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         Chaos:     more books (100)
  1. Fixer Chao: A Novel by Han Ong, 2002-04-06
  2. Chaos or Creation: Spirituality in Mid-Life by L. Patrick Carroll, Katherine Marie Dyckman, 1986-09
  3. Deep Simplicity: Bringing Order to Chaos and Complexity by John Gribbin, 2005-04-05
  4. Battletech 26:Hearts of Chaos (Battletech) by Victor Milan, 1996-06-01
  5. Chaos & Cyber Culture by Timothy Leary, Michael Horowitz, et all 1994-10
  6. The Siege of Mt. Nevermind (Dragonlance Chaos War, Vol. 5) by Fergus Ryan, 1999-09-01
  7. Chaos and Violence: What Globalization, Failed States, and Terrorism Mean for U.S. Foreign Policy by Stanley Hoffmann, 2006-12-25
  8. Introducing Chaos, New Edition (Introducing) by Ziauddin Sardar, 2005-01-25
  9. Chaos Mode (The Mode Series) by Piers Anthony, 1995-01-01
  10. Doors of Chaos Volume 1 by Ryoko Mitsuki, 2008-02-12
  11. Chance and Chaos by David Ruelle, 1993-04-05
  12. Chaos and Time-Series Analysis by Julien Clinton Sprott, 2003-03
  13. Claws of Chaos (Warhammer) by Gav Thorpe, 2002-10-01
  14. Emergence: From Chaos to Order (Helix Books) by John H. Holland, 1999-04

A Web/Telnet based BBS. Tradewars 2002 (usually over 5 games), MajorMUD, Swords of chaos, and L.O.R.D.


ars technica


ars technica

122. Chaos City^“µŽq‚¿‚á‚ñ‚ð‹­‚­„§‚·‚éƒ}ƒŠ‚݂ătƒ
chaos city.
chaos city

ƒRƒ“ƒeƒ“ƒc >> ƒgƒbƒvƒy[ƒW ŠÇ—l ‰ß‹ŽƒƒO ŒfŽ¦” ...

“µŽq‚¿‚á‚ñ‚ð‚Ý‚Ä‚é ‚³‚ñ@“ú‹LŠG‚É‹t“]ƒhƒŠƒ‹BˆÙ‹cƒAƒŠI
@‚±‚Ì‚ ‚ƁAu‚ł́A‚ ‚È‚½‚ª—S–¤‚³‚܂̃X[ƒ‹‚Å‚ ‚é♎q¥¥¥‚à‚Æ‚¢Ø‹’‚ðŒ©‚¹‚Ä‚à‚ç‚¢‚Ü‚µ‚傤‚©Iv‚Æ‘±‚­‚킯‚Å‚·‚ȁB–â‘è‚͉½‚ð‚‚«‚‚¯‚é‚©A‚Å‚·‚ªB
@ƒLƒŒ‚Ì‚¢‚¢¬ƒlƒ^W‚»‚Ì‚QB“µŽq‚¿‚á‚ñ‘劈–ô¥¥¥¥¥¥H ‚·‚¸‚µƒJƒ“ƒpƒj[ @‚©‚ȁ[‚èŠÔ”²‚¯‚È“µŽq‚¿‚á‚ñB–Ï‘z‚͂قǂقǂɂˁI@iƒIƒŒ‚à‚©B ŒŽ‰Ô˜b–[ ‚³‚ñ@‚¨‘è‚à‚́E‚r‚r‚rE‚»‚Ì‘¼¨ƒŠƒŠƒAƒ““¶˜bŠÙ‚ɁAuƒAƒbƒvƒ‹ƒ~ƒ“ƒgƒWƒƒƒ“ƒOƒ‹v @ƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒ^ƒW[‚̐¢ŠE‚Å‚àA‚â‚Á‚Ï‚èí‚¤ƒg[ƒR‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Ì‚¨˜bA‚»‚̏˜ÍB ¡“ú‚ÌŽûŠn‚Æ‚©B ‚Ý‚Á‚­‚·šƒrƒXƒPƒbƒg @‚±‚±‚낪‚Û‚Á‚Æ’g‚©‚­‚È‚éA‚»‚ñ‚È‚¨˜bB @ŠwZ‚Æ‚¢‚¤‚Æ‚±‚ë‚́A‚±‚¤‚â‚Á‚ж“k‚½‚¿‚Ì‚¢‚ë‚ñ‚È‘z‚¢‚ð‰½”N‚àŒ©‚‚‚¯‚Ä‚¢‚é‚ñ‚Å‚·‚ˁB ƒgƒ‰ƒtƒO ‚³‚ñ@‚àA‚à‚Á‚Æ‚Í‚¸‚©‚µ‚­‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B‚Ђ‚¶Žu–€Žq‚³‚ñB @‚ȁA‚È‚ñ‚Ä‚±‚Æ‚ðŒ¾‚í‚¹‚Ä‚é‚ñ‚¾[A¹‚³‚܁I@ ‚à‚¤­‚µŽu–€Žq‚³‚ñ‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚ð‘厖‚É‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B SPRING FESTIVAL ‚³‚ñ@ƒgƒbƒv“ú‹L‚ɉԎ›Šv–½‚Ì‚¿‚炵ŠG‚È—SêiA¬—ÑŒNAƒAƒŠƒXA‚“cŒNB @‚±‚¤ƒZƒsƒAF‚È‚Ì‚ªAÌ‚̎ʐ^‚ðˆø‚Á’£‚èo‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é‹C•ª‚É‚³‚¹‚ç‚ê‚āB @u‚Z‚̍ ¶“k‰ï’·‚â‚Á‚Ä‚½‚ñ‚¾‚ºB‚»‚ñ‚Æ‚«‚Ì’‡ŠÔ‚ª‚Ü‚½‘å•Ï‚Å¥¥¥v‚Ý‚½‚¢‚ȁB Sugar Trick ‚³‚ñ@‚Ù‚Ú“úXV‰æ‚ɏˎq‚³‚Ü‚Æ—S–¤‚·‚¯ƒ‰ƒtŠGB @‚¨Žo‚³‚܂ƉčՂèB @‚Å‚à‰º’¬‚̉“ú‚́AËŽq‚³‚܂ɂ͉‚Ì‚È‚¢‚à‚Ì‚©‚à‚µ‚ê‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚ˁB @ƒtƒ@[ƒXƒgƒf[ƒg‚ÌŽž‚Ý‚½‚­A—S–¤‚ªƒŠ[ƒh‚·‚é‚©‚½‚¿‚ŁB

