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  1. Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life (Princeton Studies in Complexity) by John H. Miller, Scott E. Page, 2007-03-05
  2. Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems: A Primer by Claudius Gros, 2008-02-25
  3. Foundations of Complex-system Theories: In Economics, Evolutionary Biology, and Statistical Physics by Sunny Y. Auyang, Sunny A. Auyang, 1999-08-28
  4. Modeling Complex Systems (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) by Nino Boccara, 2003-11-18
  5. Modularity: Understanding the Development and Evolution of Natural Complex Systems (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
  6. Complex Systems Leadership Theory: New Perspectives from Complexity Science on Social and Organizational Effectiveness
  7. Complex Systems and Cognitive Processes by Roberto Serra, Gianni Zanarini, 1990-04
  8. Dynamics of Complex Systems (Studies in Nonlinearity) by Yaneer Bar-Yam, 2003-07
  9. Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling fora Complex World with CD-ROM by John Sterman, John D. Sterman, 2000-02-23
  10. Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and the Production of Entropy: Life, Earth, and Beyond (Understanding Complex Systems)
  11. Visualizing Project Management: Models and Frameworks for Mastering Complex Systems by Kevin Forsberg, Hal Mooz, et all 2005-09-01
  12. Nonlinear Physics for Beginners: Fractals, Chaos, Solitons, Pattern Formation, Cellular Automata and Complex Systems by Lui Lam, 1998-07
  13. The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  14. The Mind, the Brain, and Complex Adaptive Systems (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity Proceedings) by Harold Morowitz, 1995-01-01

1. Complexity, Self Adaptive Complex Systems, And Chaos Theory
to the dominant reductionism in computer science, the author describes a different view of the information system which evolves as a complex adaptive system.
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Organizations as Self-Adaptive Complex Systems
Subject Portals

Complex Systems
Systems Thinking Chaos Theory Systems Dynamics ...
Tools for Complex Systems Research

    "Where chaos begins, classical science stops. For as long as the world has had physicists inquiring into the laws of nature, it has suffered a special ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the fluctuations of the wildlife populations, in the oscillations of the heart and the brain. The irregular side of nature, the discontinuous and erratic side these have been puzzles to science, or worse, monstrosities."
    Jame Gleick in Chaos: Making A New Science
  • What is Chaos? A working definition from The Qualitative Study of Unstable Aperiodic Behavior in Deterministic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (Kellert). A more complete defintion of Chaos is offered on Santa Fe Institute's server at:

2. Complex Systems Research Center
Part of Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS), investigates the effects of human disturbance on the Earth's biogeochemical processes. Part of GeoWeb ring.
Complex Systems Research Center
The Complex Systems Research Center, established at the University of New Hampshire in 1978 and now a research center within the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS), investigates the effects of human disturbance on the Earth's biogeochemical processes.
More about the Complex Systems Research Center

Complex System's Public Ftp Site
An Introduction to CSRC
CSRC Job Opportunities ...
CSRC Services
CSRC Contact Information
Karen Bushold, Assistant Director
Complex Systems Research Center
University of New Hampshire
39 College Road
Durham, NH 03824
Tel.: (603)862-1792
FAX: (603)862-0188
Return to EOS Home Return to UNH Home Last Update: Tuesday, 18-May-2004 12:44:56 EDT. CSRC Contact: Technical Contact:

3. The Complexity And Artificial Life Research Concept For Self-Organizing Systems
we will introduce the integrating sciences of complex systems and of ALife together with related systems the wider aspects of the complex system sciences by education, synthesis and
Welcome to
for Self-Organizing Systems
This site is dedicated to modern systems thinking in all its various forms
an on-line educational activity of CALResCo , for scientist, artist and humanist, young and old
Click here to read our Complex Systems teachings
Specialisms Generalisms Applications ... Site Search Facility
Here we will introduce the integrating sciences of Complex Systems and of ALife together with related systems areas. We'll also pursue the wider social implications of these transdisciplinary theories of self-organization on mind, art, spirit and life as it could be...
Are these the eagerly awaited questions behind "Life, the Universe and Everything" ?
Not quite... Even our infinite improbability drive can't take you there. But on this site, effects drive causes, answers pose the questions, science and values merge and we take trips into strange new worlds, travelling in an unreal Phase Space within hidden dimensions.
Fiction ? You may well think so. Yet everything here is pure science, with lots of art and philosophy thrown in free, reflecting what's striking and best in recent research (our own and that of others) in the new contextual sciences of Complexity Theory plus associated fields. This is the creative, and very human, scientific world of tomorrow.

4. Advances In Complex Systems
ISSN 02195259; formerly published by HERMES Science Publications (1998-2000). News; Editorial Board; Aims and Scopes; Instructions

5. New England Complex Systems Institute
The New England complex systems Institute (NECSI) is an independent educational and research institution dedicated to advancing the study of complex systems.


