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         Game Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Game Theory and Animal Behavior
  2. Introducing Game Theory and its Applications (Crc Press Series on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 28.) by Elliot Mendelson, 2004-06-28

141. XV Italian Meeting On Game Theory And Applications - Urbino, (Italy), July 9-12,
Held in Urbino, Italy.

Hosted by Faculty of Economics, Università degli Studi di Urbino
"Carlo Bo"
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142. Game Design X - The Future Of Game Design
Design theory, forums, links, and tools.

143. Bridge Museum
Proposes an introduction to the game, explanation of bidding systems and play techniques.
Museum of Contract Bridge Theory
LH's home

Any feedback is more than welcome.
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For beginners

Bidding systems and countermeasures

Bidding theory

Logic, probability, and planning
For beginners How bridge is played Bidding systems and countermeasures Conventions in responding to notrump openings Conventional intervention over 1NT openings Conventional major suit raises 3NT versus 4 of a major ... A tournament Acol Bidding theory Ranges for natural non-forcing bids Valuation and fit in suit contracts Decisions in high-level competitive auctions Logic, probability, and planning Trick-one blunders involving tenaces and entries Card-placing and deception (coming) The play of a single suit Safety plays The natural falsecards Defensive carding Opening lead tables When a high card is not a signal Endgames The rare trump endgames Squeeze endings Communications Elementary holdups at notrump Developing dummy's side suit: Entry concerns Merrimac and Deschapelles coups Crisscross duck ... Internal blockage Control The meaning of control Trump control Pseudocontrol Fast discards ... Entry/tempo fork play Ruffs, overruffs, and trump promotions

144. Luke Ong
Merton College, Oxford Categorical logic, game semantics, type theory, lambda calculus, semantics of programming languages, and sequentiality.
Luke Ong
Reader in Computer Science
Tutorial Fellow in Computation, Merton College
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Wolfson Building,
Parks Road,
Oxford, OX1 3QD,
Direct: +44 (0)1865 283522
Department: +44 (0)1865 273838
Fax: +44 (0)1865 273839
Work-related information (OUCL)
Personal Information
(Personal page,
content is not the responsibility of OUCL)
oucl people Updated April 2004 Home Search SiteMap Feedback ... News

145. Ccard V2.0 - A Category Theory Card Game
The official site for this abstract mathematical card game. You can download the deck as a gzipped postscript.
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Ccard 2.0
or: How to make fun out of something highly abstract.
Ccard is a card game. You can download the cards as gzipped postscript It was born in an area of distress in May 1999, kicked of by the Summer School in Semantics (at BRICS, Aarhus University, Denmark) and in particular the course about category theory there.
How to play?
There are some simple "rules" I made up for two or more players (but you are of course free to change them).
  • The seven suits are organized by a increasing number of "circles" which are meant to reflect the "difficulty" of the facts within. The number of circles/triangles of the suite symbol determines the rank of this suite.
  • Every suite has nine cards. The highest card of one suit is the "aleph"_lambda (resembles a shaky N), followed by "omega", "infinity", then 11, 7, 5, 3, 2 (I like to stick with prime numbers) and finally the empty set (or "naught").
  • Each of 2 (or possibly more) players gets six cards, the rest is left as a pile on the table.
  • 146. NetPlay Software - Groovy Lava And Strike-A-Light
    Cellular Automata software that uses probability theory with Conway's game of life rules to produce new and beautiful animations using DirectX 8.0.
    Home Groovy Lava Strike-A-Light Instant Demo ... How to Buy Search NetPlay Bookmark this Site
    Welcome to NetPlay Software
    Strike-A-Light! Groovy Lava! Teachers please click here Warning! tic-tac-toe
    taken to the extreme! This game is serious fun! Full Game Details Learn the rules in 30 seconds... See if you can beat the computer and your friends! Wings of chaos What do screensavers, Winamp visualization and Mathematical CHAOS all have in common? Find out with Groovy Lava! Life, the Universe and Cellular Automation See More Examples... Strike-A-Light! ...
    Buy Now!
    only $19.95 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Groovy Lava!
    Buy Now!
    only $19.95 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Groovy Lava and Strike-A-Light Challenge are trademarks of NetPlay Software. Home Groovy Lava Strike-A-Light Instant Demo ... NetPlay

