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         Combinatorics:     more books (100)
  1. Surveys in Combinatorics, 1991 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  2. Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by John M. Harris, Jeffry L. Hirst, et all 2000-07-19
  3. Combinatorics of Permutations (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by Miklos Bona, 2004-06-25
  4. Counting: The Art of Enumerative Combinatorics by George E. Martin, 2001-06-21
  5. Using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem: Lectures on Topological Methods in Combinatorics and Geometry (Universitext) by Jiri Matousek, 2007-12-20
  6. Combinatorics of Coxeter Groups (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Anders Björner, Francesco Brenti, 2005-04-28
  7. Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms: Interdisciplinary Applications (Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series)
  8. Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics (Walter Rudin Student Series in Advanced Mathematics) by Miklos Bona, 2005-09-27
  9. Foundations of Combinatorics with Applications by Edward A. Bender, S. Gill Williamson, 2006-02-06
  10. Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra (Progress in Mathematics) by Richard P. Stanley, 2004-10-15
  11. Combinatorics for Computer Science (Dover Books on Mathematics) by S. Gill Williamson, 2002-05-08
  12. Introduction to Combinatorics by Gerald Berman, 1972-05
  13. Combinatorics, Complexity, and Chance: A Tribute to Dominic Welsh (Oxford Lecture Series in Mathematics and Its Applications)
  14. Introduction to Combinatorics by Martin J. Erickson, 1996-09-13

41. Private Page Christine Bachoc
Universit© de Bordeaux. Number theory, theory of Lattices, coding theory, and combinatorics. Publications, teaching, events.
Christine Bachoc
phone: (France +) 05 57 96 21 61 fax: (France +) 05 56 84 69 50 e-mail: Laboratoire
33405, Talence cedex
France I am Professor of Mathematics at the University of Bordeaux. I am a number theorist, mainly interested in the theory of Lattices, and also in any connected topics like coding theory, modular forms, combinatorics, group theory.
The Master CSI replaces the DESS CCSI since fall 2003.
Recent Publications
with E. Bannai and R. Coulangeon, Codes and Designs in Grassmannian spaces.
with P. Gaborit Designs and self-dual codes with long shadows.
with G. Nebe Siegel modular forms, Grassmannian designs, and unimodular lattices.
See here my complete list of publications
Catalogue of Lattices
Most of the interesting known lattices, and most of the ones that appear in the preceding papers, can be found in the Catalogue of Lattices , written by Gabriele Nebe and Neil Sloane.
Ecole de Cryptologie Le annuel de MATh en JEANS transparents

42. Journal Of Automata, Languages And Combinatorics
Journal of Automata, Languages and combinatorics. The Journal of Automata, Languagesand combinatorics can directly be ordered from the Editorial Office.
Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics
Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics /
Elektronische Informationsverarbeitung und Kybernetik
Edited by
Advisory Board
M. Droste (Dresden, Germany)
P. Gastin (Paris, France)
D.T. Huynh (Richardson, U.S.A.)
M. Ito (Kyoto, Japan)
H.-J. Kreowski (Bremen, Germany)
W. Kuich (Vienna, Austria)
M. Latteux (Lille, France) M. Mohri (Florham Park, USA)
P. Prusinkiewicz (Calgary, Canada)
A. Restivo (Palermo, Italy) G. Rozenberg (Leiden, The Netherlands) H.J. Shyr (Taichung, Taiwan) l. Staiger (Halle/Saale, Germany) D. Wood (Hongkong, China)
Technical Editor
B. Reichel (Magdeburg)
Aims and Scope
"Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics" is a forum for research in all areas of the field, from theory to applications and relations to other subjects. Particular attention is given to grammatical methods for generation of sets of words, graphs, arrays, pictures, higher dimensional and infinite objects, etc. (including the classical grammars of the Chomsky hierarchy, Lindenmayer systems and their variations, graph grammars, etc.); automata as acceptors of languages of words, graphs, etc.; decision problems; efficient algorithms for solving problems concerning languages, grammars and automata; algebraic properties of automata and languages; combinatorial properties of words, sequences of words, sets of words, etc.; codes as languages; estimations of parameters of codes; relations of languages and automata to complexity theory, logics, etc.; trace languages; Petri net languages; formal models for concurrent processes; applications of formal languages and automata to programming languages, natural languages, biology, etc.; combinatorics, graph theory, discrete mathematics in relation with problems of theoretical computer science.

