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  1. Convex Polytopes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Branko Grünbaum, 2003-05-12
  2. Convex Analysis: Theory and Applications (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) by G. G. Magaril-Ilyaev, V. M. Tikhomirov, 2003-10
  3. Discrete and Computational Geometry: Japanese Conference, JCDCG 2002, Tokyo, Japan, December 6-9, 2002, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  4. Discrete and Computational Geometry: Japanese Conference, JCDCG 2004, Tokyo, Japan, October 8-11, 2004 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  5. Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery: 11th International Conference, DGCI 2003, Naples, Italy, November 19-21, 2003, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  6. Combinatorial Geometry and Graph Theory: Indonesia-Japan Joint Conference, IJCCGGT 2003, Bandung, Indonesia, September 13-16, 2003, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  7. Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics and Graph Theory: 7th China-Japan Conference, CJCDGCGT 2005, Tianjin, China, November 18-20, 2005, and Xi'an, China, November ... Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  8. Convex Functions and their Applications: A Contemporary Approach (CMS Books in Mathematics) by Constantin Niculescu, Lars-Erik Persson, 2005-11-16
  9. Excursions into Combinatorial Geometry (Universitext) by Vladimir Boltyanski, Horst Martini, et all 1996-12-05
  10. Integral Geometry And Convexity: Proceedings of the International Conference, Wuhan, China, 18 - 23 October 2004
  11. Convex Bodies: The Brunn-Minkowski Theory (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) by Rolf Schneider, 1993-02-26
  12. Integer Points In Polyhedra: Geometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Optimization: Proceedings Of An Ams-ims-siam Joint Summer Research Conference On Integer ... Polyhedra, July 1 (Contemporary Mathematics) by Alexander Barvinok, AMS-IMS-SIAM JOINT SUMMER RESEARCH CONFE, 2005-06
  13. Results and Problems in Combinatorial Geometry by Vladimir G. Boltjansky, Israel Gohberg, 1985-10-31
  14. Convex Polyhedra (Springer Monographs in Mathematics) by A.D. Alexandrov, 2005-03-24

21. Beiträge Zur Algebra Und Geometrie / Contributions To Algebra And Geometry, Vol
Geometry, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 401406 (2001) A Methodologically Pure Proof of a convex geometry Problem. Victor Pambuccian. Department of
A Methodologically Pure Proof of a Convex Geometry Problem
Victor Pambuccian
Department of Integrative Studies, Arizona State University West, P. O. Box 37100, Phoenix AZ 85069-7100, USA, e-mail: Abstract: We prove, using the minimalist axiom system for convex geometry proposed by W. A. Coppel, that, given $n$ red and $n$ blue points, such that no three are collinear, one can pair each of the red points with a blue point such that the $n$ segments which have these paired points as endpoints are disjoint. Classification (MSC2000): Full text of the article: Previous Article Next Article Contents of this Number ELibM for the EMIS Electronic Edition

22. Veranstaltungen - Arbeitsgruppe 7
Programme. Workshop Discrete convex geometry . 2. 4. February 2003 in honour of Jürgen Bokowski s 60th birthday. convex geometry and Knots . 4.45 - 5.15 pm.
Sekretariat Mitarbeiter Forschung Workshops ... So finden Sie uns Programme Workshop "Discrete Convex Geometry" Conference office open 12.00 - 5.30 p.m. 3 rd floor, room 310 , Secretary Ursula Roeder Sunday, February Venue: Department of Mathematics, Schlossgartenstr. 7, 1 st floor, room 134 12.00 - 2.00 p.m. arrival Office room, Ursula Roeder: 310 Bernd Sturmfels, Berkeley, USA "The Geometry of Nash Equilibria" 3.00 - 3.30 p.m. B r e a k st floor 3.30 - 4.00 p.m. Horst Martini, Chemnitz "Location Problems in Minkowski Spaces" 4.00 - 4.30 p.m. Tudor Zamfirescu, Dortmund "Acute Triangulations" 4.30 - 5.00 p.m. B r e a k st floor 5.00 - 5.30 p.m. Simon King, Darmstadt "On a Topological Representation Theorem for Oriented Matroids" Phillippe Cara, Brussels, Belgium, (at present: USA) "Spherical Designs in 4 Dimensions" 6.00 - 6.30 p.m. Michel Las Vergnas, Paris, France "Linear Programming in Oriented Matroids and the Tutte Polynomial" Monday, February, 3 : 9.00 - 10.00 a.m. "Some New Construction Techniques For 4-Dimensional Polytopes" 10.00 - 10.30 a.m.

