence perpetrated by pro-Indonesia militias. UNTAET was established by the UN as a transitional administration while the fragile nation rebuilt. These pages look at the process of governance of East Timor, with commentary on the role of UNTAET and its interaction with the interim East Timorese Cabinet, followed by the first election in August 2001 and what role the UN will play in building the new nation. Picture credit - The Economist
Click image for a detailed map from the UN GPF's selection of Key Documents/Analysis provide a good critical introduction to the issue.
  • The Vote and the Aftermath (From August 2001) - East Timor's first election on August 30, 2001 and other recent developments.
  • 145. The Global Higher Education Exchange
    Designed to connect education policymakers and leaders around the world with the resources they need, especially resources such as research, policy analysis, best practices and innovations, and articles on key policy areas.

    146. OCEANS: Ocean Biogeochemistry And Ecosystems Analysis
    IGBP and SCOR are developing a new project focussed on ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystems and the impacts of global change. This Open Science Conference invites input into the development of the science focus of the project through plenary sessions, workshops and poster presentations.
    Background Programme Working Groups Registration ... Contacts
    In June 2003 OCEANS was renamed IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research). For more details seee updates menu/recent updates.
    UPDATES Latest Draft Science Plan/IS (15/1/04) Recent updates to website Working Group Reports This conference focused on integrated studies of ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics in the context of the Earth System and global change. It was designed to assist IGBP and SCOR in the development of a new international research project. It was a successful and constructive meeting, and the Transition Team would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the Conference.
    The timeline for the development of the Science Plan/Implementation Strategy is to have the themes and key questions identified by June 2003 for internal discussion within IGBP and SCOR. A full draft will be available via this website (and all conference participants will receive email notification when the document is posted) in Oct. 2003. We encourage you to read and comment on this draft. The final Science Plan/Implementation Strategy is expected to be completed by the end of 2003 for review by IGBP and SCOR.
    Contact Webmaster

    Last Updated: 15 January 2004

    147. Professional Service Of How To Access China Market - Business SWOT Analysis Busi
    Consulting service providing SWOT analysis, business plans, business development and web marketing. Slow server.

    148. Hindutva News Analysis
    analysis of current global politics and history from a Hindutva viewpoint.
    Bharatiya Vaartaa (Indian News)
    President Kalam’s queries on her Italian origins made Sonia Gandhi withdraw herself from the road to the Prime Minister’s office
    The real reason for Sonia Gandhi withdrawing her nomination as leader of the CPP (Congress Parliamentary Party) and of the alliance which would have made her the Prime Minister of India is not well known. At her meeting with the President Hon’ble Sri Abdul Kalam, the President told Sonia that he had to ascertain the legal position in this matter as there was no confirmation that all the rights and privileges granted to persons of Italian origin are reciprocated by Italy in the case of Indians who become citizens of that country. This is necessary according to the Indian Constitution. Sonia is said to have decided not to take the risk of rejection of her nomination for the Prime Minister's post after the President’s briefing. It should also be noted that the President, in his letter on Monday, invited her only to “discuss” assuming the post of Prime Minister, and not to assume office. The President’s office has denied that such discussion took place. Such denial is necessary to uphold the decorum of the President's office and prevent the President from being dragged into controversy. The very fact that a denial had to be issued, sustains the theory that something notable took place at the meeting.

    149. Business
    News and analysis about domestic and global business, plus stock quotes and columns and reports on personal finance, technology, airlines, and economic issues.
    TIME/ABC News Obesity Summit

    View the live webcast Articles Since 1985 Current Issue Past 30 Days -Top Searches- Iraq George W. Bush U.S. Military al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden BRETT COOMER/GETTY IMAGES DEMONSTRATING: Protestors outside Halliburton headquarters
    The Master Builder

    Halliburton knows the business of war. But can it pull off the Iraqi job when it's under fire in Iraq and at home?
    Read the Story

    Carrying the Torch in Style

    Word for the Wise

    Sun Screen and Bug Spray
    Fear And Loathing On Iraqi Roads

    Inside the world of Halliburton drivers Women on Top Want to know the secrets of female millionaires? A new book tells all The Natural Look Furniture designers are looking to Mother Nature for inspiration The Fill-'Er-Up Blues Not Too Rich Or Too Thin An Automobile That's A Real Steal The Rumble Over Executive Pay Eliot Spitzer is going after Richard Grasso's money, raising a hot question in the fight to clean up corporate America: How much is a CEO worth? How to Bet Smarty They're All Dolled Up Noted designers are creating the latest collectibles Indicates premium article available for purchase in the Time Archive. See

    150. Cantillon & Company
    Provides independent investment research and analysis from the perspective of classical economics. Dedicated to producing topdown and bottom-up research on the U.S. and global markets.