43. Temba Shonhiwa
University of Zimbabwe. Number theory, combinatorics, algebra.
Dr Temba Shonhiwa
Room Number: 226, New Wing
Specialty: Number Theory, Combinatorics
Courses taught:

44. DSI. Main Page
Computer Science Department. Research areas include algorithms, computer architecture, computer networks, combinatorics, computational complexity, database theory and management, formal methods, paradigms of computation, pictorial and linguistic computation, and random structures.
Il sito ha cambiato indirizzo il nuovo e'

45. Welcome To LaBRI
Bordeaux. Researchers at the LaBRI are organized into five research teams combinatorics and Algorithmics (Enumerative combinatorics, maps, physics; Random generation and visualization; Graphs and applications; Distributed algorithms); Logic, Formal Languages, and Applications (Graphs and logic; Formal languages; Rewriting, Databases); Modeling, Verifying and Testing Computerized Systems; Parallel and Distributed Computing;Image and Sound (Image analysis; Image synthesis)
Laboratoire Bordelais de
Recherche en Informatique
Unité Mixte de Recherche CNRS (UMR 5800)
Domaine Universitaire
351, cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex
FRANCE mail :
phone : +33 5
fax : +33 5 Director : Serge Dulucq
Adjoint : Pascal Guitton Coming to LaBRI
Le Labri
Research groups
Third cycle
Second Cycle
First cycle
Valorisation et transfert

46. Advanced Process Combinatorics
keep our partners awake at night. About Us Solutions SupportQ A Site Map © 2003 Advanced Process combinatorics, Inc.
To be the recognized global leader in maximizing process output with optimization software by employing the best
people, investing in innovation and thoroughly understanding the needs of our partners.
Better technology means better answers. Our software solutions are powered by our Solver and Optimization
Technology that we have developed, redefined and deployed in real world operating environments since 1993.
We, and our clients know of no other provider capable of solving the same level of complex problems.
Our clients are partners. Our knowledgeable staff remain involved with our partners, keeping up to date
on changing business needs, identifying new ways to use technology to a maximum advantage and
finding optimization solutions to those critical problems that keep our partners awake at night.
About Us
Solutions Support Site Map
© 2003 Advanced Process Combinatorics, Inc.

47. Pure Math, Applied Math, And C&O Club Home Page
Pure Math, Applied Math, and combinatorics and Optimization Club. Books, events and links.
Upcoming Events Executive Library Math-related Links ... Local Links Welcome to the homepage of the at the University of Waterloo
Hey! Interested in giving a Short Attention Span Math Seminar (SASMS)?
We're looking for speakers for the Short Attention Span Math Seminars two days of talks given by (mostly undergraduate) students, for undergraduate students. They take place on Wednesday, 24 March and Thursday, 25 March . The talks can be about anything math-related: an interesting problem from a course you took, an introduction to some area of mathematics you like, whatever. They should be accessible to as wide an audience as possible (preferably to first-year students), yet still interesting to upper-year students. If you are interested in giving a talk, email your proposed topic to
The Pure Math/Applied Math/Combinatorics and Optimization Club offers its members many services. There is an office (MC 3033) where members can meet to discuss various mathematical problems and of course to socialize. There are many reference books, texts, and course notes available for use. ( A listing of our books is available here ). And perhaps best of all, there are usually smart upper year students there who are more than willing to help explain and discuss difficult concepts.

48. Mathematic Olympiad Problems From Around The World
combinatorics problems selected from math olympiads.

49. Welcome To MOPS -- Martin's Distributed Virtual Library
A distributed virtual library of papers which are available close to web pages of people from Complexity Theory, combinatorics and related subjects.