23. An APL Package For Convex Geometry
An APL package for convex geometry. Full text, pdf formatPdf (258 KB). Source, International Conference on APL archive Proceedings of

24. Geometry
convex geometry. Convex analysis Curves. Famous curves Differential geometry. Bibliography Alfred Gray Memory Page Computer graphics and image processing /ma-ge

25. A. Aleksandrov Die Innere Geometrie Der Konvexen Flaechen. Berlin
W. Coppel Foundations of convex geometry. Cambridge UP 1998, 220p. 10279 Peter Gruber/Joerg Wills (ed.) Handbook of convex geometry. 2 volumes.

26. Fiche Document -Foundations Of Convex Geometry
Translate this page Ouvrage - Cote 00022334 - (disponible) Foundations of convex geometry Coppel, WA (Principal) Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1998 fondement de la

27. Fiche Document -Handbook Of Convex Geometry. Vol. B

28. 51: Geometry
is placed here (actually in 51M05) because it mirrors elementary plane geometry, but spherical geometry is primarily on the page for general convex geometry.
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51: Geometry
Geometry is studied from many perspectives! This large area includes classical Euclidean geometry and synthetic (non-Euclidean) geometries; analytic geometry; incidence geometries (including projective planes); metric properties (lengths and angles); and combinatorial geometries such as those arising in finite group theory. Many results in this area are basic in either the sense of simple, or useful, or both! There is separate page for constructibility questions (i.e. compass-and-straightedge constructions). There is a separate page for a triangulation problem (in the geographers' sense, not the topologists'). Included on that page is information about determining location by distances from fixed points.
A bibliography (and some related web sites) on the history of geometry is available from David Joyce. See the article on NonEuclidean geometry at St Andrews.
Applications and related fields
As appealing as questions on simple geometry are, they are often mathematically speaking rather trivial, so we have little material here. Some of the meatier issues in "geometry" are easily classified somewhere else. Thus you'll have to look elsewhere for topics on

29. [math/0312268] Convex Geometry Of Orbits
Mathematics, abstract math.MG/0312268. From Alexander Barvinok Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 213559 GMT (19kb) convex geometry of Orbits.
Mathematics, abstract
From: Alexander Barvinok [ view email ] Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 21:35:59 GMT (19kb)
Convex Geometry of Orbits
Authors: Alexander Barvinok Grigoriy Blekherman
Comments: 26 pages
Subj-class: Metric Geometry; Algebraic Geometry; Combinatorics
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30. [math/9211216] A Low-technology Estimate In Convex Geometry
From Greg Kuperberg Date Sun, 1 Nov 1992 000000 GMT (3kb) A lowtechnology estimate in convex geometry.
Mathematics, abstract
From: Greg Kuperberg [ view email ] Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1992 00:00:00 GMT (3kb)
A low-technology estimate in convex geometry
Authors: Greg Kuperberg (U Chicago)
Comments: The abstract is adapted from the Math Review by Keith Ball, MR 93h:52010
Report-no: Kuperberg migration 5/2002
Subj-class: Metric Geometry; Functional Analysis
Journal-ref: Internat. Math. Res. Notices, 1992 (1992), no. 9, 181-183
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31. UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ Center For Mathematical And Computational Modeling
Sciences). A piece of convex geometry in statistics. . Abstract. This mapping enables us to use methods of convex geometry in statistics. We
Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling
Gleb A. Koshevoy (Russian Academy of Sciences)
"A piece of convex geometry in statistics."
Abstract Welcome.
Pasi Koikkalainen
Laboratory of Data Analysis

