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  1. Entropy (Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics)
  2. Entropy and Energy: A Universal Competition (Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics) by Ingo Müller, Wolf Weiss, 2005-07-22
  3. Heat Capacities and Entropies of Silicate Liquids and Glasses by J.F.; et al Stebbins, 1984
  4. Proof of Classical Version of the Bousso Entropy Bound and of the Generalized Second Law by Eanna E.; Marolf, Donald; Wald, Rober M. Flanagan, 1999
  5. A History of Thermodynamics: The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy by Ingo Müller, 2007-03-22
  6. The Gatekeeper Trilogy, Book Three: Sons of Entropy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Gatekeeper Trilogy) by Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, 1999-05-01
  7. Entropy, Search, Complexity (Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies)
  8. The Cornelius Chronicles Vol. II: The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius/The Entropy Tango by Michael Moorcock, 1986-08
  9. The Yaws Handbook of Thermodynamic Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals: Heat Capacities, Enthalpies of Formation, Gibbs Energies of Formation, Entropies, ... Properties.Gases, Liquids, and Solids.Co by Carl L. Yaws, 2007-06-30
  10. Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods (Fundamental Theories of Physics)
  11. TWELVE (12) FROM THE SIXTIES: Entropy; Goodnight Sweetheart; Jake Bluffstein and Adolf Hitler; Sono and Moso; The Poet Earns His Estate; Naked Nude; To London and Rome; The Spinoza of Market Street; Thoreau in California; The Postcard Collection by Richard (editor) (Thomas Pynchon; James Purdy; Irvin Faust; Saul Bellow; John Barth; Bernard Malamud; Donald Barthelme; Isaac Bashevis Singer; Jack Ludwig; Kenneth Koch; Tillie Olsen; H. W. Blattner) Kostelanetz, 1967
  12. Maximum Entropy Formalism
  13. The Dialogues of Time and Entropy by Aryeh Lev Stollman, 2004-02-03
  14. The Method of Maximum Entropy (Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences) by Henryk Gzyl, 1995-05

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42. The View From Entropy Hall
A fanzine about science fiction and fantasy, religion, the space program, scifi fandom and its history.

43. Entropy And Inequality Measures
A comparison of different measures of income wealth inequality, with a focus on entropy measures. Shows changes in the global disparity of income using these measures.
Entropy and Inequality Measures
Your browser doesn't support frames. But you can access all my pages related to inequality measures and entropy via a file directory
G.Kluge, 1998/06/21

44. .entropy - Welcome
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45. Entropy And The Laws Of Thermodynamics
entropy and the Laws of Thermodynamics. The The second law, known as Carnot sprinciple, is controlled by the concept of entropy. Today
Entropy and the Laws of Thermodynamics
The principal energy laws that govern every organization are derived from two famous laws of thermodynamics. The second law, known as Carnot's principle, is controlled by the concept of entropy. Today the word entropy is as much a part of the language of the physical sciences as it is of the human sciences. Unfortunately, physicists, engineers, and sociologists use indiscriminately a number of terms that they take to be synonymous with entropy, such as disorder, probability, noise, random mixture, heat; or they use terms they consider synonymous with antientropy, such as information, neguentropy, complexity, organization, order, improbability. There are at least three ways of defining entropy:
  • in terms of thermodynamics (the science of heat), where the names of Mayer, Joule, Carnot, and Clausius (1865) are important;
  • in terms of statistical theory, which fosters the equivalence of entropy and disorder as a result of the work of Maxwell, Gibbs, and Boltzmann (1875), and
  • in terms of information theory , which demonstrates the equivalence of neguentropy (the opposite of entropy) and information as a result of the work of Szilard, Gabor, Rothstein, and Brillouin (1940-1950)
The two principal laws of thermodynamics apply only to closed systems, that is, entities with which there can be no exchange of energy, information, or material. The universe in its totality might be considered a closed system of this type; this would allow the two laws to be applied to it.

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47. Entropy Conseil - La Veille Agro-alimentaire
et de la santé afin de mieux maîtriser les enjeux et opportunités en
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48. Orange Entropy Records
(click on the big logo to go on in) SELL YOUR MUSIC COLLECTION!!page designed and maintained by Orange entropy Records.
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49. Entropy: Hardcore/metal From Hampton, Virginia
Metal band from Hampton, Virginia. Includes pictures and show dates.
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50. Mazzola, Chad - Increasing Entropy
Includes his daily ramblings, his friends sites and his favorite links.