    151. John Walker Crime Trends Analysis.
    Stats and research findings on trends in crime and justice in Australia. Methods of forecasting trends in crime and prison populations. Estimates of the extent of global crime and money laundering.
    John Walker Crime Trends Analysis
    By accident or design, you've found the Home Page of John Walker Crime Trends Analysis services. If you've been wondering what the real story is about trends in crime and justice in Australia and elsewhere, this is a good place to start. I started my working life with ten years of applying systems analytic techniques to areas as diverse as space research, transportation economics, and urban and regional planning, before turning my attention to questions of crime and justice. For those wondering how to get into a career as a criminologist, I should say that in my case it was a complete accident. Some years after using suburban crime statistics as measures of social dysfunction in an urban planning study, I was encouraged to apply for a vacancy at the Australian Institute of Criminology and discovered that that earlier statistical work was regarded highly by the criminological community, which at that time was not very numerate. So, for the last 25 years, I've specialised as a criminologist, applying the same analytical skills to the analysis and development of public policy in the Criminal Justice System. As a result of applying those analytical skills, I have been able to assist government and international agencies to plan and evaluate policy options through an understanding of the impacts of:

    152. Federation Of American Scientists
    Analyses public policy for global security; covers Arms Sales Monitoring, Biological Weapons, CyberStrategy, Intelligence Reform, Military analysis, Monitoring Emerging Diseases, Nuclear Weapons, Secrecy and Government and Space Policy.

    153. Pentagram Home Page
    An experienced asset management firm offering focused investment products in alternative and more traditional asset classes developed after comprehensive analysis of the global marketplace.
    Pentagram Investment Partners, L.L.C. Executive Summary Founded in 2001 in Boston, Pentagram Investment Partners is an NFA and CFTC registered asset management company specializing in alternative investments. Pentagram Investment Partners manages the Pentagram Fund, L.P., a global macro hedge fund, and the Pentagram Equity Fund, L.P., a long bias macro hedge fund, as well as separately managed accounts.
    Perspective Pentagram offers clients the expertise of a management group with proven successful experience in leveraged and non-leveraged products. We believe in offering focused investment products in alternative and more traditional asset classes with a total return orientation, developed after comprehensive analysis of the global marketplace. Successful investment management demands that experienced and insightful specialists dedicate themselves in three distinct areas.
    • The development of an exceptionally clear vision of opportunties and risks in the global markets arena.

    154. Global Exchange : Global Economy
    Background, analysis and information links from alternative progressive perspectives critical of current patterns and policies of globalization and related issues.
    Economic Rights World Bank / IMF WTO FTAA Sweatshops ...
    Economic Rights

    Democratizing the Global Economy
    Negotiations are underway to expand the disastrous NAFTA model by creating a "free trade" zone from Argentina to Alaska. But citizens across the hemisphere are uniting to stop this corporate juggernaut. See what you can do to join the struggle. WTO The World Trade Organization is the most powerful governing body on the planet—yet it is designed to only take into account the interests of corporations while ignoring the needs of communities and the environment. Learn how you can fight this government of, by and for the corporations. Oil and Autos Like any addiction, our addiction to oil is dangerous, putting our economy, our environment, and our national security at risk. Find out how you can join the movement to break our oil addiction. Fair Trade But if you don't buy Nike and Gap, what should you buy? Fair Trade offers a workable solution to the sweatshop crisis, giving consumers a guarantee that the products they enjoy were not made in abusive conditions. Learn how you can join the ongoing movements calling for socially responsible chocolate and coffee. Green Festivals Green Festivals bring together the many pieces of growing green/fair economy. These exciting events show people that change is not just possible—it's also fun. This year's events are at the Austin Convention Center Oct. 11-12 and the San Francisco Concourse Nov. 8-9.

    155. Development Prospects: Global Commodity Markets
    Features monthly and quarterly markets analysis of stocks and forecasts for 46 major world commodities.
    Register Today
    for the
    World Bank's
    Development Prospects
    Newsletter Global Commodity Markets We regret that we were unable to finalize an arrangement with UNCTAD in which they would take over publication of the Global Commodities Markets quarterly. Subscribers will be contacted shortly regarding refund information. Global Commodity Markets GCM Online Full text is available to subscribers only. Subscription information is available here Global Commodity Markets - April 2000 GCM Online Monthly Update: Subscribers receive updated price information and major movers, as well as the most recent edition of the Commodity Price Data . GCM Online subscription information available here
    NEW! June 2000 Update (pdf) is now available for GCM Online subscribers. Archives of the Commodity Markets and the Developing Countries (discontinued in December 1998).

