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         Entropy:     more books (100)
  1. Energy and Entropy: Science and Culture in Victorian Britain
  2. Entropy and Low Temperature Physics by John S. Dugdale, 1966-01

141. AlgoRhythm Records - Music That Moves You.
An independent record label specializing in experimental electronic music. Artists include Auracle, The Beat Phreaks and entropy.

142. Binary Star
Describes entropy, a freeform space trading and combat game, with screen shots, FAQ, and development files.
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Welcome to, my little space on the internet. I'm not a writer. In fact, I'm a programmer, which is perhaps the antithesis of being a writer. So I hope you'll forgive the inevitable poor spelling, grammar, style, and utter lack of poetic prose that may present itself on these less than hallowed pages.
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143. USS Entropy, The Official Homepage
The USS entropy, NCC11955, is an Intrepid Class starship.

144. The Shape Of The Universe - Philosophy For The New Millenium
A collection of philosophical thought on a variety of subjects.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"

Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? Why do humans need religion?
Is evolution fact?
What is reality? What was the beginning of time? What is the fourth dimension? ... What is a soul?
happiness vs. contentment
animal rights and veganism
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*Philosophy for the New Millennium*
Part of the Entropic Order Network
Readme Religion Science ... Email
- I had my email removed from this entire site in order to avoid having my email harvested. So anytime you see links to contact me, you will be sent to my profile on my other site Here's the link. - I have been working on a brand new site lately. It's called . I will leave this site up as well, but most of the future philosophical updates will be on the forums at my new site. So everyone, please come and join in the discussion at EO Talk - Nothing in reality is ever truly defined. We could be living in the matrix for all we know. We can make certain assumptions, like that our senses are always reliable, but even then there are exceptions. We can choose to extend our assumptions to any depth we choose. Some of them may be controversial, some of them may be what we call "obvious," but it's really hard to say for sure that any assumption is right or wrong. Technology is not unnatural in the sense that we think of it. A beaver who uses his environment to build a dam is not unnatural. Man uses his environment to create new things in this same way, so why is that suddenly unnatural. I realize this may seem to be a mere argument on the definition of words, but I'm talking about the concept more than the definition. What I'm saying is that I believe it's natural for there to be an inbalance in nature such that a certain species does not have to worry about interspecies survival. That species is bound to destroy itself and much of it's environment. We are not destroying out surroundings because we are outsiders messing with a perfect system (as I believe the common notion to be). Instead, we are a part of an imperfect system that happens to be relatively stable at this moment (i.e. a relatively small passage of time relating to the total age of the universe.)

145. Introduce Computational Modelling And Simulation, By Running Applets And Learn T
Features include Elizalike talk to computer artificial intelligence, enhanced Conway Game of Life, featuring two-colonies universe and monte carlo polymer simulations.
Introduction - Wonder what you can do with your computer apart from using it as a boring spread sheet or word processor?
- Want to learn Java TM computer language for career development or personal achievement?
- Curious about scientific uses of computers?
If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this section may be for you!
Quick links to various computer simulation subjects, or click here for brief description of each subject. Otherwise, read on for more information about computer simulations.
Subject List Talk to Computer
Game of Life (Enhanced)

Monte Carlo Simulation

Fractal Garden

It is intended to introduce these specialized subjects to people of diverse backgrounds - students, professionals, lay person etc. Mathematics and hard-to-understand jargons are kept to a minimum. I hope that you will find this site to be fun, informative and educational.
Looking for domain name registration, reliable web-hosting or e-commerce? We recommend the professionals at affordable prices!

146. Index Of /~rifug
Rhode Island Free Unix Group
Index of /~rifug
Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 25-Feb-2004 17:18 - mb/ 22-Sep-2001 13:11 -

147. Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages
Easy to install packages for OS X; PHP, MySQL, and ImageMagick.
Software Mac OS X Packages
Mac OS X Packages
Italian Version Here is some software I found useful on Mac OS X, mostly UNIX / server type packages. By popular request, I have created a PayPal account to which you can donate using a credit card. I want to make it clear that there is no obligation to pay anything. The software and information on this site is and will continue to be absolutely free. I am just offering this because so many people have specifically and repeatedly asked for it. Any money donated to this PayPal account will be used exclusively to pay for my ADSL leased line and commercial hosting account expenses (currently about US$ 190.- per month), thereby directly supporting this web site. Any excess money will be donated to Amnesty International to support their efforts to protect human rights worldwide. I'm currently working on a book project with Larry Ullman
What’s available?
There two kinds of packages here: Other people’s Open Source software which I am building and packaging for convenient installation on Mac OS X, and some software written by me, mostly for Mac OS X but not exclusively. UNIX Ports Packages Compatible with PHP Apache Module (NEW version 4.3.6)

148. Marc Liyanage - Software - Java
TestXSLT is the Apache Software Foundation's Xalan Java XSLT processor packaged for the Mac! Also on this page are JSP XML tags and a small class for JAXP developers.
Software Java
Java Projects
futureLAB JSP Tag Library Description A collection of custom JSP actions. Currently available is a style tag to apply XSL transformations to XML data in a JSP page, and another one to send an SQL query to a database via JDBC and output the result as XML. Obviously, the two work together very well in combination, the SQL query returns the data and the XSLT tag transforms them to whatever output format (HTML, text etc.) you need. Platform Any JSP 1.2 container Download at futureLAB FriendlyTransformerException Description A small utility class for Java XML/XSL developers. Platform Any JAXP API environment Download at
Old, outdated stuff
Xalan XSLT Processor for Mac Description This is the Xalan XSLT processor packaged up for the Macintosh. Useful for experimenting with XSL stylesheets.
Important: This is really outdated by now. On Mac OS X, I strongly recommend my new Cocoa version instead of this. Platform MacOS Download TestXSLT-1.5.sit.bin

