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1. 15-451 Spring 2002 Course Schedule
25, Apr 18, Thu, Numbertheoretic algorithms II, GM. 26, Apr 23, Tue, ComputaionalGeometry I, 33, Asst 7 Ready, GM. 27, Apr 25, Thu, computaional geometry II,GM.
15-451 Spring 2002 Course Schedule
The topics are subject to change. Class Date Day Topic Reading Activity Lecturer Jan 15 Tue GM Jan 17 Thu Asymptotics, Recurrences Asst 1 Ready GM Jan 22 Tue Probabilistic analysis. Randomized Quicksort. GB Jan 24 Thu Linear-time selection (randomized and deterministic). GM Jan 29 Tue Lower bounds for comparison sorting. Asst 1 Due GM Jan 31 Thu Dynamic Programming Asst 2 Ready GB Feb 5 Tue Balanced Trees GB Feb 7 Thu Amortized Analysis GM Feb 12 Tue Self-adjusting lists and trees. Asst 2 Due GM Feb 14 Thu Radix Structures Asst 3 Ready GB Feb 19 Tue Exam 1 Feb 21 Thu Hashing GB Feb 26 Tue Graph algs I: MST (Prim and Kruskal). Asst 3 Due GM Feb 28 Thu Union-Find Asst 4 Ready GM Mar 5 Tue Shortest Paths GB Mar 7 Thu Midsemester break Mar 12 Tue Asst 4 Due GB Mar 14 Thu Network Flows and Matchings I Asst 5 Ready GB Mar 19 Tue Network Flows and Matchings II GB Mar 21 Thu Linear Programming I GB Mar 26 Tue Linear Programming II Asst 5 Due GB Mar 28 Thu Exam 2 Apr 2 Tue Spring Break I Apr 4 Thu Spring Break II Asst 6 Ready Apr 9 Tue NP-completeness I GB Apr 11 Thu NP-completeness II GB Apr 16 Tue Number-theoretic algorithms I Asst 6 Due GM Apr 18 Thu Number-theoretic algorithms II GM Apr 23 Tue Computaional Geometry I Asst 7 Ready GM Apr 25 Thu Computaional Geometry II GM Apr 30 Tue Approximation Algorithms GM May 2 Thu Review Asst 7 Due GB/GM May 6 Mon Final (5:30-8:30pm)
The reading assignments all refer to CLRS, "Introduction to Algorithms"

2. Yusu's Research Interests
and S. HarPeled. Eurographics 2001. Also appeared in 10th AnnualFall Workshop on computaional geometry, 2000. Manuscript M1.
My research interests are in computational geometry, algorithms, graphics, modeling and visualization. Current work focuses on the geometric and topological approaches to problems occurred in protein docking, molecular modeling and visualization. In particular, I am working on shape analysis, shape matching, and shape visualization in molecular biology.
I am working with Prof. Pankaj K. Agarwal and Prof. Herbert Edelsbrunner at Duke.
This page contains a list of Projects and Softwares . For a better story (i.e., a more focused description ) of my current research, see my Research statement
  • Journal paper
[J1]. "Shape fitting with outliers"
SICOMP , 33(2): 269 - 285, 2004. Also appeared in SOCG 2003.
  • Conference paper

[C1]. "A 2D kinetic triangulation with near-quadratic topological changes "
[C2]. "Extreme elevation on a 2-manifold"
[C3]. "Hausdorff distance between points, disks, and balls"
[C4]. "Shape fitting with outliers"
[C7]. "Occlusion Culling for Fast Walkthrough in Urban Areas"
  • Manuscript
[M1]. "Efficient algorithms for contact-map overlap problem"

3. Literatura
BqDy89 Su Buqing in Liu Ding-yuan. computaional geometry Curve andSurface Modeling. Academic Press, 1989. BW89 Max Born in Emil Wolf.
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James Arvo in David Kirk. A Survey of Ray Tracing Acceleration Techniques , Poglavje 6, strani 201262. V knjigi Introduction to Ray Tracing, glej [
James Arvo, urednik. Graphics Gems II , Zbornik 2 v Graphics Gems Series . Academic Press, Inc., 1991.
Ian Ashdown. Radiosity: a programmer's perspective
UNIX System V Programmer's Guide . Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1987.
A. Barr. Superquadrics and angle-preserving transformations. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Adrian Bejan. Heat transfer . John Wiley and Sons, 1993.
John Bloomer. Power Programming with RPC
Su Bu-qing in Liu Ding-yuan. Computaional Geometry Curve and Surface Modeling . Academic Press, 1989.
Max Born in Emil Wolf. Principles of Optics . Pergamon Press, 6. izdaja, 1989.
R. E. Callan. Building Object-oriented Systems . Computational Mechanics Publications, Southampton, UK, 1994.
John R. Corbin. The Art of Distributed Applications . Springer-Verlag, 1990.

