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         Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Differential Geometry by Erwin Kreyszig, 1991-06-01
  2. College Geometry: An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and the Circle (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Nathan Altshiller-Court, 2007-04-19
  3. Taxicab Geometry: An Adventure in Non-Euclidean Geometry by Eugene F. Krause, 1987-01-01
  4. Calculus With Analytic Geometry by George F Simmons, 1996-10-01
  5. Riemannian Geometry by Manfredo Perdigao do Carmo, 1992-01-01
  6. Student Solutions Manual for Swokowski/Cole's Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry (Classic Edition), 11th by SWOKOWSKI/COLE, 2005-09-01
  7. The Geometry of Physics: An Introduction, Second Edition by Theodore Frankel, 2003-11-24
  8. Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry (11th Edition with CD-ROM) by Earl W. Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole, 2004-11-30
  9. Geometry: Concepts and Skills by Boswell Larson, 2001-10
  10. Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding by Harold R. Jacobs, 2004-02-13
  11. Passport to Algebra and Geometry by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, et all 1999-01
  12. Glencoe Geometry, Student Edition by McGraw-Hill, 2005-01-01
  13. Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry by George F. Simmons, 2003-01
  14. Groovy Geometry: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun by Lynette Long, 2003-01-23

61. Richard Taylor's Home Page
Harvard. Arithmetic algebraic geometry, automorphic forms. Preprints.
Here are some recent papers. They are available either as dvi or as postscript files. They may be very slightly different from the published versions, e.g. they may not include corrections made to the proofs.
Galois representations. (Review article.)
Proceedings of ICM 2002, volume I, 449-474. dvi Postscript Galois representations. (Long version of above review article.)
to appear Annales de la Faculte des Sciences de Toulouse. dvi Postscript Galois representations.
slides for talk at ICM 2002. dvi Postscript On the meromorphic continuation of degree two L-functions.
preprint. dvi Postscript Remarks on a conjecture of Fontaine and Mazur. R.Taylor Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu 1 (2002), 1-19. dvi Postscript On icosahedral Artin representations. II R.Taylor American Journal of Mathematics 125 (2003), 549-566. dvi Postscript On the modularity of elliptic curves over Q. C.Breuil, B.Conrad, F.Diamond and R.Taylor

62. What Is GHL?
A library for 2D and 3-D geometric calculation in C, with functions for shape generation, geometric evaluation, intersection, and offsetting and filleting.
Geometry Handling Library
What is GHL?
This is a complete C functions library of 2-D and 3-D geometric calculation. The library includes functions which calculate the following items for analytical and free-formed shapes, including NURBS, with high reliability and precision.
  • Shape generation
  • Evaluation of generated geometric elements
  • Intersection of any combination of analytical and free-formed shapes
  • Offsetting and filleting (2-D and 3-D)
More than 2,000 external routines are included in this library. This library is written in standard C language, and thus portable to most of the workstations and personal computers working under various operating sysytems as follows.
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP HP-UX
  • Various PC Unixes
  • Apple Mac OS X
This product is used by various application systems which require precise geometric operations from 1992. GHL will be revised continuously to incorporate newly developed theory and algorithms.
GHL 3.4.7 : latest version (shipped on Nov. '03

63. Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library: New Location
geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas, Intro. Antonio geometry problems involving circles and triangles, with animated proofs. Antonio Gutierrez. Inca geometry, Inca City on Mars Nasa.
The Forum Internet Resource Collection
has become
The Internet Mathematics Library
Please change your links and bookmarks to:
Library Home
Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link ... Library Help
We now offer many more categories, selected starting points, updated entries, and powerful search and browse functions. We hope you find this enhanced presentation helpful as you search for mathematics sites on the Internet. Please search and browse the new Library. Here are a few shortcuts: We are now cataloguing only mathematics and math education sites.
Suggestion Box
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64. Graphics Group
Conducts research in realtime 3D model aquisition, shape-based retrieval and analysis, video mosaics, lapped textures, texture mapping for cel animation, and algorithm animation.
Princeton CS Dept Local Access Princeton CS Dept Local Access

65. Geometry From The Land Of The Incas. Problems, Theorems, Proofs, Quizzes, With A
Presents geometry problems, with proofs, animation and sound Poncelet, Napoleon, Eyeball, Steiner, Carnot, Sangaku, Morley, Langley, Varignon, Wittenbauer
Presents geometry problems, with proofs, animation and sound: Poncelet, Napoleon, Eyeball, Steiner, Carnot, Sangaku, Morley, Langley and the Butterfly Theorem. Also, Inca Geometry (Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Incan Quipu, Nazca Lines, Lord of Sipan); quotes from Descartes, Galileo, Newton, Pappus, Plato, Poincare, Voltaire; and quizzes.