Martin Mundhenk
M artin's O nline P aper S earch - a distributed virtual digital library About MOPS MOPS howto: when MOPS found an entry
myhomedir/ my last paper on a selected web page, it allows you to make
  • an index search for words that appear in (e.g. search for papers which contain the word einstein a URL search, for URLs like myhomedir/ (e.g. search for papers whose URLs match einstein ), or a description search, for descriptions like my last paper (e.g. papers whose descriptions match einstein

  • Library:
    complexity combinatorics graph theory POMDPs/misc teaching all
    Search through
    title pages whole documents Match to
    lines whole text Match
    exact sloppy Results sorted
    alphabetically newest first Search index URLs descriptions for use glimpse expressions for index search: use ";" for AND, "," for OR (see About MOPS for more details)
    Other prominent web activities at ECCC Michael Ley's CS Bibliography Gerd Hoff's HomePageSearch M OPServe MOPS hotline ... MOPS homepage The MOPS family

    50. Marko Riedel's Combinatorics And Number Theory Page
    Marko Riedel s combinatorics and number theory page. People. People with whom Ihave recently discussed combinatorics can be found here. My homepage is here.
    Marko Riedel's combinatorics and number theory page
    Feel free to consult the papers and articles on this page. You should get in touch with me at if you intend to use articles or papers from this page for research purposes.
    Evaluation of a limit that involves a certain number theoretic function. GZIP compressed PostScript file. (56K) Pólya's enumeration theorem and the symbolic method. GZIP compressed PostScript file. (88K) Generating functions and random walks. GZIP compressed PostScript file. (68K) The distribution of the height of random BSTs. GZIP compressed PostScript file. (83K)
    Miscellaneous open problems
    Representing polynomials.
    Palindromes (I).

    Palindromes (II).

    Analysing memoization.
    Expected number of distinct subtrees.

    Solved by Flajolet-Sipala-Steyaert in 1990.
    Graphs with no endpoints and trees.
    Submissions to the Analysis of Algorithms Bulletin Board
    The mastermind polynomials.

    51. Siaw-Lynn Ng
    Royal Holloway, University of London information security, finite geometry and combinatorics.
    Siaw-Lynn Ng
    Contact details Research interest and publications CV Footnotes ... Back to ISG Home Page
    Contact details
    I am currently a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London. My contact address is Dr Siaw-Lynn Ng Maths Department Royal Holloway University of London Egham Surrey TW20 0EX UK Tel: 01784 414397 Fax: 01784 430766 Email to Back to contents list
    Research interest and publications
    My main research interests are information security, finite geometry and combinatorics.
    My PhD thesis
    My PhD thesis is entitled ``On covers of point sets in finite geometries'' ( postscript version or pdf version ). The work includes constructions of minimal sets of points covering a line in finite projective planes, as well as a study on a family of extended generalised quadrangles and a construction of a new example. The abstract is available in postscript and pdf formats.
    Papers and potential papers ...
    • Posets and protocols - picking the right three-party protocol. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, Vol 21, No 1, 55-61 January 2003.

    52. Home Page Of Steven H. Cullinane: Mathematical Links
    Contains links to sites on permutation groups, finite geometry, and combinatorics and personal links.

    Diamond Theory

    Diamond 16 Puzzle

    Combinatorics Directory

    MathForum - Combinatorics.
    Permutation Groups Resources

    Home Page of Steven H. Cullinane: Mathematical Links
    Welcome to my home page. The address,, comes from the word "Mathieu" and from the 759 octads in the Miracle Octad Generator of R. T. Curtis. These are related to the mathematics in the first link at left.
    Personal information: I am 61 years old, a male caucasian, and semi-retired from work as a systems analyst/programmer. My interests are chiefly mathematical (see this page's links) and literary (see links on page two). Some sort of relationship between my mathematical and literary interests is sketched on page three. See also my web journal
    Education: Public schools, then sporadic attendance at Harvard some forty years ago (class of 1964), followed by more serious studies at a community college and at State University of New York at Fredonia (M.A., mathematics, 1973).
    MathArchives Topics
    Finite Geom on Web My Web Journal Page last modified Oct. 1, 2003; created September 20, 2000. The URL address of this page is

    53. Combinatorics - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    combinatorics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A quite comprehensivelisting by Wikipedia page is list of combinatorics topics.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics that studies finite collections of objects that satisfy specified criteria, and is in particular concerned with "counting" the objects in those collections ( enumerative combinatorics ) and with deciding whether certain "optimal" objects exist ( extremal combinatorics ). One of the most prominent combinatorialists of recent times was Gian-Carlo Rota , who helped formalize the subject beginning in the . The prolific problem-solver Paul Erdös worked mainly on extremal questions. The study of how to count objects is sometimes thought of separately as the field of enumeration A quite comprehensive listing by Wikipedia page is list of combinatorics topics An example of a combinatorial question is the following: What is the number of possible orderings of a deck of 52 playing cards? That number equals 52! (i.e., "fifty-two factorial "). It is the product of all the natural numbers from one to fifty-two. It may seem surprising that this number, about 8.065817517094 × 10 , is so large. That is a little bit more than 8 followed by 67 zeros. Comparing that number to some other large numbers, it is greater than the

    54. Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra And Combinatorics -- Erice 2001, NATO Ad
    Exterior Algebra Methods and Other New Directions. Erice, Sicily, Italy; 9 15 September 2001.

