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         Combinatorics:     more books (100)
  1. Theory and Applications of Higher-Dimensional Hadamard Matrices (Combinatorics and Computer Science) by Yang Yi Xian, 2001-11-01
  2. Geometry of Cuts and Metrics (Algorithms and Combinatorics) by Michel M. Deza, Monique Laurent, 1997-06-27
  3. Gian-Carlo Rota on Combinatorics: Introductory Papers and Commentaries (Contemporary Mathematicians) by Gian-Carlo Rota, 1995-11
  4. Combinatorics by N.IA. Vilenkin, 1971-09
  5. Combinatorics: Set Systems, Hypergraphs, Families of Vectors and Probabilistic Combinatorics by Bela Bollobás, 1986-08-29
  6. Probabilistic Combinatorics and Its Applications. by Bela Bollobas, 1991
  7. Geometric Discrepancy: An Illustrated Guide (Algorithms and Combinatorics) by Jiri Matousek, 1999-07-15
  8. Algebraic Combinatorics (Chapman Hall/CrcMathematics Series) by Chris Godsil, 1993-04-01
  9. Asymptotic Combinatorics with Applications to Mathematical Physics (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
  10. Horizons of Combinatorics (Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies)
  11. New Perspectives in Algebraic Combinatorics by Anders Bj^D"orner, 1999-08-01
  12. Combinatorics of Finite Geometries by Lynn Margaret Batten, 1997-05-28
  13. Recent Advances in Algorithms and Combinatorics
  14. Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics (Contemporary Mathematics)

81. Extremal Combinatorics
With Applications in Computer Science by Stasys Jukna.

82. Journal Of Algebraic Combinatorics|KLUWER Academic Publishers
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83. SpringerLink - Publication
(Birkh¤user) Emphasizes functional equations, dynamical systems and combinatorics. Tables of contents from vol.55 (1998) on. Full text to subscribers via LINK.
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Aequationes Mathematicae Publisher: Birkh¤user Verlag AG ISSN: 0001-9054 (Paper) 1420-8903 (Online) Subject: Mathematics Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Volume 67 Numbers 1-2 Volume 66 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Request a sample Volume 65 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 64 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 63 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 62 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 61 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 60 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 59 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 58 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 57 Numbers 2-3 Number 1 Volume 56 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 55 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Publication 1 of 1 Previous Publication Next Publication Linking Options About This Journal Editorial Board Manuscript Submission ... Vol. 1 (1968) - 54 (1997) Quick Search Search within this publication... For:
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84. Bmc2004_welcome
56th British Mathematical Colloquium conjointly with the 17th Annual Meeting of the Irish Mathematical Society. Special Sessions Noncommutative functional analysis; combinatorics. Department of Pure Mathematics, Queen's University Belfast, UK; 58 April 2004.

85. Tutorials, Lessons And Instructions On Combinatorics Including Graph Theory, Gam
Tutorials, lessons and instructions on combinatorics including graph theory, gametheory, Diamond theory etc. Search. Mathematics, combinatorics Guide picks.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Mathematics Math Help and Tutorials ... Discrete Math Combinatorics Home Essentials Grade By Grade Goals Math Formulas ... Math Tutors zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Math Help and Tutorials Math Formulas Math Lesson Plans Math Tutors ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Tutorials, lessons and instructions on combinatorics including graph theory, game theory, Diamond theory etc.
Recent Up a category Combinatorics A series of activites, lessons and references for combinatorics concepts. Date Game A great interactive applet to illustrate the Mex Rule in Game Theory. Graph Theory Tutorial A few short interactive tutorials introducing the basic concepts of graph theory. Group multiplication of permutations Permutation is simply scrambling or reshuffling of a given set of items. This interactive applet serves as an excellent illustration. Main Theorems of Combinatorics Tutorials Tutorials on Graph Theory, Permutations and Friendship Theorem.

86. Algebra And Discrete Mathematics
A Euresco conference on the interplay between model theory, infinite combinatorics and various subfields of algebra. Hattingen, Germany; 18 23 August 2001.

