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         Computer Mathematics:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematics and Computer Science III: Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities (Trends in Mathematics)
  2. Mathematics for Computer Technology by Robert McCullough, 2006-12-01
  3. Computer Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential-Algebraic Equations by Uri M. Ascher, Linda R. Petzold, 1998-07-31
  4. Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer by John O'Donnell, Cordelia Hall, et all 2006-07-10
  5. Mathematical Structures for Computer Science: A Modern Treatment of Discrete Mathematics by Judith L. Gersting, 2002-07-19
  6. Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Queueing Theory: The Mathematics of Computer Performance Modeling by Randolph Nelson, 2000-02-18
  7. Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science) by Robert J. Valenza, 1999-01
  8. Discrete Mathematics With Applications (Mathematics) by Susanna S. Epp, 1996-09-26
  9. An enhanced studio physics model: which technologies are productive? : An article from: Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching by Gregory R. Mackinnon, Peter Williams, 2006-03-22
  10. Discrete Mathematics (6th Edition) (Jk Computer Science and Mathematics) by Richard Johnsonbaugh, 2004-08-14
  11. Mathematics for Computer Graphics (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science) by S. G. Hoggar, 1993-02-26
  12. Correlates of achievement with online and classroom-based MBL physics activities. : An article from: Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching by David Slykhuis, John Park, 2006-06-22
  13. Discrete Mathematics and Logic: Theoretical Foundations for Computer Science, An Arabic Text by Ali Mili, Lamia, Labed Jilani, 2006-11-12
  14. Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (4th Edition) by James V. Valentino, Joseph Goldenberg, et all 2007-12-17

41. Kresge Library & Cook Mathematics Collection
Information about library services, hours, and collections, with guides to math and computer science resources on the Internet.
Home Search/Browse Library Services About the Library ... About the Library
About Kresge Library Access Services
Collection Services Instruction Services
Computer Science
Earth Science
Environmental Studies
General Science and Interdisiplinary Research Centers
What's New:

Faculty of Electrical engineering, Department of Applied mathematics, Chair of computer Science.
Faculty of electrical engineering Zagreb Croatia
Department of Applied Mathematics
Chair: COMPUTER SCIENCE ( Brief description
Educational activities at the graduate and postgraduate level: Research and development:
  • Algorithms and software for mathematical programming, time scheduling, production planning, technical maintenance, text recognition.
  • Harware and Software Ergonomy
  • Information systems design and software in administration, business, industry and utilities.
  • Own CASE tools for data base design, normalisation and application generators in different target 4GLs.
  • Consulting and problem solving for administration, industry, business and utilities.
  • Database Design and Applications
  • Dissemination of Multimedia Information via LAN/WAN
  • We are qualified as a Informix System Integrator
  • Alfred Zepic - programming courses, numerical methods Damir Kalpic - operational research, information systems, database design

43. E-Print Archive
Open eprint archive with over 100,000 articles in physics, 10,000 in mathematics, and 1,000 in computer science. (Formerly called xxx; free) e-Print archive
Automated e-print archives nlin math cs q-bio physics
17 Jan 2004 Endorsement system introduced.
15 Sep 2003 Announcement of New Quantitative Biology archive.
For more info, see cumulative "What's New" pages.
Robots Beware: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted
Nonlinear Sciences
Computer Science

44. Math-Net Page With Standard Labels For Department Of Mathematics , University Of
mathematics and computer Science.
Services Sigma Navigator MPRESS MathLinks ... Contact Services of Regional
Software Newsletter ...
Math-Net Page
General Research Organization of the Department Information for Prospective Students Research Groups Preprints / Publications People Teaching Faculty / Staff Students Academic Programs / Curricula Class Schedules ... Course Information and Materials News Information Services Schedule of Events November Information for Dept. Members Positions avaible Libraries Journals Standard Math-Net Page

45. Books On-line: Call Numbers Starting With QA
QA mathematics and computer Science. Eric Weisstein's World of mathematics, ed. by Eric W

46. University Of Exeter, Department Of Mathematical Sciences
Vibrant internationally active School of Engineering, computer Science and mathematics. School of Engineering, computer Science mathematics.

