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  1. Perfect Entropy
  2. Social Entropy Theory by Kenneth D. Bailey, 1990-03
  3. The Low-Down on Entropy and Interpretive Thermodynamics by S. J. Kline, Stephen Jay Kline, 1999-09-30
  4. Alpha omega entropy: Philosophy in abstract art by Raymond L Roof, 1979
  6. Kinetic Theory and Entropy by C. H. Collie, 1983-11
  7. Entropy in Relation to Incomplete Knowledge by K. G. Denbigh, J. S. Denbigh, 1985-07-26
  8. Evolutionary Essays:: Biological Evolution, Entropy, Exergy and Information by S.E. Jorgensen, Y.M. Svirezhev, 2008-11-11
  9. Entropy's Bed at Midnight by Dan Simmons, 1990-01
  10. Maximum Entropy Econometrics: Robust Estimation with Limited Data by Amos Golan, George G. Judge, et all 1996-04-19
  11. The Entropy Effect by Vonda M. McIntyre, 1981
  12. ENTROPY EFFECT (CLASSIC STAR TREK 2) (Star Trek (Numbered Paperback)) by Mcintyre, 1990-04-15
  13. Simulation with Entropy in Engineering Thermodynamics: Understanding Matter and Systems with Bondgraphs by Jean Thoma, Gianni Mocellin, 2006-07-11
  14. Entropy and Information Theory by Robert M. Gray, 1990-09-04

81. EGD: The Entropy Gathering Daemon
EGD The entropy Gathering Daemon. egd0.6 had a major security problem thatcaused it to only use a tiny fraction of the entropy it gathered.
EGD: The Entropy Gathering Daemon
A userspace substitute for /dev/random, written in perl. One of the nice features of the Linux kernel (and certain *BSD kernels) is the /dev/random device. This is a little character device that gives you random numbers when you read it. In a variety of places scattered throughout the kernel, certain interrupts (network packets arriving, keyboard hits, mouse movement) cause a timestamp and some event information to be hashed into an "entropy pool". The pool, perhaps 4k in size, always contains very random data, but as bits are "stirred" in, a counter is incremented to reflect the fact that the poll is now even more random than before. When you read from /dev/random, you get a hashed portion of the pool, and the counter is decremented. This gives you high quality cryptographically strong random data. The Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG), along with many other encryption routines (pgp, ssh, even the sequence-number selection algorithm used by the kernel's TCP stack), use this device to seed a secure random number generator. Encryption uses lots of random data, and hybrid public-key/ symmetric-cipher encryption uses even more. EGD is an Entropy Gathering Daemon meant to be used on systems that can run GPG but which don't have this convenient source of random bits. It is a regular user-space program that sits around, running programs like 'w' and 'last' and 'vmstat', collecting the randomness (or at least the unpredictability) inherent in the output of these system statistics programs when used on a reasonably busy system. It slowly stirs the output of these gathering programs into a pool of entropy, much like the linux kernel device, and allows other programs to read out random bits from this pool.

82. Entropy
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85. Entropy - Astroboy
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entropy and Inequality Measuresentropy and Inequality Measures. But you can access all my pages related to inequalitymeasures and entropy via a file directory. G.Kluge, 1998/06/21.

87. Internally Consistent Dataset
Summaries of experimental results for 253 mineral reactions involving 94 rockforming minerals and the fluid components H2O, CO2, and O2. Values are given for entropy and enthalpy of formation. The dataset can also be downloaded as a complete file.

88. Thermodynamic Data
Molar heat capacity, entropy, and standard enthalpy of formation values for selected elements and compounds. Data are given at 100 degree intervals from 200 to 3000 K, and also summarized for all species at 298 K.
The GRI-Mech thermochemistry is based upon standard databases, including the NASA-Lewis and Technion archives. This was supplemented by a critical review of the standard enthalpies of formation for radical species. Clicking on the species symbols in the following summary table will bring up a full table of the molar heat capacity, entropy and standard enthalpy of formation values for that species at 100 K intervals from 200 to 3000 K, as computed from the polynomial coefficients , and citations for the source of the data. Species Cp
(cal/mol K) S
(cal/mol K) delta-Hf
(kcal/mol) Ar C CH CH2(S) ... GRI-Mech main menu

Table of internationally agreed upon values coordinated by The Committee on Data for Science and Technology. Includes the standard enthalpy of formation at 298.15 K, the entropy at 298.15 K, and the quantity H°(298.15 K)H°(0) for elements, ions, and compounds.
The Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) has conducted a project to establish internationally agreed values for the thermodynamic properties of key chemical substances. This table presents the final results of the project. Use of these recommended, internally consistent values is encouraged in the analysis of thermodynamic measurements, data reduction, and preparation of other thermodynamic tables. The table includes the standard enthalpy of formation at 298.15 K, the entropy at 298.15 K, and the quantity (298.15 K)- (0). A value of in theD f column for an element indicates the reference state for that element. The standard state pressure is 100000 Pa (1 bar). See the reference for information on the dependence of gas-phase entropy on the choice of standard state pressure. Substances are listed in alphabetical order of their chemical formulas when written in the most common form. REFERENCE Cox, J. D., Wagman, D. D., and Medvedev, V. A. , CODATA Key Values for Thermodynamics, Hemisphere Publishing Corp., New York, 1989.