87. Combinatorics
What is combinatorics? Excerpt from a paper of indispensable to moderncomputer science. Major Areas of combinatorics. Enumeration.
What is Combinatorics? Excerpt from a paper of the Combinatorics and Optimization Department
at the University of Waterloo / Ontario Visit also Bill Chen's The Combinatorics Net Combinatorics is the mathematics of discretely structured problems. Although its boundaries are not easily defined, combinatorics includes the theories of graphs, enumeration, and designs. It is a subject which in the past was studied principally for its aesthetic appeal. Today's modern technology with its vital concern for the discrete has given combinatorics new challenges and a new seriousness of purpose. In particular, since computers require discrete formulations of problems, combinatorics has become indispensable to modern computer science. Major Areas of Combinatorics Enumeration Enumeration is concerned with determining the number of structures with prescribed properties, and is a frequently used tool in mathematics. Many enumeration problems arise from ranking and significance testing in statistics, from probability theory, from telephone networks and from mathematics itself. Extensive calculations are often necessary, and the field of computational enumeration is an important one. The task of getting a computer to evaluate formulae obtained by applying enumerative methods is one requiring considerable experience both with computers and with combinatorics. Combinatorial Designs The study of designs deals with a very important and central problem of combinatorial theory, that of arranging objects into patterns according to specified rules. The principal mathematical tools employed are graph theory, number theory and linear and abstract algebra. The construction of magic squares is an example of a design problem, and before the start of the nineteenth century such problems were mainly of recreational interest. In more recent times the concept of a geometry involving only finitely many points has been developed, generalized, and built into the elegant and useful theory of combinatorial designs. Today this area embodies the mathematical tools of such applied areas as the design of experiments, tournament scheduling, information retrieval and coding theory.

88. The First Workshop On Analytic Algorithmics And Combinatorics
The First Workshop on Analytic Algorithmics and combinatorics. Held in conjunction with ALENEX04 and SODA04. New Orleans, LA, USA; 10 January 2004.
The First Workshop on Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics (ANALCO04)
PlaceMenu("mainmenu") T he First Workshop on Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics (ANALCO04) will be held in New Orleans on January 10, 2004, at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. The aim of the ANALCO workshop is to provide a forum for the presentation of original research in the analysis of algorithms and associated combinatorial structures. We invite both papers that study properties of fundamental combinatorial structures that arise in practical computational applications (such as permutations, trees, strings, tries, and graphs) and papers that address the precise analysis of algorithms for processing such structures, including: average-case analysis; analysis of moments, extrema, and distributions; and probabilistic analysis of randomized algorithms. Submissions that present significant new information about classic algorithms are welcome, as are analyses of new algorithms that present unique analytic challenges. We also invite submissions that address tools and techniques for the analysis of algorithms and combinatorial structures, both mathematical and computational. The scientific program will include ample time for discussion and debate of topics in this area.

89. Algolib: The Algorithms Project's Library And Other Packages Of The Algorithms P
combinatorics meets computer algebra! Combinatorial analysis, discrete mathematicsand computer algebra are the main interests of the Algorithms Project.
Algolib: The Algorithms Project's Library and Other Packages of the Algorithms Project
Welcome! Research Topics People Publications ... Extensive Example Sessions
Combinatorics meets computer algebra!
Combinatorial analysis, discrete mathematics and computer algebra are the main interests of the Algorithms Project. Our packages let you specify, generate, and enumerate combinatorial structures; manipulate the associated generating functions, functional equations or recurrences; study their asymptotic behaviour. The interplay between these applications serves the Algorithms Project's main goal of the automatic complexity analysis of algorithms. However, long-term research in this direction has induced the development of other packages for the manipulation of linear differential and difference operators, Groebner basis calculations, and the symbolic summation and integration of special functions and combinatorial sequences. Special emanations of the above are the algolib library , which collects most of our programs in a single archive, and the encyclopedia of combinatorial structures , which allows access by keywords, combinatorial specifications, generating function, closed-form or by the first integers in the enumeration sequence to many combinatorial structures. A lot of it was automatically generated using

90. Jean A. Larson's Home Page
University of Florida Set theory, combinatorics.
Jean A. Larson
Dept of Mathematics

University of Florida
UF Math PhD Alumni Research Interests: Set Theory and Foundations, Combinatorics
Faculty Governance Links
(Larson was Chair of the Faculty Senate
Other Teaching Interests and Activities:
Some other resources:

91. Ph.D. Program In Algorithms, Combinatorics, And Optimization
ACO Program Web Pages, Georgia Tech (A Ph.D. program in Algorithms, combinatorics,and Optimization). Algorithms, combinatorics, and Optimization.
Ph.D. Program in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization
ACO Home Page What is Admission Information Program Description Affiliated Faculty ... Contact WEBmaster
Georgia Tech's Ph.D. Program in
Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization
During the past three decades, one of the most rapidly growing areas of research in applied mathematics, computer science, and operations research has been that of dealing with discrete structures. This has been most evident in the fields of combinatorics, discrete optimization and the analysis of algorithms. Increasingly, work in each of these subjects has come to depend on knowledge in all of them. Indeed, many of the most significant advances have been produced by researchers in more than one, if not all three, of these areas. In response to these developments, Georgia Tech has introduced a new doctoral degree program in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (ACO) . ACO is a multidisciplinary program sponsored jointly by the College of Computing , the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering , and the School of Mathematics . Other units on campus also affiliated with this program include the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering The ACO program at Georgia Tech brings together the study of discrete structures and the design and analysis of algorithms in areas such as graph theory, integer programming, combinatorial optimization, and polyhedral theory. It is intended for students possessing a strong background in one or more of the fields represented by the sponsoring units.

92. Algebra Page
Algebra, combinatorics and Number Theory Group. Members, seminars.
Department of Mathematics
Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory
Van Vleck Hall
Madison, WI 53706
Fax: 608 263 8891


    Faculty Research Interests.

    Emeriti Faculty.

    Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Faculty.
    Important Links.
    Eric Bach
    Professor, of Mathematics and Computer Science, Ph.D. UC Berkeley (1984)
    Research:Theoretical computer science and Computational Number Theory Georgia Benkart
    Professor, Ph.D. Yale University (1974) Research: Lie Theory, Quantum Groups and Representation Theory. Lev Borisov Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Michigan (1996) Research: Algebraic Geometry. Nigel Boston Professor, of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ph. D. Harvard University (1987) Research: Algebraic number theory, group theory, arithmetic geometry, computational algebra, coding theory, cryptography, and other applications of algebra to electrical engineering. Richard A. Brualdi Professor, Ph.D. Syracuse University (1964) Research: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Matrix Theory, Coding Theory

93. Welcome To Scott Chapman
Trinity University, San Antonio. Commutative algebra, finite abelian groups, combinatorics and number theory especially factorization of elements in integral domains and monoids.
Welcome to Scott Chapman's Web Page Trinity University Department of Mathematics One Trinity Place San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200 Phone: (210) 999-8245 Fax: (210) 999-8264 e-mail: Information on the Trinity REU Program Last Call for Papers for the Proceedings of the Chapel Hill Conference on Commutative Rings and Monoids. Information for Classes for Spring 2004 All course materials are pdf files and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Math 1312: Calculus II

94. Combinatorics
combinatorics. in honour of Walter Deuber s 60th Birthday. HumboldtUniversitätzu Berlin, 7th to 8th October 2002. The meeting consisted
Algorithms, Structure, Randomness
home This research group is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
research teaching ...
Diese Seite auf Deutsch
in honour of Walter Deuber's 60th Birthday
The meeting consisted of the following talks:
Two colors and more Peter Gritzmann (Technical University Munich): On the approximation of convex bodies by polytopes and its application in optimization Hanno Lefmann (Technical University Chemnitz): Partition regular systems of equations Jaroslav Nesetril (Charles University, Prague): Ramsey Classes and Categories Ramsey type problems Amenability and paradoxicality in groups, graphs, and algebras Modular counting and substitution of structures Joel Spencer (New York University): Some combinatorial games William T. Trotter (Arizona State University, Tempe): Graphs and posets - recent results , and Ingo Wegener (University Dortmund): Combinatorics, probability, and the analysis of evolutionary algorithms
Here is the schedule for the meeting and some pictures To mark the occasion, there will be a special issue of the journal

95. Massey University
Massey University. Special functions, number theory, combinatorics.
Home College of Sciences IIMS IIMS People ... Contact Us
Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences
Shaun Cooper
Senior Lecturer / Mathematics
Room 3.15, IIMS building
Institute of Information and
Mathematical Sciences
Massey University
Auckland, Albany
Private Bag 102 904
North Shore Mail Centre Phone
+64 9 414-0800 ext. 41034 Fax
+64 9 441-8136 internal 41058 Email
Qualifications BSc (Hons), MSc Auck. , PhD Wisc. Research Interests Special functions, number theory, combinatorics.
Contact Us
About Massey University Sitemap May 17, 2004