    Event photos
    The workshop in Erice will address a wide range of new developments in classical Algebraic Geometry such as curves and their moduli, surfaces, higher dimensional varieties, vector bundles, and toric varieties. A special focus will be on exterior algebra methods which have recently grown in importance in Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra, and Combinatorics, and their computational aspects (Bernstein-Gel'fand-Gel'fand correspondence, Beilinson monad, theory of Chow forms and resultants, algebraic shifting, free resolutions over the exterior algebra, linear syzygies, hyperplane arrangements, ...) Organizing Committee: David Eisenbud Lucian Badescu Sorin Popescu and Alfio Ragusa Speakers (tentative): The following people have responded positively to our invitation: Sponsors: NATO Scientific Affairs Division EAGER: European Algebraic Geometry Research Training Network and the University of Catania , Sicily. Registration: The cost of staying at the Ettore Majorana Centre will be approximately $80 per night (lodging/meals/transfer from/to the airport/1/2 day trip included), and there will be a fee of $100 for the social events. We will be able to offer financial assistance to some of the participants, particularly to younger mathematicians and speakers.

    55. Combinatorics '04
    combinatorics 04. Home Objective and Main Topics Committees InvitedSpeakers List of participants Format of the Conference Abstract
    Combinatorics '04
    The international conference Combinatorics '04 will be organized by Catania Combinatorics in Capomulini (Catania, Italy) from the 12th to 18th of September 2004.
    Sponsored by
    University of Catania
    Registration : May 31, 2004 Submission of Abstract : June 30, 2004 Arrival September 12, 2004 Home Objective and Main Topics Committees Invited Speakers List of participants ... Travel and Accomodation

    56. Combinatorics At RISC
    A general description of our group. Researchers(Faculty Peter Paule) The people working on combinatorics at RISC.......Home, combinatorics at RISC.
    Combinatorics at RISC
    Description Researchers Seminar Lectures ... Mailing List Search:
    A general description of our group.
    Researchers (Faculty: Peter Paule
    The people working on combinatorics at RISC.
    Seminar and Lectures
    The current schedule of the seminar and the lectures on combinatorics held each week.
    The list of the publications of RISC members related to this area.
    Software Download
    Download area for our computer algebra packages.
    Links and Events
    Some links to people, research groups, books, journals, conferences, etc.
    Send Us a Letter
    You can send an email to all members of the combinatorics group.
    Mailing List
    The mailing list archives of the combinatorics group (available only to list members).
    This site is maintained by The RISC Combinatorics Group Last updated on Tue Dec 3 08:59:27 2002

    57. 2002 Mt. Baldy Conference On Applied Algebra And Combinatorics
    Fourth annual Mt. Baldy Mathematics Conference. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA; 2 November 2002.
    Mt. Baldy Conference on
    Applied Algebra and Combinatorics
    November 2, 2002 at Harvey Mudd College
    General Information
    Keynote Speakers and Schedule Registration Directions ...
    About Harvey Mudd College
    General Information
    The Department of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College will host the fourth annual Mt. Baldy Mathematics Conference on Saturday, November 2, 2002. The topic this year is Applied Algebra and Combinatorics. There will be four keynote speakers. Faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students are encouraged to attend. The organizer is Michael Orrison (orrison @
    Keynote Speakers and Schedule
    • 9:00AM Registration begins at Hixon Court . The talks will be in Galileo Hall
    • Ron Graham (University of California, San Diego)
    • 11:00AM Break
    • Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
        Finding and using the automorphism group of a finite vertex-transitive graph abstract
    • 12:15PM Lunch
    • Fan Chung Graham (University of California, San Diego)
        Random graphs and Internet graphs abstract
    • 2:45PM Break
    • Persi Diaconis (Stanford University)
        Computational aspects of Polya theory abstract
      The registration fee for the conference is $25.00 (reduced to $5.00 for students) and is payable to the HMC Math Department. Coffee and tea are included.

