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         Computer Science:     more books (100)
  1. The Cartoon Guide to the Computer by Larry Gonick, Mark Wheelis, 1991-08-14
  2. Computer Science: A Structured Programming Approach Using C (3rd Edition) by Behrouz A. Forouzan, Richard F. Gilberg, 2005-02-01
  3. Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors 2nd Ed. by Jan Goldberg, 2002-09-24
  4. Concise Encyclopedia of Computer Science
  5. Languages and Machines: An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science (3rd Edition) by Thomas A. Sudkamp, 2005-02-24
  6. Schaum's Outline of Essential Computer Mathematics by Seymour Lipschutz, 1982-04-01
  7. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (with Student Solutions Manual CD-ROM) by Gary Haggard, John Schlipf, et all 2005-02-01
  8. Philosophy and Computer Science (Explorations in Philosophy) by Timothy Colburn, 1999-12
  9. Invitation to Computer Science Laboratory Manual: C++ and Java by Kenneth Lambert, Thomas Whaley, 2006-02-20
  10. An Introduction to Logic Programming Through Prolog (Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science) by J. M. Spivey, Michael Spivey, 1996-03-05
  11. Prolog for Computer Science by M. S. Dawe, C. M. Dawe, 1994-11
  12. Foundations of Computer Science by Behrouz A. Forouzan, Sophia Chung Fegan, 2002
  13. Milestones in Computer Science and Information Technology by Edwin D. Reilly, 2003-08-30
  14. An Introduction to Computer Science Using Java by Samuel N. Kamin, M. Dennis Mickunas, et all 2001-12-11

61. UofT Department Of Computer Science Web Site HOME
Department of computer science email comments to © University of Toronto Department of computer science all rights reserved, 21April-2004.
Department of Computer Science Faculty of Arts and Science University of Toronto
... Alumni
Administrative Office
10 King's College Road
Room 3302
Toronto Ontario
CANADA Telephone
Welcome Message From the Chair
St George Campus Map Toronto Information Academic Employment ... email comments to

62. Kyrylkov, Sergiy
Website of a computer science grad student at the University of New Mexico.

63. Computer Science At Yale University
News. The CS Department welcomes Holly Rushmeier, Professor of computer science. Copyright © 2002 Department of computer science, Yale University.
About Us
News The CS Department welcomes Holly Rushmeier , Professor of Computer Science. Professor Rushmeier joins us from IBM TJ Watson Research Center in New York. Her research interests include image synthesis, scanning object shape and appearance, applying perceptual principles to rendering, data visualization, application of computer graphics to art history and archaeology. Professor Paul Hudak has been elected as a Fellow of the ACM for his contributions to programming language research, in particular functional languages and the programming language Haskell. Official announcement.

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Yale's Child Study Center and Department of Computer Science ( Brian Scassellati ) have received a new grant from the Doris Duke Foundation to advance autism research. Full story Large ITR Awards for 2003 , Professors Feigenbaum Kannan , and Silberschatz are the Yale investigators on the "Sensitive Information in the Wired World" project.

64. MSCS H O M E P A G E
Mathematics, Statistics and computer science
Search the Site
Computer Support Problem Tracking

Chicago Skyline, View from Campus Recent Updates: Graudate Student Association (MGSA), SIAM Student Chapter at UIC

65. University Of Cambridge: Computer Laboratory
Computer Laboratory. Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is the computer science department of the University of Cambridge.
The Computer Laboratory Computer Laboratory The Computer Laboratory is the Computer Science department of the University of Cambridge . It consists of about 30 full-time academic staff, 20 support staff, 25 post-doctoral research workers and 100 PhD students. Monograph published in tribute to Roger Needham
Martin Richards receives Computer Pioneer Award

About the Laboratory

Other Information

Information provided by

66. Stuart Russell
Professor at the computer science Division of Berkeley University and author (with Peter Norvig) of the famous AI textbook Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach .
Stuart Russell
Computer Science Division

Soda Hall

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
russell at Other useful pointers:

67. UCL-CS Information
WELCOME . Teaching to inspire The UCL computer science Department is a worldclass centre of excellence. Our work brings together

Getting Here



UCL Home
WELCOME Teaching to inspire The UCL Computer Science Department is a world-class centre of excellence Our work brings together novel technologies and methods in areas such as networks and communications; vision, imaging and virtual environments; intelligent systems; bioinformatics; and, software systems engineering. We aim to carry the excitement of our research into our teaching and inspire the next generation of creators and innovators. Research for the real world We take an experimental, scientific, approach to our subject, with an emphasis on the practical implementation of technology Indeed, many technologies developed here have a continuing impact on all our lives, including the one that enables you to view this (or any other) website. Open for business Far from viewing the business world warily from an academic ivory tower, we enjoy the challenge and opportunity of entrepreneurial partnerships.