123. Non-United Church Of Eris Of Latterday Gothic Industrial Saints
A New Orleans based Discordian Cabal. Includes the Book of Eris, numerous links to Discordianism, chaos Magick, Tantra, and Gothic subculture.
Greeting to all you creatures of the night and other assorted Discordians.THE NON-UNITED CHURCH OF ERIS OF GOTHIC/INDUSTRIAL SAINTS is deadicated to prserving the gothic and Discordian way of life.After years of searching in the Carpathian mts. I,St Verthaine the Goth has discovered the long lost "BOOK of ERIS"and painstakingly translated it from an ancient Atlantian dialect to English. (actually I compiled it together from different sources after many nights of drinking and carousing).If the "Principia Discordia" is an"introduction to the Erisian Mysterees(which is most good)",the Book of ERIS is the advance course into the Erisian Mysterees(which is fuckin'mindblowing).
The Church of ERIS is a on-line cyberministry dedicated to spreading the Truth about Chaos, and The Glory of Eris to the poor deluded souls lost in precepts of Order in The Region of Thud. We have no rules,laws, or creeds.The Church of Eris considers everything in the Multiverse to be a member(whether they know it,or like it,or not)of good standing. Our Holy Books are: The Principia Discordia,The Book of Eris,The Dao De Discordia,The Illumanatis!! Trilogy,and whatever other book we feel like declaring a holy book.The Church of Eris feeles that we Discordians are the only ones that have the "TRUE RELIGION",and that all other religions are just sects of Discordianism We feel that there is only ONE TRUE SUPREME BEING,and That is ERIS,and SHE is known by many names(i.e. Yahweh,Jehovah,Allah,Isis,Diana,Bob,etc.

last updated 17th march 2004. So have you split up or not? Who s in the band then? Any more live shows? Planning to tour again?

125. The Computational Beauty Of Nature
Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.
Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos,
Complex Systems, and Adaptation

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Last update: 30 Nov 2002.

126. Title
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

127. Alt.Magick.Chaos FAQ
The alt.magick.chaos usenet newsgroup's frequently asked questions file. References to beginning and initial studies, specialized inquiries, and guidance for posting to the usenet forum.
Alt.Magick.Chaos REF Main
[Top] [End] [AMC] [Main] ... [FAQ] Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos Followup-To: alt.magick.chaos From: (Ashub) Reply-To: X-Url: Organization: The Forbidden Chapter of the Long Post Summary: An introduction to the Periodic Postings Keywords: ref,faq,ack,chaos,magick,cthulu,elric,fnord,jomama,... Subject: [Alt.Magick.Chaos]: REF Main (0/0) Alt-magick-chaos-archive-name: main Archive-name: magick/chaos/main Last-modified: 19961221 Posting-Frequency: Chaotically Version: 2.00 From: Horns
Subject: Defn This a component of the Alt.Magick.Chaos files. This specific file is a main stub. This file is kept by One file posted to *.answers, two files posted regularly. The working versions are kept at:
// However, if you're looking for something more useful than a faq:
// From: Horns
Subject: Index