    147. Chaos Theory: An Anchorage, Alaska Paintball Team
    A recreational and tournament team based in Anchorage. Pictures, game variations, and links.
    The MSTS schedule is out! As well, Element Paintball will be hosting again at their Klatt Road Field! Look for more information coming very soon. The first event will take place on June 5th and 6th Round 5 is NOT yet complete as of 6/4/04, we will post here and on the forum when it is ready. I am working on it again, so maybe by MSTS2 round 1? (oops) We also have plans to travel out-of-state to a tournament this year! It'll be a blast and we can't wait! Watch out world the sexitude is spreading! Peace Out
    -Ryan Welcome to our Website! Thanks for Visiting! All images and logos are the property of Chaos Theory or have been used by permission. Please do not display or link to them without permission from Chaos Theory. Paintball team "Chaos Theory" is based in Anchorage, Alaska and was formed in 1998. We pride ourselves in remaining candid, easy to get along with, and fair. We may not be the best, but by god, we are the sexiest! Would you like to Advertise here?

    148. Brass Lantern Interactive Fiction Theory
    The theory of adventure game and interactive fiction design, from elements such as puzzles to game analysis.
    Home Writers IF Theory Beginners


    IF Theory
    ... Search
    Interactive Fiction Theory
    Thoughts on the art and craft of adventure game design. The articles cover design issues, elements of adventures such as puzzles, and analyses of successful games. Related Links The Craft of Adventure
    Graham Nelson, creator of the Inform text adventure language and author of Curses and Jigsaw , has written five excellent articles about designing adventure games. IF Criticism and Authorship
    Stephen van Egmond has organized and listed IF topics which have been discussed on the Usenet group The Meta-Puzzle of Interactive Fiction
    Marnie Parker's long treatise on how interactivity is the key to text adventures.
    Twisty Little Passages Review
    Nick Montfort's book on interactive fiction gives an overview of the genre, a comprehensive history of IF, and even lays the foundation for a theory of the genre. That it does all of this well is remarkable; that it should be well suited both for a general audience and for academicians is amazing.
    The Player Will Get It Wrong
    No matter how many times you play your own game, you'll be hard-pressed to figure out what actual players will see when they play it.

    149. Eric Zimmerman
    game designer, artist, and academic at NYU exploring the theory and practice of game design. Essays, links, teaching.
    This is the under-reconstruction website of Eric Zimmerman. Who am I? I am a game designer.
    I have worked in the game industry
    for a decade and have created dozens of games for a wide
    variety of media. I have created award-winning multi-
    million dollar PC CD-ROM games, massively multiplayer
    online games, small-scale web-based games, non-computer
    social games played by thousands of people at conferences,
    and physical games played in museums and galleries. My
    work includes games for entertainment, education,
    research, and art contexts. I am an academic. I have taught courses in game design, interactive narrative design, and related topics at the university level for almost ten years at places like MIT, New York University, School of Visual Arts, and Parsons School of Design at the New School University. I have also given a great many lectures and workshops and I serve on the editorial board of Game Studies I am a writer.

    150. Game Design: Theory & Practice
    A book by Richard Rouse III about computer and video game design.
    is a new book by Richard Rouse III about computer and video game design. Published by Wordware in February of 2001, the book covers all aspects of game design, from coming up with a solid idea to writing the design document, from implementing the gameplay to playtesting the final product. Also included are detailed analyses of some of the best games ever made and in-depth interviews with six of the industry's most revered game designers. This web site is designed both to provide more information about the book and to serve as a central location for updates and corrections as necessary. Click on a link below to explore the different sections of the site, or use the buttons at the top of the page.
    Direct your questions and comments to the author at . Press inquiries are welcomed as well.
    Return to Paranoid Productions home
    Contents (C) 2001 Richard Rouse III and Wordware Publishing, unless otherwise noted.
    Atomic Sam is TM and (C) 2001 Richard Rouse III. Atomic Sam character designed by Richard Rouse III and Steve Ogden.

    151. EasyBridge!
    A methodology for intitation to the game which emphasizes play over theory.
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    152. Metronimo
    Win Study music theory, discover classical composers, test your musical culture, recognize instruments, with this game. Also in French.
    Métronimo en français
    Metronimo in english

    Metrónimo en español
    Métronimo en français
    Metronimo in english

    Metrónimo en español

    153. Andrew Mactavish: Home
    Focuses on the performative and participatory elements of computer game play. Also researches hypertext theory and interactive, streaming video.
    Andrew Mactavish HOME Assistant Professor, Multimedia

    905-525-9140 ext.23503
    RESEARCH Computer and Video Games
    Hypertext Theory
    Interactive Streaming Video