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iccs press release
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programs, resources the complex world
complex systems in science and society activities and events
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who we are contact
24 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 02138 Search Search

6. Center For Complex Systems And Brain Science Homepage
. Multidisciplinary since its inception, the Center involves the cooperative efforts of neuroscientists, psychologists, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and engineers.Founded in

7. Center For Complex Systems Research
Center for complex systems Research. University of Illinois The Center for complex systems Research (CCSR) studies systems that The Center for complex systems Research has a rich
Center for Complex Systems Research
University of Illinois
The Center for Complex Systems Research (CCSR) studies systems that display adaptive, self-organizing behavior and systems that are usually characterized by a large throughput, such as turbulent flow, lightning, and the flow of information through the internet. We develop models and techniques drawn from nonlinear dynamics and chaos, neural nets, cellular automata, artificial life, and genetic algorithms to describe these complex systems. Each year CCSR organizes and hosts the conference Understanding Complex Systems The Center for Complex Systems Research has a rich history. Founded in 1986 by Stephen Wolfram, the center was later led by Norman Packard and E. Atlee Jackson. A collection of technical reports and scientific publications of CCSR researchers ranging from cellular automata to entrainment control of chaos, experimental studies of turbulent flows, chaotic electronic circuits, and fractal agglomeration patterns is available. The research at CCSR is supported by the National Science Foundation Grant No. NSF PHY 01-40179, NSF DMS 03-25939 ITR, and NSF DGE 03-38215

8. International Conference On Complex Systems
The New England complex systems Institute (NECSI) is an independent educational and research institute established as a joint effort of faculty from New
New England Complex Systems Institute
International Conference
Boston Area
September 21-26, 1997 Second International Conference on Complex Systems (October, 1998)
Host: New England Complex Systems Institute
With: Oxford University Press
Conference Chairman:
  • Yaneer Bar-Yam
Executive Committee:
  • Temple Smith - Boston University
  • Sean Pidgeon - Oxford University Press
  • Santa Fe Institute
  • College of Engineering, Boston University
Partial Support Provided by:
  • National Science Foundation
  • Coopers and Librand Consulting
  • McKinsey and Company
  • Addison-Wesley Longman
  • John Benjamin Publishers
  • Philip W. Anderson - Princeton University
  • Kenneth J. Arrow - Stanford University
  • Michel Baranger - MIT
  • Per Bak - Niels Bohr Institute
  • Charles H. Bennett - IBM
  • William A. Brock - University of Wisconsin
  • Charles R. Cantor - Boston University
  • Noam A. Chomsky - MIT
  • Leon Cooper - Brown University
  • Daniel Dennett - Tufts University
  • Irving Epstein - Brandeis University
  • Michael S. Gazzaniga - Dartmouth College

9. Nat'l Academies Press, Making The Nation Safer: (2002), 10. Complex And Interdep
and local agencies regarding databases that are highly relevant for critical infrastructure modeling and counterterrorism programs . develop ment, and deployment of a complex system (Sage and
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Making the Nation Safer: The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism
Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xxiv Executive Summary, pp. 1-24 1. Introduction, pp. 25-38 2. Nuclear and Radiological Threats, pp. 39-64 3. Human and Agricultural Health Systems, pp. 65-106 4. Toxic Chemicals and Explosive Materials, pp. 107-134 5. Information Technology, pp. 135-176 6. Energy Systems, pp. 177-209 7. Transportation Systems, pp. 210-237 8. Cities and Fixed Infrastructure, pp. 238-266 9. The Response of People to Terrorism, pp. 267-286 10. Complex and Interdependent Systems, pp. 287-312 11. The Significance of Crosscutting Challenges and Technolo..., pp. 313-334 12. Equipping the Federal Government to Counter Terrorism, pp. 335-356 13. Essential Partners in a National Strategy: States and Ci..., pp. 357-371 Bibliography, pp. 372-374

10. SFI Home Page
CSSS SFI s annual complex systems Summer School. SFI Bulletin - A quarterly publication to inform friends and colleagues of our ongoing work.
Home Page
Santa Fe Institute Quick Search Hot Spots Contact Information - SFI mailing address and main phone numbers as well as directions and transportation information REUS - The Institute's annual summer intern program for undergraduates. CSSS - SFI's annual Complex Systems Summer School. SFI Bulletin - A quarterly publication to inform friends and colleagues of our ongoing work. Working Papers - These technical papers by SFI researchers cover a wide range of topics. Many are available electronically. SFI Bibliography - A growing collection of publications to which SFI research has contributed.
Santa Fe Institute
Questions? Email the webmaster
This Week Events 5/30-6/6

May Visitors


T he Santa Fe Institute is a private, non-profit, multidisciplinary research and education center, founded in 1984. Since its founding SFI has devoted itself to creating a new kind of scientific research community, pursuing emerging science. Operating as a small, visiting institution, SFI seeks to catalyze new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other individuals and encourage the practical applications of its results.