51. Planet Entropy
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52. Entropy
entropy Stereo Recordingsentropy Stereo PO Box 530511 Livonia, MI 481530511 info Welcome to the new andimproved entropy stereo site! We now accept online purchase via PayPal.


Assembly '04
-juhlien teknobileet. Lisätietoja lähiaikoina. Menneitä tapahtumia KoneMetsä -reissu kahden bussin voimin. Lisätietoja lähiaikoina. Menneitä matkoja Entropy on vuonna 1993 perustettu elektronisen musiikkikulttuurin yhdistys ja yli tuhannen jäsenensä voimin eräs aktiivisimmista TKY :n kulttuuriyhdistyksistä. Yhdistyksen tehtävänä on täyttää maailma vilkkuvilla stroboskoopeilla, uv-hehkuisilla valoilla ja kovaa pauhaavalla hypnoottisella teknobiitillä. Lue lisää

53. 3D Nonlinear Inversion Via Entropy Of Image Contrast Minimization
A novel approach to 3D acoustic/seismic tomography of stratified media (nonlinear inversion of wave equation), based on a semblance in an image space rather than in a space of input data a few novel notions, strategies, algorithms including RGA-algorithm for global optimization.
3D nonlinear inversion by Entropy of Image Contrast optimization Gennady Ryzhikov and Marina Biryulina
Click on a page t o enlarge it and to read comments Appendix
Reference s Gennady Ryzhikov and Marina Biryulina,
3D nonlinear inversion by Entropy of Image Contrast optimization
SEISMO-series: No. 62
Clear copies
PDF: 1.7 Mb PostScript.gz: 1. Mb
MIRROR (with a slight effect of diffraction) G. A. Ryzhikov, M. S. Biryulina and A. J. Hanyga,
3D nonlinear inversion by entropy of image contrast optimization:
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, v.2, n.3/4, pp 228-240
(PDF:1.1 Mb)
a few notions having been introduced:
Diffusion regularization (Sobolev space of infinite order) Entropy of Image Contrast (EnIC) Generalized ray tomography Modified descent method (RT-algorithm) ... RGA-algorithm for global optimization

54. Aigeek: Entropy
aigeek entropy. The second law of thermodynamics states that whenever you do somethingconstructive, there is a lessorganized waste product. This is mine. RSS.
The second law of thermodynamics states that whenever you do something constructive, there is a less-organized waste product. This is mine.
3 Jun 2004
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31 May 2004
Satellite dishes are urban moss. Those TV dishes on the sides of houses always point toward geosynchronous satellites, so like moss on the north side of a tree, they point in a predictable direction (toward the equator). Want to know which way is which? Just look for a dish.

55. Entropy
Click here to go on to the new home ofto State of entropy Webgraphics. If you re here new domain. You can nowvisit my page at http// Please stop


Assembly '04
-juhlien teknobileet. Lisätietoja lähiaikoina. Menneitä tapahtumia KoneMetsä -reissu kahden bussin voimin. Lisätietoja lähiaikoina. Menneitä matkoja Entropy on vuonna 1993 perustettu elektronisen musiikkikulttuurin yhdistys ja yli tuhannen jäsenensä voimin eräs aktiivisimmista TKY :n kulttuuriyhdistyksistä. Yhdistyksen tehtävänä on täyttää maailma vilkkuvilla stroboskoopeilla, uv-hehkuisilla valoilla ja kovaa pauhaavalla hypnoottisella teknobiitillä. Lue lisää

56. Entropy And Prime Numbers
entropy of a nonnegative adjacency matrix related to prime numbers.
This is a little result I found during my work for graduation in Mathematics. I’d like to know your opinion about it, so you can send me an e-mail to
You can also visit my new site:
Thank you anyway. An application named sft Let P be the prime numbers set and let P i ) be the n -th prime, P (1) = 2. Let p be a prime consisting of n digits, we want to transform it in another n -digits prime. The process is similar to that used for circular primes and it will be very clear with an example: let p = 1997, now we shift p ’s digits one position left to obtain 997 u , where u is an unknown digit. We want 997 u to be a prime so u u In general we won’t obtain a unique result, in fact for example starting from 1187 we’ll have 1871, 1873, 1877 and 1879 which are all primes. On the other hand there are primes, such as 8713, for which none of the four possible numbers is prime. Let p be a prime consisting of four digits abcd, let’s consider the following set bcd bcd bcd bcd then we’ll erase the non prime elements from this set and we’ll call N p ) the resulting set.

