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         Global Analysis:     more books (100)
  1. Human activities and global warming: a cointegration analysis [An article from: Environmental Modelling and Software] by H. Liu, G. Rodri@?guez, 2005-06-01
  2. Climatologists Advise on Global Warming.(Climate Change Science: An Analysis of Some Key Questions)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Energy
  3. Environmentally sensitive productivity growth: A global analysis using Malmquist-Luenberger index [An article from: Ecological Economics] by S. Kumar,
  4. Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems (Agroecosystems) by Stanley; Sebastian, Kate; Scherr, Sara Wood, 2000
  5. A comparative analysis of the Global Land Cover 2000 and MODIS land cover data sets [An article from: Remote Sensing of Environment] by C. Giri, Z. Zhu, et all 2005-01-15
  6. Global sensitivity analysis for calculating the contribution of genetic [An article from: Reliability Engineering and System Safety] by D. Makowski, C. Naud, et all
  7. An Economic Analysis of Global Energy and Carbon Dioxide Emissions by John Matthew Reilly, 1984
  8. Analysis of Global Expansion Methods: Weakly Asymptotically Diagonal Systems (Computational Mathematics and Applications) by L. M. Delves, T. L. Freeman, 1981-09
  9. Computational Analysis of Global Trading Arrangements (Studies in International Economics) by Alan Verne Deardorff, Robert Mitchell Stern, 1991-04-01
  10. Global Analysis: Papers in Honor of K. Kodaira (Princeton Mathematical Series, vol. 29)
  11. Global Analysis. Studies and Applications III
  12. The Changing Carbon Cycle: A Global Analysis by John R. Trabalka, 1986-10
  13. Visualization and Feasibility Analysis of the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment, North Atlantic Basin, September 2000 to March 2001
  14. Spatial analysis of global urban extent from DMSP-OLS night lights [An article from: Remote Sensing of Environment] by C. Small, F. Pozzi, et all 2005-06-30

101. Global Policy Forum
News, information, analysis and resources about globalization, the UN and related issues from organization that advocates for democracy human rights and economic fairness.
about GPF What's New Newsletter Sitemap about GPF What's New Newsletter Sitemap ... *Opinion Forum

102. Internet Conf On Material Flow Analysis Of Integrated Bio-Systems (2000)
Topics include solids recycling and conversion, wastewater treatment and utilization, smallscale farming, eco-industrial parks, global issues.
Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-Systems
Eng-Leong Foo,
Tarcisio Della Senta
and Kenichi Sakamoto. Proceedings of the
Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-Systems


Digester Fishpond Interaction in Integrated Biomass System
Song Xangfu, Ying Huodong, Wu Weiming, Jin Qianyu, Zou Guoyan, Zhu Quilin, Zhu Ming,
Study of Agriculture-Aquaculture Ecological Economic System With Nutrient Flow Analysis Paul Adler (USA)
Phytoremediation of aquaculture effluents
Material flow in "Pozo Verde" Integrated Farm in Cauca Valley Province, Colombia
Hermenegildo Losada, R. Bennett, J. Vieyra, R. Soriano, J. Cortes and S. Billing (Mexico) Recycling of solid wastes in the east of Mexico City by livestock and agricultural production systems Punya Prasad Regmi (Thailand) Resource Flow Analysis of the Nepalese Mountain Farming System Community Latrine-cum-biogas plant at Ward No. 1 of Pathari VDC of Morang District of Nepal Bui Xuan An (Sweden/Vietnam) A theoretical integrated nutrient flow on a farm with three sub-systems in a village in Southern Vietnam IBS IN INDUSTRY Integrated bio-system for a feedlot-abattoir-meat processing and research complex in Bali Reuse of byproducts of coir industry : A Case Study Environmental Management for Palm Oil Mill Kefa V. O. Rabah (Kenya/Turkey)

103. HOME_New Market Global Consulting Group, LLC
Provides advice on corporate restructuring, strategic analysis, accounting analysis, and strategic alliances; which may include introductions to sources of capital.