Artificial Intelligence. 11. Automation. 12. computaional geometry. 13. ComputaionalIntelligence. 14. Computational Linguistics. 15. Computer IEEE Computer Magazine.
Current Periodical List
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dept. of Basic Sciences For more details on Journals' Bibliographic Records, Please search the Library Online catalog (OPAC) SL No. Title American Journal of Physics American Statistician Annals of Statistics Applied Mathematics Letters Archive Der Mathematik ( English Edition ) Biometrika Bulletin of the Australian Math. Soc. Canadian Mathematical Buletin Chemical Communication Chemistry Review Contemporary Physics European Journal of Physics Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Inorganic Chemistry International Journal of Commutative Rings Inter. J. of Math. And Math. Sciences J. of American Statistical Association

Comparative Literature. Composite Structures. computaional geometry. ComputaionalIntelligence. Computational Linguistics. Computer IEEE Computer Magazine.

English Periodical List
B C D ... J , K , L M N O ... P , Q , R S T , U , V W , X , Y , Z
A Top A N Magazine Artists Newsletter ABA Banking Journal Academy of management Executive Academy of Management Journal Accounting and Business Research Accounting Auditing and Accountability Accounting Horizons Accounting Review ACM Computing Reviews - CREV ACM computing Surveys ACM Trans. on Computer- human Interaction ACM Trans. On Computer Systems. ACM Trans. on Graphics ACM Trans. on Modeling and Computer Simulation ACM Trans. On Software Engineering and Methodology ACM Transactions on Database Systems ACTA Hematologica Advances in Accounting Advances in International Accounting Advances in Management Accounting AEU Int. Journal of Electronics and Communications African Journal of Library American Art Journal American Concrete Institute - Membership American Journal of Hematology American Journal of Physics American Journal of Physiology American Journal of public Health American Journal of Roengenology American journal of Sociology American Literature American Sociological Review American Statistician Annals of Library and Information Studies

6. Index
A. Assignment1 class klc.Assignment1. This class is used for the Assignment1 of the computaional geometry FOR ENGR DESIGN Class.
Class Tree Deprecated Index Help PREV NEXT FRAMES NO FRAMES A C ... W
- class klc.
This class is used for the Assignment 1 of the "COMPUTAIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
- Constructor for class klc.
This constructor is used to initialize the member variables that are used.
namely: operand, oldmatrix and newmatrix.
- class klc.
This class is used for the Assignment 2 of the "COMPUTAIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
- Constructor for class klc.
This Constructor for the class initializes the member variables that are being used.
- class klc.
This class is used for the Assignment 3 of the "COMPUTAIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
- Constructor for class klc.
This Constructor for the class initializes the member variables that are being used.
- class klc.
This class is used for the Assignment 4 of the "COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
- Constructor for class klc.
- class klc.
This class is used for the Assignment 5 of the "COMPUTAIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
- Constructor for class klc.
This constructor is used to initialize the member variables that are used.

7. Class Pipeline
public class Pipeline extends java.lang.Object This class is used forthe Project1 of the computaional geometry FOR ENGR DESIGN Class.
Class Tree Deprecated Index Help ... METHOD
Class Pipeline
public class Pipeline
extends java.lang.Object
This class is used for the Project1 of the "COMPUTAIONAL GEOMETRY FOR ENGR DESIGN" Class.
It defines the various methods that are required to construct the pipeline.
This class uses the methods defined in the klc.MatrixOperations and the klc.Matrix classes to perform the calculations. Constructor Summary Pipeline
This Constructor for the class initializes the member variables that are being used. Method Summary Matrix getConcatenatedMatrix
double[] HomogenousClipping (double[] paras)
This method is used to perform the Homogenous clipping in the Pipeline. double[] HomogenousClipping (double x1, double y1, double z1, double w1, double x2, double y2, double z2, double w2, double Zhither, double Zyon)
This method is used to perform the Homogeneous Clipper in the Pipeline.

