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         Combinatorics:     more books (100)
  1. Algebraic combinatorics via finite group actions by Adalbert Kerber, 1991
  2. An Introduction to Computational Combinatorics (Cambridge Computer Science Texts) by E. S. Page, L. B. Wilson, 1979-05-31
  3. Algebraic Combinatorics and Computer Science
  4. Applications of Combinatorics (Shiva Mathematics Series) by R. J. Wilson, 1982-08
  5. Combinatorics, representation theory, and statistical methods in groups: Young day proceedings (Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics)
  6. Clever Counting: Combinatorics by James T. Fey, 1997-06
  7. Applied Finite Group Actions (Algorithms and Combinatorics) by Adalbert Kerber, 1999-09-24
  8. Contemporary Combinatorics
  9. Paths, Flows and VLSI-Layout (Algorithms and Combinatorics, Vol 9) by Bernhard Korte, Laszlo Lovasz, et all 1990-12
  10. Polytopes - Combinatorics and Computation (Oberwolfach Seminars)
  11. Applied Combinatorics With Problem Solving by Bradley Jackson, Dmitri Thoro, 1989-10
  12. Q-Series: Their Development and Application in Analysis, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Physics and Computer Algebra (Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics) by George E. Andrews, 1986-09
  13. Lectures on the Combinatorics of Free Probability (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) by Alexandru Nica, Roland Speicher, 2006-09-11
  14. Graph Theory & Combinatorics (Research Notes in Mathematics)

121. Alan Frieze's Home Page
Mathematics associate professor in probabilistic combinatorics, theoretical computer science and operations.
Alan Frieze Department of Mathematical Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
Office: Wean Hall 7202
My main research interest is Probabilistic Combinatorics and its applications in Theoretical Computer Science and Operations Research


ACO Homepage

Aladdin Project Homepage
Mathematical Sciences Graduate Student Workshop 2004

Mailing Address:
Alan Frieze Department of Mathematical Sciences Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA15213 USA email:firstname AT random DOT math DOT cmu DOT edu

122. The Electronic Journal Of Combinatorics
This is no longer the entry page for the journal. Please click here.
This is no longer the entry page for the journal. Please click here

123. Tutorials In Combinatorics
combinatorics Tutorials. The aim of this section is in the series oftutorials to educate students about main theorems of combinatorics
Combinatorics Tutorials
The aim of this section is in the series of tutorials to educate students about main theorems of Combinatorics, included into the unwritten IMO syllabus.
  • Interactive Graph Theory Tutorials
    By Chris K. Caldwell from the University of Tenessee at Martin.
  • Permutations.
    As of late, permutations find their way into math olympiads more and more often. The latest example is the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad 2001 where a problem was suggested which requires knowledge of permutations.
  • NEW Friendship Theorem.
    When I was a member of the Problem Selection Committee in Argentina, this problem was submitted for the IMO by one of the countries. It is a beautiful theorem but I don't think it is suitable even to be a problem N6. So I think I'd rather publish it here.

  • 124. PCA04
    Phylogenetic combinatorics and Applications. Subject the combinatorial description, analysis and construction of evolutionary trees and associated structures; applications within fields such as molecular evolution, comparative and functional genomics, epidemiolgy and biodiversity studies. Uppsala University, Sweden; 59 July 2004.
    @import url(pca.css); Home Description Speakers Talk Abstracts ... Conference Poster
    Alice Lesser

    The Linnaeus Centre
    for Bioinformatics
    BMC, Postbox 598
    Uppsala University
    SE-751 24 Uppsala
    Fax: +46 18 4716698 An official satellite conference of
    Organized and hosted by: Sponsors:

    125. Combinatorics Seminar
    Graduate Center, CUNY. combinatorics Seminar. The combinatorics seminarcovers a wide range of topics in combinatorics and graph theory
    Graduate Center,
    CUNY Combinatorics Seminar
    The combinatorics seminar covers a wide range of topics in combinatorics and graph theory with particular emphasis on algorithms and areas related to computer science. Many of the speakers are CUNY and NYU visitors, postdocs, and graduate students. A seminar talk may cover original research or report on an interesting paper. The seminar is run by Janos Pach The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in room 6417 of the new building of the Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of 34th Street), New York. it can be easily approached by subway, using the B,D,F,N,Q,R, or 6 trains. Please also visit our alternative site.
    Upcoming events