104. Global - Analysis - Industry - Forecasting Beyond The Telco Crisis - BuddeComm
global analysis - Industry - Forecasting beyond the telco crisis. 5.4, No new CANs. 5.5, global expansions. 6. The key drivers of growth. 7. analysis of the crash.
The largest global telcommunications research site on the Web (more)...
6 Jun 2004
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Global - Analysis - Industry - Forecasting beyond the telco crisis
Last update: Friday January 23, 2004 File size: Number of Pages: Price: Price: US$5.00 EX GST
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Members Download In the absence of the desperately needed industry restructuring, the telco crisis continued for much longer than was anticipated. Regulators, as well as what’s left of the competition, are showing all the symptoms of battle fatigue and the incumbents are comfortably settling back into monopoly mode. Prices are going up. The current threats of war and terrorism are encouraging a more conservative strategy, which is undermining the new investments needed for the modernisation of the network and for innovative new services. And the financial market refuses to look beyond the financial results of the next quarter. However, a three to five year vision is needed to stimulate the development of new revenue streams. Synopsis Forecasting discussion with Terry Retter (PwC) Setting the scene with PwC forecast New technologies – new business processes – new business models Higher ARPUs in broadbanded countries Networks are rapidly becoming outdated Expect dramatic changes between 2005 and 2008 Telco crisis – who is to blame?

105. Center For Next Generation Internet
Industryoriented organization concerned with promoting NGI technology. Has some Power Point presentations that are interesting and a page devoted to an analysis of the global trend of Internet users. If you are not a member don't click on the members link because you will be trapped in a loop.

106. Global - Analysis - Industry - Status Of Telco Restructuring In 2004 - BuddeComm
global analysis - Industry - Status of telco restructuring in 2004. Last update Monday January 12, 2004. File size 188K. Number of Pages 13.
The largest global telcommunications research site on the Web (more)...
6 Jun 2004
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Global - Analysis - Industry - Status of telco restructuring in 2004
Last update: Monday January 12, 2004 File size: Number of Pages: Price: Price: US$40.00 EX GST (Member Discounts Apply)
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Members Download Since the late 1980s we have been saying that the incumbent telcos must make structural changes to their operations – it is inevitable. However, the reality is that the incumbents have used their power and political backing to resist this, since to unravel their monopoly would make them vulnerable. To date, they have found it expedient to hide inefficiencies and ineffectiveness behind the huge cash-generating bureaucracy that surrounds the incumbents. Forced by disruptive development both in regulations and technologies, incumbents are now forced to more seriously consider their restructuring. This analysis was prepared by Paul Budde. Synopsis Deregulation has not delivered the results (yet) Telcos are not taking the lead Fixed operators need to substitute voice by broadband Telcos failed to secure their own future Will the telcos have the financial stamina?

107. Climate Prediction Center FEWS-NET Project
Meteorological Analyses, Cold Cloud Top Graphics and Animations, Precipitation Estimates, CPC global Monitoring and analysis Products. Site Map News Organization Search Search field for weather information. Press Enter or select the go button to submit request
Search field for local site information. Press Enter or select the go button to submit request. Search the CPC
About Us
Our Mission

Who We Are

Contact Us
CPC Information

CPC Web Team


AFRICA AFGHANISTAN MEKONG BASIN REGION Meteorological products for the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS-NET) Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) NOAA/ National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction Climate Prediction Center 5200 Auth Road Camp Springs, Maryland 20746 Climate Prediction Center Web Team Page last modified: August 23, 2002

108. --
global news and analysis for Application Service Providers.

ASPnews Home
News Analysis Trends ... About Us Search ASPnews:



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Discount Hotels
Promote Your Website ... Vacations ASPnews Focus Top News Symantec to Buy Anti-Spam Company Sun Opens Storage to Others IBM, Microsoft Top Oracle, DoJ Witness Lists Plus: More ASP News TOP 50 Top 20 Providers Free Newsletter! ASPnews Shortcuts Week's Top News ASP News at Industry Events Discussion Forums ... USi Acquires Appshop The Oracle application outsourcing specialist extends USi's sizeable enterprise ASP offerings. (June 2, 2004) Netegrity Upgrades Provisioning Tool IdentityMinder eProvision 4.0 offers enhanced workflow and simplified administration. (June 1, 2004) EmailLabs Seeks to Restore Trust in E-mail Marketing The email-marketing ASP is calling on marketers to adopt a 'trust-based' framework that goes beyond CAN-SPAM. (June 3, 2004) Sun Consolidates ID Management Systems With the help of its WaveSet assets, Sun looks to stay ahead of the ID Management pack with a combo of user provisioning and meta-directory features. (June 1, 2004)

109. Home Systems
global leader in fixed wireless solutions. Large product selection from 1Mbps to 155Mbps. Home to major corporations. Consulting Services include RF analysis, Site Surveys, Engineering, installation.