66. The Geometry Junkyard: Knot Theory
A page of links on geometric questions arising from knot embeddings.
Knot Theory There is of course an enormous body of work on knot invariants, the 3-manifold topology of knot complements , connections between knot theory and statistical mechanics, etc. I am instead interested here primarily in geometric questions arising from knot embeddings.

67. Shape Surveyor Geometry Game
Improve your geometry skills. Fun game teaches area and perimeter of rectangles and squares with an archeology twist. For kids and
Pick the difficulty level you wish to play. Easy
Super Brain

Pick if you would like to play perimeters and/or areas and hit "Start Digging" to begin the game.
Area and Perimeter

  • You will be shown a rectangle with the dimensions labeled.
  • You must calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle.
  • For each problem you get correct, you will receive a piece of an archeological puzzle.
  • The game is over when you get all the puzzle pieces. Parents Teachers Quiz Lab MyGradeBook ...
  • 68. Nineteenth Century Geometry
    By Roberto Torretti, Universidad de Chile.
    version history

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    A B C D ... Z
    This document uses XHTML-1/Unicode to format the display. Older browsers and/or operating systems may not display the formatting correctly. last substantive content change
    Nineteenth Century Geometry
    1. Lobachevskian geometry
    Euclid (fl. 300 b.c.) placed at the head of his Elements aitemata 1. To draw a straight line from any point to any point.
    3. To draw a circle with any center and any radius. Figure 1
    In the darker ages that followed, Euclid's sense of mathematical freedom was lost and philosophers and mathematicians expected geometry to rest on self-evident grounds. Now, if a is perpendicular and b is almost perpendicular to PQ, a and b approach each other very slowly on one side of PQ and it is not self-evident that they must eventually meet somewhere on that side. After all, the hyperbole indefinitely approaches its asymptotes and yet, demonstrably, never meets them. Through the centuries, several authors demanded-and attempted-a proof of Euclid's Postulate. John Wallis (b. 1616, d. 1703) derived it from the assumption that there are polygons of different sizes that have the same shape. But then this assumption needs proof in turn. Girolamo Saccheri (b. 1667, d. 1733) tried reductio . He inferred a long series of propositions from the negation of Euclid's Postulate, until he reached one which he pronounced "repugnant to the nature of the straight line". But Saccheri's understanding of this "nature" was nourished by Euclidean geometry and his conclusion begged the question.

    69. Amnon Besser: Homepage
    Ben Gurion University. Number theory, algebraic cycles, algebraic Ktheory and arithmetic geometry. Research, publications, course information, and links.
    Dr. Amnon Besser
    Address Department of Mathematics
    Ben Gurion University

    Be'er Sheva 84105
    Israel Phone
    Room NO.
    Office hours
    : Monday 14-16 Education B.Sc. : Tel Aviv University 1985
    M.Sc. : Tel Aviv University 1987
    Ph.D. : Tel Aviv University 1993 Research Research Interests: Number theory, Arithmetic geometry, p-adic integration, p-adic cohomology, Shimura varieties, Automorphic forms, Algebraic cycles, Algebraic K-theory. List of publications from mathscinet (requires mathscinet authorization) Research profile Research Group: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Publications

    70. Geometry Algorithm Home
    Resources for computational geometry algorithm software programming including monthly algorithms with C++ code and an archive, AND a short history of geometry
    Geometry Algorithms
    [Home] Overview History Algorithms Books ... Web Sites
    Steiner's Porism
    Welcome to Dan Sunday's Geometry Algorithms web site. Here you will find resources for developing geometry algorithm and computer graphics software. Whether you're just interested in learning about this class of algorithms, or have a real problem to solve, we may have what you need. Look around.
    Visit our Geometry Gift Shop Hot Books
    (Click on Cover for Info)
    Computational Geometry in C

    Computational Geometry

    Geometric Tools
    Reviews: Geometry Revisited Reviews: Overview Linear Algebra (PDF) Geometry History Geometers History Books Web Sites ... Videos Featured Item Pavilion Brain Benders Puzzle Box Average Customer Review: Need Help? Contact us at: Help SUPPORT This Site Please make purchases through this site to help support us. The cost is the same to you, but we get a small commission. Email comments and suggestions to