47. Mathematical Spectrum
Mathematical Spectrum is a magazine for students and teachers of mathematics in universities, colleges and schools worldwide. It may be read by anybody interested in mathematics as a recreation. Mathematical Spectrum publishes articles from all branches of mathematics, as well as regular features on mathematics in the classroom, computer column, letters, problems and solutions, book and software reviews. It welcomes original student contributions and awards annual prizes for the best ones published.
Mathematical Spectrum
Editor: D W Sharpe (University of Sheffield)
Mathematical Spectrum is a magazine for students and teachers of mathematics in universities, colleges and schools worldwide. It may be read by anybody interested in mathematics as a recreation. Mathematical Spectrum publishes articles from all branches of mathematics, as well as regular features on mathematics in the classroom, a computer column, letters, problems and solutions, book and software reviews. We welcome original student contributions and award annual prizes for the best ones published.
Forthcoming articles

Contents of recent issues

Sample problems
Find a finite sequence of integers whose sum is 2004 such that the sum of every four consecutive numbers in the sequence is negative.
(Submitted by Abbas Rooholaminy, Iran)
A solution will be published in Volume 37, Number 1.
The point P moves in a plane so that the tangents through P to a given ellipse are at right angles. Determine the locus of P. If these tangents touch the ellipse at M, N, find the envelope of MN. (Submitted by Seyamack Jafari, Khozestan, Iran)

48. Index.htm>
Collections in statistics, mathematics, computer science, economics, sociology, and selected other subjects from international sources.

49. AMAC - Cranfield University
Applied mathematics and Computing Group. Research groups Digital Image Processing; computer Aided Engineering; Advanced computer architectures.
Amac Opportunities C²VIP Opportunities Contact Information Research ... Cranfield Home Page
The Applied Mathematics and Computing Group is part of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Cranfield University. Its research activities centre around the application of mathematical and computational techniques to engineering problems. The group also provides postgraduate programmes at both MSc and PhD levels.
Specialist Areas:
  • Digital Image Processing Computer Aided Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Multiphase Flows Advanced computer architectures
The group activities are focussed towards the requirements of industry. It has developed close industrial links both in Britain and Europe. The group has an academic staff of nine, and close to thirty postgraduate students. Published by AMAC. © Cranfield University.
Website Contact

50. IMADA Preprint Archive
Department of mathematics and computer Sscience, University of Southern Denmark/Odense University.
IMADA Preprint Archive - Please note that the archive no longer is being maintained. Look for Preprints at the DMF preprint server at
By year:
By author:
A-B C-D E-F G-H ... W-X Last modified: Thu Mar 13 2003

51. Math&CS @ X
Department of mathematics, Statistics and computer Science
For more detailed information check out The Math Book or The Computer Science Book To learn more about the Department, browse the website, or drop in for a visit at the Departmental office, Room 24 Annex. Dr. Martin van Bommel, Chair

