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         Computer Science:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Logic and Proof Techniques for Computer Science by Steven G. Krantz, 2002-01-17
  2. Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science (2nd Edition) by Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, et all 1994-03-10
  3. How Computers Work (9th Edition) (How It Works) by Ron White, Timothy Edward Downs, 2007-11-24
  4. Gre: Practicing to Take the Computer Science Test (3rd ed) by Educational Testing Services, 1997-11
  5. C Programming for Engineering and Computer Science (B.E.S.T. Series) by H.H. Andrew Tan, Tim B D'Orazio, 1998-09-17
  6. Theory of Computation (Texts in Computer Science) by Dexter C. Kozen, 2006-03-23
  7. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Mathematics Across the Curriculum) by Kenneth Bogart, Clifford Stein, et all 2005-09-08
  8. Understanding Computer Science for Advanced Level: The Study Guide by Ray Bradley, 2001-12
  9. Women in Computer Science Careers (Capstone Short Biographies) by Jetty Kahn, 2000-01
  10. Opportunities In Computer Science Careers by Klingel, 1984
  11. Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java by David Hughes, 2002-11-25
  12. Probability and Statistics for Computer Science by James L. Johnson, 2003-07-22
  13. Explorations in Computer Science: A Guide to Discovery by Mark Meyer, 2003-03
  14. Encyclopedia of Computer Science

81. Department Of Computer Science
Department of computer science. The new Exactum building is under construction (Exactum camera), me@tktl Online magazine me@tktl datABitti
Faculty of Science

P.O.Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
Department homepage
Contact information Department People ... In English
Department of Computer Science
The new Exactum building is under construction ( Exactum camera)
Online magazine me@tktl
Welcome to study
was invented here
Student organisation TKO-äly
The Computer Science Department at the University of Helsinki is the largest unit for information technology research and teaching at a multidisciplinary university in Finland. Known for its good quality, the department has over 2,000 students aiming at a higher university degree. The department specialises in five main areas of computer science: algorithms, information systems, intelligent systems, software engineering, as well as distributed systems and data communications. Research and teaching is carried out in all of these fields. Branching out into new areas like bioinformatics keeps the curriculum up-to-date. Search department or university site: Department homepage Faculty homepage University homepage Department contact information ... Style settings

82. DMTCS: Discrete Mathematics And Theoretical Computer Science
DMTCS is an electronic journal published by the Maison de l'Informatique et des Math©matiques Discr¨tes
@import url("dmtcs.css");
An Electronic Journal For readers bookmark your closest mirror amoung the sites provided by EMIS Search DMTCS Journal Papers Proceedings For authors Submit/Revise/Finalize a Paper status of your submission LaTeX Style For Referees General Editorial Board (Un)Subscribe Mailing List Feedback style of our web pages our policy the association behind DMTCS DMTCS is a high standard peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to rapid publication of innovative research which covers discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. The journal is devoted to a quest of quality and immediacy. As a purely electronic journal, it will regularly provide the community with new articles. Author's manuscripts are published as soon as they have been accepted and will be available internationally via the Internet. DMTCS is published by a French association of the same name in cooperation with the Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications LORIA , in Nancy, France, which ensures both the quality and the continuity of the internet services of the primary server , whereas EMIS provides us with a lot of mirror sites all around the world.

83. The Division Of Computer Science
The Division of Computer and Information Sciences promotes interdisciplinary links between computer science and other disciplines in the Sciences, Engineering
Division News:
Press Releases
Events and Talks
Research Groups


Search DCIS
Search all RU Maintained by
The Division of Computer and Information Sciences promotes interdisciplinary links between Computer Science and other disciplines in the Sciences, Engineering and Arts. Officially launched in 2001 it will include the Computer Science Department and several interdisciplinary research centers. The first center of the Division, The Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling, was founded in April of 2001. Director:
Dr. Tomasz Imielinski
Department of Computer Science (DCS) ... (LCSR) What's New! Open House, March 26 Professors Imielinski and Gerasoulis to speak at Software Commercialization Symposium Prof. Imielinski receives SIGMOD Test of Time award

Detailed information including early pioneers and companies, archives, languages, and networking from the Department of computer science at Virginia Tech.
"Who controls the past commands the future. Who commands the future conquers the past." George Orwell This collection of materials relating to the history of computing is provided courtesy of the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech , and is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation CDA-9312611 This site has been chosen by " Edu-Activ ", an educational resource site based in Germany.
For other awards click here The Computer Museum is moving into its new home, a 120,000 square foot facility in the heart of Silicon Valley
The Computer History Museum's new home is a two-story, 119,000 square foot architecturally distinctive structure, designed and developed in 1994. It is located on 7.5 acres of land in the heart of Silicon Valley at the intersection of highways 101 and 85. This highly visible location is convenient to both San Francisco and San Jose. The First Conference on History of Nordic Computing: HiNC 1
Organized by IFIP Working Group 9.7 In cooperation with IFIP TC3 will be held:
June 16 - 18, 2003

