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  1. The Renaissance of General Relativity and Cosmology: A Survey to Celebrate the 65th Birthday of Dennis Sciama
  2. General Theory of Relativity (Selected Readings in Physics) by C.W. Kilmister, 1973-11

141. Reflections On Relativity
Comprehensive presentation of the special and general theories of relativity.
Reflections on Relativity
Contents Preface 1. First Principles Experience and Spacetime Systems of Reference Inertia and Relativity The Dilemma of Light ... Null Coordinates 2. A Complex of Phenomena The Spacetime Interval Force Laws and Maxwell's Equations The Inertia of Energy Doppler Shift for Sound and Light ... Thomas Precession 3. Several Valuable Suggestions Postulates and Principles Natural and Violent Motions De Mora Luminis Stationary Paths ... Constructing the Principles 4. Weighty Arguments Immovable Spacetime Inertial and Gravitational Separations Free-Fall Equations Force, Curvature, and Uncertainty ... The Breakdown of Simultaneity 5. Extending the Principle Absorbing Acceleration Tensors, Contravariant and Covariant Curvature, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Relatively Straight ... The Field Equations 6. Ist Das Wirklich So? An Exact Solution Anomalous Precession Bending Light Radial Paths in a Spherically Symmetrical Field ... Sources in Motion 7. Cosmology Is the Universe Closed? The Formation and Growth of Black Holes Falling Into and Hovering Near A Black Hole Curled-Up Dimensions ... Global Interpretations of Local Experience 8. The Secret Confidence of Nature Kepler, Napier, and the Third Law

142. Alternative Relativitätstheorie, Einie Emissionstheorie. Alternative To Relativ
Extinction Shift Principle, the Most Recent Emission Theory; Alternative to both general and Special relativity in the Electrodynamics of Galilean Transformations for the first time formulated in the intuitive framework of Euclidean Space Geometry alone.
alternative emissionstheorie
Extinction Shift Principle
A pure classical physics look at
Electromagnetism and Gravitation
in Euclidean Space
Emission and Re-emission done correctly!!! derived with No Relativity, No Ether, No non-conventional Physics using step-by-step clear classical
approaches only in a recently published book! A Mathematical Proof Step-by-step Pure Classical solutions under Galilean Transformations of Velocities applied to the Rectilinear Motion of Gravitons and Photons in the frame work of Euclidean Space Geometry Supported by the past century of important experiments in optics and recent observational evidence in astrophysics For nearly a century now, there has been absolutely NO concrete, pure classical treatment to the physics problems pertaining to significant fractions of the velocity of light. Until now, NO alternative methods had been presented that use pure Galilean Electrodynamics in Euclidean Space , which are explainable with simple, intuitive measures without having to resort to the usual framework of Special and General Relativity!

143. Millennium Relativity
Introduces a new theory in relativistic physics to replace Einstein's special and general theories of relativity.
Millennium Relativity Relativity Sites News Release - Author profiled in Marquis Who’s Who Dissident Sites Government Sites Physics Sites Read First ... Integrated Relativistic Velocity and Acceleration Composition New paper - Added Jan 25 2004 Millennium Theory Equations Updated Feb 10 2004 Millennium Briefs Most Recent Article - Einstein's Velocity Composition Proven Wrong - The Complete Proof ) Most Recent Papers by Contributing Authors Physics News Dung Pham A View to the Mechanical, Optical and Electro-Magnetic Phenomena in the World of Giant Objects Peer Reviews Ajay Sharma The Origin of Generalised Mass-Energy Equation DE = Ac2 DM; its mathematical justification and application in General physics and Cosmology Submitted Papers Karl Thompson A Proposal for an Alternative Model of the Photon Visitor's Forum New Policy on Contributed Works Millennium Relativity Website Progress Report for October 2002 ... History Arthur Urovski Velocity Composition (Most Recent Visitor's Forum Topic) Known Problems (see list of known problems) Site Promotion Paper Contact Site

144. ThinkQuest : Library : Relativity In A Wormhole!
A set of pages produced by students to educate the general public on the theory of relativity and its implications
Index Physical Science Theory of Relativity
Relativity in a Wormhole!
A brief introduction of General Relativity and Special Relativity. Visit Site 1996 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Nick Watertown High School, Watertown, WI, United States Julie Johnson Creek High School, Johnson Creek, WI, United States Coaches Robert Watertown High School, Watertown, WI, United States Joseph Johnson Creek High School, Johnson Creek, WI, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

