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  1. Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas, 1993-02-16
  2. Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos: Discovering a New Aesthetic of Art, Science, and Nature (A Touchstone Book) by John Briggs, 1992-11-01
  3. Chaos and Fractals: New Frontiers of Science by Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Hartmut Jürgens, et all 2004-02-03
  4. Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications by Kenneth Falconer, 2003-11-14
  5. The Fractal Geometry of Nature by Benoit B. Mandelbrot, 1983
  6. African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Design by Ron Eglash, 1999-06
  7. The Fractal Murders (Pepper Keane Mysteries) by Mark Cohen, 2004-05-13
  8. Introducing Fractal Geometry, 3rd Edition (Introducing) by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, 2006-04-25
  9. Fractal Cosmos 2008 Calendar
  10. The Science of Fractal Images
  11. Fractals Everywhere by Michael F. Barnsley, 2000-04
  12. Fractal Mode by Piers Anthony, 1992-12-01
  13. Easy Fractal Guide, An Introduction to Fractal Mathematics and Creation by Ann Dahlin, 2005-01-01
  14. Beauty Of Fractals by Peitgen, 1987

1. Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: A Fractals Lesson - Introduction
Mathematics lessons for elementary school, middle school fractals, fractals, fractals. Cynthia Lanius. fractals. Pictured A
Cynthia Lanius
Pictured: A Famous Fractal - The Mandelbrot Set
A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students
That Adults are Free to Enjoy
Table of Contents
Introduction Why study fractals?
What's so hot about

fractals, anyway?
Making fractals
Sierpinski Triangle

Using Java

Math questions

Sierpinski Meets Pascal
Using Java
Fractal Properties

Fractional dimension
Formation by iteration For Teachers Teachers' Notes Teacher-to-Teacher Comments My fractals mail Send fractals mail Fractals on the Web The Math Forum Other Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius Awards This Site has received
What are Fractals?
They're everywhere, those bright, weird, beautiful shapes called fractals. But what are they, really? Fractals are geometric figures, just like rectangles, circles and squares, but fractals have special properties that those figures do not have. There's lots of information on the Web about fractals, but most of it is either just pretty pictures or very high-level mathematics. So this fractals site is for kids, to help them understand what the weird pictures are all about - that it's math - and that it's fun! Teachers: Every lesson has a print version for classroom use.

2. Chaos Theory And Fractals
History of chaos as well as extensive information on Chaos Theory and fractals. Contains several pictures of fractals and links to other Chaos Theory and fractals pages.
Chaos Theory and Fractals
By Jonathan Mendelson and Elana Blumenthal
Introduction to Chaos
The dictionary definition of chaos is turmoil, turbulence, primordial abyss, and undesired randomness, but scientists will tell you that chaos is something extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Chaos also refers to the question of whether or not it is possible to make good long-term predictions about how a system will act. A chaotic system can actually develop in a way that appears very smooth and ordered.
Sir Isaac Newton Determinism is the belief that every action is the result of preceding actions. It began as a philosophical belief in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago and was introduced into science around 1500 A.D. with the idea that cause and effect rules govern science. Sir Isaac Newton was closely associated with the establishment of determinism in modern science. His laws were able to predict systems very accurately. They were deterministic at their core because they implied that everything that would occur would be based entirely on what happened right before. The Newtonian model of the universe is often depicted as a billiard game in which the outcome unfolds mathematically from the initial conditions in a pre-determined fashion, like a movie that can be run forwards or backwards in time. Determinism remains as one of the more important concepts of physical science today.
Early Chaos

3. Aros Fractals
A hires, true-color fractal generation program for Macintosh and Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT.
F i lle Download more cool software! Aros Magic Viewer Aros Magic Checkers Aros Magic Reversi
Aros Fractals
W elcome to the world of Fractals! With Aros Fractals you can explore some classical fractal images at extremely high resolutions (physical size and color depths). For the current version of Aros Fractals and other information, you've reached the correct destination. We are constantly updating information here, so visit often and let us know if there is additional material you would like to see here.
System Requirements
All Platforms: Floating Point Unit (FPU). 8-bit video card (256 colors). Sufficient hard disk space to store large images.
486DX/25. 8M RAM.
Windows NT: 486DX/25. 16M RAM.
Macintosh: 68020. System 7.0. Thread Manager. 8M RAM. (Aros Fractals will let you know if it is missing any additional required components at startup time).
All Platforms: 32-bit video card (True Color)
Pentium. 24M RAM.

