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         Computer Algebra:     more books (100)
  1. Modern Computer Algebra by Joachim von zur Gathen, Jürgen Gerhard, 2003-09-01
  2. Geometric Algebra for Computer Science: An Object-Oriented Approach to Geometry (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) by Leo Dorst, Daniel Fontijne, et all 2007-04-19
  3. Computer Algebra: Systems and Algorithms for Algebraic Computation
  4. Computer Algebra Recipes: An Advanced Guide to Scientific Modeling by Richard H. Enns, George C. McGuire, 2007-01-12
  5. Algorithms for Computer Algebra by Keith O. Geddes, Stephen R. Czapor, et all 1992-09-30
  6. Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra, Second Edition by Gerhard X. Ritter, Joseph N. Wilson, 2000-09-21
  7. Algebra For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) by Mary Jane Sterling, 2001-09-29
  8. Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Elementary Algorithms by Joel S. Cohen, 2002-07
  9. Beginning Algebra And Computer Tutor 1.0, Windows Format, Fifth Edition by Richard N. Aufmann, 1999-11-15
  10. SymbolicC++: An Introduction to Computer Algebra using Object-Oriented Programming by Kiat Shi Tan, Willi-Hans Steeb, et all 2000-03-15
  11. Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics by John A. Vince, 2008-03-28
  12. Continuous Symmetries, Lie Algebras, Differential Equations and Computer Algebra by Steeb Willi-hans, 2007-07-26
  13. Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1: Sets and Numbers, Graphs and Algebra, Logic and Machines, Linear Geometry (Universitext) by Guerino Mazzola, Gérard Milmeister, et all 2006-11-13
  14. College Algebra Concepts And Models And Computer Tutor, Windows Format, Third Edition And College Algebra Cd-rom Fourth Edition by Ron Larson, 2000-06-13

1. Home
more. 28.11.03. computer algebra made affordable. Microsoft adds the computer algebra system MuPAD to High Performance Comp more.
Diese Seite in deutsch Home About MuPAD Download News ... Login Your Location: Home
SciFace Software, the company behind the commercial side of MuPAD, can be found at
Latest News
MuPAD Pro 3.0 Eagerly awaited, now available: MuPAD 3.0 brings interactive mathematics ...
Computer Algebra made affordable MuPAD tackles yet another barrier for CAS users: The price.
New Horizons for Scientific Computing Microsoft adds the computer algebra system MuPAD to High Performance Comp...

Legal notes

2. The Yacas Computer Algebra System
Yacas is a general purpose easy to use computer algebra System (a CAS is a program that can be used to do symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions).
Yacas is a general purpose easy to use Computer Algebra System (a CAS is a program that can be used to do symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions). It is built on top of its own programming language designed for this purpose, in which new algorithms can easily be implemented. In addition, it comes with extensive documentation on the functionality implemented and methods used to implement them.
This entire site (including the documentation) can also be found in the source code distribution

3. CANdiensten - Your Partner In Finance, Mathematics And Statistics!
Coordinates the use of computer algebra in education and research. Research reports, newsletters and historical material.

4. Special Interest Group On Symbolic And Algebraic Manipulation (SIGSAM)
The ACM SIGSAM Bulletin. Some tables of contents and sample articles.
Communications in Computer Algebra
Welcome to the home page of the SIGSAM Bulletin. This page includes the table of contents for some issues of the Bulletin. One sample paper from each issue can be downloaded from this site. You may order the Bulletin by becoming a member of SIGSAM. You may become a member of SIGSAM through ACM, which you may contact at this URL
Other Sites of Interest
BiBTeX archive (HTML form) for Sigsam Articles 19721996 , automatically produced by the program of Nelson H. F. Beebe SIGSAM ARCHIVE (maintained by Gene Cooperman-more current than the ACM page SIGSAM Fact Sheet (maintained by ACM) Other Computer Algebra Sites of Interest
Contents of Recent Bulletin Issues
These pages are all ugly-we're experimenting. Contents of Volume 30, No. 1, Issue 115, March 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 2, Issue 116, June. 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 3, Issue 117, Sept. 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 4, Issue 118, Dec. 1996 ... Contents of Volume 31, No. 2, Issue 120, June 1997 The 64 page issues begin here. Contents of Volume 31, No. 3, Issue 121, September 1997

5. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Computer Algebra
Topics in Mathematics. computer algebra / Cryptology. Genetic Algorithms. Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics. ADD. and differentiation, computer algebra, Theorem proving, Applications of
Topics in Mathematics Computer Algebra / Cryptology
Genetic Algorithms

6. Department Of Computer Algebra
Contents General Purpose computer algebra Systems. Special Purpose computer algebra Systems. computer algebra Substrates. Back to Department of computer algebra.
General Purpose Computer Algebra Systems
Special Purpose Computer Algebra Systems
Computer Algebra Substrates
Back to Department of Computer Algebra

7. SymbolicNet Information Center For Symbolic And Algebraic
Information center for researchers and professionals in the field of symbolic computation, computer algebra, mathematical computation, software, systems, conferences, jobs, calendar, announcements
The SymbolicNet Home Page Has Moved is the new URL.
You will be automatically connected to the new location. If that does not happen, you can go to the new location yourself. Please note the new URL. Thank you.