    126. Combinatorial Mathematics Society Of Australasia (Inc.)
    combinatorics throughout Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries.
    Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (Inc.)
    CMSA (Inc.) Rules Council Members for 2003/2004 Minutes of Council Meetings CMSA Annual General Meetings ... Student Prize This page contains information for members of the Society. Members wishing to add any further information may email the Secretary at The page was last updated on Friday, April 25, 2003.

    127. Winter Combinatorics Meeting
    Open University Winter combinatorics Meeting. Wednesday 26 January 2005.This is the sixth annual OU winter combinatorics meeting.
    Open University Winter Combinatorics Meeting Wednesday 26 January 2005 This is the sixth annual OU winter combinatorics meeting. It will take place in the Christodoulou Meeting Room 11 (CMR 11) on the Open University campus. Please note that this is a different venue from last year. All are welcome. Coffee will be available from 10:15 in Room Q229 (M Block). See the campus map for locations of buildings. The speakers will be announced later For titles of talks and the timetable, please see schedule (available later). For abstracts (in pdf format), please see abstracts (available later). For information on how to get to the OU, and a campus map, please see For advice on parking at the Open University, please see parking. For advice on getting to the Open University by public transport, please see public transport. For further information please contact: Mike Grannell, , or Terry Griggs, Department of Pure Mathematics, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA

    128. Magma Computational Algebra System Home Page
    A large, wellsupported software package for computationally hard problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics.
    The Magma Computational Algebra System
    Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry
    Magma is a large, well-supported software package designed to solve computationally hard problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics. It provides a mathematically rigorous environment for computing with algebraic, number-theoretic, combinatoric and geometric objects. Recent Notices: May 31, 2004: Magma version V2.11 has now been released. Registered users may now download V2.11 for Mac (OS X), PC (Linux) and Sparc (Solaris) from here here for example timings. About Magma What's New Magma on-line help FAQ ... Online Magma Calculator (external link) Magma is produced and distributed by the Computational Algebra Group within the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sydney.

    129. Graph Theory And Combinatorics
    Translate this page combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications group, Applied Mathematicsdepartment, Polytechnical University of Catalonia - UPC, DMAT.
    Your browser does not support frames. However, you will still be able to navigate through this web site, using your browser's Back button and the following links: Home page
    Department of Applied Math Home Page

    Personnel - personal home pages

    Research Projects
    Private area - for internal use only

    updated by Roger Trias 1999/05/03

    130. ElJC Venn Diagram Survey
    Various facts and figures about Venn diagrams by Frank Ruskey.
    T HE E LECTRONIC ... OMBINATORICS (ed. March 2001), DS#5.
    A Survey of Venn Diagrams
    Frank Ruskey
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Victoria
    Victoria, B.C. V8W 3P6
    Note: This is an updated version of a survey that first appeared as a Dynamic Survey in February, 1997. There is a summary of changes The purpose of these pages is to collect together various facts and figures about Venn diagrams, particularly as they relate to combinatorial properties of the diagrams. ] of Peter Hamburger is highly recommended.
    The icon to the left appears on all the following pages. Clicking on it will bring you back to this page.
    The 7-fold rosette at the top of the page is a Venn diagram for n = 7, called "Victoria." Find out more about it by going to the page on symmetric Venn diagrams.