110. Alexander Shlyakhter's Home Page: Variation Of Fundamental Constants; Neutron Ac
Researcher at Harvard University. Interests include variation of fundamental constants, nucleosynthesis, neutron cross sections, radiation risk, uncertainty analysis, risk analysis, monte carlo simulation, and global climate change.
Alexander Shlyakhter's home page
web: email: n@d where n=shlyakhter,
Keywords: Oklo reactor, fundamental constants, cosmology, fine-structure constant, neutron cross sections, nucleosynthesis; risk analysis, uncertainty analysis, expert overconfidence, radiation risk.
Personal: photos
Professional: papers on nuclear physics risk analysis
(If you need a copy of any paper not downloadable from here, please email
Nuclear physics:

111. Beòcarta
Consultants specializing in detailed metabolic analysis. Includes downloadable publications, news, global contacts for Japan, USA and Glasgow, UK.
Download Acrobat
  • Increase productivity of fermentations Bring novel bioprocesses to production more rapidly Improve process economics and control Define rational targets for strain or cell line improvement Balance the use of medium and feed ingredients Identify unknown waste metabolites Enable accurate up-scaling and down-scaling Assess the suitability of media used at scales from shake flasks to large production vessels.
site by tictoc

112. CentraLabS Clinical Trial Support Services - Home
global Central Laboratory with custom and routine analysis, global logistics support and pediatric studies and bioanalytical method development and validation in Europe and America.
About CentraLabS News Room Contact Us Careers ... Links
CentraLabS Clinical Research
We have supported the analytical phase of clinical trials for over 20 years in a wide range of matrices, including plasma, serum, urine, CSF, whole blood, seminal fluid and synovial fluid. These assays have been undertaken using a wide variety of bioanalytical and immunological techniques that are available within CentraLabS. From routine high throughput safety testing to esoteric method development and full validation, CentraLabS is able to offer a flexible service that supports each unique study. CentraLabS can offer a harmonized service across all continents through owned laboratories in Europe and North America and cross-validated alliances in Asia, South America and South Africa.

113. GTAP Home Page
Upcoming events. 7 th Annual Conference on global Economic analysis Trade, Poverty, and the Environment June 17 19, 2004 Washington, DC, United States.
Home Sign in My Account Feedback GTAP Network Featured Member GTAP wishes to acknowledge the contribution of Rajesh Chadha Rajesh Chadha is Reader in the Department of Economics, Hindu College, University of Delhi, as well as Chief Economist with the National Council for Applied Economic Research where he conducts applied general equilibrium analysis of the Indian economy. Dr. Chadha is also the co-author of an influential book on the impact of domestic and trade policy reform on the Indian Economy. His association with GTAP began in 1994 when he attended the Second Annual GTAP Short Course. Since that time, he has been a frequent conference participant, as well as a regular contributor to the GTAP Data Base, supplying the India I-O table for versions 3, 4, 5 as well as for the upcoming release of version 6. As you can see from his photo, Rajesh is also a devoted father!
Thanks, Rajesh, for your many contributions to GTAP! Read on More profiles
Resource Center Featured GTAP Application "

114. Http://
Provider of global biotech financial research data using fundamental and technical analysis.
Realtime Sector
Biotech Index

... $IBH Bio Funds: BiotechBay BioPortfolio Healthcare

115. Business Monitor International (BMI) - Global And Emerging Markets Country, Indu
Provides analysis and forecasts on global emerging markets.
Welcome to Business Monitor International’s homepage. BMI is a leading print and online publisher of specialist business information on global emerging markets. Our range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly services covers political risk, finance, macroeconomic performance, outlook and forecast, industry sectors and the business operating environment. BMI also publishes directories and CD-ROMs profiling multinational companies active in emerging markets.
BMI’s client and subscriber base includes leading financial institutions, corporates, multinationals, government and academia in over 125 countries worldwide. We invite you to use the links below to trial our online and print services, and to benefit from special offers on purchases of our book, directory and CD titles. BMI's daily online service offering same-day interpretation of financial, economic and political developments and news analysis on 175 countries worldwide, backed by in-depth country analyses, forecasts, risk ratings and regulatory information - serving banks, corporates, government and multilaterals. Use the links below to sign up to one of BMI's free regional daily briefs, delivering essential news and analyes on key developments direct to your email inbox.