    Humanities Computing Games Research Blog TEACHING I teach courses in the practice and theory of multimedia design, digital media (image, video, audio), and interactivity. ETC. CV (Coming someday)
    (warning: lots of video)
    RESEARCH PROJECTS Producing Pleasures: The Cultural Politics of Creative Computer Game Play (primary investigator; funded by SSHRC IRIS : Infrastructure for Research on Internet Streaming (research member; funded by CFI TAPoR : Text Analysis Portal for Research (researcher; funded by CFI Globalization and Autonomy (co-investigator; funded by SSHRC TEACHING 2003-04 MMEDIA3A03: Adv. Multimedia MMEDIA3A03: Adv. Multimedia MMEDIA3B03: Topics
    Digital Games MMEDIA3E03: Interactive Digital Culture MMEDIA4B03: Senior Thesis Project TEACHING 2002-03 MMEDIA3A03: Advanced Multimedia MMEDIA4B03: Senior Thesis Project Teaching Archives LINKS DiGRA : Digital Games Research Association COCH/COSH : Consortium for Computers in the Humanities ACH : Association for Computers and the Humanities Gamasutra Game Culture Planet Half-Life Andrew Mactavish ... McMaster University

    154. DEELAKORD - The Music Card Game
    Win Card game that teaches music theory notes, scales and chords. Order form included.
    D E E L a K O R D Welcome to DEELAKORD - the revolutionary card game DEELAKORD, originally devised by Danny Ryan to make music theory for beginners easier to learn and described as a new concept in musical education, has over the years become a valuable teaching aid for teachers and a favourite pastime for experienced musicians. This aspect of DEELAKORD was quickly recognized when the game was first put out on test with musical experts at the Frankfurt Music Show where it was acclaimed as the first of its kind and received the thumbs up sign for originality. Use the Menu Bar to find out more about DEELAKORD games and how to Order. Tipperary Town History About Games Order ... Contact D R Music, Tipperary, Ireland 2001

    155. Feedback Form
    Dedicated to Professor Henda C. Swart and Professor Izak Broere, the pioneers of graph theory in South Africa. Ntshondwe Camp, Ithala game Reserve, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa; 1822 June 2001.
    South African International Graph Theory Conference June 18-22, 2001 To be held at Ntshondwe Camp, Ithala Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Hosted by University of Natal The South African International Graph Theory Conference is to be held during June 18-22, 2001 and is dedicated to Professor Henda C. Swart and Professor Izak Broere, the pioneers of graph theory in South Africa. The conference will be held at Ntshondwe Camp, Ithala Game Reserve , situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and hosted by the University of Natal. The main goal of the conference is to explore the most recent research in graph theory. The Principal Talks will be scheduled for 25 minutes and contributed talks for 15 minutes. Special functions during the week includes a night drive in open safari vehicles, breakfast at the Bird Hide, sundowners overlooking the beautiful Phongola River, a night bush braai (alias ''barbeque'') and a Zulu dancing exhibition. The Principal Speakers are:
    Professor Lowell Beineke, Indiana University-Purdue University, USA

    156. Luke Ong's Home Page
    Merton College, Oxford Semantics of programming languages, lambda calculus, categorical logic and type theory, game semantics, linear logic.

    Luke Ong's new OUCL web page

    oucl work
    Updated April 2004 Home Search SiteMap Feedback ... News

    157. Colorful Mathematics
    Educational software presents advanced mathematics to K12 students in a game-oriented approach, using coloring and drawing techniques to illustrate concepts from graph theory and computer science.
    Mathematics computer games
    Colorful Mathematics is a series of educational software presenting advanced mathematical concepts to K-12 students in a game-oriented approach. The five games offered utilize simple coloring and/or drawing techniques to illustrate some state of the art mathematical concepts from graph theory and computer science.
    Funding for this project was made possible through Industry Canada's SchoolNet initiative and through the cooperation of the Canadian Mathematical Society.
    Chosen as a Selected Web Resource
    by the National Council of Teachers
    of Mathematics Illuminations Project

    158. Logique De La Programmation
    The Logic of Programming research team is interested in proof theory and its relations with theoretical computer science. The main topic is mathematical interpretation of proofs nets (proof = graph), denotational semantics (proof = function), and game semantics (proof = strategy). Two realisations of this working programm are Linear Logic and Ludics.
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    159. Selected Contributions In Honor Of Robert J. Aumann
    game and Economic theory, edited by Sergiu Hart and Abraham Neyman, with information about Prof. Aumann's life and work.

    160. GameSpot
    Features racing overview and theory, game types, pits, equipment, worlds, secrets, codes, and track description and tips.
    GameSpot Home PC Games PlayStation 2 PS2 Xbox ... Systems
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