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         General Topology:     more books (100)
  2. General Topology and Applications (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Andima, 1991-06-24
  3. General topology and its relations to modern analysis and algebra III; proceedings
  4. General Topology by W. Sierpinski, 1961
  7. Introduction to general topology by Zlatko P Mamuzic, 1963
  8. General Topology by Stephen Willard, 1970
  9. General Topology by Mangesh G. Murdeshwar, 1999
  10. Elementary General Topology
  11. Murdeshwar General Topology (Paper Only) by Mangesh G. Murdeshwar, 1984-02
  12. General Topology - Ase Pending Out of Print by LIPSCHUTZ, 1965-01-01
  13. General Topology and Homotopy Theory by I. M. James, 1984-07
  14. General Topology and Homotopy Theory

81. Math 651, 652. General Topology 1, 2
Math 651, 652. general topology 1, 2 terms offered, credit hours, prerequisites, and course description. Math 651, 652. general topology 1, 2.
Math 651, 652. General Topology 1, 2
Offered: 651 F odd years, 652 W even years Credit Hours: 3 each Prerequisite: Math 552 Course List
Brigham Young University
Department of Mathematics
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82. Addison-Wesley - Introduction To General Topology 1 Book Paperback (limp) - Geor
AddisonWesley,Introduction to general topology 1 Book Paperback (limp),George Cain,0-201-75611-0,0201756110 - Mehr als 70.000 Fachbuecher der Verlage Markt
Kontakt Jobs Warenkorb Login ... Produkt Index Schnellsuche: Home Higher Education Addison-Wesley Introduction to General Topology 1 Book Paperback (limp) INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL TOPOLOGY
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Higher Education

83. EEVL | Mathematics Section | Browse
Mathematics Geometry and Topology Topology general topology spey 1 vaich 1 Comment on this record, 4. general topology Front for the Mathematics ArXiv. Browse&brows

84. About "GN General Topology (Front For The Mathematics ArXiv)"
GN general topology (Front for the Mathematics ArXiv).
GN General Topology (Front for the Mathematics ArXiv)
Library Home
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Visit this site: Author: Univ. of California, Davis Description: General Topology preprints, from the U.C. Davis front end for the e-Print archive, a major site for mathematics preprints that has incorporated many formerly independent specialist archives. Search by keyword or browse by topic. Levels: College Research Languages: English Resource Types: Preprints Math Topics: Topology
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85. General Topology
general topology. Bibliography General Journals Digital Topology Departments Personal home pages General. Topology Atlas Preprints Int. /ma-ge-gentop

86. General Topology
Rob Gatian. Morgantown Realtors. HOME. general topology by MDC. general topology Proximity to Major Waterways Interstate Highway Systems. BACK TO TOP.

87. Title
The summary for this Chinese (Simplified) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set. topolo

88. Schaum's Outline Of General Topology By Seymour Lipschutz (Paperback)
Buy Schaum s Outline of general topology by Seymour Lipschutz (Paperback) from home at our online store. Schaum s Outline of general topology.
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89. CoLab Document Server - Subject: 54-xx General Topology
Subject 54xx general topology. MSC Classification Scheme (165) 54-xx general topology (3) 54Exx Spaces with richer structures (3). Number of records 0.
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Subject: 54-xx General topology

90. Basic Library List-Topology
MAA recommended books in general, Geometric, Algebraic and Differential topology.
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Topology: General Topology
* Alexandroff, Paul. Elementary Concepts of Topology Mineola, NY: Dover, 1961. Arkhangelski i, A.V. and Pontrjagin, Lev S., eds. General Topology I: Basic Concepts and Constructions, Dimension Theory New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1990. * Bing, R.H. Elementary Point Set Topology Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 1960. Bourbaki, Nicolas. Elements of Mathematics: General Topology New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1989. ** Chinn, William G. and Steenrod, Norman E. First Concepts of Topology Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 1966. Dugundji, James. Topology Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon, 1966. Fuks, D.B. and Rokhlin, V.A. Beginner's Course in Topology: Geometric Chapters New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1984. Gamelin, Theodore W. and Greene, Robert E. Introduction to Topology Philadelphia, PA: Saunders College, 1983. Gemignani, Michael C. Elementary Topology, Mineola, NY: Dover, 1990. Second Edition. Hausdorff, Felix. Set Theory

91. Links To Low-dimensional Topology
Topics general, Conferences, Pages of Links, Knot Theory, 3manifolds, Journals.
Links to low-dimensional topology
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Most recent additions: hard to say, I've stopped keeping track... This page was getting just a little too large, so I've cut it into pieces. General Conferences Pages of Links Knot Theory ... Home pages

92. [gr-qc/9605010] Cosmic Topology
general relativity does not allow one to specify the topology of space, leaving the possibility that space is multi rather than simply- connected. This paper reviews the mathematical properties of multi-connected spaces, and the different tools to classify them and to analyse their properties.
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, abstract
From: [ view email ] Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 09:57:41 +0002 (300kb) Date (revised): Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:32:59 GMT
Cosmic Topology
Authors: M. Lachieze-Rey J.P.Luminet (2) ((1) CE-Saclay/Service d'Astrophysique, (2) Observatoire de Meudon/DARC)
Comments: 159 pages, LaTeX format, 32 figures available on request; v2 : all postscript figures added
Journal-ref: Phys.Rept. 254 (1995) 135-214
Full-text: PostScript PDF , or Other formats
References and citations for this submission:
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(autonomous citation navigation and analysis)
Links to: arXiv gr-qc find abs

