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         Differential Equations:     more books (100)
  1. Partial Differential Equations (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Jürgen Jost, 2007-01-08
  2. Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (Chapman & Hall/Crc Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Science) by Pao-Liu Chow, 2007-03-19
  3. Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Student's Solutions Manual, Third Edition by V. Maymeskul, E.B. Saff, et all 1999-01
  4. Basic Partial Differential Equations by David Bleecker, George Csordas, 1997-07-01
  5. Differential Equations For Mathematics, Science And Engineering by Paul W. Davis, 1997-08-19
  6. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations by G. Evans, J. Blackledge, et all 1999-11-23
  7. Student's Solution Manual to Accompany Elementary Differential Equations by Richard C. DiPrima, William E. Boyce, et all 1992-01
  8. Problems in Differential Equations by J.L. Brenner, 1966
  9. Lectures on Analytic Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Yulij Ilyashenko, Sergei Yakovenko, 2007-12-27
  10. Heun's Differential Equations (Oxford Science Publications)
  11. Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos (Pure and Applied Mathematics (Academic Press), 60.) by Morris W. Hirsch, Stephen Smale, et all 2003-10-22
  12. Differential Equations: A Concise Course by H. S. Bear, 1999-05-28
  13. Stochastic Integration and Differential Equations by Philip E. Protter, 2005-05-24
  14. Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with Mathematica, Second Edition by Prem K. Kythe, Pratap Puri, et all 2002-11-12

121. Dynamical Methods For Differential Equations 2002

122. Calculus Tutorial - Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Department
Tutorials covering precalculus, calculus, multivariable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations.

Visit the HMC Math Department!

Visit the HMC Math Department!

123. ODE Chapter
Ordinary differential equations. Copyright (C) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 by the Computational Science Education Project. This electronic
Ordinary Differential Equations
Retrieve a PostScript file with encapsulated color figures using ghostview or a tar file of the ps file using ftp . See instructions in the Table of Contents for how to extract the chapter.

124. NetSkool - Statistics Help, Mathematics Help, Finance Homework Help, Accounting
Offers assistance with calculus, algebra, trigonometry, differential equations. computer science, statistics, and probability. Includes sample question and answer.
Home About Netskool Samples and Testimonials Take a Tour Help Center World's Premier Anonymous Homework Help Service .
Since 2001, NetSkool has been offering online tutoring to students by giving them access to carefully screened Experts educated at top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and Penn.
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125. Differential Equations
differential equations Mathematica files. Here you find some Mathematica files to accompany the differential equations classes. Software.
Differential Equations - Mathematica files
Here you find some Mathematica files to accompany the Differential Equations classes.
If Mathematica is not loaded on your machine, you need to download the free
program from Wolfram Research in order to be able to view the files! Files marked with need the VisualDSolve package, written by Dan Schwalbe and Stan Wagon, for evaluation. The package is not necessary to view the notebooks. Chapter and section numbers refer to the book:
Blanchard, Devaney and Hall
Differential Equations
Preliminary Edition. PWS, Boston.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Miscellaneous Notebooks

126. DVERK
Fortran 77 subroutine written by Hull, Enright and Jackson for the numerical solution of systems of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations.
‹‹7ë(dverk.fÅ=[wÛ6ÒÏò¯Àۊ.E‹¤¨ËCh‰²XS¤–”,kßü5Þ¶ç´IO’Ýîþûo.ð"ÉIzÖ§ulÌ s-~U‡û²8ìÓ ®’•ÀLϓòoZ§ëýFÄùJTé3üT”+`î.NKQ¬Åº(·‡,®ðš¯ÒüAÄ»]Y <‘îE¼Ç­ÛI²# ²â^*K@PÝ%΂a$¢b”q¾¶T;•uŠ¬¹l„8TIé 1Ä_ "Ý#ÎÉÄ©"nâ G` ÒÈ+šû²€Å6ñ7Àè! àã1É2ü§Y¤+²i+ð) ø Tø’zí~ <äÄY‘ <¹ç¨/¿öÆ¢§vô=v'ß¿µQÔÑæN/*I°

127. Math 242 (Section 3), Spring 1998
Elementary differential equations Math 242 Section 3, Spring 1998. Modeling via differential equations, 1.1, BDH11.mws, BDH1-1.mws, BDH1-1.html.
Elementary Differential Equations
Math 242 Section 3, Spring 1998
Professor Doug Meade

Department of Mathematics

University of South Carolina
Links Go
Table of Contents

128. PDE2D
Program by Granville Sewell to solve quite general nonlinear, timedependent, steady-state and eigenvalue systems of partial differential equations, in 1D intervals, general 2D regions and 3D boxes . Available for both Unix and Windows platforms. A textbook on PDEs, with Fortran code that is sent upon purchase, is described at http// .