8. Computer Algebra Group At SFU
Part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. Details of members, projects, meetings and publications.
Computer Algebra Group
at Simon Fraser University
We are part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM),
a Simon Fraser University research centre within the Department of Mathematics.
About the Group
Group Weekly Seminar Schedule ...
ISSAC Proceedings Database
Special events at SFU
July 5-9, 2004, PIMS: Workshop on Computational Arithmetic Geometry July 27th, 2004, Halpbern Centre: CECM '04 Summer Meeting on Computational Mathematics. August 9-13, 2004, K9509: Teaching and Doing Mathematics with Maple
Upcoming conferences/workshops and paper submission deadlines
January 23-25, 2005, SODA '05, Vancouver, BC Submission deadline: 5pm EST, July 5, 2004. September 22-24, 2004 AISC '04, RISC, Hagenberg, Austria. Submission deadline: May 1st, 2004. Extended: May 8th, 2004. July 21-23rd, 2004 ACA '04, Beaumont, Texas. Submission deadline: June 10, 2004. July 11-14th, 2004 MWS '04, Waterloo, Ontario. Submission deadline: January 16th, 2004. July 4-7, 2004, ISSAC '04, Santander, Spain.

9. Ontario Research Centre For Computer Algebra - ORCCA
Researchers at ORCCA study algorithms and software systems for symbolic mathematical computation .

10. Computer Algebra In Mathematics Education
An open international organisation for those interested in the use of computer algebra software in mathematics education.
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11. Computer Algebra Benchmarks
computer algebra Benchmarks. Benchmark Initiative, computer algebra Fachgruppe of GI, DMV and GAMM. computer algebra Benchmarks Collection from July 1998.
Computer Algebra Benchmarks
Benchmark Initiative, Computer Algebra Fachgruppe of GI, DMV and GAMM
The initiative will discuss, develop, define, collect all facettes of this challenging problem. It should analyse and develop test suites but also define standard examples for the various topics of computer algebra where algorithm and system developer can test their newly developed and improved methods. Furthermore, all kinds of test examples should be collected and consolidated. Computer Algebra Benchmarks Collection from July 1998. The CASBENCH Computer Algebra Benchmarks , a proposal from 1995 for the beginning of some computer algebra benchmarking, discussed by the Computer Algebra Fachgruppe.
More Links:
Additional Computer Algebra WWW Pages CAIS der Computeralgebra Fachgruppe This servers homepage Heinz Kredel , e-mail: Last modified: Mon Jun 28 16:50:34 MEST 1999

12. LiveMath : Computer Algebra System & MathEQ: Mathematical Typesetting
computer algebra and graphing tool for Mac, Windows, Linux and Sun, formerly sold under the product names Theorist and MathView, with ancillary product Expressionist. Includes a browser plugin.
Support Latest News : April 08, 2004 : New maintenance releases available for MEQ, LMM and LMP. Website Viewing Language:
Change Language
Quick Links HomePage Quick Tour Purchase Info New Features ...
LiveMath Maker
Student: $99
Academic: $189
Commercial: $299 MathEQ Student: $69
Academic: $99
Commercial: $199 Combo Pack Student: $139
Academic: $229
Commercial: $399 Plus great prices on multiple activations All prices in USD. AOL Instant Message Us
for Technical Support and Software Questions LiveMath
LiveMathLee LiveMathAlyssa ... LiveMath Maker Create Web-Sharable Mathematics with this Easy-to-Use Computer Algebra and Graphing System. MathEQ Expression Editor Create Professional Looking Mathematical Expressions for your Scientific Documents using this Powerful Typesetting Application. Product Info Purchase / Upgrade Download Free for 30 days Product Info Purchase / Upgrade Download Free for 30 days Online Courses through Suffolk University Distance Calculus Take one of the many Undergraduate level Calculus course offered in this on-line Classroom.

