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         Computer Mathematics:     more books (100)
  1. Algorithms for Computer Algebra by Keith O. Geddes, Stephen R. Czapor, et all 1992-09-30
  2. Introduction to Interval Computation (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) by Gotz Alefeld, Jurgen Herzberger, 1983-11-28
  3. Partial Order Methods in Verification: Dimacs Workshop July 24-26, 1996 (Dimacs Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science)
  4. Children Designers: Interdisciplinary Constructions for Learning and Knowing Mathematics in a Computer-Rich School (Cognition and Computing Series) by Idit Harel, 1991-01-01
  5. Microsoft Press Computer User's Dictionary
  6. Mathematical Logic for Computer Science by Mordechai Ben-Ari, 2008-02
  7. Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science by Donald F. Stanat, David F. McAllister, 1977-03
  8. Chaos and Fractals: The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics (Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics) by Robert L. Devaney, 1989-07
  9. Mathematical Methods in Computer Vision (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications)
  10. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) by Ian Anderson, 2000-12-12
  11. Mathematics for Computer Programmers by Christine Benedyk Kay, 1984-01
  12. Numerical Methods for Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics by John H. Mathews, 1986-10-01
  13. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Mathematica Computer Guide by Erwin Kreyszig, 2006-07-28
  14. The Computer Glossary: The Complete Illustrated Dictionary (Computer Glossary (Book and CD Rom), ed 8) by Alan Freedman, 1998-04

81. CANdiensten - Your Partner In Mathematics And Statistics
Commercial offshoot of CAN (computer Algebra Nederland) specialising in software, courses and consultancy in mathematics and statistics.

82. Subjects: Mathematics/Computer Sciences
mathematics/computer Science area.
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Mathematics/Computer Sciences
An alphabetical listing of our journals and books in this subject area
Advanced Robotics
Discrete Mathematics and Applications
Journal of Computational Mathematics
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications ...
Spatial Vision
Carleman Estimates for Coefficient Inverse Problems and Numerical Applications
(Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Series)
Michael V. Klibanov, Alexandre Timonov
2004; vi+280 pages; ISBN 90-6764-405-6; Price: EUR 150/US$ 203
Counterexamples in Optimal Control Theory
(Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Series)
S.Ya. Serovaiskii
2004; viii+176 pages; ISBN 90-6764-400-5; Price: EUR 139/US$ 188
Queueing Theory
(Modern Probability and Statistics Series)
P.P. Bocharov, C. D'Apice, A.V. Pechinkin, S. Salerno
2004; xiv+446 pages; ISBN 90-6764-398-X; Price: EUR 214/US$ 289
Countable Systems of Differential Equations
A.M. Samoilenko, Yu.V. Teplinskii
2003; viii+288 pages; ISBN 90-6764-393-9; Price: EUR 150/US$ 202
Forward and Inverse Problems for Hyperbolic, Elliptic and Mixed Type Equations

83. Math/CS, Emory Univ.
Emory University. Department of mathematics and computer Science. mathematics and computer Science are central disciplines to both
Emory University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science are central disciplines to both the liberal arts curriculum and to research endeavors in the natural and social sciences. The combined department at Emory offers educational programs and supports research which attempt to exploit the interrelations of mathematics and computer science and the other sciences, as well as the traditional areas of scholarship within each discipline. The Department's faculty, support staff, and graduate programs are of moderate size large enough to support a substantial variety of research interests and degree programs, yet small enough to allow individual advising and instruction.
Science Center
Suite W401
400 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
News and Events Seminars Special Events Opportunities People of Math/CS Faculty Staff Graduate Students Research Technical Reports Research Areas Undergraduate Programs Mathematics ... Online forms Infrastructure Facilities Administration Online Resources for Department Majors Summer Programs Career Planning Graduate Schools Fellowships ... General Information please send comments to

