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         Complex Analysis:     more books (100)
  1. Complex Analysis through Examples and Exercises (Texts in the Mathematical Sciences) by E. Pap, 1999-07-31
  2. Complex Analysis: An Invitation by Murali Rao, Henrik Stetkaer, 1991-02
  3. Concise Complex Analysis by Sheng Gong, Youhong Gong, 2007-04-26
  4. Functions of a Complex Variable: Theory and Technique (Classics in Applied Mathematics) by George F. Carrier, Max Krook, et all 2005-07-14
  5. Complex Analysis And Applications
  6. An Introduction to Complex Analysis: Classical and Modern Approaches (Modern Analysis Series) by Wolfgang Tutschke, Harkrishan L. Vasudeva, 2004-07-15
  7. An Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables (North-Holland Mathematical Library) (North-Holland Mathematical Library) by L. Hörmander, 1990-01-01
  8. Complex Analysis and Special Topics in Harmonic Analysis by Carlos A. Berenstein, Roger Gay, 1995-08-04
  9. Applied Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB (2nd Edition) by Laurene v. Fausett, 2007-04-21
  10. A Course in Mathematical Analysis Volume 2: Functions of a Complex Variable; Differential Equations (Phoenix Edition) by Edouard Goursat, 2006-01-03
  11. The Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Operators I: Distribution Theory and Fourier Analysis (Classics in Mathematics) by Lars Hörmander, 2003-08-13
  12. Complex Analysis with Vector Calculus by T. M. J. A. Cooray, 2006-09-29
  13. Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications (Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics) by Mark J. Ablowitz, Athanassios S. Fokas, 2003-04-28
  14. Introduction to Complex Analysis (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) by Junjiro Noguchi, 1998-01

101. 4.4 Complex Analysis
Simon Eveson. 11/12/03 1634. 4.4 complex analysis. Handbook entry, HTML, Course questionnaire, HTML, Why complex analysis? PostScript,
Teaching support material:
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Home File formats Complex Analysis Fourier Series and Transforms ... WWW Resources York Mathematics students: feel free to mail me with comments or problems about the material here, but please don't come to see me without an appointment unless it's very urgent. Simon Eveson
4.4 Complex Analysis
Handbook entry HTML List of errata in handouts, problem sheets, etc. HTML Notes on examinable material HTML Exercises and Solutions PostScript Exercises and Solutions, 2-up to reduce printing costs PostScript Course questionnaire HTML Why Complex Analysis? PostScript Complex Numbers: a Reminder PostScript Real Analysis: a Reminder PostScript Limits and Derivatives of Complex Functions PostScript Proof that power series can be differentiated term by term PostScript Integration of Complex-Valued Functions on Real Intervals PostScript Proof of Cauchy's Theorem for a triangular contour PostScript Variation on a Theorem of Cauchy PostScript Proof of Taylor's Therorem PostScript A Consolidated View of the Course PostScript Further Examples of the Residue Theorem PostScript Using Maple to evaluate residues Maple MacTutor

102. CRC Press Online
. Contents. complex analysis in Number Theory. CRC Press. Presents a survey of the application of complex analysis in the theory of prime numbers;...... &dept_id=1

103. Concept Star - Idea Analysis And Decision Support Tool
Software tool for consultants, executives knowledge workers. Relationship modeling is a proven method to analyze numerous ideas of complex situations, in order to generate new insights and create effective solutions.
Home How Concept Star works Applications Benefits Frequently Asked Questions ... Contact Us White Papers Organization Design Decision Fundamentals Concept Star 3.1 now available Click here for new features Concept Star Idea Analysis and Decision Support Tool
for executives, managers, and consultants
Concept Star software is a powerful decision support tool that provides a formal method for dealing with complex situations. Concept Star generates a visual map that is used to obtain new insights, and construct new approaches to the problem at hand. Concept Star is based on a proven relationship modeling process that select consultants have used successfully for over 25 years. It is suitable for use as a personal desktop tool or a group problem solving tool.
  • Design Activities Project Planning Organization Design ...and much more Strategic Planning Change Management Multi-Organization Problem Solving ...and much more
Concept Star software is a simple yet effective tool to help you create outstanding decisions and action plans. An additional benefit is the team-building which occurs naturally when the process is used for group decision making.

104. FLAMES Simulation Framework - Ternion Corporation
FLexible analysis and Mission Effectiveness System (FLAMES) is a framework for behavioral simulations computer programs that simulate the physical and cognitive behavior of complex entities that act and interact in time and space.

105. CoSCo Software Distribution
BAYDA software implements Bayesian predictive discriminant analysis, where the aim is to build a model for predicting the value of one discrete (class, group, category) variable using other variables.