52. Efg's Mathematics Projects -- CRC Calculator
Lab Report about computing CRC16 and CRC-32 values using Delphi. Includes links and literature references.
Mathematics Cyclic Redundancy Code Calculator Lab Report Calculate CRC of Character String using CRC Calculator
(Also see the FileCheck Lab Report for CRCs of Files, Directories, Volumes)
Delphi 7 CLX Version (Windows) Calculate CRC of File using CRC Calculator
Kylix 3 CLX Version (Linux) Purpose
The purpose of the CRCCalculator is to display interactively the CRC-16 and CRC-32 values for a specified string or file. (The CRC-32 values will match those computed by PKZIP.) Additional files, and , show how to create a command-line program to calculate CRC values. A "C" command-line program is also available. Materials and Equipment Software Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000 and Delphi 3/4/5/6/7 (to recompile)
Linux and Kylix 3 (to recompile) Hardware Requirements
VGA display Procedure
  • Double click on the CRCCalculator.EXE icon to start the program (Windows), or run the program under Linux using ./CrcCalculator.. Enter any text in the edit box. Observe the CRC-16 and CRC-32 values in decimal or hexadecimal. Select File tabsheet.
  • 53. DMTCS: Discrete Mathematics And Theoretical Computer Science
    DMTCS is an electronic journal published by the Maison de l'Informatique et des Math©matiques Discr¨tes
    @import url("dmtcs.css");
    An Electronic Journal For readers bookmark your closest mirror amoung the sites provided by EMIS Search DMTCS Journal Papers Proceedings For authors Submit/Revise/Finalize a Paper status of your submission LaTeX Style For Referees General Editorial Board (Un)Subscribe Mailing List Feedback style of our web pages our policy the association behind DMTCS DMTCS is a high standard peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to rapid publication of innovative research which covers discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. The journal is devoted to a quest of quality and immediacy. As a purely electronic journal, it will regularly provide the community with new articles. Author's manuscripts are published as soon as they have been accepted and will be available internationally via the Internet. DMTCS is published by a French association of the same name in cooperation with the Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications LORIA , in Nancy, France, which ensures both the quality and the continuity of the internet services of the primary server , whereas EMIS provides us with a lot of mirror sites all around the world.

    54. University Of Manitoba Institute Of Industrial Mathematical Sciences: Welcome
    Created to enhance contacts between mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists at the University and researchers in industry. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
    For Industry For Faculty For Students About IIMS People Research Seminars ... IIMS Home Fostering
    Collaborative Research
    With Industry
    In The
    Mathematical Sciences
    • Abba Gumel presented a seminar on "Mathematical Modelling of SARS Epidemiology" in Community Health Sciences on Friday, April 23rd at noon in S211 Medical Services Building.

      The next meeting of the PV-modelling group will be held on Tuesday, June 8th at 11:00 am in the IIMS Conference Room.
      The next meeting of the SARS Sensitivity and Uncertainty Group will be held on Friday, June 4th at 10:30 am in the IIMS Conference Room.
      On March 23rd Abba Gumel was presented with an Rh award for his research on the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. Congratulations, Abba!
      In November 2003 Abba was also honoured at the International Conference of Mathematical Sciences, held at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. He was one of six recipients of the 2003 Young African Mathematician medal for his work in Applied Mathematics in the areas of Mathematical Biology, Computational Mathematics and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.

    55. Computer Algebra Group At SFU
    Part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive mathematics (CECM), Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. Details of members, projects, meetings and publications.
    Computer Algebra Group
    at Simon Fraser University
    We are part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM),
    a Simon Fraser University research centre within the Department of Mathematics.
    About the Group
    Group Weekly Seminar Schedule ...
    ISSAC Proceedings Database
    Special events at SFU
    July 5-9, 2004, PIMS: Workshop on Computational Arithmetic Geometry July 27th, 2004, Halpbern Centre: CECM '04 Summer Meeting on Computational Mathematics. August 9-13, 2004, K9509: Teaching and Doing Mathematics with Maple
    Upcoming conferences/workshops and paper submission deadlines
    January 23-25, 2005, SODA '05, Vancouver, BC Submission deadline: 5pm EST, July 5, 2004. September 22-24, 2004 AISC '04, RISC, Hagenberg, Austria. Submission deadline: May 1st, 2004. Extended: May 8th, 2004. July 21-23rd, 2004 ACA '04, Beaumont, Texas. Submission deadline: June 10, 2004. July 11-14th, 2004 MWS '04, Waterloo, Ontario. Submission deadline: January 16th, 2004. July 4-7, 2004, ISSAC '04, Santander, Spain.

    56. (Mongolia) National University Of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
    School of mathematics and computer Science.