129. Math 242 (Section 501 -- HONORS), Spring 2000
Elementary differential equations Math 242 Section 501 (HONORS), Spring 2000. Template for differential equations, Chapter 1, templateDE.mws, template-DE.html.
Elementary Differential Equations
Math 242 Section 501 (HONORS), Spring 2000
Professor Doug Meade

Department of Mathematics

University of South Carolina
Table of Contents

130. Research Group: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling & Numerical
The focus of this group is to find numerical solutions of differential equations coming from several areas of applications, as for example. Participants are from various universities in the US and Europe.
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling Numerical Methods
The research group has as its main goals:
  • To integrate its participant members through joint research, departing from common interests in Computational Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods. To cooperate in the teaching load of graduate courses, supervision of dissertations and thesis, allowing for a solid background development for the undergraduate and graduate students. To estimulate the exchange of ideas with other research groups and institutions, from inside and outside of the University of Sao Paulo, and to collaborate for the diffusion of the scientific knowledge, to cooperate for the projects and other specialized services.

PARTICIPANT MEMBERS Currently, this research group has six researchers, about one third of the Applied Mathematics Department

131. Interactive Differential Equations

132. PSIDE Home Page
Code for solving implicit differential equations on shared memory parallel computers, by Jacques J.B. de Swart, Walter M. Lioen, and Wolter A. van der Veen.
PSIDE - Parallel Software for Implicit Differential Equations - is a Fortran 77 code for solving implicit differential equations on shared memory parallel computers.
Jacques J.B. de Swart Walter M. Lioen , and Wolter A. van der Veen
, P.O. Box 94079, 1090 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Obtaining PSIDE
The current version of PSIDE is 1.3 (November 25, 1998). PSIDE consists of the following files or user.pdf
PSIDE Users' Guide
(gzipped PostScript and PDF version, respectively)
The Fortran 77 source of PSIDE
For PSIDE's linear algebra we chose to use LAPACK. However, if you do *not* have available on your system both
  • a machine tuned LAPACK, and
  • a machine optimized BLAS
we suggest you use these replacement routines instead of the portable LAPACK implementation. Of course the latter will work, however, it may give much worse performance.
an example driver for the Van der Pol problem, an ODE of dimension 2
(as given in the PSIDE Users' Guide)

133. Interactive Math Programs
These programs are designed to be used with Multivariable Mathematics by RE Williamson and HF Trotter, and Introduction to differential equations by Richard E.
Interactive Math Programs
These programs are designed to be used with Multivariable Mathematics by R.E. Williamson and H.F. Trotter, and Introduction to Differential Equation s by Richard E. Williamson, but are quite generally useful for illustrating concepts in the areas covered by the texts. So have fun, experiment with different values, and let us know if you have any trouble. These programs were originally written in True Basic for the Macintosh by Richard Williamson. The translation into Java and the writing of a recursive descent equation parser was done by Scott Rankin and Susan Schwarz.
To run one of the programs in the list below, just click on its name. Each program displays a brief explanation of how to use it. If you run into difficulties, here are more detailed instructions on running the applets. The first time you try any of the programs you may want to look at the link anyway. If you do not see the buttons that are used to run the program, you may need to scroll down in the browser window until the buttons are visible.
Multivariable Calculus
  • Ascent - steepest ascent method Ascent+ - steepest ascent method with variable step-size Cplot-2D - plot parametric curves in 2-space Cplot-3D - plot parametric curves in 3-space Gplot-3D - plot graph of F(x,y)

134. Department Of Scientific Computing (Director: Prof. Dr. Peter Zinterhof)
Department of Scientific Computing. Research areas cover high dimensional number theoretic numerics, image and video processing, parallel processing, automated theorem proving and artificial intelligence, foundations of abstract signal processing, computer science and society, theoretical physics, integral and differential equations, and neural networks.

Home Department Info Faculty and Staff Research and Projects Information for Students ...
secure connection
Welcome to the Department of Scientific Computing
URL: - last modified: Thursday, 20-Nov-2003 13:12:09 CET
webmaster contact:

135. Introduction To Ordinary Differential Equations With Mathematica
The purpose of this book is to provide a traditional treatment of elementary ordinary differential equations while introducing the computerassisted methods
Readme ... Order Book The purpose of this book is to provide a traditional treatment of elementary ordinary differential equations while introducing the computer-assisted methods that are now available with Mathematica Mathematica over other systems of computer algebra because of its combination of easy access and computational power, as evidenced through symbolic, numerical, and graphical output. In order to make this work totally self-contained, we have developed the fundamentals of differential equations from the very beginning. This includes the solution methods for the traditional classes of solvable equations (first-order linear, second-order constant-coefficients, linear systems, Laplace transforms, power series solutions and so forth) as well as a presentation of the basic theory of existence/uniqueness and the traditional numerical methods for first-order equations. In the process some new mathematical points have been developed, to be noted below. It is our firm belief that a solid mastery of the subject of differential equations can only be achieved through a strong traditional course. This is enhanced by the graphical capabilities of Mathematica , which have allowed the incorporation of many more graphs than are normally available in books at this level.

136. Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar
Midwest Partial differential equations Seminar, a semiannual meeting on recent developments in partial differential equations.
Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar
The Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar Home Page
has moved to The Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar is partially funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Last modified Wednesday, December 10, 1997 10:19:36 AM, by

137. Yunkang Liu's Home Page
University of Cambridge. Analytic solution (stability and asymptotics) and numerical solution (RungeKutta methods and numerical stability) of functional differential equations; Qualitative numerical methods for solving differential equations with conservation laws.
Yunkang Liu
DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EW, U.K Tel: +44 1223 337892 (DAMTP), 335427 (Caius College), 502370 (Home) Fax: +44 1223 337918 Email:
I am a research fellow of Gonville and Caius College (established in 1348, it is the 4th oldest college in Cambridge). I did my Ph.D at Fitzwilliam College (started in 1869 as Fitzwilliam House, it is a very young college by Cambridge standard). My Ph.D supervisor was Arieh Iserles I am mainly interested in analytic solution (stability and asymptotics) and numerical solution (RungeKutta methods and numerical stability) of functional differential equations. I also work on qualitative numerical methods for solving differential equations with conservation laws, in particular, equations of Lie-type. A list of my recent publications is here . Some technique reports of mine can be found on the home page of the Numerical Analysis Group , Cambridge University. I play GO and I use the IGS go serve.

138. Mickey's Differential Equations Page
Mickey s differential equations Materials. Spring 1999 Selected Homework Solutions Spring 1999 Test 1 Solutions. Spring 1999 Test 2 Solutions.
Mickey's Differential Equations Materials
Spring 1999 Selected Homework Solutions Spring 1999 Test 1 Solutions Spring 1999 Test 2 Solutions Spring 1996 Course Information Old stuff. I'm not doing this anymore, but have not been able to get my newer stuff completely on line yet. This page created and maintained by:
Mickey McDonald
, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA 90041

139. MadMax Optics - FMM Toolbox™ For MATLAB©
Provides robust, fast, and highorder accurate solvers for a core set of partial differential equations - including the Laplace, Poisson and modified Helmholtz equations. free These arise throughout classical and modern physics, in areas such as electrostatics, magnetostatics, incompressible flow, astrophsyics, and computational chemistry.
2D Toolbox Version 1.02 - Full release now available! Faster Software for Computational Physics
A new generation of software for partial differential equations. The amount of work scales linearly with the number of unknowns and the user can control the desired precision.
Named one of the "Top Ten Algorithms of the Century" by Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine! (Jan/Feb 2000)
Our solvers are flexible, easy to use, and easy to integrate into your software. All we need is the data defining the problem - you get the solution at any set of locations you choose. No grid generation is required, saving you both time and effort.
  • Computes electrostatic fields at any set of target locations due to a charge and dipole distribution you provide. Obtains results in O(N) time for N sources and targets.

140. MAPLE For Stochastic Differential Equations
MAPLE for Stochastic differential equations. Book. 2) S. Cyganowski, Solving Stochastic differential equations with MAPLE, Maple Tech.
MAPLE for Stochastic Differential Equations
Sasha Cyganowski, Peter E. Kloeden and Jerzy Ombach From Elementary Probability to Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE Springer Verlag
Here you can download the MAPLE Worksheets from this book:
(MAPLE V Release 5.1, 882292 Bytes)
(MAPLE 6 and MAPLE 7, 992883 Bytes)
(MAPLE 8, 970831 Bytes)
(More Software for Springer Books
Software Package "stochastic"
Homepage of the MAPLE "stochastic" package
Excel Worksheets for Stochastic Finance written by N.Yannios:
see here
Papers and Technical Reports on MAPLE for SDEs
1) P. E. Kloeden and W. Scott, Construction of stochastic numerical schemes through MAPLE , MAPLE Tech. Newsletter 10(1993), 60-65. 2) S. Cyganowski, Solving Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE , Maple Tech. Newsletter 3(2) (1996), 38-40.
PDF-File 3) S. Cyganowski, A MAPLE Package for Stochastic Differential Equations , Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Conference Computational Techniques and Applications Conference: CTAC95 (Editors R.L. May and A.K. Easton), World Scientific (1996) 223-230. PS.GZ-File

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