85. Computer Science At Rochester
The homepage for the University of Rochester computer science Department (URCS).

directions news Department ... related depts. Computer Science at the University of Rochester PO Box 270226, Rochester, NY 14627 vox: 585.275.5671 fax: 585.273.4556
Measures of Excellence
Intuitive Computing: a vision for the future of the field Sun Microsystems Laboratories donates $400K multiprocessor for research in synchronization and concurrent data structures. Daniel Gildea joins URCS faculty. Recent books: Theory of Semi-Feasible Algorithms and The Complexity Theory Companion Lock-free concurrent queue algorithm adopted for inclusion in JDK 1.5.0. Undergraduate robot team takes first place at AAAI competition Jill Forster retires as Administrator of URCS More news...
(click on the picture for alternative views photo credits The Department of Computer Science at the University of Rochester is well known for its research production and collegial atmosphere. Degrees offered include an elite undergraduate major and an intense program leading to the doctor of philosophy. Particular emphasis is placed on computer vision and robotics, natural language understanding and knowledge representation, systems and architecture, and theory of computation. Maintained by Marty Guenther. Last change:

86. Spare-Time Programming Contest
This is a casual contest open to any University of California computer science student.
Department of Computer Science CASUAL
Spare-Time Programming Contest
This is a casual contest open to any U.ofC. Computer Science student.
Every so often we will announce a problem or otherwise interesting program to write. The details for each 'version' will be given as appropriate.
There are prizes for the winners (usually a book or something).
For more information contact:
Close of Entries:
There are no longer official closing dates - when I get enough entries, I will announce an up-coming close
Contest # 1: [Quine] (done Oct. 1999)
Contest # 2: Write a program to print the entire lyrics to the song,
"99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" (done Jan. 2000)
Contest # 3: Create a Metric Conversion Utility (DUE: March 14 2000)
    (done MAY 1 2000)
Current Problem:
Contest # 4: Write a program that either generates or is itself POETRY.
Have Fun!
April-10-2000 Another Contest! Check it Out!
Mastermind is a fun game of logic that many people have played as a child. Let's try seeing who can write the "smartest" program that tries to guess what the secret code is. A mastermind game framework is available, and to write your own strategy, just derive from the GuessingStrategy class and implement the three required functions.

87. Computer Science & Engineering -- U Of Minn
computer science Engineering. News Papanikolopoulos Robots Featured in Space Daily. Kumar s MINDS Project on NSF s News Clips. Undergrad Advising,
Kumar is Keynote Speaker at PDCS-2004 Papanikolopoulos' Robots Featured in Space Daily Colloquia Friday, June 18 2004:
Google: A Computer Scientist's Playground

Site Search:
News, Events, Contact Information ... Degree Programs
Computer Sci: Ph.D., M.S., and M.C.I.S., B.S., B.A.
Software Eng: M.S.
Computer Eng: M.S., B.Comp.Eng.
I.T. Minor,
C.S. Minor ... more...
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
Comments on this site should be sent to Search Contact Us Help

88. Cognitive Science At CUNY
Graduate students from a number of disciplines such as computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, educational psychology, and speech and hearing sciences - may tailor their program with this concentration.
  • The Cognitive Science Concentration
  • David Rosenthal, Coordinator publications vCard
  • NEW Spring 2004 IDS Cognitive Science Course "Philosophy of Cognitive Science," IDS 70200, Professor Martin Davies, ANU
  • NEW Spring 2004 Courses Crosslisted in Cognitive Science pdf
  • SPRING '04 : The CUNY Cognitive Science Symposium Discussion Group pdf listing
  • Web Resources Cognitive Science and Related Disciplines
  • More Web Resources Reference, Libraries, and Bookstores
  • CUNY and Regional Events and Announcements
  • The COGSCI-L Listserv for Cognitive Science at CUNY
  • Affiliated CUNY Ph.D. Programs The Hunger SiteDonate Food for Free to Feed Hungry People (Rev. 12/22/03)
    Target Store Online
  • The Cognitive Science Concentration
  • David Rosenthal, Coordinator publications vCard
  • NEW Spring 2004 IDS Cognitive Science Course "Philosophy of Cognitive Science," IDS 70200, Professor Martin Davies, ANU
  • NEW Spring 2004 Courses Crosslisted in Cognitive Science pdf
  • SPRING '04 : The CUNY Cognitive Science Symposium Discussion Group pdf listing
  • Web Resources Cognitive Science and Related Disciplines
  • More Web Resources Reference, Libraries, and Bookstores
  • 89. UCSD Department Of Computer Science And Engineering - CSE Home
    to the solution of the socalled original synteny problem in biology, said Pevzner, the Ronald R. Taylor Professor of computer science and Engineering.