128. Pen Of Chaos - Ultimes Resources
Entrez dans le domaine Salutations ! Plus qu'un site personnel, cet endroit est désormais un multimonde dans lequel s'entrechoquent diverses pensées. On y retrouve plus que jamais l'horreur et le fantastique, mais aussi Warhammer, Quake, de la science-fiction et de l'imaginaire, et des créations humoristiques et artistiques. Vous pouvez accéder aux pages habituelles ci-dessous, sachez cependant qu'il va y avoir du changement sous peu... et l'effort de centralisation va continuer ! Entropiquement, votre webmaster

129. Game Revolution Review Page - Game Revolution
The concept is good, the story is even better, and the environment is top notch. But the bad control and poor camera angles mixed with crummy graphics make Urban chaos difficult to play for more than an hour at a time. The whole port feels rushed, and I would have gladly waited a couple more months for a polished version. Review by Shawn Sparks with score.
Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0; Home Reviews PC Xbox ...
> playstation
Playstation Review
by Shawn Sparks Category
Action Players Difficulty Medium Review Date Publisher Eidos
Bad cop, NO DONUT!!!
At first glance, Urban Chaos seems to be an interesting mixture of Fighting Force and Syndicate Wars ; take a beat-'em-up engine and mix with a story of gangs uniting and taking over the city. Throw in some big, immersive environments, and you get a pretty solid game. But while decent on the PC , the PSX version leaves something to be desired. Urban Chaos starts off with a killer intro movie, bringing you right up to speed with the story. It's New Years Eve, turn of the millennium, but that doesn't stop the street gang known as the Wildcats from wreaking havoc and generally making things a little uncomfortable for the citizens of Union City. You play D'Arcy, a rookie cop doing your damnedest to keep crime rates down and prove yourself to your superiors, but the Wildcats are a force to be reckoned with, and the streets are mean. The game has the typical list of moves for a beat-'em-upper: punch, kick, dodge, etc., but what good is being a cop if you can't bust the baddies? So the nice developers at Mucky Foot added the option of knocking them to the ground, cuffing them and hauling them downtown. The arrest option gets the heathen scum out of your face ASAP, which is a good thing when you're trapped in an alley with four armed psychos.

130. CHAOS - Cal Hiking And Outdoor Society / Home
Founded in 1948, chaos is a group of UC Berkeley students, staff, Berkeley area residents and assorted other friendly souls who meet regularly to experience
join CHAOS


email list help

activity calendar
altitude medicine notes

Founded in 1948, CHAOS is a group of UC Berkeley students, staff, Berkeley area residents and assorted other friendly souls who meet regularly to experience the outdoors and have fun. We meet Wednesdays at La Val's/ La Burrita Northside for food, beer and to discuss trip plans. More formal meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and include events such as slideshows and educational lectures on outdoor-related topics. Check the calendar for details on the next meeting. Members can also sign up for the club email list to receive information on upcoming trips, trip reports, and monthly meetings. CHAOS itself does not organize trips (or screen members, or guarantee the safety of its gear), but serves as a forum for people to meet like-minded souls and find ways to experience the outdoors. document.write("last modified: "+document.lastModified) feedback

131. The Tundra Bastille
Images and information about chaos! characters.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Welcome to the Tundra Bastille! As you enter through the dark wooden door, your senses are assualted by a variety of images and sounds. You can almost hear the creak of floorboards, and smell the blood that stains the walls. To your right, you see a large, ornately carved bronze door decorated with lights that still glow strongly, despite the wear of the centuries. You press your ear to the door, and can faintly hear the sound of people clapping. You try the knob, but in vain-it's locked, and has obviously been so for quite a while, due to the rust gathering on the iron. Throwing your hands up, you venture further into the large room. Directly in front of you are a stairwell, ascending up into darkness, and a set of doors. One is a stone opening, with nothing between them- even the hings have rusted away-and an odd little door. Several doorframes descend into the walls before reaching a shining bronze door, which also happens to be locked. Giving up, you wander The stone archway
Up the stairs

souls have passed through these halls
Vampiress Kimera

132. Chaos Group

133. Kings Of Chaos
User ratings and reviews.
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    134. Chaosnahe Gruppe Wien
    Das Wiener chaos pr¤sentiert sich hier. Treffen alle zwei Wochen, die genauen Termine finden sich auf der Website.
    @import url( layout2b.css );
    Derzeitiger Vorstand [Zum Verein] @ndy - andy at skater dot priv dot at Derzeitiger Vorstand:
    # Obfrau: jule
    # Obfraustellvertreter: andy
    # Schriftfuehrer: teemu
    # Kassier: arved
    Pressesprecher: clifford Comments (0) Tagesordnung fuer Sonntag im Wiki [General] jule - jule at cngw dot org Wer Tagesordnungspunkte hinzufuegen moechte, soll das bitte im Wiki tun:
    Comments (1) [Announces] teemu - teemu at cngw dot org neuer Termin fuer die GV Sonntag, 17:30 - im Kaeuzchen
    Gardegasse/Ecke Neustiftgasse, es soll oeffentlich sein. Comments (0)
    Ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung [Announces] jule - jule at cngw dot org am Sonntag, 6.6.2004, findet unsere diesjaehrliche ordentliche
    Generalversammlung statt.
    * neue Mitglieder
    * Neuwahl des Vorstandes * Erfakreis Wien * Linuxwochen 2004 * Linuxwochen Camp * Easter-h-egg 2006 * Clubraum * Aliases