    131. Thirty-third Southeastern International Conference On Combinatorics, Graph Theor
    Thirtythird Southeastern International Conference on combinatorics, GraphTheory, and Computing WAS March 4-8, 2002. These are OLD links.
    Thirty-third Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing WAS March 4-8, 2002
    These are OLD links. But you may explore them if you wish. Click Here for the Year 2003 main page
    this is for 2002!!!. For the 2003 pages, please go to 2003 conference page
    Announcement Contributed Papers Special Events ... Bookstore
    Click here for Advanced Search The 33 rd Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing will be Mar 4-8, 2002 at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL Conference registration and check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. Monday, March 4, 2002
    For the Thirty-third Conference, the following speakers will present instructional lectures:
    Monday, March 4 : Fan Chung Graham will speak at 9:20 and at 1:40 on Random Graphs and Internet Graphs

    Tuesday, March 5 : Douglas R. Stinson will speak at 9:30 and at 2:00 on Combinatorial Structure Lurks Everywhere: The Symbiosis of Combinatorics and Cryptography Wednesday, March 6 Frank Harary will speak at 10:00 on New Combinatorial Games
    Thursday, March 7

    132. Dr B.J. Green
    University of Cambridge. Arithmetic combinatorics. Papers, preprints.
    Department of Pure Mathematics
    and Mathematical Statistics DPMMS People Dr B.J. Green
    Dr B.J. Green
    Title: College Research Fellow
    College: Trinity College
    Room: E0.15
    Tel: +44 1223 766857
    Personal Home Page
    Research Interests: I like to call my area of mathematics "arithmetic combinatorics". In practice this means that I work on a variety of questions which lie at the interface of combinatorics, number theory and analysis. I particularly enjoy using the Fourier transform to prove results which, at first sight, appear to have nothing to do with harmonic analysis. More details may be found on my personal webpage.
    Information provided by

    133. MAT 305 Home Page
    Information for Visitors. Return to Illinois State s Home Page. Illinois State UniversityMathematics Department. MAT 305 combinatorics Topics for K8 Teachers.
    Illinois State University Mathematics Department MAT 305: Combinatorics Topics for K-8 Teachers Spring 2003
    6 pm - 9 pm Mondays STV 324
    Dr. Roger Day ( Semester exams have been graded and semester grades have been calculated. Send me an email requesting that information and I'll send it to you. Have a great summer! Syllabus Content Notes Session Notes Assignments and Problem Sets ... Tests and Quizzes Syllabus Current Course Syllabus Grades and Grading Grading Guidelines for Assignments Grading Guidelines for the Course Current Grade Calculations Expectations for Written Work Content Notes Addition Principle Finite Differences Perfect Covers of Chess Boards Total Number of Possible Arrangements ... Review: Summation Notation Session Notes Session #1: 13 January 2003 Session #5: 10 February 2003 ... Sample Questions for the Semester Exam Tests and Quizzes Current Semester Quizzes Tests Quiz #1: 10 February 2003 Test #1: 24 February 2003 Test #2: 31 March 2003 Test #3: 21 April 2003 ... Semester Exam: Monday, 5 May 2003, 5:30 pm

    134. Conferences In 2000
    Maintained by the British Combinatorial Committee.
    Combinatorics and related conferences in 2000
    There is a similar list for conferences in 2001. See also:

    135. Japanese Center Of Combinatorics
    Mathematics Calendar of AMS. Journals related to combinatorics; InformationResources INRIA Algorithms Project s Library; Los Alamos E
    Virtual Research Center:
    in Japanese

    136. Home Page Of Chris Towse
    Scripps College, Claremont. Arithmetic geometry and Riemann surfaces (Weierstrass points), algebraic number theory (generalized continued fractions), combinatorics (chain partitions).
    Christopher Towse
    Office: Balch 28
    Phone: (909) 607-3540
    Mailing Address:
      Department of Mathematics
      1030 Columbia Ave.
      Scripps College
      Claremont, CA 91711 USA
    Click here for the Scripps Math Department website. Click here for a schedule of the Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquium.
    Teaching Schedule:
    Spring 2004
    Math 23, Transcendental Functions and Introduction to Calculus
    MWF, 9:00-9:50, Balch 40.
    Math 31, Calculus II
    MWF, 11:00-11:50, Balch 41.
    Math 144, Classical and Modern Geometries
    TTh, 1:15-2:30, Balch 41.
    Office Hours : TBA.
    For more about the professional me , click here
    Just a few Math Links

    Interested in the Putnam Competition? Here is the official site at Santa Clara University . Many colleges and universities put up sites each year, but they seem to change and disappear regularly. Try searching on Google to find the latest sites. Each Fall semester: If you're a Scripps student interested in the Putnam, we'll having practice sessions on Thursday evenings 6PM 8PM . Feel free to give me a call or email for more information. Also, Harvey Mudd has practice sessions (which you can take as a half-credit course) each fall.