13. Fermat, Computer Algebra System
Above graphic created with the float version of Fermat. ( For best viewing, set your monitor to at least thousands of colors.) Fermat is a computer algebra system for Linux, Unix, Macintosh, and Windows by me, Robert H. If you tackle real problems with computer algebra you have probably found that some
Above graphic created with the float version of Fermat. (For best viewing, set your monitor to at least thousands of colors.)
    Fermat is a computer algebra system for Linux, Unix, Macintosh, and Windows by me, Robert H. Lewis of Fordham University, that does arithmetic of arbitrarily long integers and fractions, symbolic calculations, matrices over polynomial rings, graphics, and other numerical calculations. It is extremely fast and extremely economical of space. The main version that I care most about is oriented toward polynomial and matrix algebra over the rationals Q and finite fields (hence the name "QFermat"). On the Mac side, there are versions that run under MPW for 68K Macs and stand-alone versions for PPC. There is also a "float" version for graphics. All versions are available here.
    Fermat is a state-of-the-art research tool for real problems.
    See for example:
Compare Your Computer Algebra System. Take the Fermat Tests!
    There are now four tests. One test involves evaluation of rational functions, the second involves Smith Normal Form, the third resultants, the fourth arithmetic of rational functions.
Linux Version of Fermat Now Available . revised April 30, 2004

14. Maplesoft - Command The Brilliance
Maple the computer algebra System used in college and university math programs across North America.

MapleNet Maple T.A. Toolboxes ... Contact Us
Maple 9.5, the essential productivity tool for every technical professional.
Learn more about
Maple 9.5 Learn how our products make all tasks that depend on mathematics easier, more efficient, and more effective.
Take the Maplesoft Product Tour Now!
New product line offers powerful solutions for specialized
application areas. Learn more about the series and the release of Global Optimization,
the first Maple Professional Toolbox Series product Read the complete press release
Maple T.A. Release 1.5 delivers richer experience to students and increased efficiency to instructors.
Maple Course, Aug 9-13th, Vancouver. Hosted at Simon Fraser University, this course provides an opportunity to learn Maple from an expert. Click here to learn more. MapleConnect First set of third party products now available from the Maplesoft Web Store.

15. IDA: Algebra Interactive
An HTMLbased book by Arjeh M. Cohen, Hans Cuypers and Hans Sterk. It focuses on an algorithmic approach to algebraic structures. Many of these tools and examples use the computer algebra package GAP. Site has samples and errata.

16. RIACA: Research Institute For Applications Of Computer Algebra
Modern computer algebra HomepageModern computer algebra. computer algebra systems are gaining more and more importance in all areas of science and engineering. This
Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra
/ About ...

/ Documentation

/ Download

/ Products
/ Home
Sorry, we have restructured our website and removed the archive. If you need more information please contact the webmaster ( Quick Links / GAP / Magma / MathBook / Mathematica ... Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e).

17. Computer Algebra System - Articles And Information
computer algebra system. ( Redirected from computer algebra) A computer algebra system (CAS) is a software that facilitates symbolic mathematics. Typically, these systems include computer algebra

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Computer algebra system
(Redirected from Computer algebra A computer algebra system (CAS) is a software that facilitates symbolic mathematics . Typically, these systems include
  • arbitrary precision ( bignum ) arithmetic, allowing for instance to evaluate pi to 10,000 digits. symbolic manipulation engine, to simplify algebraic expressions, differentiate and integrate functions and solve equations graphing facility, to produce graphs of functions, typically in two and three dimensions linear algebra subsystem, to allow matrix computations and solving of systems of linear equations high level programming language , allowing users to implement their own algorithms
The study of algorithms useful for computer algebra systems is known as computer algebra The run-time of numerical programs implemented in computer algebra systems is normally longer than that of equivalent programs implemented in systems such as MATLAB GNU Octave or directly in C , because the computer algebra languages are often interpreted and the bignum system may cause overhead. (Note that MATLAB and Octave are interpreted also.)

18. Conferences On Applications Of Computer Algebra
Join the ACA mailing list! Conferences on Applications of computer algebra. Attend ACA 2004. Past and Future Conferences. Upcoming computer algebra Conferences.
IMACS Sponsored Join the ACA mailing list
Conferences on Applications of Computer Algebra
Attend ACA'2004
Past and Future Conferences
The ACA Working Group
Instructions for Organizing an ACA Meeting

Instructions for Organizing a Special Session
... Past and Future Published Collections of ACA Papers
Note: Publication of a full article in the ACA web archive is not considered to be an archival journal publication, so it is proper and reasonable to also publish such an article or revised article in a journal.

19. Ontario Research Centre For Computer Algebra - ORCCA
University of Western Ontario and University of Waterloo. Carries out fundamental research in and development of mathematical software. Details of research project, members and meetings.

20. Applications Of Computer Algebra: ACA 2003
ACA 2003. July 2831. ACA. NC State - Raleigh. International Conference on Applications of computer algebra. Banquet pictures; More pictures
ACA 2003
July 28-31
NC State - Raleigh
International Conference on Applications
of Computer Algebra
Home Organization Dates Sessions ... Links

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