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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Serge Lang, 2000-07-19
  2. Algebraic Number Theory and Fermat's Last Theorem by Ian Stewart, David Tall, 2001-12-01
  3. Problems in Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by M. Ram Murty, Jody Esmonde, 2004-10-25
  4. Computational Algebraic Number Theory (Oberwolfach Seminars) by M.E. Pohst, 2004-02-04
  5. Algebraic Theory of Numbers: Translated from the French by Allan J. Silberger by Pierre Samuel, 2008-04-18
  6. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Harry Pollard, Harold G. Diamond, 1998-01-12
  7. Algebraic Number Theory and Code Design for Rayleigh Fading Channels (Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information The) by F Oggier, E Viterbo, 2004-12-15
  8. Algebraic Number Theory (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) by A. Fröhlich, M. J. Taylor, 1993-02-26
  9. Algebraic Number Theory (Chapman & Hall Mathematics) by Ian Stewart, David Tall, 1987-05
  10. Algebraic Number Theory (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) by Jürgen Neukirch, 1999-06-22
  11. Introductory Algebraic Number Theory by Saban Alaca, Kenneth S. Williams, 2003-11-17
  12. Algebraic Number Theory by H. Koch, 1997-10-16
  13. The Theory of Algebraic Number Fields by David Hilbert, 1998-10-01
  14. A Brief Guide to Algebraic Number Theory by H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer, Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, 2001-07-15

161. Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
University of Cambridge. Interests in number theory, arithmetical algebraic geometry, and Iwasawa theory.
Department of Pure Mathematics
and Mathematical Statistics DPMMS People Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
Prof. J.H. Coates, FRS
Title: Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics
College: Emmanuel College
Room: C1.08
Tel: +44 1223 337989
Personal Home Page
Research Interests: Number theory, arithmetical algebraic geometry, Iwasawa theory
Information provided by

162. Xing Chaoping
National University of Singapore. number theory, algebraic geometry, coding theory, cryptography, Monte Carlo methods.

163. W.Y. Velez's Homepage
University of Arizona. algebraic and elementary number theory; Group theory; Field theory; algebraic coding theory; Communication theory; Signal processing. Preprints and articles on educational issues.
Personal Information
Curriculum Vitae
Math 115a
Powerpoint Presentations
Some Links

164. Michael TSFASMAN
Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. algebraic geometry in relation to number theory (varieties over nonalgebraically closed fields, especially over finite fields and number fields, parallelism between the function field and number field case, curves, rational varieties, rational points and zero-cycles, elliptic curves and abelian varieties, towers of varieties and asymptotic theory); number theory (global fields, zeta-functions); Error-correcting codes; Lattices and sphere packings
Updated: January 1999
Prof. Dr.
Michael A.
T s f a s m a n
Michael A. Tsfasman Dobrushin Mathematics Laboratory, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 Bolshoi Karetny, 101447 Moscow GSP-4, RUSSIA 
E-mail: There were visits on this homepage.

165. Home Page Of Barry Mazur
Harvard University. number theory, automorphic forms, arithmetic algebraic geometry. Papers and work in progress.
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166. Mit~coneil
M.I.T. number theory, Arithmetic algebraic geometry.
Catherine O'Neil, Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate at M.I.T. Fields of Mathematical Interest:
Number Theory,
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry Contact information
M.I.T. Math Department

77 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

office: (617)253-4079
fax: (617)253-4358
email: Dowload one of my preprints or papers:
``Jacobians of Genus One Curves (dvi)''
Math. Res. Lett. 8 (2001), no. 1-2, 125-140. ``The Period-Index Obstruction for Elliptic Curves (dvi)'', Journal of Number Theory 95, 329-339 (2002). ``Explicit Descent over X(3) and X(5) (pdf)'', submitted for publication. localparameter.mws (a link for the above preprint.) Download a copy of my thesis in two formats: thesis.dvi or Download my CV (in pdf format). Other links: Analytic Number Theory (18.785), Spring 2003 Fair Foods Wedding Slideshow Recent Kiddo photos (Jan 2004)

167. VersionUS
Conference in honour of Michel Raynaud. Orsay, 1822 June 2001.
ORSAY, JUNE 18-22, 2001
Invited speakers
Ahmed Abbes, John Coates, Gerd Faltings, David Harbater, Yasutaka Ihara, Johan de Jong, Nicholas M. Katz, Barry Mazur, Vikram. B. Mehta, Laurent Moret-Bailly, Frans Oort, Michael Rapoport, Kenneth A. Ribet, Jean-Pierre Serre, Christopher Skinner, Tetsuji Shioda, Akio Tamagawa, John Tate.

Organizing Committee
Luc Illusie Jean-Marc Fontaine Yves Laszlo Information : You have also an hotel list available on the web.
Mathematicians who plan to attend the conference are asked to fill the registration form

number theory Web. ( Australian Site) Aims. New Listings. number theorists' Home Pages/Departmental listings. Things of Interest to number Theorists. Search the number theory Web Pages
Number Theory Web
(Australian Site)
The American mirror site at University of Georgia, Athens, USA has been discontinued as of 21st April 2003; please adjusts your bookmarks
The main site is in Vancouver, as of 31st May 2003
The Australian mirror site is at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
The Italian mirror site
The British mirror site is at University of Cambridge, UK
The Japanese mirror site is at University of Electro-Communication, Tokyo
The Indian mirror site is at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad Created and maintained by Keith Matthews , Dept of Mathematics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Suggestions for additions or improvements are welcome. Email: Last modified 19th April 2004

169. SECANTS Programmes
SECANTS South of England Computational and Algorithmic number theory Seminars. Next meeting SECANTS 24 22 May 2004, Bath. Programmes of previous meetings.
South of England Computational and Algorithmic Number Theory Seminars
Next meeting:
Programmes of previous meetings

170. Magma Computational Algebra System Home Page
The Magma Computational Algebra System. for. Algebra, number theory and Geometry. Magma is a large, wellsupported software package
The Magma Computational Algebra System
Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry
Magma is a large, well-supported software package designed to solve computationally hard problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics. It provides a mathematically rigorous environment for computing with algebraic, number-theoretic, combinatoric and geometric objects. Recent Notices: May 31, 2004: Magma version V2.11 has now been released. Registered users may now download V2.11 for Mac (OS X), PC (Linux) and Sparc (Solaris) from here here for example timings. About Magma What's New Magma on-line help FAQ ... Online Magma Calculator (external link) Magma is produced and distributed by the Computational Algebra Group within the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sydney.

171. Number Theory
number theory. Notes home See also the automorphic forms, Lfunctions, and representations stuff
Number Theory
Notes home See also the [ automorphic forms, L-functions, and representations stuff home The University of Minnesota explicitly requires that I state that "The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by the University of Minnesota."

172. Expository Notes By K. Conrad
Expository notes. These were written up for various reasons to accompany a talk for a (mathematically) general audience, to hand
Expository notes
These were written up for various reasons: to accompany a talk for a (mathematically) general audience, to hand out as part of some notes in a course, or for some other purpose that I have since forgotten. If you find typographical or other errors in these files, please let me know. Algebra
The Hurwitz theorem on sums of squares

The Pfister theorem on sums of squares

The Artin-Schreier theorem

Relativistic addition and group theory
The degree may not divide the size of the group
Algebraic number theory
Rings of integers without a power basis

Kummer's lemma

Fermat's last theorem for regular primes

The character group of Q
Invariants of the splitting field of a cubic, V
Analysis The fundamental theorem of algebra via multivariable calculus Probability distributions and maximum entropy L p ... p

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