    137. Mathinfo2000
    Aims to bring together researchers in theoretical computer science and mathematics. Topics include trees, stochastic processes, large deviations, branching processes, random walks, discrete probability, enumerative and analytical combinatorics, analysis of algorithms, performance evaluation, and combinatorial optimization. Versailles, France, September 1820, 2000.
    Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science :
    Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities
    Call For Papers

    September 18-20, 2000
    45, avenue des Etats-Unis
    78035 Versailles cedex - France

    Scientific Committee

    Organisation Committee

    Electronic mail :
    Scope of the Colloquium

    Call For Papers
    Appel a communications (postscript) Invited papers Sponsors List of accepted papers Scientific program ... Version francaise Important dates : March 15, 2000 : Deadline for submission of papers (10 pages). May 24, 2000 : Decision of the scientific committee June 15, 2000 : Final version of accepted papers Official languages : English and French Registration Accomodation Conference site LAMA

    138. COCOON'2003 Home Page
    COCOON 2003. The Ninth International Computing and combinatoricsConference. July 2528, 2003, Big Sky, MT, USA.
    COCOON 2003
    The Ninth International Computing and Combinatorics Conference
    July 25-28, 2003, Big Sky, MT, USA
    Location and Travel
    Registration and Hotel Reservation
    Call for Papers: html pdf and ps
    Final Paper Submission and Proceeding
    Program and List of accepted papers
    Invited Speakers:
    Jon Bentley, Dan Gusfield, Joel Spencer
    Program Committee
    Organizing Committee
    Previous COCOON
    Important Dates:
    Paper submission deadline: February 7, 2003.
    Notification of acceptance/rejection: April 1, 2003.
    Final paper due: April 28, 2003.
    Conference: July 25-July 28, 2003.

    139. Interactive Mathematics Activities
    More than 320 Java applets help illustrate topics in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mathmagic, optical illusions, probability, calculus, combinatorics
    CTK Exchange Front Page
    Movie shortcuts

    Personal info
    Recommend this site

    Interactive Mathematics Activities
    Memory and Matching
  • Match answers
  • Memory - Easy
  • Memory - Medium
  • Memory - Hard
  • 2 Pails Puzzle
  • 3 Jugs Puzzle
  • 3 Jugs Puzzle in Barycentric Coordinates
  • Abacus in Various Number Systems ...
  • Two Simple Equations
  • Binary Color Device
  • Breaking Chocolate Bars
  • Candy Game: Integer Iterations on a Circle
  • Chebyshev polynomials ...
  • Heads and Tails counting, invariance
  • Identities in the Multiplication Table
  • Integer Iterations on a Circle II superposition principle
  • Interest Calculations
  • Letter Count in a Sentence
  • Logistic Model
  • Mean Values ...
  • Merlin's Magic Squares modular arithmetic, boolean and linear algebra
  • Minimax Principle
  • Modular Arithmetic
  • Parrondo Paradox Via Simpson Paradox
  • Plus or Minus parity, invariance
  • PolygonalNumbers
  • Pythagorean Triples
  • Self-documenting Sentences
  • Simpson Paradox ...
  • Squares and Circles parity, invariance
  • Squares, Circles, and Triangles modular arithmetic, invariance
  • Sum of Consecutive Integers is Triangular
  • Sum of Consecutive Odd Numbers is Square
  • Sum of Consecutive Triangular Numbers is Square
  • Toads And Frogs Puzzle counting, logic, problem solving
  • What's next?
  • 140. Oxford Combinatorics
    Welcome to the combinatorics Group at Oxford University.
    to the
    Combinatorics Group
    Oxford University This page was last modified on 1st March, 2001.
    Email corrections and comments to

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