8. Home - Search Geometry
geometry. Pure_and_applied_math convex geometry. Pure_and_applied_math computaional geometry. Pure_and_applied_math analytic

9. SFU Computing Science 00-1
OBJECTIVE/DESCRIPTION This course is primarily concerned with the applicationsof computaional geometry to areas such as computer graphics, geographic
SFU Computing Science 00-1 CMPT 406-3 Day Computational Geometry Instructor: B. Bhattacharya SFU TR 1130-1250 Final Exam: April 15,12:00 OBJECTIVE/DESCRIPTION: This course is primarily concerned with the applications of computaional geometry to areas such as computer graphics, geographic information syatems, VLSI. The first part of the course deals with the design and analysis of geometric algorithms. The second part deals with with the applications of these algorithms to the various practical areas. TOPICS: o Polygon Triangulation o Convex Hulls o Voronoi Diagrams o Arrangements o Search and Intersections GRADING: Homework 30% Programming Project 30% Final Examination 40% Students must attain an overall passing grade on the weighted average of exams in the course in order to obtain a clear pass (C or better). TEXTBOOKS: o None REFERENCES: o Computational Geometry in C, Joseph O'Rourke, Cambridge University Press, 1994 o Computational Geometry, Algorithms and Applications, Mark de Berg, Marc van Krevald, Mark Overmars and Otfried Schwarzkopf, Springer Verlag, 1997 o Computational Geometry- an introduction, F. Preparata and Michael Shamos, Springer Verlag, 1985 PREREQUISITES/COREQUISITES: CMPT 307 Distributed: October 26, 1999 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Academic Honesty plays a key role in our efforts to maintain a high standard of academic excellence and integrity. Students are advised that ALL acts of intellectual dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action by the School; serious infractions are dealt with in accordance with the Code of Academic Honesty (T10.02) ( Students are encouraged to read the School's Statement on Intellectual Honesty (

10. Matthew Dickerson’s Home Page
Links, Tips, Pictures, Stories. Research Interests. computaional geometry,Graph Drawing, Algorithms, Data Structures. OTHER STUFF.
"F r a c t u r i n g t h e L i g h t"
Matthew Dickerson
Office Hours Fall 2003
  • M
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  • F: Monday office hours will end early on days of dept. or faculty meetings. Writing Projects
    Updates on various writing projects (fiction, essays, etc.)
    Course Links
    Fall '03
    Contact Info.
    Office: Bi Hall 636 Phone: Fax:
    The Blues Band
    Links, Tips, Pictures, Stories Research Interests Computaional Geometry Graph Drawing Data Structures
    Favorite links, hobbies, and all sorts of stuff about me and my interests that is probably only interesting to my closest friends (if at all).
    So you know who I am if you meet me on the street (or stream):
    A Recent Picture
    Of An Older Me
    An Older Picture
    Of A Younger Me
    A Fun Picture
    Of A Fishing Me... (and a King Salmon)
  • 11. Completed Students Of The Lab
    20. A.Raman, Studies on Algorithmic Aspects of Special Classes of Perfect Graphs,1993. 21. Vanisri, On Some Problems in Isothetic computaional geometry, 1993. 22.
    Faculty Current Students Completed Students Areas of Interest ... Home
    Completed Students of the Lab
    Ph.D. Students (Completed)
    V.Prakash Convexity Studies in Graphs V.Kamakoti Randomised Algorithms for Proximity Problems and Reliable Circuit Design M.Wilscy MAPS: A Multi-Agent Production System K.S.Easwarakumar Graph Decomposition Techniques and Efficient Graph Algorithms T.V.D.Kumar Applications of Reason Maintanance Systems in Multi-agent Planning Amitava Datta Maximum Empty Rectangle Problem and its Variations Meena Mahajan Studies in Language Classes defined by Different Types of Time-Varying Cellular Automata Nalinakshi Nirmal Studies in 2D Development Systems and Languages
    M.S. (By Research) Students (Completed)
    B.Prabhu Efficiency Considerations in Secure Distributed Computation Kamatam Srinivas Adaptive Forward Error Correction for ATM/WATM Networks Y.Sivasubramanyam Studies in weighted Automata with Application to Image Processing K.Arthi Probabilistic Grammar Systems : Theory and Application D.Arun Kumar Approximation Algorithms for Some NP-Hard Optimization Problems K.Srinathan