32. Abstracts
Speaker Greg Blekherman, University of Michigan Title The convex geometry of Orbits Time May 5, 2004, 415515 PM Place Malott 205.
Abstracts for the Seminar
Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics
Spring 2004 Speaker:
Greg Blekherman, University of Michigan
Title: The Convex Geometry of Orbits
Time: May 5, 2004, 4:15-5:15 PM
Place: Malott 205 Abstract:
April 5, 2004

33. 2004 Summer Research Conference On Gaussian Measure And Geometric Convexity
The conference will bring together researchers in convex geometry, probability, statistics, and the local/asymptotic theories of Banach spaces to discuss

Gaussian Measure and Geometric Convexity Sunday, July 18- Friday, July 23, 2004 Sessions start on Sunday and end on Friday. Housing check- out is Saturday. Organizing Committee:
K. Ball , University College London
V. Milman , Tel Aviv University
A. Pajor
R. Schneider
, University of Freiburg
R. A. Vitale (Chair), University of Connecticut
W. Weil , University of Karlsruhe Remarkable advances have been made in several areas that involve aspects of Gaussian measure and the theory of convex bodies. The conference will bring together researchers in convex geometry, probability, statistics, and the local/asymptotic theories of Banach spaces to discuss recent results and directions for future research. It is anticipated that this unusual mix of specialties will lead to a useful exchange of ideas. Major themes will be (i) the role of probabilistic methods in understanding properties of convex bodies, especially in high dimensions; and (ii) the application of convex-geometric methods to the study of Gaussian processes. Among the topics will be central limit theorems, concentration of measure, Dvoretzky-type results, isoperimetry and Gaussian inequalities, intrinsic volumes and Gaussian processes, and flag-coefficient renormalization. A preliminary list of participants includes: S. Artstein

34. 2004 Spring Eastern Section Meeting, Program By Special Session
abstract. Special Session on Analytic convex geometry. Saturday 157); 400 pm Transportation inequalities and convex geometry. Mark
AMS Sectional Meeting Program by Special Session Current as of Friday, June 4, 2004 00:42:13
Deadlines Registration/Housing/Etc.
2004 Spring Eastern Section Meeting
Lawrenceville, NJ, April 17-18, 2004
Meeting #997
Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner , AMS The program published here is continually updated and may be more current than the printed program. Abstracts from individual talks will be available after March 4, 2004 ; click on the talk title for a link to the abstract.
Special Session on Analytic Convex Geometry

35. International Mathematics Research Notices
IMRN 19929 (1992) 181183. DOI 10.1155/S1073792892000205. A LOW-TECHNOLOGY ESTIMATE IN convex geometry. GREG KUPERBERG. Received 23 July 1992.
Home About this Journal Sample Copy Request Author Index ... Contents IMRN 1992:9 (1992) 181-183. DOI: 10.1155/S1073792892000205 A LOW-TECHNOLOGY ESTIMATE IN CONVEX GEOMETRY GREG KUPERBERG Received 23 July 1992. The following files are available for this article: Pay-per-View: Hindawi Publishing Corporation

36. Convex Geometry For Rapid Tissue Classification In MRI
Title convex geometry for rapid tissue classification in MRI Authors Wong, Erick; Jones, Craig Affiliation AA(Univ. of British Columbia) Journal Proc.
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Title: Convex geometry for rapid tissue classification in MRI Authors: Wong, Erick Jones, Craig Affiliation: AA(Univ. of British Columbia) Journal: Proc. SPIE Vol. 4684, p. 1524-1530, Medical Imaging 2002: Image Processing, Milan Sonka; J. Michael Fitzpatrick; Eds. ( SPIE Homepage Publication Date: Origin: SPIE (c) 2002 SPIEThe International Society for Optical Engineering. Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only. Bibliographic Code:
We propose an efficient computational engine for solving linear combination problems that arise in tissue classification on dual-echo MRI data. In 2D feature space, each pure tissue class is represented by a central point, together with a circle representing a noise tolerance. A given unclassified voxel can be approximated by a linear combination of these pure tissue classes. With more than three tissue classes, multiple combinations can represent the same point, thus heuristics are employed to resolve this ambiguity. An optimised implementation is capable of classifying 1 million voxels per second into four tissue types on a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 machine. Used within a region-growing application, it is found to be at least as robust and over 10 times faster than numerical optimization and linear programming methods.