84. UMB CS Ver. 2.0
for UMB CS/Math majors and grad students UMB CS department invites you to apply for a computer Science, mathematics and Engineering Scholarship (CSEMS). more.
News/Announcements PTC Scholarship Opportunity
The PTC Scholarship is sponsored by Parametric Technology Corporation, a leading maker of mechanical computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering software headquartered in Needham, MA. more Paid Internship at Mass Biologic Lab
The Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories (MBL) is offering summer work experience to students with skills in the sciences, information technology and/or engineering. more Scholarship for UMB CS/Math majors and grad students
UMB CS department invites you to apply for a Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship (CSEMS). more Fall 2004 Schedule
Tentative course schedule for Fall 2004 is posted. Contact Info.
UMass Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125-3393

85. Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts
Calendar of conferences in mathematics, statistics, computer science and related areas; abstracts of talks presented at such conferences; helps organizers of conferences to simplify conference management.
Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts provides conference
announcements and conference abstracts for mathematicians.
a service of
Atlas Conferences Inc.


86. Mel Fitting Home Page
City University of New York Logic in computer science, mathematics, philosophy.
For My Classes
Prose and Poetry
Tautology Tester
Other Web Pages
Book Errata
Book Availability
Copenhagen PhiLog Photos
Copenhagen Studia Logica Photos
New Book
Newer Book
E-Mail: Melvin Fitting
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Lehman College
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Bronx, NY 10468-1589 Offices:
  • Gillet Hall 200A
  • (phone 718 960-8874)
  • Graduate Center 4411
  • (phone 212 817-8206)
See pictues of the Graduate Center and Lehman

87. Quinte Applied Mathematics Laboratories
Focuses on research and development in mathematics and computer science, with business and software development consulting services.

88. MCS Home Page
California State University, Hayward Department of mathematics and computer Science Hayward, California 945423092. Department Office
Home Page
CSUH Directories Library Colleges/Depts. About CSUH ... For Staff 'JavaScript' (A.K.A. 'Active Scripting') must be enabled to fully utilize this website. College of Science
Course Descriptions
Class Schedules Faculty Employment ... Statistics
California State University, Hayward
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hayward, California 94542-3092
Department Office: North Science 335; (510) 885-3414
Student Center: North Science 337; (510) 885-4011
Fax: (510) 885-4169
The Mathematics and Computer Science Department is a large and flourishing department, offering a variety of courses at a variety of times. There are over 35 full-time faculty, with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. The department offers over 40 undergraduate CS courses, 30 graduate CS courses, 50 undergraduate Math courses, and 30 graduate Math courses. The department strives to provide a quality education to a diverse student community, which totals well over 1000 students. California State University, Hayward, 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94542, (510) 885-3000

mathematics and computer science education by means of afterschool, weekend and summer programs in Florida.
FloaterInit( 100 );

90. Mathematics And Computer Education - Home Page
mathematics and computer education is an independent, refereed journal, internationally indexed and abstracted, and devoted to Critical evaluation and
George M. Miller
Nassau Community College
Thomas H. Sweeny
Nassau Community College Mathematics and Computer Education is an independent, refereed journal, internationally indexed and abstracted,
and devoted to:
  • Critical evaluation and dissemination of articles. Development of materials for the improvement of classroom effectiveness in the first years of college. Encouragement of high academic standards.

Designed by
CPU Inc.
MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER EDUCATION is indexed and abstracted in the United States
by Current Index to Journals in Education, Education Index, Education Abstracts, Computing Reviews, The Standard Periodical Directory, The Computer Literature Index, Journal Search-Directory of Business Publications For The Academic Researcher, Magazines for Libraries, Computer and Information Systems Abstracts, Ulrich's International Periodicals Database, Gale Directory of Publications, Computer Media Directory, PIMS Media Directory, Publication Sources in Education, SPI Publications, and Burrelle's Media Directory; in England by Information Systems for the Physics and Engineering Communities, and Educational Technology Abstracts;