Last update 6.3.1998 Henry Tirri.

106. ICASA - Institute For Complex Additive Systems Analysis
A division of New Mexico Tech, the Institute is a cooperative venture among academia, industry and government, dedicated to studying the behavior, vulnerabilities and predictability of complex systems. News, research and education information.
Welcome to ICASA
ICASA is the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, a division of New Mexico Tech
ICASA News and Current Events
May 10, 2004
New Mexico Tech to host the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC2005)
August 6
ISRP Recipient publishes article on Power Law Distribution
NMT STUDENTS: Click here to see our new Student Research Initiative (SRI) Program.
Information Assurance Scholarship Oppurtunities
Information Security Co-Op Opportunities
Several Summer Co-Op programs are available in the field of Information Security. U.S. citizenship is required. Deadline is November 15, 2003. For more information follow the link above.
ICASA - General Contact Information
New Mexico Tech - ICASA
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

107. Altus - Well Engineering And Design - Oil And Gas Well Experts
Based in London and Houston, TX. Provides elite engineering services to assist our clients worldwide in the design and analysis of critical oil and gas wells and well operations. Specializing in high pressure, high temperature (HPHT), deep wells, deep water, high angle, high flow rate, and other complex well conditions
FLASH! - Dennis Black has joined Altus in Houston
We're Back
A group of former Enertech engineers, including the founder, have recreated their “proven system” for engineering consulting services. Enertech originated in 1976 and quickly became the petroleum industry leader in providing software products and consulting services for advanced well design. Acquired by Halliburton in 1996, Enertech was later merged into Landmark. Altus has it’s roots in this history and key engineers are back to provide the same high quality services as in the past
Our Focus
As experienced professionals, we provide elite engineering services to assist our clients worldwide in the design and analysis of critical wells and well operations. We specialize in high pressure high temperature (HPHT), deep wells, deep water, high angle, high flow rate, and other complex well conditions.
Our Goal
We aim t o establish ourselves as the best at what we do. We will fill a market niche that specializes in solutions for tough wells. We want to build the kinds of relationships with our clients that we used to have, ones founded on integrity, trust, and performance. [ Home ] About Us Service Offering Capabilities What's New ... Contact Us Send mail to

108. Mario Medvedovic Home Page
Statistician interested in statistical models and analysis of complex biological data, e.g. DNA Arrays, Mutational Spectra.
Mario Medvedovic, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department of Environmental Health

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

3223 Eden Av. ML 56
Cincinnati OH, 45267-0056 email:
Phone: 513-558-8564
Fax: 513-558-8564 Affiliations
The Center for Genome Information

The Center for Environmental Genetics
Superfund Basic Research Program The Center for Biostatistical Services Professional interests Statistical modeling of complex biological data (e.g. Statistical analysis of cDNA Microarrays Statistical Analysis of Mutational Spectra Cluster Analysis Page Publications Puga, A., Sartor, M.A., Huang, M-Y, Kerzee, K.J., Wei, Y-D, Tomlinson, C.R., Baxter, C.S., Medvedovic, M. Gene expression profiles of mouse aourta and cultured vascular smooth muscle cells are widely different, yet show common responses to dioxin exposure. (Submitted) 2003. Sartor, M.A., Schwanekamp, J., Halbleib, D., Mohamed , I., Karyala, S., Medvedovic, M.

109. Lexecon
Lexecon Inc, based in the US, provides its law firm and corporate clients with analysis of complex economic issues in connection with legal and regulatory proceedings, strategicplanning decisions, and other business activities.
News and Recent Publications June 5, 2004
Fader for DHTML browsers visible here. contact sitemap search design: studio blue archive 2002 archive 2001 history clients ... harvard square

110. Mind Tools - Critical Path Analysis And PERT
Critical Path analysis is an extremely effective method of analysing a complex project. It helps you to calculate the minimum length of time in which the project can be completed, and which activities should be prioritised to complete by that date.
Store Search Newsletter Downloads ... Affiliates Contact Us Subscribe to our Newsletter Contacts Page Advertisers Affiliates Link Requests Permission Requests Mind Tools Newsletters Links Career Links Coaching (General) Coaching (Business) Coaching (Careers) Coaching (Life Coaching) Coaching (Motivational) Coaching (People Skills) Coaching (Relationships) Communication Skills Counseling Creativity Goal Setting Hypnosis Inspiration Inspirational Speakers Hypnosis Job Hunting Leadership Learning Mind Machines Neuro-Linguistic Programming Other Resources Psychometric Testing Recovery Self-Improvement Small Business Speed Reading Stress Management Time Management Training Practical Creativity Creativity Tools Page Introduction to Creativity Techniques Reversal - improving products or services Brainstorming - generating many radical ideas Reframing Matrix - generating different perspectives Concept Fan - widening the search for solutions Random Input - making creative leaps Provocation - carrying out thought experiments DO IT - a simple process for creativity Simplex - an integrated problem solving process Mind Tools Book Store Time Management Time Management Page Introduction to Time Management Costing your time Deciding work priorities Activity Logs - seeing how you really spend your time Action Plans - small scale planning Prioritised To Do Lists - the key to efficiency

