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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Foundations of the theory of algebraic numbers by Harris Hancock, 1964
  2. Algebraic Theory of Numbers by Hermann Weyl, 1959
  3. The Elements Of The Theory Of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid, 2007-06-25
  4. Lectures on the Theory of Algebraic Numbers (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by E. T. Hecke, 1981-12-04
  5. Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Paulo Ribenboim, 2001-03-30
  6. Algebraic K-Theory, Number Theory, Geometry, and Analysis: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  7. Algebraic Structures and Number Theory: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium Hong Kong Aug 8-13 1988 by S. P. Lam, 1990-12
  8. Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory: In Honor of Vladimir Drinfeld's 50th Birthday (Progress in Mathematics)
  9. Applications of Algebraic K-Theory to Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory (Contemporary Mathematics) by Spencer J. Bloch, R. Keith Dennis, et all 1986-07
  10. Algebraic Number Theory (Chapman and Hall mathematics series) by Ian Stewart, David Tall, 1979
  11. Solutions Manual for Algebraic Number Theory by Richard A. Mollin, 1999-03
  12. Lecture notes covering the theory of valuation, local class field theory, the elements of algebraic number theory and the theory of algebraic function fields of one variable by Emil Artin, 1951
  13. Lectures on selected topics in algebraic number theory: New York University, fall 1949 by Harold N Shapiro, 1949
  14. Fermat's last theorem, an inquiry into algebraic number theory by John Butler, 1991

81. Algebraic Number Theory, Field Theory And Polynomials|KLUWER Academic Publishers
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Publication Date

Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions

Based on the lectures of Professor V.I.Arnold

V.B. Alekseev
May 2004, ISBN 1-4020-2187-9, eBook
Price: 99.00 EUR / 109.00 USD / 69.00 GBP
Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions

Based on the lectures of Professor V.I.Arnold
V.B. Alekseev May 2004, ISBN 1-4020-2186-0, Hardbound Price: 99.00 EUR / 109.00 USD / 69.00 GBP Add to cart Algebraic K-Theory Hvedri Inassaridze November 1994, ISBN 0-7923-3185-0, Hardbound Price: 260.50 EUR / 287.00 USD / 180.00 GBP Add to cart Applications of Fibonacci Numbers Volume 9 Fredric T. Howard February 2004, ISBN 0-306-48517-6, eBook Price: 125.00 EUR / 138.00 USD / 87.00 GBP Applications of Fibonacci Numbers Volume 8 Fredric T. Howard November 1999, ISBN 0-7923-6027-3, Hardbound Price: 164.00 EUR / 180.00 USD / 113.00 GBP Add to cart Applications of Fibonacci Numbers Volume 9 Fredric T. Howard March 2004, ISBN 1-4020-1938-6, Hardbound

82. Math 620 (Algebraic Number Theory)
This course is a basic introduction to algebraic number theory.......MATH 620 algebraic number theory (Fall 1999). Course
MATH 620: Algebraic Number Theory (Fall 1999)
Title: Algebraic Number Theory
Course web site:
Meeting times: MWF, 1:00pm-1:50pm (MTH 2300)
Instructor: Professor Jonathan Rosenberg . His office is room 2114 of the Math Building, phone extension 55166, or you can contact him by email . His office hours are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Thirsday afternoons 1-2PM.
Text: Algebraic Number Fields, Second Edition , by Gerald J. Janusz , Graduate Studies in Mathematics, American Mathematical Society. I expect to cover chapters 1-3, along with some applications to "classical" number theory (e.g., "Pell's equation" and quadratic reciprocity). We may touch on parts of chapters 4-6 if time permits.
Prerequisite: Graduate-level abstract algebra (MATH 600-601)
Catalog description: Algebraic numbers and algebraic integers, algebraic number fields of finite degree, ideals and units, fundamental theorem of algebraic number theory, theory of residue classes, Minkowski's theorem on linear forms, class numbers, Dirichlet's theorem on units, relative algebraic number fields, decomposition group, inertia group and ramification group of prime ideals with respect to a relatively Galois extension.
Course Description:
This course is a basic introduction to algebraic number theory. It will emphasize the following topics:

83. Algorithmic Number Theory
9.5. ERHbased methods. 9.6. Primality testing using algebraic number theory. 9.7. Generation of random primes. 9.8. Prime number sieves. 9.9.
Algorithmic Number Theory
From the Preface: This is the first volume of a projected two-volume set on algorithmic number theory, the design and analysis of algorithms for problems from the theory of numbers. This volume focuses primarily on those problems from number theory that admit relatively efficient solutions. The second volume will largely focus on problems for which efficient algorithms are not known, and applications thereof. We hope that the material in this book will be useful for readers at many levels, from the beginning graduate student to experts in the area. The early chapters assume that the reader is familiar with the topics in an undergraduate algebra course: groups, rings, and fields. Later chapters assume some familiarity with Galois theory. As stated above, this book discusses the current state of the art in algorithmic number theory. This book is not The book contains a large bibliography with references to more than 1800 papers and books. The BibTeX files for the bibliography of the book are available for your use without charge.