91. Elegant Mathematics, Inc. Introduction
Advanced algorithms for computational science. Robust Iterative Linear Solvers; Software tools for Parallelization of Algorithms and computer Software; Approximation Method research. Research reports available in PS.
Welcome to Elegant Mathematics, Inc.
Advanced Mathemathical Algorithms for Computational Science
Elegant Mathematics, Inc. conducts mathematical researches and designs advanced mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are used to develop Our mathematical technologies have been developed in Russia by mathematicians from the Russia Academy of Science, Steklov Mathematical Institute, and Moscow State University. This work is described in a series of Research Reports which are available in Postscript form. For a guide to these reports, please see Abstracts to the Elegant Mathematics, Inc. Research Reports Elegant's Linear Equation Solvers substantially reduce the computational cost for solving problems and in many cases can extend the range of an application to enable it to solve more difficult problems. These Linear Equation Solvers will appeal to Independent Software Vendors of engineering applications, industrial research organizations, and government and university research laboratories. The Parallelization Tools are useful for prototyping, development, porting, and maintenance of highly sophisticated application programs on vector, parallel, and massively parallel computing architectures.

92. Computer Science Department - Drexel University
Department of mathematics and computer Science. (Philadelphia, PA, USA)



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Supplementary material to Stanley Burris' logic textbook, with lecture notes, course development hints, and additional text including historical notes.
Computer Science
Stanley N. Burris
(250K jpg file)
Table of Contents
Flow of topics
Publisher's Description ...
Links to Logic Sites

94. Udine, University Of
Department of mathematics and computer Science. Research areas include databases, software engineering, medical informatics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, formal methods, robotics, and computer vision.
DiMI Statistiche di accesso Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Udine
Welcome to our Web Site!
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine is devoted to basic and applied research in the areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
The Department runs several programs for graduate students and offers various services to undergraduate students for their thesis work and projects for advanced courses.
Info Services News Research ... SEMINARS Visit our hosted sites:
Frecce Tricolori 3D
Udine 3D Mathesis - Sezione di Udine
External Links
For any information about this Site, please contact DiMI WebMaster

95. Department Of Mathematics & Computer Science
Click here for a text version of address information, Faculty Staff. MCS Society. Programs Courses. Math Diagnostic Test. Research Tools Information.

MCS Society
Math Diagnostic Test Site Directory
Page Design by Jeremy Bradbury
Last Modified July 1, 2000

96. Mathematics For Computer Generated Spoken Documents
AsTeR Audio System For Technical Readings is a computing system for rendering technical documents written in LaTeX in audio.
Title in audio
ASTER Demonstration
is dedicated to my Guide-Dog. AsTeR Audio System For Technical Readings is a computing system for rendering technical documents in audio. AsTeR was developed by me for my PhD. (141 pages) An audio formatted version of the thesis, (approximately 6 hours) produced by AsTeR, is being made available by RFB (Recordings For the Blind as the first computer generated talking book. Here is the abstract in print, and here is an audio formatted version. This hypertext document demonstrates the audio renderings generated by AsTeR. Here is an enhanced demo using inline images. Each example is made up of three components:
  • The original LaTeX input.
  • The audio formatted output produced by AsTeR. The speech is produced by a Dectalk, and has been digitized at 8-bit mulaw AsTeR uses stereo to render tables, an effect that is not conveyed by the 8-bit mono encoding.
  • The visually formatted version produced by LaTeX and DVIPS.
    How to use this demo:
    The examples in this demonstration get progressively difficult. I suggest you go through the initial sections sequentially; For short demos, I typically show people the first three sections, and round it off with the continuous fraction in section 4 and a quick overview of Faa De Bruno's formula.
  • 97. Practical Foundations Of Mathematics
    An account of the foundations of mathematics (algebra) and theoretical computer science, from a modern constructive viewpoint by Paul Taylor. Published by Cambridge University Press. HTML approximation.
    Practical Foundations of Mathematics
    Paul Taylor
    Practical Foundations of Mathematics
    Paul Taylor
    Published by Cambridge University Press, 1999, ISBN 521 63107 6. pt/Practical_Foundations This summary explains which parts of the book are original research or novelties of exposition. The entire text is now accessible on the Web in an approximate HTML translation, so if you are reading the HTML version of this document you can go directly to the parts of the text to which it refers. Richard Knott, email:
    fax: +44 1223 315 052 tel: +44 1223 325 916 (but other methods are preferable)
    snail: Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 2RU, UK
    General description
    Practical Foundations collects the methods of construction of the objects of twentieth century mathematics. Although it is mainly concerned with a framework essentially equivalent to intuitionistic ZF, the book looks forward to more subtle bases in categorical type theory and the machine representation of mathematics. Each idea is illustrated by wide-ranging examples, and followed critically along its natural path, transcending disciplinary boundaries between universal algebra, type theory, category theory, set theory, sheaf theory, topology and programming. The first three chapters will be essential reading for the design of courses in discrete mathematics and reasoning, especially for the ``box method'' of proof taught successfully to first year informatics students. Chapters