96. Krishnaswami Alladi
University of Florida. Number theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics. Contact information and links of interest.
Krishnaswami Alladi
NAME: Krishnaswami Alladi TITLE: Professor and Chair ADDRESS: Department of Mathematics
University of Florida
353 Little Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-8105 PHONE: (352) 392-0281 ext.236 FAX: E-MAIL:
Research Interests
  • Number theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Analytic number theory
  • Sieve methods
  • Probabilistic number theory
  • Diophantine approximations
  • Partitions
  • q-series identities
    Professional Service
  • Editor-in-Chief: THE RAMANUJAN JOURNAL - an international journal devoted to the areas of mathematics influenced by Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Editor: DEVELOPMENTS IN MATHEMATICS - a mathematics book series publishing research monographs, conference proceedings, and contributed volumes
    Links of Interest
  • The Ramanujan Journal
  • Developments in Mathematics
  • 97. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Combinatorics
    theory, optimisation DeweyClass 003 ResourceType journal Location germany,europe Last checked 20001130 Electronic Journal of combinatorics and World
    BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • Computational Complexity
  • Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and World Combinatorics Exchange
  • Mathematics Preprint Archive
  • Mathematics Preprints and Reports ...
  • SIAM Journals Online Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Computational Complexity
    Journal which presents research at the interface between mathematics and theoretical computer science, with a clear mathematical profile and strictly mathematical format. Specific areas of concentration include structure of complexity classes, algebraic complexity, cryptography, interactive proofs, complexity issues in: computational geometry, robotics, and motion planning, learning theory, number theory, logic, combinatorial optimisation and approximate solutions, and distributed computing.
    Author: Springer
    Subjects: combinatorics, complex systems, computational mathematics, cryptography, number theory, optimisation
    Location: germany, europe
  • 98. David Bressoud
    Macalester College. Number theory and combinatorics. Book list, course information, and links.
    David Marius Bressoud
    DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics Director, Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Chair, AP Calculus Development Committee Chair, MAA 's Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics Areas of interest: number theory combinatorics , analysis ``If it be then your Pleasure, ye Lovers of Study ... ``Where is the Life ... My research interests lie in number theory and combinatorics, and especially partition theory (how many ways can you express an integer as the sum of positive integers?) with occasional forays into analysis (special functions, modular forms) and algebra (especially the theory of representations of the symmetric group). I am particularly interested in the mathematics of Srinivasa Ramanujan . My doctoral thesis proved and extended a number of his identities. I enjoy the history of mathematics and have drawn on it in my books:

    99. Combinatorics Authors/titles Recent Submissions
    combinatorics. Authors and titles for recent submissions. Comments21 pages. Submitted Subjclass combinatorics MSC-class 05D10
    Authors and titles for recent submissions
  • Fri, 4 Jun 2004 Thu, 3 Jun 2004 Wed, 2 Jun 2004 Tue, 1 Jun 2004 ... Mon, 31 May 2004
  • Fri, 4 Jun 2004
    math.AG/0406066 abs ps pdf other
    Title: Equivariant Quantum Schubert Calculus
    Authors: Leonardo C. Mihalcea
    Comments: 24 pages, LaTeX
    Subj-class: Algebraic Geometry; Combinatorics
    MSC-class: 14N35 (primary); 14M15; 14N15; 57R91 (secondary)
    math.CO/0406068 abs ps pdf other
    Title: Thresholds for families of multisets, with an application to graph pebbling
    Authors: Airat Bekmetjev Graham Brightwell Andrzej Czygrinow Glenn Hurlbert
    Comments: 17 pages
    Subj-class: Combinatorics
    Discrete Math. 269 (2003), no.1-3, 2134
    math.CO/0406053 abs ps pdf other
    Title: A Note on Graph Pebbling
    Authors: Andrzej Czygrinow Glenn Hurlbert Hal Kierstead Tom Trotter Comments: 12 pages Subj-class: Combinatorics MSC-class: Journal-ref: Graphs and Combinatorics 18 (2002), 219225
    Thu, 3 Jun 2004
    math.RT/0406047 abs ps pdf other
    Title: Exponents for B-stable ideals Authors: Eric Sommers Julianna Tymoczko Comments: 17 pages Subj-class: Representation Theory; Combinatorics

    100. Finite And Infinite Combinatorics
    Finite and Infinite combinatorics.
    Finite and Infinite Combinatorics
    Budapest Hungary,
    January 5 (Friday) - 10 (Wednesday), 2001
    Dear Colleagues, The special occasion for this meeting is to honour the 70th birthdays of Professors and
    Download the list of the presented talks in DVI format or in PostScript format.
    Download the list of participants in DVI format or in PostScript format
    We would highly appreciate if you filled out and submitted the participant questionnaire of CORDIS here . Thank you.
    We thank all participants for coming to Budapest The Organizing Commitee
    G. O. H. Katona (Co-chair) G. Y. Katona (Secretary)
    Mail address: HUNGARY Phone:(36 1) 201 7656 Phone/Fax: (36 1) 201 6974 Email:

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