149. ++ ƒGƒ“ƒgƒƒs[Šw‰ï Web Site ++
var awstatsscreenlogger="logscreensizeurl"; document.write(''); HOME/V’…î•ñ ƒGƒ“ƒgƒƒs[Šw‰ï‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä Šw‰ïŽ / ˜_•¶ / ‘Ð“™ ’nˆæƒZƒ~ƒi[‚Ì‚¨’m‚点 ... ˜A—æ Welcome to
The Society For Studies On Entropy ƒGƒ“ƒgƒƒs[Šw‰ï‚Ì
Web Site‚ւ悤‚±‚» sXV:04/05/21t ƒZƒ~ƒi[î•ñ‚ðXV‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B s’mt ‘æ22Šú¢˜bl‰ï ‚ª”­‘«‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B Žá‚¢¢‘ã‚Ì•ûX‚àŽQ‰Á‚µ‚ĉº‚³‚èAŽŸ‚È‚é10”NŠú‚ÉŒü‚¯‚ẴXƒ^[ƒg‚Å‚·B
‰p•¶ŽiSelected Papers On Entropy StudiesjVŠ§”­s ‰p•¶Ž‚̐VŠ§‚ª“ñû“¯Žž‚ÉŠ®¬‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B
No.1(2003)"Twenty Perspective on Building a Society Embedded in Natural Cycles"
No.2(2003) "The Conservation Significance of the Property Ward from the Perspective of Commons Theory"FGaku MITSUMATA ‰p•¶Ž‚Í“–Šw‰ï‚̍l‚¦•û‚ðL‚­ŠCŠO‚É”­M‚·‚é–Ú“I‚Å”­Š§‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¨‚è‚Ü‚·B •K—v•””‚ð ‚Ü‚Å‚¨’m‚点‚­‚¾‚³‚ê‚΁A‚¨‘—‚è‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚·B ˜a‰p‘Ζóu zŠÂŒ^ŽÐ‰ï‚ðŽÀŒ»‚·‚邽‚ß‚Ì20‚ÌŽ‹“_ vŠ®¬!!

150. Pacchetti Precompilati Per Mac OS X
Raccolta annotata di applicazioni unix precompilate per essere installate sul sistema operativo della Apple.
Pacchetti precompilati per Mac OS X Eccovi alcuni programmi che ho trovato utili sotto Mac OS X, principalmente applicazioni server di tipo UNIX. In generale ho modificato il file system in questo modo :
  • le pagine man si trovano in " /usr/local/share/man MANPATH
  • i binari vanno in " /usr/local/bin " in modo da non dover modificare la variabile d'ambiente PATH , con righe del tipo " /usr/local/pgsql/bin
vim-6.0.pkg.tar.gz Versione 6.0 dell'editor di testi vim i bambini dell'Uganda Se voltete utilizzare vim al posto del meno evoluto vi in Mac OS X, seguite questa procedura:
  • create un file dal nome " .tcshrc
  • inserite nel file la seguente riga:
    alias vi vim vim-6.0-X11.pkg.tar.gz Questa versione contiene il supporto per X11 precompilato. Per funzionare NECESSITA Per una versione di vim che funzioni su versioni di MAC OS precedenti a Mac OS X, provate qui:
  • 151. NVIDIA Digital Film
    Welcome to the NVIDIA Digital Film Group website. This is your portalto the world of highperformance, programmable graphics for
    Welcome to the NVIDIA Digital Film Group website . This is your portal to the world of high-performance, programmable graphics for your digital film production pipeline.
    From pre-visualization to post-processing through digital distribution, your production pipeline can benefit from the compatibility, stability, and reliability of NVIDIA's hardware and software products.
    The Digital Film Group's charter is to enable innovations in programmable graphics hardware and software throughout your entire digital film production pipeline. Our partnerships with studios, vendors, and industry groups give us a unique ability to ensure that filmmakers have access to the right information for decision making and have input into the products and services from NVIDIA and our partners.
    As a guide for our thinking, we have identified four areas of focus in film production. As NVIDIA, our partners, and our customers come up with solutions, we'll direct you to them:
    • Pre-visualization - the processes where the director fleshes out his or her vision before full 3D production begins. This includes layout, motion capture, storyboarding, etc. See what Nexus Digital Studios and Motion Analysis Studios are doing with NVIDIA Quadro
    • Interactive shading and lighting - the process before you send it to final render where you can make decisions on lighting, shading, and painting in "interactive" time, in minutes rather than hours.

    152. Crypto At Lothar
    Crypto. GPG. The GNU Privacy Guard is a GPL ed implementation of thenew OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440). It is mostly interoperable with
    The GNU Privacy Guard is a GPL'ed implementation of the new OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440). It is mostly interoperable with PGP 5.0, uses no patented or otherwise restricted algorithms, and can be used legally just about everywhere (except perhaps France where a lot of crypto is just plain outlawed). I'm following the development closely, submitting bug reports and suggestions. I'm hoping to see some extensions put in place that will make it easy to, for instance, keep my private key on an iButton or in my Pilot. My GPG public key is available here . Feel free to use it when you send me mail. Most of the files I make available for download are signed with it.
    Mailcrypt + GPG
    Mailcrypt is a package for Emacs that makes it easy to sign, encrypt, verify, and decrypt message in email or news. It removes all of the hassle from using encryption in your every day correspondence. Len Budney is the new maintainer of MailCrypt, having added support for PGP 5.0 in addition to the original PGP 2.6 . I've added support for GPG to MailCrypt. It's working pretty well, and is now part of the standard distribution. For the latest version, check out the

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