    98. Department Of Mathematics And Computer Science: Valparaiso University
    The main page of the Department of mathematics and computer Science at Valparaiso University. mathematics and computer Science. At
    @import url(print.css); Index Contact Home Department of Mathematics and Computer Science : Home Page PREP: Discrete Math
    Summer REU Opportunities

    Prospective Students

    Department Home

    Career Opportunities

    Computer Science

    Student Profiles

    Current Students
    Activities and Programs

    Cooperative Education
    Course Descriptions Departmental Scholarships ... Undergraduate Research Faculty Profiles Scholarship Visitors Alumni Contact Us Employment Opportunities
    Mathematics and Computer Science
    At Valparaiso University, we pride ourselves in providing " Excellence with a personal touch ". In our department this means that we strive to create a first-rate learning environment for our students through excellent teaching, personal contact with the faculty, and opportunities to expand one's education through undergraduate research or pursuit of an individualized program of study. Please explore the departmental webpage to learn more about our program. If you have any questions, please fill out the inquiry form for prospective students.
    Prospective Students
    With a 100% job placement record over the last four years, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is proud of its success at preparing students to reach their goals.

    99. RUG Math & CS: Obsolete
    Department of mathematics and Computing Science. Research fields include theoretical computer science, high performance computing and imaging, artificial intelligence, parallel and distributed computing, embedded systems, agent technology and neural networks.
    This page is obsolete. Its address is no longer valid.
    Please start at the new site Deze pagina is niet langer beschikbaar.
    Zoek vanaf hier

    100. Uni-Plovdiv Faculty Of Mathematics & CS
    Faculty of mathematics and Informatics. Includes Departments of computer Science, computer Systems.
    University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski About the University Administrative information Students Write Us ... FACULTY OF MATHEMATICS AND INFORMATICS Please visit FMI's dedicated web-site Head Staff Departments ... Duration of the study Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Mekerov, Ph.D. head of the faculty (dean) room 345 (new campus) phones: 277-279 å-mail: Assoc. Prof. Assen Rahnev, Ph.D. vice-dean room 345 (new campus) phones: 277-279 å-mail: Assoc. Prof. Nedelcho Milev, Ph.D. vice-dean room 345 (new campus) phones: 277-279
    Snezhana Yamalieva secretary room 330 (new campus) phones: 277-299
    å-mail: Nevena Arsova organiser room 330 (new campus) phones 277-299
    å-mail: Nadya Mileva organiser room 330 (new campus) phones 277-299
    å-mail: Ginka Zhelyazkova organiser room 241 (new campus) phones 277-264 å-mail: Staff number Full professors Assoc. professors

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