84. Nagaraj, D.S.
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, C.I.T., Chennai. algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry.
I am interested in the following areas of Mathematics: Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Number theory.
List of publications
  • On the moduli of curves with theta-characteristics
    Compositio Mathematica, Vol 75, P. 287-297, 1990.
  • The stucture of Iwasawa module associated with a $Z^r_p$-extension of a p-adic local field of characteristic
    Journal of Number theory,Vol 38,No 1, P. 52-57, May 1991.
  • (with A.R.Aithal) Splitting types of holomorphic bundles associateted to some hormonic maps.
    Comm. In Algebra Vol 21 (10), P. 3727-3731, 1993.
  • (with S.Ramanan) Polarisation of type (1,2, ... ,2) on Abelian varieties
    Duke Journal of Mathematics, (Pages, 157 - 194), Vol.80, No.1, Oct.1995.
  • (with C.S.Seshadri) Degenerations of the moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves I
    Proc.Indian Acad. Sci (Math. Sci.), Vol. 107, No. 2, pp 101-137, May 1997.
  • (with Indranil Biswas) Parabolic ample bundles, II: Connectivity of zero locus of a class of sections
    Topology, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 781-789, 1998.
  • (with Laytimi Fatima) On the Maximal Degeneracy Loci and the secant vector bundle
    Jour. of Math. Sci.(Newyork) 94 (1999), No.1, 1068-1072.

85. Jürgen Klüners
Universit¤t Kassel. algebraic number theory, computational class field theory, Galois rheory, computer algebra. KANT software, tables of extensions of the rationals which contains polynomials for all Galois groups up to degree 15.
Heinrich-Plett-Str. 40
34132 Kassel
Germany E-Mail: Telefon: +49 561/804-4192
Telefax: +49 561/804-4646
    Fields of mathematical interest: Algebraic Number Theory, Computational Class Field Theory, Galois Theory, Computer Algebra I have developed and implemented algorithms for algebraic number fields. All algorithms are implemented in the computer algebra system KANT . Have a look at the homepage of our research group Computational Mathematics . I have created a database for field extensions of the rationals which contains polynomials for all Galois groups up to degree 15.
  • Publications Lehre Private stuff (Chess,...) (in German) Some useful links ...
webmaster Last modified: Wed Apr 14 10:17:21 MET DST 2004

86. Saskatchewan Algebra And Number Theory Mini-meeting
and the genus of the covering curve is derived from (the function field case) of global Class Field Theory, a classical topic in algebraic number theory.
Saskatchewan Algebra and Number Theory Mini-meeting II
University of Saskatchewan
January 31 and February 1, 2003 Saskatchewan Algebra and Number Theory Mini-meeting I
University of Regina Main Campus
September 20 and 21, 2002 Schedule: Friday, September 20:
Noon: Welcoming lunch in CW 307.18 (Math/CS Lounge). Sandwiches included! 1:30 2:20 PM: Talk 1: Roland Auer (U of S), Ray class fields of global funcion fields, and curves with many points. 2:30 3:00 PM: Talk 2: Martin Argerami (U of R), Trends in Subfactor Theory 3:00 3:30 PM: Coffee and goodies 3:30 4:20 PM: Talk 3: Murray Marshall (U of S), Optimizing polynomial functions using semidefinite programming. 4:30 PM: Socializing at the Lazy Owl 7:00 PM: Supper at Travelodge Hotel Saturday, September 21: 9:00 9:50 AM: Talk 4: Murray Bremner (U of S), Cohomology of infinite dimensional Lie algebras isn't as hard as it sounds 10:00 10:30 AM: Talk 5: Richard McIntosh (U of R), On the Largest Prime Factor of a Number 10:40 11:10 AM: Talk 6: Mikhail Kotchetov (U of S), Polynomial Identities in Hopf Algebras.