4. Dynamical Systems And Fractals Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes by David J. Wright in HTML.
Next: Contents Up: Dynamical Systems and Fractals
Dynamical Systems and Fractals Lecture Notes
David J. Wright

5. Fractals
fractals , Chaos. Index. fractals and Computer Graphics Interface Magazine Article Colouring Attractors.
F r a c t a l s , C h a o s
Index Geometry Formats Curves Surfaces Polyhedra Fractals, Chaos Projection Stereographics Rendering Radiance PovRay OpenGL Modelling Terrain Colour Textures Other Data Formats Analysis Fun Puzzles Old Stuff Papers
POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest
Fractal Dimension Calculator - FDC
Box counting software for the Macintosh and Linux. Ruler or Compass Dimension Multifractal spectrum Lacunarity Recurrence plots ... Rendering Wada-type basins of attraction
Here's a party trick for over Christmas. Get 4 large shiny Christmas balls, some coloured wrapping paper, some lights from the Christmas tree, and you have you own fractal laboratory to amuse yourself with over the festive season. Self similarity
Examples of self similarity in fractals with examples from mathematics and photos of the physical world. I wonder whether fractal images are not touching the very structure of our brains. Is there a clue in the infinitely regressing character of such images that illuminates our perception of art? Could it be that a fractal image is of such extraordinary richness, that it is bound to resonate with our neuronal circuits and stimulate the pleasure I infer we all feel?
P. W. Atkins

6. A Fractals Unit For Elementary And Middle School Students
A fractals unit for elementary and middle school students This web site, for students and teachers in grades 4 to 8, provides a unit on fractals. The unit is designed to introduce students to

7. Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit: The Sierpinski Triangle
You may obtain a print version of this page. Copyright 19962004 Cynthia Lanius. URL http//
Cynthia Lanius
    Making a Fractal:
The Sierpinski Triangle
Table of Contents Introduction Why study fractals?
What's so hot about

fractals, anyway?
Making fractals
Sierpinski Triangle
Using Java

Math questions

Sierpinski Meets Pascal

Jurassic Park Fractal
Using Java
Fractal Properties

Fractional dimension
Formation by iteration For Teachers Teachers' Notes Teacher-to-Teacher Comments My fractals mail Send fractals mail Fractals on the Web The Math Forum Other Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius Awards This Site has received Let's make a famous fractal called the Sierpinski Triangle. *You may print and use this triangular gridpaper. Step One Draw an equilateral triangle with sides of 2 triangle lengths each. Connect the midpoints of each side. How many equilateral triangles do you now have? Shade out the triangle in the center. Think of this as cutting a hole in the triangle. Step Two Draw another equilateral triangle with sides of 4 triangle lengths each. Connect the midpoints of the sides and shade the triangle in the center as before. Notice the three small triangles that also need to be shaded out in each of the three triangles on each corner - three more holes.

8. Efg's Fractals And Chaos Page
Several Fractal and Chaos projects, including Evolution of Mandelbrot Set, Fractal Discovery Lab, IFS images, Lorenz and other Strange Attractors.

Glynn Function Gallery

Also see the Fractals and Chaos Section
of the Math Reference Library in look for Mathematics Fractals / Chaos Note: If you have a fast machine (233 MHz Pentium II or faster),
you'll likely need a patch to run TP 7 programs on this page.

See this fix for "Runtime Error 200." Fractals Program Description Files Keywords Tutorial about Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set Evolution of the MandelbrotSet Mandelbrot Set Fractal Discovery Lab
Art Gallery, Microscope, Movies, Tools, Library Fractals Show 2 Fractals, Chaos, Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set, Biomorph, Rainbow, WavelengthToRGB, pf32bit, Delphi Sierpinski Triangle Gasket Sierpinski triangle, Sierpinski gasket, fractals, self-similarity, Hausdorff dimension, digital pantograph, world-to-pixel mapping, recursion von Koch Snowflake von Koch curve, von Koch snowflake, fractals, self-similarity, Hausdorff dimension, digital pantograph, world-to-pixel mapping, recursion Chaos Program Description Files Keywords Iterated Function System to create four ferns (Also see, Mathematical Recreations

9. Fractals
fractals fractals is an interdisciplinary journal on the complex geometry of nature. This quarterly international journal, launched in March 1993, publishes peerreviewed papers including full-

10. Spanky Welcome
The Spanky Fractal Database is a collection of programs, images, and other material all relating to the subject of fractals. THE SPANKY FRACTAL DATABASE.
The Elastic Fractal
Welcome to the Spanky Fractal Database
I also point to a great deal of material that is not at this site. Consequently I have no control of when this information or service is removed or am I notified if the URL becomes invalid. I try to check my indexes periodically to see what is still valid, but it is not an automated process. If you find URL's that I point to have become outdated and constantly fail to respond on your attempts to load them, (over several days) then please inform me of this problem and I will remove them from my lists.
Mirrors of Spanky Fractal Database
The main site for this fractal database
is now completely mirrored at Many thanks to Damien M. Jones at Fractalus for hosting the mirror site and for his help in setting it up.
New PNG image format used
Enjoy and discover.
A Table of Fractal Information.