116. Sustainability Institute
A thinkdo tank dedicated to sustainable resource use, economics, and community. Providing information, analysis, and practical demonstrations that can foster transitions to sustainable systems at all levels of society, from local to global. Limited information on website.
A think-do tank dedicated to
sustainable resource use,
sustainable economics,
and sustainable community. Sign up for email updates from SI
PRESS RELEASE Meadows Archive
NEW SI Awarded Challenge Grant

Analyzing complex social, economic, and ecological systems for root causes of unsustainable behavior. WORKING WITH STAKEHOLDERS
Using systems thinking and organizational learning tools to help people put the principles of sustainability into practice. Natural Resource Commodities
"Commodity System Challenges" (425K pdf

Systems Model
Global Climate Change ... Consulting Services NEW The Sustainable Food Laboratory Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Fellows Bio.s ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE ... Books NEW Donella Meadows: Archive Bio More Systems Thinking Resources Please send your comments to Last revised on 25-may-04

117. GIAC: Global Information Assurance Certification - Home Page, global Information Assurance Certification The Industry Standard for The hands on portions include analysis of several gigabytes of network
The SANS Institute Storm Center SANS Reading Room SANS Store ... Contact Us Global Information Assurance Certification
The Industry Standard for Security Knowledge
Quick Search:
Steps to Certification GIAC Certification Overview
General Instructions

Access to Courseware,

Practical, and Exams
Tips for Success

Program Overview Program Details GIAC Certification Briefing (PDF) GIAC Mission Statement Code of Ethics ... Authorized Graders Certifications Overview of Certifications Individual Certifications Certification Only Program Recertification ... Pricing Certificates Overview of Certificates Individual Certificates Certificate Pricing GIAC Prep Teaching Kits Practice Tests Important Links GIAC Login (momgate) Register for SANS Training and GIAC Certification - Certification Deadlines Conference Students Online Students Certified Students and Posted Practicals ... Job Posting Prepare for GIAC Certification Practical Administrivia Practical Planning Guides Practical Webcasts Conferences ... Practical Templates GIAC Job Postings Underlined states have current job postings. Click on the state to go directly to that posting.

118. Sporting Goods Intelligence Home Page
Sporting goods and apparel, retailing, market data, market facts and market research for the industry. Financial analysis, database (online and on CDROMs), marketing tools, books, mailing lists. SGI sginews. global coverage. Separate geographics areas. SGI America / SGI Europe and SGI Asia. Specialized newsletters in each area.
Contact Us
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Market Data Archives Market Facts FREE Market Info Industry Links ... Trade Shows Sporting Goods Intelligence is the premiere source for news, analysis and information about the global sporting goods market. QUICK LINKS Renew a subscription or order. Logon to the subscribers-only site at Order any of our products. NEW! The 2004 SGI Directory Need the raw data or a mailing list? You can buy the whole database on CD-ROM Sporting Goods Intelligence Newsletter Sporting Goods Intelligence is the most respected financial newsletter covering the sporting goods industry. Now in our 20th year of publication. Click here for an advertising rate card. Sample issue for free download (72KB pdf) here Archives . Over 10,000 pages of archived articles, statistics, charts and other industry data. An invaluable reference tool for anyone researching the major markets and companies in sporting goods. Updated quarterly with 300+ articles published in SGI SGI Market Facts . An in-depth look at the U.S. and international athletic footwear and athletic apparel markets, with company profiles, market shares, sourcing and much more. Includes detailed charts, tables and analysis.

119. UPS Professional Services
A global management consulting firm that delivers strategic business solutions by leveraging innovative technologies, expert financial analysis, and timeproven logistics know-how.
UPS Global Home Press Releases Careers Events Learn more about UPS Professional Services at industry events.

UPS Professional Services
Today's effective supply chain complexities call for a higher level of visibility, integration, information management and warehouse efficiency.
Regardless of your needs, UPS Professional Services helps you realize the highest degree of operational competency and efficiency. With one single source your company can tap into the vast resources, intellectual capital and management expertise of UPS to help your business grow.
We can reengineer your warehousing operation, streamline your business process and show you how to better leverage your assets. We'll benchmark your financial performance against the competition and show you the impact of business strategies on total cost.

120. Site-By-Site! The International Investment Portal & Research Center
global capital markets sorted by country and category to make your investment research easy. Stocks, funds and derivatives from around the globe. Quotes, charts, news, analysis and corporate information worldwide.
[ Site-By-Site! ]
Americas Asia/Pacific Europe Global Equity Research ... Contact G8 Countries United States of America
  • Federal Reserve Board
    Statistics: Releases and Historical Data
    Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual, including commercial paper, loan charge-offs, and medium term notes
  • ECB Monthly Bulletins: All documents are available as hard copy in the languages specified free of charge from the European Central Bank. CORDIS: Multilingual Research and Development in Europe
Germany Japan United Kingdom
  • Bank of England
Italy Canada Russia
U.S. Mortgages
March 2004 Volume 5 Edition 2

  • Oil and Gas: A Real Bummer for Anyone Owning a Hummer The Election Year Trade Ballet: Truly Questionable Entertainment Digital Democracy: Lessons From the First Internet Presidency Very Positive Signs in Vietnam The Effect of Complacency, Tightening and Fear on Commodity Prices?

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