37. Convex Geometry Of Orbits
Title convex geometry of Orbits Authors Barvinok, Alexander; Blekherman, Grigoriy Journal eprint arXivmath/0312268 Publication Date 12/2003 Origin ARXIV
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Title: Convex Geometry of Orbits Authors: Barvinok, Alexander Blekherman, Grigoriy Journal: eprint arXiv:math/0312268 Publication Date: Origin: ARXIV Keywords: Metric Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, 52A20, 52A27, 52A21, 53C38, 52B12, 14P05 Comment: 26 pages Bibliographic Code:
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38. University Of Michigan Combinatorics Seminar
The University of Michigan Combinatorics Seminar Winter 2004 March 05, 410500, 3866 East Hall. convex geometry of Orbits. Greg Blekherman.
The University of Michigan Combinatorics Seminar
Winter 2004
March 05, 4:10-5:00, 3866 East Hall
Convex Geometry of Orbits
Greg Blekherman
University of Michigan
Abstract The talk will focus on the study of metric properties of convex bodies B and their polars B o , where B is the convex hull of an orbit under the action of a compact group G . Examples include the Traveling Salesman Polytope in polyhedral combinatorics ( G S n , the symmetric group), the set of non-negative polynomials in real algebraic geometry ( G =SO( n ), the special orthogonal group), and the convex hull of the Grassmannian and the unit comass ball in the theory of calibrated geometries ( G =SO( n ), but with a different action). We will discuss several results results on the structure of the set of non-negative polynomials (the radius of the inscribed ball, volume estimates), which allow us to conclude that there are substantially more nonnegative polynomials than sums of squares. We will also discuss how to compute the radius of the largest ball contained in the symmetric Traveling Salesman Polytope, and give a reasonably tight estimate for the radius of the Euclidean ball containing the unit comass ball. All of the above results use the same unified framework. Our main tool is a new simple description of the ellipsoid of the largest volume contained in B o . This is joint work with Sasha Barvinok.

39. Convex Geometry And Nonlinear Approximation
Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 00)Volume 1 July 24 - 27, 2000 Como, Italy. p. 1299 convex geometry and Nonlinear Approximation. PDF.
IEEE-INNS-ENNS International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'00)-Volume 1 July 24 - 27, 2000 Como, Italy p. 1299 Convex Geometry and Nonlinear Approximation Paul C. Kainen Georgetown University Index Terms- best and near best approximation, continuous selection, concentration of measure, modulus of convexity, Helly property The full text of ijcnn is available to members of the IEEE Computer Society who have an online subscription and an web account

40. AIF : Tome 48 Fascicle 1 -- 1998
Annales de l Institut Fourier. Tome 48 fasc. 1 (Year 1998). p. 149203. On the complex and convex geometry of Ol shanskii semigroups Karl-Hermann Neeb.
Annales de l'Institut Fourier
Tome 48 fasc. 1 (Year 1998)
p. 149-203 On the complex and convex geometry of Ol'shanskii semigroups Karl-Hermann Neeb To a pair of a Lie group and an open elliptic convex cone in its Lie algebra one associates a complex semigroup which permits an action of by biholomorphic mappings. In the case where is a vector space is a complex reductive group. In this paper we show that such semigroups are always Stein manifolds, that a biinvariant domain is Stein is and only if it is of the form , with convex, that each holomorphic function on extends to the smallest biinvariant Stein domain containing , and that biinvariant plurisubharmonic functions on correspond to invariant convex functions on
Key words : complex semigroup, Stein manifold, subharmonic function, envelope of holomorphy, convex function, Lie group, Lie algebra, invariant cone Classification Text of the paper : Back to the main list.

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