145. Is The Special Theory Of Relativity Wrong?
There follows a proof that the Special Theory of relativity may be wrong. This may also have implications for the general Theory.
Is the Special Theory of Relativity Wrong?
Author: Greg Alexander
Date: 17 Sept 2003
These days it would appear that the Special Theory of Relativity was beyond any form of doubt however I have a theoretical proof that would strongly suggest that the theory is fundamentally flawed. Indeed the proof is so straight forward it is a wonder so many supposedly acute minds have previously overlooked it. The proof runs as follows :
The origin of this scientific red herring lies with the famous (though some may perhaps argue infamous) Michelson-Morley experiment. It was conducted by the two Americans whom it was named after in 1887 in order to prove or disprove the existence of ‘aether’, the enigmatic substance thought to be contained in a vacuum upon which a light wave was able to move upon. The apparatus consisted of two beams of light meeting at right angles at an interferometer. If the Earth’s speed effected either of the velocities of the light beams then the interference pattern obtained would change. However it was found that the speed of the Earth about the Sun did not appear to effect the interference pattern in any way and it was upon this observation that Einstein based his Special Theory of Relativity.
However just the briefest look at the exact set-up of the apparatus used by Michelson and Morley clearly reveals that the experiment could never have worked anyway. Indeed the logic supporting it is so flawed it is a wonder that no-one appears to have ever noticed. The two light beams which meet at the interferometer first travel away from it and at equal distances are reflected back again to the same half-silvered glass it started from. However because each light beam exactly doubles back on itself each time, it is obvious what the light beam would have gained as a result of the Earth’s velocity in one direction, it would exactly lose on the way back again in the opposite direction, and vice versa. Indeed the experiment would never have proved or disproved the existence of the aether either.

146. Relativity Tutorial
relativity Tutorial The University of California Los Angeles Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics professor Edward Wright maintains the relativity Tutorial Web site. The site explains the

147. Spacetime Wrinkles
How can we see them? relativity Goes Digital. Will Einstein s theory of gravitation continue to prevail in decades to come? relativity Roundup.
In 1905, Albert Einstein published his famous Special Theory of Relativity and overthrew commonsense assumptions about space and time. Relative to the observer, both are altered near the speed of light: distances appear to stretch; clocks tick more slowly. A decade and a year later, Einstein further challenged conventional wisdom by describing gravity as the warping of spacetime, not a force acting at a distance. Since then, Einstein's revolutionary insights have largely stood the test of time. One by one, his predictions have been borne out by experiment and observation. But it wasn't until much later that scientists accepted one of the most dramatic ramifications of Einstein's theory of gravitation: the existence of black holes from whose extreme gravity nothing, not even light, can escape. Major advances in computation are only now enabling scientists to simulate how black holes form, evolve, and interact. They're betting on powerful instruments now under construction to confirm that these exotic objects actually exist. You might like to take a two-minute video tour of this exhibit's contents. However, the Quicktime movie is rather large (12.3 MB!), so be patient when downloading. It could take several minutes. (Further information on downloading movies can be obtained from the

148. Relativity On The World Wide Web
relativity on the World Wide Web This site provides a collection of links to "equationfree" explanations of Einstein's theory by expert relativists. Resources linked to include popular

149. Cambridge Relativity
National Cosmology Supercomputer New! Cosmology. Black holes. Cosmic strings et al. Inflation. Quantum gravity. Movies Research Home Page Stephen Hawking.
National Cosmology Supercomputer - New!
Black holes National Cosmology Supercomputer - New!
Black holes ... [Next]

150. Tensors And Relativity
A complete online course in tensors and relativity

151. The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction To Relativity (by Rob Salgado)
What s new For a new visualization of the Twin Paradox, visit Visualizing Proper Time in Special relativity with LightClocks.
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The Light Cone
an illuminating introduction to relativity
Rob Salgado
What's new
For a new visualization of the Twin Paradox, visit
Visualizing Proper Time in Special Relativity [with LightClocks]
Older, but still useful: Twin Paradox java applet
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  • Introduction
  • Unfamiliar Quotations
  • English-Spacetime-Geometry Dictionary
  • Aristotle's Spacetime
  • Introducing the PRINCIPLE OF RELATIVITY: Galileo's Spacetime ...
  • Newton and His Mechanical Laws of Motion
  • Maxwell and The Electrodynamic Theory of Light
  • Introducing the LIGHT CONE: The Einstein-Minkowski Spacetime
  • Soap Box Seminar Series: The Twin Non-Paradox ...
  • A more illuminating look at the LIGHT CONE
  • Newton, Galileo, and The Laws of Gravitation
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