68. Algorithms Courses On The WWW
Links to courses in algorithms maintained at various university computer science departments.
Another Brick in the Wall part 2 (Waters) We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. Note this site is continuously under construction I have found that links to courses and instructors are too unstable. Thus most of the links below are to listing of course home pages maintained at various computer science departments. Once there, you should search for Algorithms , and then follow the appropriate link. Suggestions for good links to add to this page, and corrections can be made by emailing me at Note that I no longer put any real effort into maintaining this page. Undergraduate and Introductory Graduate Courses Some reliable links to people/courses that have been stable for years:

69. ScienceDirect - Theoretical Computer Science - List Of Issues
Department of computer scienceHome. Information, People, Courses, Research, Events, Login . Welcome to the Department of computer science. Search. Programs of Study;
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or Login: Password: Athens Login
Theoretical Computer Science Bookmark this page as:
Articles in Press
Volume 321 Volume 321, Issue 1 , Pages 1-170 (16 June 2004)
Latin American Theoretical Informatics Volumes 311 - 320 Volumes 301 - 310 Volumes 291 - 300 Volumes 281 - 290 ... Volumes 1 - 10 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals Sample Issue Online More Publication Info Information for Authors
... Elsevier B.V.

70. Gregory Dudek
Professor at the School of computer science and Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM). Research areas include navigation, shape, mobile robotics, computer vision, vision, visualization, and recognition.
Professor G. Dudek
Associate Professor, William Dawson Scholar School of Computer Science
Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM).

Click for
This site runs better with Javascript turned on. Electronic mail: dudek @ cim (dot) mcgill (dot) edu (PGP public key
Research areas:
navigation, shape, mobile robotics, computer vision, vision, visualization, recognition.
Biographical information (click here)

Runs the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab at CIM
Postal Address:
Centre for Intelligent Machines McGill University McConnell Engineering Building, Room 419 3480 University Street Montreal, Que, Canada H3A 2A7 Telephone: (514)398-4325 FAX: 398-7348 Secretary(CS): x7071 Mobile Robot Lab: x2186 Admin assistant (CIM): x7493 Admin assistant (CIM): 514-398-7493 I have some information on visiting us (CIM/McGill/Montreal).
Selected Publications
A small sample of assorted publications is provided here. Please go to the mobile robotics lab for other information. A more comprehensive list including on-line versions is on our mobile robotics lab publications page A dated and incomplete ascii list of publications can be found here.

71. Department Of Computer Science Home Page
Department of computer science, Manchester one of the best places to study computer science in the UK. University logo, NEWS, CONTACT, SEARCH, GUIDE, SITE AZ.

72. Computer And Information Science Papers CiteSeer Publications ResearchIndex
Science paper search engine with citation and text analysis (mostly computer science).

Submit Documents
Statistics About Feedback ... Help
Documents indexed
by CiteSeer.IST Citations made by
indexed documents NEC and IST OAI Compliance

73. Math-Net Page With Standard Labels For Department Of Mathematics , University Of
Mathematics and computer science.
Services Sigma Navigator MPRESS MathLinks ... Contact Services of Regional
Software Newsletter ...
Math-Net Page
General Research Organization of the Department Information for Prospective Students Research Groups Preprints / Publications People Teaching Faculty / Staff Students Academic Programs / Curricula Class Schedules ... Course Information and Materials News Information Services Schedule of Events November Information for Dept. Members Positions avaible Libraries Journals Standard Math-Net Page

74. UVA Computer Science
UNIVERSITY of VIRGINIA computer science. Research, Teaching, People, Community, Search Directory Contact Us, Of interest to Prospective Students, Members.
Contact Us

Of interest to: Prospective Students Members
Advanced Search
Site Directory ... Awards
Interim Chair: James Cohoon Community