87. 4th Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign; 29 March 1997.
4th Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Saturday, March 29
web: The meeting will be held in 314 Altgeld Hall. From I-74, take the Lincoln Avenue exit. Go south for a 1.7 miles, until you reach Green Street. Go west on Green St. for 0.7 miles to 5th Street. Go south one block and then east on John. There is a free parking garage on your right at the end of the block. Altgeld Hall is the historic building with a bell tower at the end of John St., one block to the east. It's easiest to enter the building by its north face, going past the Alma Mater statue, then up to the top of the stairs to find Room 314 and the refreshment lounge. There will be signs!

88. Algebra, Number Theory And Cryptography Research Group, Univ. Of Calgary
11Axx, 11D09, 11Rxx. Elementary number theory; Quadratic and bilinear Diophantine equations; algebraic number theory global fields. Number Theory.

Research at the Department of Mathematics
Algebra, Number Theory and Cryptography research group
Research category Researcher AMS subject classification Research topics Number theory Richard Guy Elementary prime number theory, factorization; Special numbers, sequences and polynomials (e.g. Bernoulli). Number theory Richard Mollin Elementary number theory; Quadratic and bilinear Diophantine equations; Algebraic number theory: global fields. Number Theory Clifton Cunningham Representation-theoretic methods - automorphic representations over local and global fields. Number Theory Renate Scheidler Arithmetic theory of algebraic function fields; Algebraic number theory computations; Algebraic coding theory. Number Theory Richard Guy Diophantine equations; Binomial coefficients; factorials; $q$-identities; Evaluation of constants; Fibonacci and Lucas numbers and polynomials and generalizations; Arithmetic functions; related numbers; inversion formulas; Representation problems; Primes in progressions Number theory Hugh Williams Computational number theory; Elementary number theory; Diophantine equations.

89. Hartmut Bauer
Technische Universit¤t Berlin. algebraic number theory and analytic theory of algebraic numbers. Thesis and preprints.
Hartmut Bauer
FB 3 - Mathematik MA 8-1
D-10623 Berlin
Germany phone: +49-30-314-79387 phone: +49-30-314-24015 (secretary) fax : +49-30-314-21604 email:
Research Interests:
  • Algebraic Number Theory
  • Analytic Theory of Algebraic Numbers
  • Calculation of L-Functions over Number Fields
Diploma Thesis:
PhD Thesis:
TU-Berlin Mathematics Department KANT Last modified: Fri Mar 12 19:03:03 MET DST 1999

90. Algebraic Number Theory
Mailing list addresses and subscription instructions.

91. Algebraic Number Theory
algebraic number theory. algebraic number theory by Authors Edwin Weiss Released 08 July, 1998 ISBN 0486401898 Paperback Sales Rank 287,902,
Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic Number Theory

by Authors: Edwin Weiss
Released: 08 July, 1998
ISBN: 0486401898
Sales Rank:
List price:
Our price: You save: Algebraic Number Theory > Features:
  • Unabridged
Book > Algebraic Number Theory > Customer Reviews: Average Customer Rating:
Algebraic Number Theory > Customer Review #1: Uncompromising and difficult

Make no mistae about it, this is a very difficult book. It is pitched at a highly advanced level and assumes a good deal of ring and field theory and makes no concessions by way of pausing to briefly summarise what is assumed at any point. Parts of the book also progress very quickly and consist of streams of definitions with next to no examples followed by a chunk of theorems that depend on the terms introduced to such an extent that the material has to be re-read many times to glean any understanding. Although in terms of the amount of material covered this is a comprehensive text, it is far too concise for student use. It might have some limited appeal as an advanced postgraduate reference book, but for anyone not already well up to speed in algebraic number theory this will be heavy going indeed.
Algebraic Number Theory > Customer Review #2: A high level book This book seems to be a good description of Algibraic valuations. Potential buyers should know that it assumes what seems to be a knowlage of graduate-level mathematics, particularly a thurogh knowlage of mathematical fields.