    12. M.S. Students:
    Vanisri, On Some Problems in Isothetic computaional geometry, 1993. Vinodchandran,New Characterisations of Some Counting Classes, 1993.
    Next: M.Tech. Students: Up: Research/Project Guided: Previous: Ph.D. Students:
    M.S. Students:
  • Y. Sivasubramanyam, Studies in weighted Automata with Application to Image Processing
  • K. Sharda, Distributed Processing in various kinds of Automata
  • Vanam Srilakshmi, Efficient Algorithms for Optimisation Problems on Isothetic Polygons
  • K. Arthi, Probabilistic Grammar Systems : Theory and Application
  • M. Sakthi Balan, Distributed Processing in Automata
  • S.Jeyalakshmi, Design and Analysis of Algorithms Related to Point Sets and Polygons
  • V.Radhakrishnan, Pattern Matching in Matrix Grammars
  • A.Renuka, Algorithms for Some Isothetic Path Planning Problems
  • A Rema, Studies on Some Path Planning Problems in Static and Dyanmic Domains
  • Velmurugan, Algorithms for Some Problems in Path Planning
  • Vanisri, On Some Problems in Isothetic Computaional Geometry
  • Vinodchandran, New Characterisations of Some Counting Classes
  • M V Nagendra Prasad, Two Variations of L-systems
  • Anindya Das, Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
  • Usha Menon, Single Successor Context-free Graph Grammar and Application to Flowchart Compilation
  • Aparna R
  • 13. Neural-Logic Belief Networks (NLBN) (ResearchIndex)
    1990 2 Perceptrons An Introduction to computaional geometry (context) Minsky,Papert - 1969 2 Programming in neural logic (context) - Reynolds, Teh et al.

    14. Citations Perceptrons An Introduction To Computaional Geometry
    Perceptrons An Introduction to computaional geometry. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts,1969. Perceptrons An Introduction to computaional geometry.

    Output Sensitivity. We introduce an algorithmic idea that has widelyapplicable in computaional geometry output sensitive algorithms.
    Go to Bottom of Page [Previous Section] [Next Section] LECTURE 4
    Chee Yap
    In the previous chapter, we considered geometric relationships among points. Such relationships are defined by predicates such as LeftTurn (p,q,r). We now consider line segments and points, and their relationships. An obvious predicate here whether two segments intersect. If we consider the relationships between points and segments, we get predicates such as incidence (is a point on a segment?) and sided-ness (is a point to the left of a segment?). We study some computational problems arising from such relationships in the plane. A fundamental computational technique, the ``plane sweep'' is introduced. This computational technique is intimately related to a data structure called the trapezoidal map . In applications, segments are typically organized to form more complex structures, for example, a subdivision of the plane into polygonal regions. We introduce a hierarchy of problems (collectively called Segment Regularization Problems) which are of practical importance. The plane sweep technique and the trapezoidal map turns out to be the key for a uniform solution framework. [Move to next lecture:] Computing, manipulating and searching such subdivisions is non-trivial and various data structures have been invented to represent them.

    16. Subject Distribution.List Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 165632 +0100
    look at my paper Bokowski, J. and Guedes de Oliveira, A., On the generation oforiented matroids, Discrete and computaional geometry 24197208, (2000).
    Subject: Distribution.List Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:56:32 +0100 (CET) From: Juergen Bokowski

    17. Citations: Alkavatko Taideteoksetkin Elaa - Makela (ResearchIndex)
    9, 11, 12 art cartoons, 32 music, 70 artificial life, 10, 55 CAD, 41, 47 CDROM graphics, 9 chemistry structural, 38 computaional geometry shape modeling
    Asko J. Makela. Alkavatko taideteoksetkin elaa ? [Is art getting life?]. In Eero Hyvonen and Jouko Seppanen, editors, Keinoelama Artificial Life, pages 273274, Helsinki (Finland), 12. May 1995. Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (FAIS), Espoo. (in Finnish) ga95aMakela.
    Document Not in Database Summary Related Articles
    This paper is cited in the following contexts: An Indexed Bibliography of Genetic Algorithms in Arts and Music - Alander (1998) (Correct) ....[56] Ko, Heedong, 29] Kosak, Corey, 41] Kuuskankare, Mika, 66] Laine, Pauli, 66] Lange, B. 42] Lange, Brigitta, 46] Latham, William, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20] Lebby, G. 78] Lee, Jong Won, 39] Lewis, D. J . 35] Loggi, L. W . 72] Louchet, J. 30, 33] Makela, Asko J. Marks, Joe, 27, 41] McIntyre, Ryan A. 67] Murakami, N. 63] Nagahashi, Hiroshi, 34] Nagao, Tomoharu, 34] Nakatani, T. 48] Nettleton, David John, 44] Neugebauer, J. 50] Ngo, J. Thomas , 38] Ngo, Tom, 27] Polito, J. 74] Provot, X. 30, 33] Ricanek, II, K. 78] Rodriguez, A. ....
    ....index All subject keywords of the papers given by the editor of this bibliography are shown next.