11. The Spanky Fractal Database
The Spanky fractal database This Internet site is a collection of fractals and fractal related materials for free distribution on the Internet. Most of the software is gathered from various ftp (

12. Fractint Homepage
Fractint now has a listserver set up for general questions and discussion about the Fractint program and technical questions about fractals in general.
WELCOME to the Fractint WWW pages
What is Fractint and what's it all about? Fractint is a freeware fractal generator created for IBMPC's and compatible computers. It is the most versatile and extensive fractal program available for any price. The authors (of which I am not one), work very hard to keep it that way. It has many great features and it is constantly being upgraded and improved by the Stone Soup team. Keep this link as a reference to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
Check out in the latest release.
Check out in web resources.
Check out on these pages.
Getting Fractint Version 20.0 of Fractint Now available. New Image format on these Pages I've started the long process of replacing all the GIF images stored and displayed on these pages over to the PNG image type. If your web browser is having problems displaying them, it may mean you have to update/upgrade your browser. I apologise for any inconvenience, but the issue is being forced by the stance that Unisys has chosen in regard to LZW patent issues and the use of GIF images on Web servers. For more info on this topic see the Burn All Gifs site.

13. Desktop Wallpaper, Computer Screensavers, And Free Ecards From The Mind's Eyes
Computer generated 3d art for use as desktop wallpaper, sizes include 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. Images include digital scenery, and fractals.
The Mind's Eyes Computer Wallpaper - Desktop Screensavers - Free Ecards - Digital Photography HOME Contact Me Guestbook ScreenSavers ... LOGIN
There are 326 desktop wallpaper images currently available!

Top 10



Wallpaper Military Wallpaper NASA Wallpaper Animal Wallpaper Car Wallpaper
What other visitors have to say about The Mind's Eyes:
"I check out a lot of 3D image sites 'cause I love to see other people's art, and I really have to say that this is definitely one of the best sites I've visited - I'm really impressed! I like the quotes also!" "It was a pleasure perusing your site. Very nice images. High quality. Impressive. Thank you." "Thank you for your sight. It makes it easier for me to look at my computer all day long!"
var sc_project=250735;
"To be nobody but yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight, and never stop fighting." e.e. cummings

14. Fractals, Chaos
fractals, Chaos Paul Bourke of the Astrophysics and Supercomputing department at Swinburne University of Technology is the author of this massive resource on fractals and chaos. He gives examples

15. Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Older fractals of the Day are saved in an archive, which you can access. VCLUTQ (121,428 bytes); WLJFQE (85,678 bytes). Natural fractals. Broccoli.
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Awards Received MIDI Fractal background music courtesy of Forrest Fang
Fractal of the Day
Every day at a few minutes past midnight (local Wisconsin time), a new fractal is automatically generated by a variation of the program included with the book Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos by Julien C. Sprott . The figure above is today's fractal displayed in low (320 x 200) resolution. Click on it or on any of the cases below to see them at higher (640 x 480) resolution with a code that identifies them according to a scheme described in the book. Older Fractals of the Day are saved in an archive , which you can access. If your browser supports Java, you might enjoy the applet that creates a new fractal image every five seconds or so. If you would like to place the Fractal of the Day on your Web page, you may do so provided you mention that it is from Sprott's Fractal Gallery and you provide a link back to this page.

16. Fractals Definition Activities
fractals Definition Activities A Math Forum Web Unit. Includes definitions and descriptions of fractals, links to pages on the Sierpinski triangle, the Koch edge, the Peano curve, the Lorenz

17. Directory Of /fractals/collect/
Directory of /fractals/collect/. Switch to plain format. The images in this directory were mostly obtained from the newsgroup.
Directory of /fractals/collect/
Switch to plain format Name Last Modified Size Description Parent Directory 11-May-2002 16:08 12-Mar-2004 13:22 Folder (sub-directory) 03-Feb-2004 16:42 Folder (sub-directory) 13-Apr-2004 15:28 Folder (sub-directory) 13-Apr-2004 15:18 Folder (sub-directory) 09-Apr-2004 11:29 Folder (sub-directory) 07-Apr-2004 10:05 Folder (sub-directory) 16-Mar-2004 12:46 Folder (sub-directory) 12-Mar-2004 13:20 Folder (sub-directory) 12-Mar-2004 13:16 Folder (sub-directory) 12-Mar-2004 13:03 Folder (sub-directory) 12-Mar-2004 12:37 Folder (sub-directory) Back to Sprott's Fractal Gallery

18. Faqsys - Your New Lifestyle - Introduction
A wealth of programming links, including 3D/2D math, fractals, optimization, compression, video cards, graphics file formats.
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  • Faqsys search
  • Faqsys news
  • Faqsys links ...
  • Gems 1-5
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  • 19. Fractals
    fractals This World Wide Web (WWW) site, maintained by Jacobo Bulaevsky, an electrical engineer and math hobbyist, contains information and interactive Java Applets on eleven types of fractals and

    20. Mind-Boggling Fractals, A Fractals Generator Program That Creates Fractals With
    Many downloadable unique fractal images and fractal animations. Homepage of the MindBoggling fractals program.

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