    156. Advances In Convex Analysis And Global Optimization
    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN CONVEX analysis AND global OPTIMIZATION Honoring the memory of C. Caratheodory (18731950) June 5-9, 2000 - Pythagorion
    Honoring the memory of C. Caratheodory (1873-1950)
    June 5-9, 2000 - Pythagorion, Samos, Greece Endorsed by:

    Mathematical Programming Society (MPS)
    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - Activity Group in Optimization

    Contact information PROGRAM INFORMATION Invited Speakers Contributed talks Registration Proceedings (instuctions for authors) Deadlines Abstracts of talks Conference Program List of participants OTHER INFORMATION Travel information Accommodation Island tour, excursions Weather, time zones, currency Maps and additional information on Samos Links

    157. Insider News
    Weekly email newsletter to paint and coatings industry. Compiled by Paint and Coatings Industry Association. Provides news and analysis from the global industry marketplace.
    Insider News is a FREE, weekly e-mail newsletter that includes up-to-the-minute paint and coatings industry news, compiled by Paint and Coatings Industry PCI Insider News brings you important news and analysis from the global industry marketplace including news about the industry, mergers and acquisitions, companies, and people. Subscribe Sponsorships Past Issues The information provided or referred to as part of the web site is believed to be reliable and accurate. However, NPCA and PCI cannot warrant any of this information, and cannot assume any liability for actions taken or reliance on any of it.

    158. Tobacco News
    analysis by Brion Fox and Stan Glantz of how the proposed June 20th 1997 global settlement deal compared with established standards.
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    Home Headlines News Briefs ... Rendezvous
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    Select a category: Addiction Advertising/Promos Aging/Elderly Agricultural Air Travel Alcohol Alternate/Reduce... Art Arts/Culture Asbestos Asthma Bidis Billboards Bonds Books Breast Cancer Business (General) Business (Tobacco) Campaign Finance Cancer Cardio-vascular Casinos/Gambling Cessation Cigars Class/Income Lev... Collectibles Colleges COPD costs Court Documents Cross-Border/Crime Diabetes Dining/Entertain... Editorial Elections Ethics Ethnic Issues Fashion Federal Fees Fertility Fires/Injuries Food/Obesity Gay/Lesbian Genes Harm Reduction Health/Science History Hospitals Households Humor infections/immun... International Internet Investing Labels/Lights Lawsuits Letter Litter Lobbying Local Lung Cancer Media/Publishing Mental Health Military Movies Music Nicotine Nursing Obit Official Documents Olympics Op-Ed Opinion Outdoors Patents/Trademarks People Philanthropy/Fun... Pipes Preemption Pregnancy Prisons Rail Travel Real Estate Related Religion Roll-your-own Rothmans SARS Schools Sea Travel Secondhand Smoke Secret Documents Settlements Shelters/Lounges Shisha / Water P...

    159. Online Web Survey Data Collection And Research Services
    Online survey research services providing data collection and data analysis for marketing, business, government, and nonprofit organizations.
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    E-Research-Global Services
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    Contact Information HEAD OFFICE
    1527 Kalaniwai Place
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96821
    USA Tel: +1 808-377-9746 Fax: +1 808-373-2050 Home About Us ... Web Design and Development by Idalot Web Services

    160. Business Intelligence, Company Profiles, Strategic Market Analysis: Euromonitor
    The world’s leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis. Euromonitor International has more than 30 years
    The world’s leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.
    Euromonitor International has more than 30 years experience of publishing market research reports, business reference books and online information systems. Our business information and statistics offer a complete solution for strategic marketing planning. View Cart Client Login Company Username Password PACKAGED FOOD FINANCIAL CARDS COSMETICS Breakdown of traditional eating patterns benefits bakery products Despite the historical role of bread in a number of culinary cultures, the bakery products market is generally benefiting from a global trend towards the breakdown of traditional eating patterns. The trend towards urbanisation resulted in accelerated consumer lifestyles, increasing numbers of women in the workforce, the fragmentation of traditional family structures and an increase in single-occupancy households. Recent new product developments are indicative of consumer demand for products that ease the effects of increasingly busy lifestyles and the consequent constraints on food preparation and shopping time that affect consumers... China: Slumbering giant awakens In 2003, financial cards in China posted a whopping 34% growth in terms of the number of cards in circulation. Financial cards in China has been and remains fairly underdeveloped. This is despite the fact that financial cards were launched in China as early as 1986. Various obstacles have impeded the development of financial cards in the country, ranging from low levels of disposable income, lack of consumer sophistication, and the lack of a unified infrastructure, to name but a few...

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