    18. Jean Ponce
    1998); Senior Xerox Award for Faculty Research, College of Engineering , Universityof Illinois (1998); Member, ARO computaional geometry for Intelligent
    Contact Info Department of Computer Science
    University of Illinois
    2065 Beckman Institute
    405 North Mathews Avenue
    Urbana, IL 61801
    Jean Ponce
    Artificial Intelligence Profile Jean Ponce received his Thèse d'État from the University of Paris Orsay in 1988. He is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at UIUC and a full-time Beckman Institute faculty member in the Artificial Intelligence Group . His fields of professional interest are computer vision and robotics. Honors and awards : Member, Scientific Council of Electricité de France (1998); Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation (1998-); Senior Xerox Award for Faculty Research, College of Engineering , University of Illinois (1998); Member, ARO Computaional Geometry for Intelligent Systems Advisory Board (1996-1998); Critical Research Initiative Planning Award, University of Illinois (1996); Member, ARPA/ORD RADIUS Image Understanding Advisory Committee member (1994-1996); Area Editor, Compuiter Vision and Image Understanding (1994-); Beckman Associate in the

    19. Untitled Document
    Vertex Distance between Two Polygons”, International Journal of Computational Geometryand Applications, Special Issue Parallel computaional geometry, Vol.
    ©m ¦W¡G§õ ®a ¦P ¡]Chia-Tung Lee¡^ ¹q¸Ü¸¹½X ¡G(¿ì¤½«Ç)(049)2910960Âà4846 ¥X ¥Í¡G¥Á°ê 28 ¦~ 1 ¤ë 5 ¤é ¶Ç¯u¸¹½X ¡G(¿ì¤½«Ç)(049)2918748 ¥X ¥Í ¦a¡G¤W®ü¥« ®a¤¤¹q¸Ü ¡G(03)5711610 ¦æ°Ê¹q¸Ü ¡G(0920)922300 ¥Xª© Publications ´Á¥Z½s¿è International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. International Journal of Foundations on Computer Science. Computers and Operations Research. Journal of Parallel Algorithms and Applications. International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications. Information Sciences. ±M®Ñ 1.¡uIntroduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms¡v, ªQ±^¹q¸£¹Ï®Ñ¸ê®ÆªÑ¥÷¦³­­¤½¥q, 1999¦~3¤ë¥Xª©¡C Errata 2.¡uIntroduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Second Edition¡v, ºX¼Ð¥Xª©ªÑ¥÷¦³­­¤½¥q, 2001¦~¥Xª©¡C 3. Lee, R. C. T., Shen, C. W. and Chang, S. C., 1982, ¡§Compilers¡¨, in Handbook of Software Engineering, (edited by C. R. Vick and C. VOL. Ramamoorthy), Van Nostrand Reinhold, N.Y., pp.201-233.

    20. Kordervoronoi
    I am making a thesis about computational geometry. More preciselyprogramming computaional geometry figures in a java applet. I
    Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index
    Hi sir,
    My name is Michel 22years old and i am in my last
    year engineer in Belgium.
    I 'am making a thesis about computational geometry.
    More precisely programming computaional geometry figures
    in a java applet. I've already computed Delaunay triangulations,
    convex hulls,Voronoi diagrams,(largest and smallest) empty circles,
    constrained Delaunay triangulations and a few applications based
    on computational geometry such as topographic charts...
    The last thing I need is the higher order voronoi diagram. The
    last few months I tried to compute an own creation of an algorithm for the k-order voronoi (i made about 3500 java program lines).It only works for a second order voronoi in a very small amount of cases and it is very slow (it takes 4 minutes to do it for only 5 points). So I'm not a good inventor of algorithms but I needed to do it this way because nowhere in Belgium(highschool and university included) or on the internet I could find a book or a text describing a method for higher order Voronoi.

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