    Advanced search

    Monday, July 05, 2004

    July 4th holiday - Admin offices closed

    CSE Professor's Research is Helping to Unlock Genome Evolutions
    CSE professor Pavel Pevzner and UCSD Math assistant professor Glenn Tesler along with their journal paper co-author Guillaume Bourque of the University of Montreal produced the cover of the April 2004 edition of Genome Research. For the first time, it depicts the course of evolution for the X chromosome in humans, rats and mice tracing the genomic architecture of mammalian ancestors from a common ancestor 80 million years ago. "It contributes to the solution of the so-called original synteny problem in biology," said Pevzner, the Ronald R. Taylor Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. "While scientists routinely find bones that lead to (often unrealistic) reconstructions of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on movie screens and in toy stores, this is the first rigorous reconstruction of the genomic makeup of our mammalian ancestors."
    Full Story
    Sanjoy Dasgupta, Alin Deutsch and Alex Snoeren Receive NSF Career Awards

    90. Courant Library's Home Page
    Mathematics and computer sciences resources including library catalogs and databases, and Web links for computer science, mathematics, jobs, research alerts, and related fields.
    Welcome To Courant Library's Home Page
    General Information
    What's New
    (Including New Book Lists)
    Search Bobcat (via telnet)
    Search Bobcat (via the web)
    About the Library
    (Incl. Access, Hours, Floorplan) Search Other Libraries or Choose From Many Databases Library's Reserve Collection ... Electronic Journals - Many additions here! and for 1992
    Outside Links Of Interest To CIMS Library Users.
    You must be on a machine with a New York University IP address to use these services. We are subscribers to the American Math Society's hypertext version of Mathematical Reviews , called MathSciNet. It offers many new ways of searching through Math Reviews. Another version of the database (1988 through June 1998) is available for searching on CDROM in the CIMS Library. INSPEC from the Institution of Electrical Engineers is the world's largest bibliographic database in the field of physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control engineering and information technology. The ACM Digital Library , which includes the full text of all ACM periodicals and most of the proceedings is available for use from any machine within NYU's network. This site also links to the ACM Portal which provides access to bibliographic information from a broad range of computing literature including that of other publishers. Computing Reviews from the ACM is available in an online version and provides expert reviews of literature in the field of computer science.

    91. Duke University Department Of Computer Science
    Duke University Department of computer science Box 90129 Durham, NC 277080129 (919) 660-6500. Department. Copyright © Duke computer science Department.
    Duke University
    Department of Computer Science
    Box 90129
    Durham, NC 27708-0129
    Students in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens Contact Us Site Map Duke
    News Bytes Graduation Ceremony Thinking about grad school?
    ISIS - Certificate in Information Science and Information Studies

    Comments to Report an error on this page

    92. Digital Culture - 98.12.09
    by Harvey Blume Can robotics shed light on the human mind? On evolution? Daniel Dennett whose work unites neuroscience, computer science, and evolutionary biology has some provocative answers. Is he on to something, or just chasing the zeitgeist?
    Previously in Digital Culture:
    "Coming of Age in Cyberspace,"
    by David S. Bennahum (October 28, 1998)

    In the bedrooms, the arcades, and the high school computer rooms of the 1980s, kids of the Atari generation invented today's digital culture. An excerpt from David Bennahum's memoir, Extra Life.
    "Portable Musings,"
    by Sven Birkerts (September 10, 1998)
    The book is the network, the network is knowledge, and soon you'll be able to curl up in bed with all of it. This calls for some serious rumination.
    "The Invisible World Order,"
    by Andrew Piper (July 29, 1998)
    If digital technology is to serve humanity (and not the other way around), we'll have to come to terms with the database and all that it implies.
    "The Right Mix,"
    by Ralph Lombreglia (June 4, 1998)
    Digital technology has made the private recording studio itself into a new kind of musical instrument.
    "A Function Specific to Joy,"
    by Harvey Blume (April 29, 1998)
    Are we ready for computers that know how we feel? More on Technology and Digital Culture in Atlantic Unbound and The Atlantic Monthly.