    71. Veys
    University of Leuven. Algebraic geometry, singularity theory, applications in number theory. Papers and preprints.
    Home Page of Wim Veys Contents Work Information Contact Information Publications with available DVI- and PS-file Previous publications Work Information Professor at the University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Department of Mathematics, Section of Algebra
    Fields of Research
    Algebraic Geometry, Singularity Theory, applications in Number Theory
    Specific Research Topics
    Exceptional divisor of an embedded resolution, Zeta Functions (Igusa, topological, motivic), Monodromy, configurations of curves on surfaces, Stringy invariants, Principal value integrals
    Ph.D. Students
    Bart Rodrigues : Geometric determination of the poles of motivic and topological zeta functions may 2002 Dirk Segers : Smallest poles of zeta functions and solutions of polynomial congruences, april 2004 Jan Schepers : On stringy invariants
    Ann Lemahieu : On possible poles of zeta functions Filip Cools
    Back to top
    Contact Information Address University of Leuven, Department of Mathematics, Celestijnenlaan 200 B, B-3001 Leuven (Heverlee), Belgium. Electronic mail address

    72. Shape And Space In Geometry
    geometry is the mathematics of shape and space. For many of us, the geometry course sounded the death knell for our progress—and interest—in mathematics.
    Geometry is the mathematics of shape and space. It's about the properties of objects (their angles and surfaces, for instance) and the consequences of how these objects are positioned (where their shadows fall, how people must move around them). Here's a chance to put those memories to rest, to experience geometry anew. At its roots, geometry is not abstract. Rather, it's fun and colorful, instructive and practical. Geometry is about real things: how big they are, whether they fit, how to find them, what they look like in a mirror. Geometry is naturally concrete. This lab divides activities into two broad categories. Activities about shape center on identifying properties of various shapes and measuring their dimensions. Activities about space Simply put, geometry is important to real life. Before you start the activities, read this background to find out why.
    Channel Catalog About Us ... Legal Policy

    73. Topology And Geometry
    A collection of educational, graphical and research software by Jeff Weeks.
    Jeff Weeks' Topology and Geometry Software Fun and Games
    for ages 10 and up
    Torus and Klein Bottle games
    (Windows, Macintosh)
    (Windows, Macintosh) Classroom Materials
    for teachers grades 6-10
    Exploring the Shape of Space
    Curved Spaces for software developers Computer Graphics in Curved Spaces (OpenGL, Direct3D) Research Software for mathematicians SnapPea (Linux, Macintosh, Windows) Comments? Problems? Suggestions? Contact Jeff Weeks awards and links

    74. Areas, Volumes, Surface Areas
    textAreas, Volumes, Surface Areas. (pi = pi = 3.141592 ) textAreas. textsquare = a^{2}. textrectangle = ab. textparallelogram = bh.
    [text:Areas, Volumes, Surface Areas
    pi = [pi] = 3.141592...)
    [text:rectangle] = ab [text:parallelogram] = bh [text:trapezoid] = h/2 (b + b [text:circle] = pi r [text:ellipse] = pi r r [text:triangle] = (1/2) b h [text:equilateral triangle] = (1/4) [text:triangle given SAS] = (1/2) a b sin C [text:triangle given a,b,c] = [sqrt][s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)] [text:when] s = (a+b+c)/2 ([text:Heron's formula])
    [text:when n = # of sides and S = length from center to a corner]
    [text:rectangular prism] = a b c [text:irregular prism] = b h [text:cylinder] = b [text:pyramid] = (1/3) b h [text:cone] = (1/3) b [text:ellipsoid] = (4/3) pi r r r
    [text:Surface Areas]
    ([text:lateral area]) = [text:perimeter]( b ) L
    ([text:total area]) = [text:perimeter]( b ) L + 2 b

    Projective geometry is a beautiful subject which has some remarkable applications beyond those in standard textbooks. These were
    Projective geometry is a beautiful subject which has some remarkable applications beyond those in standard textbooks. These were pointed to by Rudolf Steiner who sought an exact way of working scientifically with aspects of reality which cannot be described in terms of ordinary physical measurements. His colleague George Adams worked out much of this and pointed the way to some remarkable research done by Lawrence Edwards in recent years. Steiner's spiritual research showed that there is another kind of space in which more subtle aspects of reality such as life processes take place. Adams took his descriptions of how this space is experienced and found a way of specifying it geometrically, which is dealt with in the Counter Space Page A brief introduction to the basics of the subject is given in the Basics Page The work of Lawrence Edwards is introduced in the Path Curves Page , and some explorations of his work on further aspects is described in the Pivot Transforms Page . This is mostly pictorial, with reference to documentation. YOU ARE INVITED TO EXPLORE!