    58. The RISC Combinatorics Group
    Home, The RISC combinatorics Group. Software. The software produced by theRISC combinatorics group has found many users from all over the world.
    The RISC Combinatorics Group
    Description Researchers Seminar Lectures ... Mailing List Search:
    The Current Team
    Prof. Peter Paule (team leader, Austria), Dr. Axel Riese (PostDoc, Austria), Dr. Carsten Schneider (PostDoc, Germany), DI Stefan Gerhold (PhD student, Austria), DI Manuel Kauers (PhD student, Germany), DI Cleo Pau (PhD student, Romania), Mag. Burkhard Zimmermann (PhD student, Austria), Martin Semrad (diploma student, Austria), and Robert Wiesinger (diploma student, Austria). The following picture shows a part of our group and prominent colleagues working hard far into the night at the Special Functions in the Digital Age conference at Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 2002).
    From left to right: C. Schneider, D. Zeilberger, F. Chyzak, O. Scherzer, P. Paule, and A. Riese
    Research Interests
    We are mainly interested in the connection of classical combinatorics and computer algebra ("symbolic computation in combinatorics"). Currently, special emphasis is put on symbolic summation and combinatorial identities. The overall object is the development of new algorithms and tools (computer algebra software) which assist practical problem solving in mathematics, but also in mathematical chemistry (e.g., counting molecular configurations), computer science (e.g., analysis of algorithms), physics (e.g., statistical mechanics), and engineering (e.g., manipulation of special functions).
    The software produced by the RISC combinatorics group has found many users from all over the world. It is freely available via the web; since June 1999 several hundred requests have been documented. Moreover, famous mathematicians refer to the software in their talks:

    59. INI Programme CMP
    Research programme at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK. Themes include Randomised algorithms; Phase transitions in statistical physics and computer science; Random graphs and structures. August December 2002.
    @import url(/css/prog-non_n4.css); Institute Home Page


    Programme Home

    Seminars Workshops
    Participants Long Stay
    Short Stay

    Additional Links Contacts
    Mailing List

    Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
    Computation, Combinatorics and Probability
    29 Jul - 20 Dec 2002 Organisers : Professor Martin Dyer ( Leeds ), Professor Mark Jerrum ( Edinburgh ), Dr Peter Winkler ( Bell Labs
    Programme theme
    As Computer Science has matured as a discipline, its relationships with mathematics have become both more wide ranging and more profound. The programme will explore two particularly fruitful interfaces between computer science and mathematics, namely those with combinatorics and probability theory. Although no interdisciplinary work within the broad area delineated by the title will be excluded, the following themes will receive special emphasis.
    • Randomised algorithms.
      The design and analysis of algorithms that make random choices; also deterministic algorithms when run on random instances.The theoretical basis here includes the study of parameters connected with random walks on graphs and the relationships between them. "Phase transitions" in statistical physics and computer science.

    60. Cambridge Journals Online - Journal Home Page
    My CJO Index, My CJO Homepage combinatorics, Probability and Computing, combinatorics,Probability and Computing combinatorics, Probability Computing
    My CJO Homepage
    You are logged in as Guest
    No Institution Recognised
    Browse Journals Alphabetically By Subject Area Subscribed Journals Advanced Search Site Holdings Account Options Personalise Help Context Help Contents FAQs Diagnostics Site Map Password Help Advanced Search Quick Search
    Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
    Volume 13 Issue 01 Jan 2004 pp 1-122 Issue 02 Mar 2004 pp 123-282 Issue 03 May 2004 pp 283-414 Volume 12
    Show Back Volumes

    Editor(s): University of Memphis, USA
    Published bimonthly, is devoted to the three areas of combinatorics, probability theory and theoretical computer science. Topics covered include classical and algebraic graph theory, extremal set theory, matroid theory, probabilistic methods and random combinatorial structures; combinatorial probability and limit theorems for random combinatorial structures; the theory of algorithms (including complexity theory), randomised algorithms, probabilistic analysis of algorithms, computational learning theory and optimisation.
    Subscription Prices Year Category Access Type Price* Institutions subscribe Institutions Online Only subscribe *Purchases from the United States, Canada, and Mexico are in US dollars. All other purchases are in pounds sterling. Price does not include VAT, GST or other applicable taxes

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