57. Oliver Johnson's Web Page
Christ's College Cambridge. Research interests Probabilistic limit theorems, entropy theory, quantum information theory.
Oliver Johnson 's Web Page
Academic Work
I am a Cambridge-based mathematician , the Max Newman Research Fellow of the Statistical Laboratory of Cambridge University and Clayton Fellow of Christ's College My work involves trying to use ideas from entropy theory to prove limit theorems in probability theory. Originally motivated by the work of Barron, this has developed in several directions in the course of my PhD. I use other ideas from Information Theory as well, and am starting to learn and teach Quantum Information Theory . A small collection of preprints, academic links and so on are here. In Michaelmas 2003, I am lecturing Part IIB Information Theory . I've supervised a large variety of pure Cambridge courses. Some of my most recent papers are:
  • 'Entropy and the Law of Small Numbers' (cowritten with I.Kontoyiannis and P.Harremoës)
    - Download it here: 222K PDF 239K PS 88K GZipped PS
  • Fisher information inequalities and the Central Limit Theorem ' (cowritten with A.R.Barron)
  • 'Convergence of the Poincare constant'
    - Download it here: 180K PDF 189K PS 76K GZipped PS
  • 'An information-theoretic Central Limit Theorem for finitely susceptible FKG systems'
    - Download it here: 219K PDF 234K PS 92K GZipped PS
  • 'A Conditional Entropy Power Inequality for dependent variables'
    - Download it here: 139K PDF 137K PS 57K GZipped PS More papers are here.
  • 58. Maximum Entropy
    This page contains pedagogicallyoriented material on maximum entropy and exponentialmodels. Software. Eric Ristad s maximum entropy modelling toolkit
    MaxEnt and Exponential Models
    This page contains pedagogically-oriented material on maximum entropy and exponential models. The emphasis is towards modelling of discrete-valued stochastic processes which arise in human language applications, such as language modelling. All links point to postscript files unless otherwise indicated.
    An online introduction to maxent This is a high-level tutorial on how to use MaxEnt for modelling discrete stochastic processes. The motivating example is the task of determining the most appropriate translation of a French word in context. The tutorial discusses the process of growing an exponential model by automatic feature selection ("inductive learning," if you will) and also the task of estimating maximum-likelihood parameters for a model containing a fixed set of features. Convexity, Maximum Likelihood and All That This note is meant as a gentle but comprehensive introduction to the expectation-maximization (EM) and improved iterative scaling (IIS) algorithms, two popular techniques in maximum likelihood estimation. The focus in this tutorial is on the foundation common to the two algorithms: convex functions and their convenient properties. Where examples are called for, we draw from applications in human language technology.

    59. ComScire - The Random Number Generator Company.
    Device driver for random number generation using entropy sources within a PC using no additional hardware. Online purchase, free download of trial version.
    PCQNG 2.0
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    60. Entropy -- From MathWorld
    entropy. In physics, the word entropy has important physical implicationsas the amount of disorder of a system. In mathematics
    INDEX Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus and Analysis Discrete Mathematics ... Alphabetical Index
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    MATHWORLD - IN PRINT Order book from Amazon Applied Mathematics Information Theory
    Entropy In physics, the word entropy has important physical implications as the amount of "disorder" of a system. In mathematics, a more abstract definition is used. The (Shannon) entropy of a variable X is defined as
    bits, where P x ) is the probability that X is in the state x , and is defined as if P = 0. The joint entropy of variables is then defined by
    Information Theory
    Kolmogorov Entropy Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy Maximum Entropy Method ... search
    Ellis, R. S. Entropy, Large Deviations, and Statistical Mechanics. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1985. Khinchin, A. I. Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory. New York: Dover, 1957. Lasota, A. and Mackey, M. C. Chaos, Fractals, and Noise: Stochastic Aspects of Dynamics, 2nd ed.

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