    135. Chaos Theory It's Sinful Yet So Exciting
    Metal band from Trenton, New Jersey. History, band member profiles, contact information and links to MP3s.
    Contact Merch Links
    This page is under construction please check back soon for updates! ...the winter of 2004, let the rumors begin...
    BRIAN SCHLEPER Drums, Vocals
    DAN ALTOBELLI Vocals, Bass
    ERNIE ALBANESIUS Guitars, Vocals and let us know us (be nice ok?)

    136. Chaos Downloads From Rudy Rucker's Wesbsite
    chaos Downloads. This is a shareware release of James Gleick s chaos the Software. Download the chaos executables and support files. (, 800K).
    Chaos Downloads Home Page Biography Works Online ... Email This is a shareware release of James Gleick 's CHAOS the Software . The software was written by Josh Gordon Rudy Rucker and John Walker for Autodesk, Inc., with Josh Gordon doing the lion's share of the programming work. It is our hope that this shareware release will allow educators, students and dabblers to freely use our software. We provide both the complete executable and the source code for the legendary 1990 Autodesk release based on James Gleick 's wonderful book Chaos . The program runs under Windows as a full-screen DOS session. It works in all known versions of Windows, up to and including Windows XP. Great for classroom use or individual exploration. You run the program by opening Windows explorer and clicking on one of the following six batch file names. (We used to have an master CHAOS.BAT, but modern versions of Windows don't support that file, so now CHAOS.BAT just lists the names of six batch files.) MANDEL.BAT Mandelbrot sets and variations.

    137. CHAOS: Contrôle De Systèmes Chaotiques
    Vulgarisation et expos©s math©matiques sur les syst¨mes chaotiques et les m©thodes de contr´le de ces syst¨mes.
    Mon adresse est Abstract: control of chaotic systems
    Quelques illustrations...

    Attracteur de Lorenz

    Attracteur de Moon

    Attracteur de Lorenz
    Attracteur de Lorenz

    Conclusion Conclusion! Annexes et liens Abstract Bibliographie et liens Vous trouverez aussi: - une bibliographie (livre et liens Internet). Pour le moment, selon vos attentes et vos connaissances, vous pouvez suivre trois parcours: parcours "vulgarisation" parcours complet parcours "formel", "mathématiques"

    138. Campfire Chaos
    Up Open. Last Revised Tuesday, 02 September, 2003. Over the next few pages are some hints, tips and ideas for Campfire. Last Revised: Tuesday, 02 September, 2003 Over the next few pages are some hints, tips and ideas for Campfire. If you would like your Songs or Skits adding please email them to me at Openings and Closing Songs Guide Songs ... Campfire Leaders Club Information Mikes Campfire Blanket My Campfires Links to other Campfire Sites About the Webmaster (The froms are were I came across that item) Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook One site back Next 10 pages ... Mike Davis 1997-2003

    139. Featuring Independence War 2: The Edge Of Chaos Review At ActionTrip
    Review by Dusan Katilovic, 81%. The Edge of chaos is a very demanding game, which will provide sufficient fun only to the most consistent players. It will take you quite some time and nerves to finish it.
    Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos Review
    ActionTrip Channels: home cheats AT files reviews ... advertise Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos
    Game homepage
    Discuss it in forums Dusan "Lynx" Katilovic
    Contact author
    Reviews Game cheats Game files ...
    Download exclusive game media!
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    publisher Atari developer Particle Systems genre Simulation ESRB rating E release date
    Aug 21, 01 (released)
    minimum requirements
    PII-400, 64MB RAM, 12MB 3D accelerator send this page to a friend
    View Screenshots Gallery
    A lot of time has passed since the first Independence Wars appeared - some four years to be specific. If my memory serves me well (and it should), this game received quite contradictory criticism from both reviewers and different types of players. A lot of the players bent on instant-fun who think that learning is something they should only use in school (if necessary) were less than delighted by the fact that they had to use their brains in this technically and conceptually superior game. A few players however managed to get the best of this game and really enjoy it in spite of the linear plot and lack of the multiplayer mode. A word from our sponsors:
    Nowhere without the map!

    140. Untitled Document

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