92. Frank Vallentin
TU M¼nchen. Geometry of numbers; computational algebraic number theory.
Frank Vallentin
Center for Mathematical Sciences Germany room: S 4234 phone: e-mail: Research Interests:

93. Lecture Notes Algebraic Number Theory
Lecture Notes on algebraic number theory. title. author. source. dvi. ps. pdf. html. algebraic number theory. Abhijit Das. Kanpur. algebraic number theory. Robert Ash.
Lecture Notes on Algebraic Number Theory
title author source dvi ps pdf html Algebraic Number Theory Abhijit Das Kanpur Algebraic Number Theory Robert Ash Univ. Illinois Dedekind's Theory of Algebraic Integers Jeremy Avigad Carnegie Mellon Algebraic Number Theory Matt Baker Georgia Algebraic Number Theory I Ching-Li Chai Penn Algebraic Number Theory II Ching-Li Chai Penn Notes on Algebraic Numbers Robin Chapman Exeter Algebraic Number Theory Robin Chapman Exeter Algebraic Number Theory and Quadratic Reciprocity Henry Cohn Micro$oft Bas Edixhoven Leiden Algebraic Number Theory Matthew Emerton Northwestern Univ. Introduction to algebraic number theory Ivan Fesenko Nottingham Local Fields and Their Extensions Ivan Fesenko, S.V. Vostokov Nottingham Algebraic Number Theory Michael Filaseta South Carolina Algebraic Number Theory Dick Gross Harvard Algebra and Number Theory Jerome William Hoffman LSU Euler Systems Barry Mazur Harvard Loic Merel Jussieu Algebraic Number Theory James Milne Ann Arbor Algebraische Zahlentheorie Wolfgang Ruppert Univ. Erlangen Algebraic Number Theory Gregory Sankaran Bath Algebraic Number Theory Rene Schoof Univ. Rome

Oklahoma State University. algebraic number theory and algebraic groups, with methods from functional analysis and analytic number theory.
David J. Wright's Home
I am a mathematician on the faculty of Oklahoma State University. My home page is divided up into the following areas of information:
My resume and other personal information
Some facts about my education, career and family are given here.
MATH 2153: Calculus II Course Materials
MATH 6490: Indra's Pearls Course Materials
Materials for courses I have taught in the past
The Indra's Pearls Web Site
Information on a book about kleinian groups which I co-authored and which is now published by Cambridge University Press.
Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Fractals
These are the materials I prepared for a course given in the spring of 1996, including a 170-page book processed in latex2html.
Symmetry Web
This is a World Wide Web machine for experimenting with symmetry groups of simple geometric figures.
The Putnam Competition
Here is information about participating in the Putnam Competition, a national undergraduate math contest.
Number Theory
My main field is number theory, particularly algebraic number theory and algebraic groups, with methods from functional analysis and analytic number theory. I hope to have most of my articles and short notes in this subject posted here eventually.

95. Algebraic Number Theory
A Course in Computational algebraic number theory A Course in Computational algebraic number theory As with many math books, the author immediately begins by

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Philosophy of Mathematics Additional Subjects Fashion Illustration Now Winifred Gibson Strickland Yor's Revenge Snakes of Georgia South Carolina ... The Call Goes Out: Interspecies Communication Featured Books A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory
As with many math books, the author immediately begins by using some peculiar looking boldfaced symbols in an outlined font (Z, Q, R, C, etc) without ever once explaining what they are supposed to represent. This should be a criminal offense.
Written by Henri Cohen Henry Cohen
Published by Springer Verlag (September 1993)
ISBN 0387556400
Price $77.95
I carefully worked through most of Koblitz's book. It is well written and worth the time to study if you are interested in modular forms and elliptic curves.
Written by Neal Koblitz
Published by Springer Verlag (October 1996)
ISBN 0387979662 Price $62.95 Written by Ian Stewart David Tall Published by AK Peters Ltd (December 2001) ISBN 1568811195 Price $38.00

96. Home Page Of Chris Towse
Scripps College, Claremont. Arithmetic geometry and Riemann surfaces (Weierstrass points), algebraic number theory (generalized continued fractions), combinatorics (chain partitions).
Christopher Towse
Office: Balch 28
Phone: (909) 607-3540
Mailing Address:
    Department of Mathematics
    1030 Columbia Ave.
    Scripps College
    Claremont, CA 91711 USA
Click here for the Scripps Math Department website. Click here for a schedule of the Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquium.
Teaching Schedule:
Spring 2004
Math 23, Transcendental Functions and Introduction to Calculus
MWF, 9:00-9:50, Balch 40.
Math 31, Calculus II
MWF, 11:00-11:50, Balch 41.
Math 144, Classical and Modern Geometries
TTh, 1:15-2:30, Balch 41.
Office Hours : TBA.
For more about the professional me , click here
Just a few Math Links

Interested in the Putnam Competition? Here is the official site at Santa Clara University . Many colleges and universities put up sites each year, but they seem to change and disappear regularly. Try searching on Google to find the latest sites. Each Fall semester: If you're a Scripps student interested in the Putnam, we'll having practice sessions on Thursday evenings 6PM 8PM . Feel free to give me a call or email for more information. Also, Harvey Mudd has practice sessions (which you can take as a half-credit course) each fall.