    76. String Theory: A Happy Marriage Of Geometry And Physics
    An introductory description of this theory with references to current work being done in the Netherlands.
    Next: Strings in physics and Up: No Title Previous: Research Highlights
    String Theory: A Happy Marriage of Geometry and Physics
    Research Programme: Algebraic and Analytic Geometry Researcher: R.H. Dijkgraaf
    Fri Mar 20 16:01:06 MET 1998

    77. Beiträge Zur Algebra Und Geometrie Homepage
    Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie Contributions to Algebra and geometry. ISSN 01384821 · Electronic Edition Managing Editors.

    Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
    Managing Editors
    The mathematical Journal was founded in 1971 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of O.-H. Keller. It publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, geometry, algebraic geometry and related fields , preferably in English language. For fastest access: Choose your nearest server!
    Technical Notes
    Last modified 5 Mar 2004
    Heldermann Verlag

    and FIZ Karlsruhe / Zentralblatt MATH for the EMIS Electronic Edition

    78. Hyperbolic Geometry
    Cabri constructions for the demonstration of the basic concepts of hyperbolic geometry in the Poincare disc model.
    Hyperbolic Geometry using Cabri
    This page and links maintained by Tim Lister, Last updated: A tessellation of the hyperbolic plane H Full screen version of diagram During the summer of 97 I had great fun playing with some marvelous software, Cabri Geometry , and devising constructions for use in teaching the basic ideas of a geometry course put on by the Open University. These started with some figures to demonstrate the transformations of Inversive Geometry, and progressed to figures for the Arbelos, the inversors of Peucellier and Hart, Coaxial Circles and so on, much of which was driven by the discovery of a Dover edition of a small pearl of a book Advanced Euclidean Geometry (Modern Geometry) An elementary Treatise on the Geometry of the triangle and the Circle (to give its full title) written by Roger A. Johnson and first published in 1929. It had languished on my bookshelves, having been bought years ago for 20 cents (South African) in some sale or other. I can recommend it as a fascinating read, or just for taking in the breathtaking complexity of the many hand crafted diagrams to be found on its pages.

    79. Balkan Journal Of Geometry And Its Applications
    Balkan Journal of geometry and Its Applications. 1 No. 2. Published by BALKAN SOCIETY OF GEOMETERS geometry Balkan Press Bucharest, ROMANIA
    Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications
    Managing Editor: V. Balan (Bucharest)
    Editorial board
    Promoters and Founders:
    R. Miron (Iassy), C. Udriste (Bucharest), Gr. Tsagas (Thessaloniki) Editor-in-Chief:
    C. Udriste (Bucharest) Members:
    I.D. Albu (Timisoara), M. Anastasiei (Iassy), D. Andrica (Cluj), Gh. Atanasiu (Brasov), V. Balan (Bucharest), D. E. Blair (East Lansing), B.-Y. Chen (East Lansing), J. Dorfmeister (Lawrence), A. Jannussis (Patras), V. Obadeanu (Timisoara), Gh. Pitis (Brasov), P. Popescu (Craiova), G. Pripoaie (Bucharest), P. C. Stavrinos (Athens), L. Tamassy (Debrecen), Gr. Tsagas (Thessaloniki), L. Vanhecke (Leuven), E. Vassiliou (Athens) Managing Editor for the Electronic Version of BJGA:
    V. Balan (Bucharest) For fastest access: Choose your nearest server!
    Published by
    Geometry Balkan Press
    Bucharest, ROMANIA

    80. Diophantine Geometry
    GeorgAugust-Universit¤t, G¶ttingen, Germany; 1722 June 2004.
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> Conference "Diophantine Geometry Mathematisches Institut Organizer: Yuri Tschinkel Program Useful information Contact us Short Courses: J.-B. Bost , (Orsay): Foliations on algebraic varieties over number fields: algebraicity and transcendence B. Hassett , (Rice University): Equations of universal torsors and Cox rings R. Pink Special points and subvarieties of abelian varieties Other participants include: V. Abrashkin , (University of Durham) V. Batyrev

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