11. New England Complex Systems Institute
New England complex systems Institute The New England complex systems Institute (NECSI) is an independent educational and research institution dedicated to advancing the study of complex systems.

12. Complex Systems Summer Schools
Email the webmaster. complex systems Summer Schools. 2004 complex systems Summer Schools 2003 complex systems Summer School Information on last year s program.
Santa Fe Institute
Quick Search

Complex Systems Summer Schools Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Mathematical Modeling Secondary School Program International Program ... Prize for Scientific Excellence
Santa Fe Institute
Questions? Email the webmaster
Complex Systems Summer Schools
2004 Complex Systems Summer Schools
An intensive four-week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical and biological systems, intended for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. No tuition is charged. 2003 Complex Systems Summer School Information on last year's program. 2002 Complex Systems Summer Schools Information on the 2002 programs. 2001 Complex Systems Summer Schools Information on the 2001 program. 2000 Complex Systems Summer School Information on the 2000 program. Philip Steinmetz Fellowship The aim of this Fellowship is to provide an annual opportunity to a CSSS alumni to pursue research at SFI. SFI Home Page Business Network Education Employment ... Find Us

13. Complexity Society
A focal point for people in the UK interested in complex systems and complexity science, especially as applied to managing organisations.


To join TCS apply here. Conference
Organisations, Innovation and Complexity: New Perspectives on the Knowledge Economy, University of Manchester,
9-10th September 2004 New Journal
"Emergence: Complexity & Organisation (ECO)", A journal of research, theory and practice on Organisations as complex systems. Complexity Digest
The current issue of Complexity Digest 2004.06 is now available on-line. New Paper
The Biology of the Technology of the 'Magic Bullet':
From BPR to Objects of Art HOME ABOUT
The Complexity Society provides a focal point for people in the UK interested in complexity. It is a community that uses complexity science to rethink and reinterpret all aspects of the world in which we live and work. Its core values are OPENNESS, EQUALITY and DIVERSITY.
  • Open to all, open to ideas, open in process and activities

14. Complex Systems
complex systems complex systems was founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987 to provide a publication forum for the new field of complex systems research.As the premier journal in the field, Complex

15. Simulation Software For Complex Adaptive Systems
for an undergraduate course I teach at Indiana University called "Complex Adaptive Systems follows is a brief description of the currently available complex system simulations

16. Advances In Complex Systems (ACS)
A System Identification Approach to Estimating Complex Impedance Spectra from Electrochemical Noise Data Gerardo Miramontes De León, David C. Farden and Lyle E
What's New New Journals Browse Journals Search ... Mathematics
Advances in Complex Systems (ACS)

A Multidisciplinary Quarterly Journal World Scientific is presently the exclusive publisher and distributor for this established journal. Advances in Complex Systems is a quarterly journal that aims to provide a unique medium of communication for multidisciplinary approaches, either empirical or theoretical, to the study of complex systems. Its goals is to promote cross-fertilization of ideas among all the scientific disciplines having to deal with their own complex systems, including biology, physics, engineering, economics, cognitive science and the social sciences. It is in fact the exchange of concepts and techniques - developed within areas as diverse as spin glass physics, decision sciences, mathematical economics, evolutionary biology, or psychology - which proved to be a major driving force in complex systems research. More What's New Now you can submit manuscripts for ACS online Feature Articles (Free Online Sample Issue) Vol. 6, No. 4 (December 2003)

Department of Computer Science, Complex Adaptive Systems Group. Studying natural and artificial complex systems. People, links.
This page is maintained by the Artificial Intelligence Research Group in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University . Please mail additions and updates to this page to Vasant Honavar
Many natural systems (e.g., brains, immune systems, ecologies, societies) and increasingly, many artificial systems (parallel and distributed computing systems, artificial intelligence systems, artificial neural networks, evolutionary programs) are characterized by apparently complex behaviors that emerge as a result of often nonlinear spatio-temporal interactions among a large number of component systems at different levels of organization. Consequently, researchers in a number of disparate areas including computer science, artificial intelligence, neural networks, cognitive science, computational economics, mathematics, optimization, complexity theory, control systems, biology, neuroscience, psychology, engineering, etc. have have begun to address, through a combination of basic as well as applied, theoretical as well as experimental research, analysis and synthesis of such systems.
Complex Adaptive Systems Steering Committee At Iowa State University
Participating Academic Departments

18. PSCS Home Page
Please update your bookmarks and other pointers to go to our new CSCS (Center for Study of complex systems) at http//

19. Related Websites Link List
New England complex systems Institute a scholarly discussion of complex systems principles in science and their application to

20. Complex System Simulation And Analysis
UpParallel Computing Works Previous17.4.4 MOVIE as VR. complex system Simulation and Analysis 4 Why Interactive Imaging? 18.2.5 System Design. 18.2.6 Performance Considerations
Next: 18.1 MetaProblems and MetaSoftware Up: Parallel Computing Works Previous: 17.4.4 MOVIE as VR
Complex System Simulation and Analysis

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