97. Algebraic Number Theory Theory
algebraic number theory Fermat s Last Theorem algebraic number theory Fermat s Last Theorem good overview of algebraic number theory as it applies to FLT

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Philosophy of Mathematics Additional Subjects Fashion Illustration Now Winifred Gibson Strickland Yor's Revenge Snakes of Georgia South Carolina ... The Call Goes Out: Interspecies Communication Featured Books
I carefully worked through most of Koblitz's book. It is well written and worth the time to study if you are interested in modular forms and elliptic curves.
Written by Neal Koblitz
Published by Springer Verlag (October 1996)
ISBN 0387979662
Price $62.95
Galois Cohomology

The book begins with an introduction to the theory of Profinite groups and their cohomology. This is an important issue as one has to know that Galois cohomology is the same as Etale cohomolgy of a point. This introduction to Profinite group is very short and would not cause you to get bored. Next, cohomological dimension of fields has been introduced with a detailed considerations on low dimensional cases, which is in turn very much in sprit of non-commutative algebra and would be re-conside...
Written by Jean-Pierre Serre
Published by Springer Verlag (November 2001) ISBN 3540421920 Price $54.95

98. Home Page Of Clemens Adelmann
Technical University Braunschweig. algebraic number theory, elliptic curves, zeta and L-functions. Publication and lectures.
German Home pages: TU Braunschweig Department 1 Mathematics Applied Algebra Technical University Braunschweig
Department Applied Algebra
Pockelsstr. 14, D-38106 Braunschweig, Germany
Tel. +49-531-391-7537
Fax +49-531-391-7510
Dr. Clemens Adelmann
Tel.: +49-531 391-7506
Lecture: "Die Mathematik von Dedekind und Fricke" (Winter 2002/2003)
Lecture: "Algebraische Gleichungen" (Summer 2003)
Areas of Interest
Algebraic number theory, elliptic curves, zeta- and L-functions.
The Decomposition of Primes in Torsion Point Fields, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1761, Springer, 2001. Errata (PostScript). Last Updated: 6/2/2003

99. Algebraic Number Theory II
algebraic number theory II. Book H. Koch Number Theory. Algebraic Numbers and Functions. Graduate Studies in Mathematics 24, American
Algebraic Number Theory II. Book: H. Koch: Number Theory. Algebraic Numbers and Functions. Graduate Studies in Mathematics 24, American Mathematical Society 2000. Lectures: Tuesdays 13-15 and Thursdays 11-13 in Aud. 8. Course plan: Chap. 3.12, pp. 94-96, chap. 4, chap. 6.1, 6.2 until 6.2.2, 6.3-6.5, 6.7-6.8, + the various notes below. Ascension Day. I.e., no lectures. End 6.7 (Upper numeration of ramification groups). In the proof of Theorem 6.7.1 on p. 194: The reference to Prop. 3.10.5 is just the following: We know that the number of elements in G_0 is e(K/F); we also know that this number equals e(K/L)e(L/F); and the numbers e(K/L) and e(L/F) is the number of elements in (G/H)_0 and H_0, respectively. Read the example on p. 195 concerning higher ramification groups for cyclotomic fields on your own. 6.7 (Upper numeration of ramification groups), continued.
In (6.7.7) the number v_i denotes the number of elements of (G/H)_i rather than of G_i.
End 6.8 (Kummer extensions) + Begin 6.7 (Upper numeration of ramification groups). convex

100. Keith Conrad's Home Page
University of Connecticut. Analytic and algebraic number theory. Research and expository papers.
Keith Conrad
Job coordinates
Math Dept. UConn, 196 Auditorium Road Unit 3009
Storrs, CT 06269-3009 E-mail: kconrad at math dot uconn dot edu.
Some mathematics
Research papers
Expository notes
UConn math club
MathSciNet ...
NUMDAM, in english or french
The GTM test
Excerpts from the New York Times
An unusual citation about Drinfeld modules
Current courses
Math 258
Math 321
Some past courses
PROMYS program course (Summer, 2000)
Ross program course (Summer, 2003)
Linear Algebra (Fall, 2003)
Algebraic Number Theory (Fall, 2003) ...
Graduate Algebra (Spring, 2004)
Some pictures
Some links
Russian news
Norwegian news
Math contests

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