93. Quantum Topology
The objective of the Project are to use topological quantum field theories to explore lowdimensional topological objects. The field theories to be used are combinatorially and algebraically defined, and the emphasis is on numerical computation and detection of counterexamples rather than general structure.
algebra and topology
since 1989.
Partially supported by the National Science Foundation
Project overview

Frank Quinn

Ivelina Bobtcheva
... Summer research team Jacob Siehler Susan Schmoyer Micah Chrisman Currently inactive. We have discontinued our computational work and are concentrating on abstract results. Please see our individual web pages or the ArXive for current papers. Documents Guide to the project, including goals, conjectures, and open problems; abstract frameworks for modular topological field theories and categorical constructions; algorithms for computing in representations of Lie algebras; a setting for numerical computation in symmetric and tortile categories; progress reports on analysis of field theories. Categories Software implementing structure functions of tortile categories; data files for mod p (Gelfand-Kazhdan) categories and root-of-unity quantum group categories defined using small primes and Lie algebras of modest rank. 2-d Fields Software implementing topological field theories on 2-dimensional CW complexes, particularly with two 1-cells; data files for fields defined with Gelfand-Kazhdan categories.

94. Index Of /Root/d-Mathematics/d-Geometry/d-General-topology
Parent Directory - b-Applications......Index of /Root/dMathematics/d-Geometry/d-general-topology. Name Last modified Size
Index of /Root/d-Mathematics/d-Geometry/d-General-topology
Name Last modified Size Description ... b-Applications-of-general-topology 21-Apr-2002 21:56 112 b-Baire-theory 12-Sep-1998 18:38 358 b-Cardinality-conditions 07-Jul-1995 21:52 695 b-Compactness-properties 19-Jun-2001 23:32 1.1K b-Digital-topology 02-Aug-1997 20:29 303 b-Dimension-theory 31-Mar-2004 00:22 1.1K b-Finite-closure-spaces 05-Apr-2004 22:06 1.3K b-Finite-topological-spaces 13-May-2004 00:59 3.0K b-Function-spaces 20-Jul-2003 02:35 1.0K b-General-topology 05-Apr-2004 22:06 4.3K b-Metric-spaces 07-Nov-1998 06:43 1.1K b-Nonarchimedean-topology 14-Sep-2003 02:25 5.0K b-Normal-spaces 07-Jul-1995 21:46 419 b-Ordered-topological-spaces 07-Sep-1995 21:06 138 b-Regular-open-sets 23-Jun-1996 13:30 96 b-Spaces-of-subsets-and-set-valued-mappings 03-Sep-1997 11:01 2.6K

95. Topology Atlas
topology Atlas is a publisher of information related to topology. Questions. research questions and answers, open forum. Topics. other topological topic websites. Education. topology course resources. TopCom journals published by topology Atlas and others URL http// Copyright ©. 19952004 by topology
Topology Atlas is a publisher of information related to topology. What's New
new features, new documents, news Search and List
search or list our database Preprints
preprints, surveys, other archives Abstracts
research notices, books, articles, conferences Invited Contributions
short surveys of specialized topics
journals published by Topology Atlas and others Who's Who
homepages, groups, obituaries, photos, news Conferences and Seminars
a conference calendar, seminars Questions
research questions and answers, open forum Topics
other topological topic websites Education Topology course resources TopCom a magazine for the community of topologists Employment employer and candidate notices, other resources Submissions forms, instructions About Topology Atlas what we do and who we are Mail: URL: Topology Atlas

topology. Source Type, Other Lists of Documents.

97. What Is Topology?
topology Atlas Document iaab14 Production Editor C. Douglas Haessig. What is topology? The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive topology Enters Mathematics ( http//www
Topology Atlas Document # iaab-14
What is Topology?
(A composition of Web Sites)
Robert R. Bruner
A brief (one page) introduction to topology.
Accessibility : Anyone.
Neil Strickland
Tries to answer the question by use of applications.
Accessibility : Anyone.
Zbigniew Fiedorowicz
Discusses the question: What is topology good for? Shows examples of Euler's formula, knots.
Accessibility : Anyone.
Andrew J. Nicas
A very brief (a paragraph) discussion of "What is topology?".
Accessibility : There is no mathematics on the page, however, the terminology may be formidable to some.
Kevin Iga
A good introduction to the notions of topology and manifold theory.
Accessibility : Anyone.
Jussi Talsi
A brief exposition on "What is Topology?".
Accessibility : Anyone.

98. ScienceDirect - Topology And Its Applications - List Of Issues
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Topology and its Applications Bookmark this page as:
Formerly known as General Topology and its Applications
Articles in Press
Volume 141 Volume 141, Issues 1-3 , Pages 1-233 (14 June 2004) Volumes 131 - 140 Volumes 121 - 130 Volumes 111 - 120 Volumes 101 - 110 ... Volumes 11 - 20 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals Sample Issue Online More Publication Info Information for Authors
... Elsevier B.V.

99. Entrez PubMed
Definition of general topological equivalence in protein structures. A procedure involving comparison of properties and relationships

100. Fiche Document -Topological Semifields And Their Applications To

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