111. GeneJohnson, Inc.
HIV genomic data storage and analyis sytems. HIVBase allows you to organize your HIV sequence data, perform complex statistical analysis, and collaborate your data all in one program.
Through HIVBase , GJI is revolutionizing
genomic data systems
by providing innovative
products for integrating,
managing and
analyzing HIV-related data.
Gene Johnson Inc. is a company that combines a deep knowledge of HIV genomic research, database design, and enterprise level application architectures to provide high throughput analytical applications to the HIV research community. Sunday, June 06, 2004 VISIT THE NEW HIVBASE DISCUSSION BOARD Read Our Publications and Abstracts ACSR (AIDS Cancer Specimen Resource) Promotes HIVBase Software. Today's HIV investigators possess massive amounts of research information in user-hostile formats: error-filled spreadsheets, outdated databases, directories containing thousands of files and even paper records. Yet, value needs to be extracted from this very important, but disorganized information. GeneJohnson, Inc. is solving these issues through the development of applications that automate data collection and integrate multiple sources of HIV information into a high-dimensional data warehouse. GeneJohnson’s innovations substantially aid scientists through: Contact GJI News

112. Cleaning Up The Nuclear Weapons Complex: Internet Resources
Goal is to provide researchers and others internet resources on research, policy analysis, and information about environmental issues at the nation's former nuclear weapons production sites.
contaminated sites"> This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

Stetson University
Modal Analysis of Percussion Instruments Using Vibrational Holography Stetson University Department of Physics Research: Robert Bedford Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Riggs
  • Abstract Introduction
All sound can be thought of as a superposition of pure sine waves. We can represent this oscillation by plotting displacement versus time on a graph which, because of simple harmonic motion, will result in a sine wave. When an object vibrates at multiple frequencies, its representative wave becomes no longer sinusoidal, but a complex wave, not easily describable with simple trigonometry. We know that this wave can however be broken up into several sine waves with distinct frequencies using Fourier transformation. If we study the way an object vibrates at those distinct frequencies, known as resonance or modes, we can predict how an object will create a sound and what sound it will create. A much more sensitive and versatile way to understand the production of sound is by using vibrational holography. The technique of vibrational holography applies what we know of optics and wave superposition to study the vibrational modes of vibrating surfaces. Vibrational holography, or holographic interferometry uses laser superposition to either constructively or destructively interfere a reference and object beam to show where the previously mentioned nodal or antinodal areas of the plate vibrate.

114. Bellona: Russia - Nuclear Power Plants
News, information, and analysis about Russian nuclear power plants, nuclear waste, and reprocessing, from the Bellona Foundation.
Enter focus: * Russia The Nikitin-process The Northern Fleet Current Status * Facts * The Bellona Foundation Contact us Press releases Bellona Web Norsk Russkaya Bellona English ... Russia
Nuclear power plants
Sections: The Nikitin-process
The Russian Northern Fleet

Current Status
Archives: Miscellaneous
Nuclear power plants


Nuclear Powered Icebreakers
Nuclear co-operation

Status: Nuclear Power for the Next Century
Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power plants in Ukraine

Handling of spent nuclear power plant fuel
Related: Factsheet No. 3: Kola Nuclear Power Plant Factsheet No. 46: Nuclear Power Stations in Russia Factsheet No. 52: Leningrad Power Station Bellona Report no. 1:1994. Chapter5: Kola Nuclear Power Plant RBMK spent fuel piles up No faith in MOX at Novovoronezh NPP Thieves stole radiation alarm ... Armenian NPP builds dry storage, receives free fuel from Russia Duma criticism against new nuclear plant: Minatom backs Canadian npp for Russian Far East Kola NPP may run on gas Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant: Bankruptcy case suspended Bankrupting Proceedings against Leningrad NPP Lousy economics at Leningrad NPP: 25 year old reactor keeps Leningrad running Ignalina's spent fuel storage site postponed Finland wants to purchase more nuclear power from Kola Gore discussed nuclear co-operation with Russia NGO's camp demands to shut down Kola NPP: New NPP unlikely to be completed Russia will supply Ignalina NPP with fuel: EBRD will shut the plant down Latvian research reactor is shut down Nuclear Power Plant Protesters Goes to Moscow Russian State Nuclear Inspection:

115. Complex Variable Analysis
complexVariable analysis.
Search Subject Index MathMap Tour ... Help!
Complex-Variable Analysis
Return to start of tour Up to Mathematical Analysis Complex variables are often accepted in other parts of analysis when this causes no essential change in the theory; but here we focus on those aspects of analytic behaviour unique to complex functions. These functions and those used to describe phenomena in part of mathematical physics both display a considerable degree of regularity not found in general functions of a real variable.
  • 30: Complex variables studies the effect of assuming differentiability of functions defined on complex numbers. The effect is markedly different than for real functions: these functions are much more rigidly constrained, and in particular it is possible to make very definite comments about their global behaviour, convergence, and so on. This area includes Riemann surfaces, which look locally like the complex plane but aren't the same space. Complex-variable techniques have great use in applied areas (including electromagnetics, for example).
  • 31: Potential theory studies harmonic functions (and their allies). Mathematically, these are solutions to the Laplace equation Del(

116. Australian EIA Network Home Page
Provides general background on project EIA as part of a more complex system of strategic EIA, offers a format for training needs analysis which can be used regionally, nationally and locally, and draws on a bank of training materials.
Skip Navigation WHAT'S NEW CONTACTS COMMENTS ... SEARCH Australian EIA Network Go back to: DEH Home Australian EIA Network
Welcome to the Australian EIA Network
This site contains information on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and its processes within Australia.
Contact Information
This site is managed by the Approvals and Wildlife Division within the Department of the Environment and Heritage
CONTACTS COMMENTS ... Home Last Updated: Thursday, 11-Dec-2003 15:28:33 EST ACCESSIBILITY PRIVACY
Commonwealth of Australia

117. Arthur Consulting Group, Inc.
Specializes in complex issues of economic and financial analysis and taxation.
Quick Jump to a Topic of Interest Financial Analysis International Services - Federal Tax Issues Interest Expense Attribution(864e) Intercompany Transfer Pricing (482) Due Diligence Valuing Intellectual Property Insolvency Valuations Under IRC 108(b) Accounting for the Impairment of Long-Lived Assets (FASB 121) Projection of Credits Increases Texas Audit Recoveries Construction Valuation Services Cost Segregation Case Studies Statement of Qualifications to Energy Companies
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118. Complex Systems And Artificial Life, Dortmund
Department of Computer Science, Chair of System analysis, complex Systems and Artificial Life group. Research and academic activities concerning complex Adaptive Systems, Artificial Life and Emergent Computation.
Artificial Life
Chair of
Systems Analysis
Department of
Computer Science

W elcome to the Artificial Life and Complex Systems Page at the Chair of System Analysis, Department of Computer Science, University of Dortmund, Germany. H ere you can find an overview of our research and academic activities concerning Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Artificial Life (AL) and Emergent Computation as well as collection of links to related places. AL-Activities
at Dortmund Overview
BinSys Project

Socionics Project

Other Projects
Getting Started
with AL
Introduction The Artificial Life FAQ Books to start with ... The web-page to start with ... ... An applet as "first contact" AL-Links Artificial life in germany Resource-Lists Unmaintained collected links AL-Dates German Workshop on AL Artificial Life Treff This page has been last recently mofified by: Peter Dittrich

119. Think Or Swim
Professional option trading tools, realtime position analysis and single-click complex spread routing.

120. The Prison-Industrial Complex - 98.12
An analysis of the public and private prison systems. Indepth piece on the economics of the prison system, with photos.
Return to the Table of Contents. D E C E M B E R 1 9 9 8 Correctional officials see danger in prison overcrowding. Others see opportunity. The nearly two million Americans behind bars the majority of them nonviolent offenders mean jobs for depressed regions and windfalls for profiteers
by Eric Schlosser

The online version of this article appears in three parts. Click here to go to part two. Click here to go to part three.
Discuss this article in
See the editors' profile of Andrew Lichtenstein, the photographer whose work appears with this article.
Related links:
  • The Privatization Channel
    "The purpose of The Privatization Channel is to provide a highly diverse audience of academics, correctional practitioners, investors, policy makers, and the general public with easy access to the most comprehensive, objective, reliable, and timely information that is available about correctional privatization both within and beyond the boundaries of the United States."
  • The Prison Privatization Research Site
    A University of Connecticut sociology professor's collection of statistics, studies, reports, essays, and lists of suggested books pertaining to the pros and cons of prison privatization.
  • JusticeWeb "A networking tool and a library of information for organizations and individuals addressing prisons and related justice issues. JusticeNet distributes regular news, updates, alerts, and analysis about prison, police, and other justice issues."
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