Why us?
Colloquia ... Swarm Computing applies biological principles to massively distributed programming. More
3-D Animation and Special Effects
More Highlights
Celebrating Seven Years of Jack Stankovic's Leadership of UVa CS more pictures Reference
Area Maps Office Locator Libraries ... Miscellaneous Links Documents
Message from Our Chair Posters Newsletter ... Department Overview Surroundings
School of Engineering
University of Virginia Charlottesville Virginia Help
Computer Support
HelpNet Web Team Web Tutorials Pictures Classic Moments Graduation Photo Collections Vision New Building Strategic Plan Fun Computer Museum Happy Hour Quotes Oracle of Bacon Join Us Admissions Applications Job Listings Why UVA CS? For Members Login Newsgroups Reservations Course Feedback ... News 26 May - Will code check tools yield worm-proof software? (David Evans) [CNET] 30 Apr - Electronic Wheel Cipher is Added to Monticello Site (David Evans) [Monticello News] 15 Apr - DARPA Selects Contractors for Self-Regenerative Systems Program (Jack Davidson, David Evans, John Knight) [DARPA]

75. CSL 2000 -- Homepage
computer science Logic. Fischbachau/Munich, Germany; 2126 August 2000.
CSL 2000
Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic
CSL is the annual conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL) . The conference is intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on topics significant for computer science.
Important information
Organizing committee
  • Thorsten Altenkirch
  • Rolf Backofen
  • Peter Clote
  • Ralph Matthes
  • Martin Ruckert
  • Helmut Schwichtenberg The organizing committee may be contacted via
    We are grateful for being sponsored by
  • 76. UVA Computer Science: The Oracle Of Bacon At Virginia
    Department of computer science School of Engineering, University of Virginia 151 Engineer s Way, PO Box 400740 Charlottesville, Virginia 229044740 (434) 982
    U NIVERSITY of V ...
    Contact Us

    Of interest to: Prospective Students Members
    The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
    Enter the name of an actor or actress:
    e.g. Elvis Presley or Robert De Niro or Sarah Jessica Parker
    this game that links any actor/actress to any other! Like baseball? Try the Oracle of Baseball from the same folks who wrote the Oracle of Bacon. Click here for instructions Related Games:
    Interesting Facts:
    All actor and movie data used by the Oracle comes from the Internet Movie Database
    Department of Computer Science

    School of Engineering
    University of Virginia
    151 Engineer's Way, P.O. Box 400740
    Virginia (434) 982-2200 Fax: (434) 982-2214 Comments: Site directory Other addresses Server statistics Created by Patrick Reynolds and the CS Web Team

    77. EECS
    University of Michigan Department of Electrical Engineering and computer science 1301 Beal Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan 481092122 Telephone (734) 764-2390 FAX
    Letter from the Chair, Organization Chart, Dept. Administration, History of EECS ...
    More Events...
    University of Michigan
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    and Computer Science
    1301 Beal Avenue
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2122
    Telephone: (734) 764-2390
    FAX: (734) 763-1503

    78. Mel Fitting Home Page
    City University of New York Logic in computer science, mathematics, philosophy.
    For My Classes
    Prose and Poetry
    Tautology Tester
    Other Web Pages
    Book Errata
    Book Availability
    Copenhagen PhiLog Photos
    Copenhagen Studia Logica Photos
    New Book
    Newer Book
    E-Mail: Melvin Fitting
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Lehman College
    250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
    Bronx, NY 10468-1589 Offices:
    • Gillet Hall 200A
    • (phone 718 960-8874)
    • Graduate Center 4411
    • (phone 212 817-8206)
    See pictues of the Graduate Center and Lehman

    79. Virtual Library: Computer Science
    logo The Virtual Library Computing. Computing. Artificial Intelligence; Audio; Computer Aided Design (CAD); Cryptography, PGP and Privacy;
    The Virtual Library:
    The Virtual Library catalog

    80. MCS Publications
    Technical report anonymous ftp area. Most documents are available in compressed dvi or compressed postscript.
    MCS Publications
    Here we maintain a link to MCS's technical report anonymous ftp area. Most documents are available in compressed dvi or compressed postscript form. You can download the one of your choice by clicking on the appropriate file name in the table of contents. For hard copies of these reports, contact Judy Beumer at Books Abstracts and information about recent books by MCS Division members. Abstracts of Reports and Preprints Preprints Most MCS recent publications are available in preprint form. The reference ID is characterized by a prefix "P", for example, MCS- P 446-0694. Where possible we prefer the document to be referenced in the final published form (see the MCS Bibliography ANL Reports Occasionally a document will be released internally via the ANL report series. Reports' reference IDs are characterized by "ANL" in the title; for instance, ANL Technical Memoranda The reference ID of a technical memorandum is characterized by "TM" in the title; for instance, ANL/MCS- TM Climate and Global Change Reports The reference ID of these reports is characterized by "CGC" in the title; for instance, ANL/

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