    93. Department Of Computer Science
    University of California Santa BarbaraDepartment of computer science currently has 25 fulltime faculty andapproximately 140 graduate students (including
    ANNOUNCEMENTS Last modified: Thursday, 03-Jun-2004 11:10:35 PDT by Webmaster

    94. Robotics At Manchester University
    University of Manchester, Department of computer science group specializing in medical robotics, mobile robots, walking robots, sociable robotics, and evolutionary robotics.
    Manchester Robotics Home Research Teaching People ... Robots
    Within these pages you will find information about robotics at the Department of Computer science, University of Manchester, UK.
    Robotics at manchester
    Manchester robotics are researching into the future of robotic systems, where robots are not hidden behind cages on manufacturing lines, but are a positive factor in our everyday lives. We are developing medical robots to administer robotic physiotherapy for conditions such as stroke and cerebral palsy. Furthermore we are researching into assisting a damaged human heart through a robotic device to squeeze the outside of the heart.
    Robotic physiotherapy
    If robots are to behave autonomously then they must have the capability of independent movement and 'intelligent' control strategies. Manchester robotics has a long history of developing adaptive 'intelligent' controllers for mobile robotic systems. These mobile robotic systems can be either locomoted by wheels, legs or alternative novel methods.
    Mobile robotics
    Robots that are in everyday contact with humans must be designed and controlled in a suitable manner.

    95. TAMU Computer Science
    DEPARTMENT OF computer science DWIGHT LOOK COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TEXAS A M UNIVERSITY. Image details Contact the webmaster
    Image details...
    Contact the webmaster ... College Station , TX 77843-3112
    INFO FOR ...
    Info for: Select an option... Prospective Students Current Students Faculty / Staff Visitors / Industry Former Students GO
    Outside Staff Appreciation Luncheon Images
    Staff Appreciation Luncheon

    Graduate Reception Images

    CS Spring Banquet Awards and Photos
    more news...
    Tenure-track Faculty Positions
    Look 100
    TAGD Meets on Monday
    FLC DIALOGUE this Wednesday

    TAPSS Conference on Friday;

    Read "This Week"
    State of Texas
    TAMU Accessibility Policy
    TAMU Privacy Statement ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT ... CONTACT US document.forms['portal'].elements['submit'].style.display = "none"; document.forms['quick_search'].elements['submit'].style.display = "none";

    96. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute Of Science & Technology
    Nonprofit, publicly and privately funded, independently chartered graduate school of science and technology, offering degrees in computer science.
    News Accesses since March 15, 1996:

    97. Department Of Computer Science - Johns Hopkins University
    The computer science Department is an active research department that carries on the ideal of research pioneered at Johns Hopkins, the nations first research
    Yair Amir has been promoted to full professor Origami-Making Robot Congratulations to 2004 CS graduates. Johns Hopkins Computer Science receives DARPA funding ...
    CSSENTIALS Dept. Newsletter, Issue 4

    Our Faculty search has ended.
    Academic Council

    Undergraduate Lab Calendar

    Department News
    Yair Amir has been promoted to full professor

    Origami-Making Robot

    Congratulations to 2004 CS graduates.

    Johns Hopkins Computer Science receives DARPA funding
    More JHU CS News
    Considering Computer Science? Be sure to check this section first. Browse through our department's latest course offerings for 2004. Today is Sunday, June 06, 2004 Send mail to

    98. University Of Arizona - Computer Science
    Founded in 1973, the Department of computer science at the University of Arizona is celebrating its Tricennial in the 20032004 academic year.
    Faculty Positions
    Founded in 1973, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona is celebrating its Tricennial in the 2003-2004 academic year. The Department emphasizes high quality research and instruction in an atmosphere where undergraduate as well as graduate students benefit from the Department's research programs. The Department of Computer Science has offered masters and doctoral degrees since its founding. Our undergraduate degree program was added in 1989. The Department currently has 17 graduate faculty, 4 senior lecturers, 4 Academic Services advisors, and 7 technical and scientific support staff. The graduate program has an enrollment of approximately 50 students in the MS program and 40 in the Ph.D. program. The undergraduate program has approximately 230 majors and 420 first-year pre-majors. The Department has a long and distinguished reputation of excellence in the areas of systems, software, and theory. The annual research expenditure exceeds $2.1 million. The most recent National Research Council rankings place the Department 16th among public Ph.D.-granting institutions nationwide. It is ranked the best Computer Science department of its size (15-20 faculty) among publicly funded Universities, is ranked first in number of citations of papers per faculty member, and is ranked 17th overall in publications per faculty. Learn more about the Department in our Departmental Overview
    Last updated

    99. Laurentian University
    Department of Mathematics and computer science

    100. UBC - Computer Science
    UBC Home Page, UBC Home Page, UBC Home Page UBC Home Page, News Events Directories Search UBC myUBC Login. about the department, research activities.

    The Real Time News Newsletter - Spring Supplement Issue

    May 4 - Four CS Papers Accepted at SIGGRAPH 2004
    Apr 30 - Rosenberg releases 3rd edition of The Social Impact of Computers
    Apr 19 - CS Undergraduate wins Attendance at SIGMOD/PODS 2004
    Apr 19 - CS Sun Run Team First in Education Division
    Apr 10 - 2004 Summer Courses Confirmed
    Mar 16 - Students Receive CIPS Scholarships
    read more ...

    About the Department
    Research Activities ... Local Resources This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

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