entropyWARNING Smoke machines are used at entropy. ©20022004Jim and Mike. All rights reserved.

entropy. For a specific examination of information entropy in COL 49, see TheParadox of Truth, the Truth of entropy . Origins of entropy in Pynchon.
Introduction Thomas Pynchon achieves an unusual synthesis of art and science, and develops the unique character of his ambitious, "post-modern" works with a renaissance conception of continuous knowledge. Engineering principals animate his fiction in literal explorations, and then escalate into larger thematic matter. The Crying of Lot 49 (1965) traces Entropy through the theoretical Maxwell's Demon device (the greatest historical challenge to the second law of thermodynamics), and also extends the property and Demon to metaphorically control and inform the journey of Oedipa Mass. Pynchon's reader travels an analogous odyssey to the protagonist, sorting information, flirting with chaos and circumnavigating truth.
Entropy is a quantity that, in its two contexts, characterizes not only all form and life in the universe, but all signal, language, information and written material ever produced anywhere. There are two fields which define this concept: Thermodynamics is the science of the relations between heat and other forms of energy. It deals with the changes that occur in a system if the energy distribution is unbalanced, therefore it "can be regarded as governing the direction of all physical changes taking place in the universe. With time, the energy within a system will inevitably tend to become distributed in the most probable pattern, which consists of all the individual particles of the system engaging in random, disordered motion" (OED). Thermodynamic entropy is the measure of this disorganization in a system. Furthermore, this "most probable pattern" is actually a state of equal energy among particles, as collisions cause bodies to exchange heat. A closed system inevitably proceeds toward uniformity of energy.

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93. ENTROPY: Can We Decrease Entropy ?
entropy Loschmidt and Boltzmann disagreed on whether or not the temperature of avertical column of gas was stratified; Maxwell had pointed out that a
- Re: ENERGY, ENTROPY - Is Loschmidt's greatest discovery still waiting for its discovery? By
Andreas Trupp

Last updated in June 2004. A pdf-formatted version (one single file) is also available. The previous version of this article including several figures was first published in Physics Essays Vol. 12 No. 4, December 1999, pp. 614-628 . A reprint of the article can be found in "Infinite Energy Magazine", Issue 43 (May-June 2002), pp.13-25 Please read an article by D.P. Sheehan et. al. ( "Steady-State Work by an Asymmetrically Inelastic Gravitator in a Gas: A Second Law Paradox" ) on a related Second Law challenge (also based on the effect of gravity on a gas). That article was published in Foundations of Physics, Vol. 30. No. 8 (2000), pp. 1227-1256. You might want to take a look at Mr. R. Graeff's page in which he discloses details on his ongoing experiments on the gradation of temperature in well-insulated columns of gas subject to earth's gravity. I had the pleasure of giving a short talk at the "First International Conference on the Quantum Limits to the Second Law" that took place at the University of San Diego (July 29-31, 2002). I discussed possible

94. DJ Entropy
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95. November 19
November 19. entropy. For another discussion of entropy, see The answer is entropy .We have two ways of figuring out if the entropy of a substance changes. 19.html
November 19 Entropy Consider a system in two different conditions, for example 1kg of ice at o C, which melts and turns into 1kg of water at o C. We associate with each condition a quantity called the entropy . The entropy of any substance is a function of the condition of the substance. For an ideal gas it is a function of its temperature and volume, and for a solid and liquid it is a function of its temperature and internal structure. The entropy is independent of the past history of the substance. The entropy of the 1kg of water at o C is the same if we obtained the water from ice, or if we cooled the water from room temperature down to o C. When a small amount of heat D Q is added to a substance at temperature T, the entropy of the substance changes by D S = D Q / T. When heat is removed, the entropy decreases, when heat is added the entropy increases. Entropy has units of Joules per Kelvin. An ideal frictionless reversible engine removes D Q from some substance at T , does some work, and delivers D Q at to some other substance at T , with D Q / T D Q / T . The entropy of the substance at T decreases by D Q / T and the entropy of the substance at T increases by the same amount. There is no net change in entropy, if we consider the entire system. But a real engine always delivers more heat at T

96. Radio Free Entropy
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97. Entropy
entropy. Click here to go to the UPSCALE home page. DEFINING THE entropy. We shalldefine the entropy in three different yet equivalent ways. Probability.
Click here to go to the UPSCALE home page.
Click here to go to the Physics Virtual Bookshelf
Click here to go to the JPU200Y home page.
This document was written in February 1999 by David M. Harrison, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, . This is version 1.7, date (m/d/y) 09/17/02. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Content License, v1.0 or later (the latest version is presently available at
"A theory is the more impressive the greater the simplicity of its premises, the more varied the kinds of things that it relates and the more extended the area of its applicability. Therefore classical thermodynamics has made a deep impression on me. It is the only physical theory of universal content which I am convinced, within the areas of the applicability of its basic concepts, will never be overthrown." Einstein (1949)
We shall define the entropy in three different yet equivalent ways.

98. Detecting Flash...
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99. BOOKS BY M. Mihkel Mathiesen
On the importance of being rather than having in an ephemeral world.
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100. Entropy Font At
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