    57. Department Of Mathematics And Computer Science At UNC Pembroke
    Department of mathematics and computer Science.
    UNCP Web Navigation > UNCP Home Prospective Students Current Students Visitors About UNCP Academics Administration Athletics About The Community UNCP A-Z Campus Map Search
    The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, through its established mission seeks to assist the University in the fulfillment of its mission throughout its service region. From its early history the department has evolved into a vibrant multifaceted role of support of a liberal arts education; offering majors in mathematics and in computer science; providing service courses for other program areas and working cooperatively with the School of Education to develop licensure programs for prospective teachers in the areas of middle grades and secondary mathematics. Through the Graduate Studies office the department also offers a Masters of Arts in Education program (M.A. Ed.) in mathematics education. Updated: Wednesday, October 9, 2002

    58. Computer--> Mathematics
    The aim of this paper is to suggest that the effect of the computer on mathematics (pure and applied) will be correspondingly farreaching and radical; that
    Will the Digital Computer Transform Classical Mathematics Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A (2003)
    The aim of this paper is to suggest that the effect of the computer on mathematics (pure and applied) will be correspondingly far-reaching and radical; that the computer will ultimately reconfigure the mathematical matrix from which it sprang and will do this not only by affecting changes in content and method over a wide mathematical terrain, but more importantly by altering the practice and overall nature, and perhaps the very conception we have of mathematics.
    A model of mathematical activity
    The latter constraint implies that a major change in one of these agencies is likely to have significant consequences for the others, and hence for the character of the mathematician and mathematics as a whole. This indeed looks to be the case at the present historical juncture. The computer is providing an Agent of incomparable power and flexibility, able to carry out procedures whose results were previously unsuspected. This frees up the Person to enlarge the scope and imaginative possibilities of mathematical thought and its significance. This in turn demands a Subject together with a suitably rich and powerful mathematical language for communicating between the Person and Agent. The result, as we shall see, is that a reconfigured triad of agencies able to operate in new and complimentary ways is being put in place.
    Part I local and global transformation

    59. Computational Science And Mathematics
    Applied research in high performance computing, applied mathematics, and intelligent systems. Research and publication abstracts.
    CSM Home June 06, 2004 About Us Org Chart Contacts Employment Staff Only Research Resources Projects Publications Software Groups Climate Dynamics Complex Systems Computational Chemical Sciences Computational Materials Science ... Systems and Operations Links ORNL Home CCS Home Contact CSM Collaborate ... Comments
    The Computer Science and Mathematics Division (CSM) is ORNL's premier source of basic and applied research in high-performance computing, applied mathematics, and intelligent systems. Basic and applied research programs are focused on computational sciences, intelligent systems, and information technologies. Our mission includes working on important national priorities with advanced computing systems, working cooperatively with U.S. Industry to enable efficient, cost-competitive design, and working with universities to enhance science education and scientific awareness. Our researchers are finding new ways to solve problems beyond the reach of most computers and are putting powerful software tools into the hands of students, teachers, government researchers, and industrial scientists.
    TVA, ORNL partner to help link valley universities

    60. Faculty Of Mathematics & Computer Science
    The Faculty of mathematics and computer Science consists of two departments the Department of mathematics, and the Department of computer Science and Applied
    The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science consists of two departments: the Department of Mathematics, and the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. The research carried out in the faculty, in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and computer science, ranges from abstract and theoretical considerations within mathematics and computer science, through using and applying mathematics and computer science in other sciences, to their application in concrete industrial developments.
    Upcoming event: Workshop on Variational Limits More details. New: Distinguished Lecture Series. More details. Congratulations: Professor David Harel has been named the recipient of the Israel Prize (2004) in Computer Science.
    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
    The Weizmann Institute of Science

    POB 26, Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL
    Tel: 972-8-934-3540 Fax: 972-8-934-4122 This file was last modified on Thursday, 03-Jun-2004 09:02:06 IDT.

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