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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (100)
  1. The elements of the theory of algebraic numbers. With an introduction by David Hilbert. by Legh Wilber Reid, 1946
  2. Theory of algebraic numbers: Notes by Gerhard Wurges from lectures held at the Mathematisches Institut, Gottingen, Germany, in the Winter semester, 1956/7 by Emil Artin, 1959
  3. Theory of Algebraic Numbers Carus 9 1ST Edition by PollardHarry, 1950
  4. Selected Papers on Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and Differential Geometry (American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2)
  5. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers (Volume 2) The General Theory by Harris Hancock, 1964
  6. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers Volume I by Harris Hancock, 1931
  7. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Harry Pollard, 1961
  8. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers. 2 volumes. by Harris HANCOCK, 1932
  9. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers. Volume II: The General Theory. by Harris Hancock, 1932
  10. Theory of Algebraic Numbers Carus 9 1ST Edition by Harry Pollard, 1950
  11. Theory of Algebraic Numbers Carus 9 by Harry Pollard, 1950
  12. P-Adic Methods in Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (Contemporary Mathematics)
  13. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Harry Pollard, 1961
  14. Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid;IntroductionDavid Hilbe, 1910

61. Lemmermeyer, Franz
Bilkent University. algebraic number theory, elliptic curves. Papers, lecture notes, texts.
Franz Lemmermeyer
Visiting associate professor Department of Mathematics Office: FEN 116 Telephone 1265
Spring 2004
Algebraic Geometry
Introduction to plane algebraic curves; sheaves; schemes.
Topics in Algebraic Geometry
Arithmetic of elliptic curves
Number Theory Seminar
Galois Theory
Fall 1996 - Fall 2003
Stolen Books
My mathematical ancestors
In the past, I also was working in the USSA , a member of the AMS, a member of the MAA, a reviewer for Math. Reviews
A Collection of Lecture Notes
My Elliptic Curves page

62. Claus Fieker
Technische Universit¤t Berlin. algebraic number theory; computational class field theory; the KANT computer algebra system.
Claus Fieker
School of Mathematics and Statistics, F07
University of Sydney
NSW, 2006
Australia phone: +61-2-9351 5795 fax : +61-2-9351 4534 email: claus AT
Research Interests:
  • Algebraic Number Theory
  • Computational Class Field Theory
  • Computer Algebra MAGMA and KANT
  • Newly: computational mirco biology with my wife Michelle
Publications Last modified: Fri Mar 12 19:03:03 MET DST 2004

Cambridge University Cardiff Number Theory Centre The Durham Geometry and Arithmetic Group North of England algebraic number theory Group Number Theory at
Number theory centres
A B C E ... U
The University of Sydney number theory seminar
Macquarie University
Number theory at the University of Vienna
Number Theory Group, University For Natural Resources, Vienna
Kommutative Algebra und Zahlentheorie
Department of Number Theory , Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Seminar, KUL-RUG
UCL Crypto Group
The Canadian Number Theory Association
The Number Theory Research Group at the University of British Columbia
Algebra, Number Theory and Cryptography research group, University of Calgary
Centre for Information Security and Cryptography (CISaC), University of Calgary
Number Theory Research Group at CICMA
Algebra and Number Theory Group at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Number Theory Research Group at McGill
Algebra/Number Theory Seminar , McMaster University
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research , University of Waterloo
The University of Toronto Number Theory/Representation Theory Seminar 2003/2004
Number Theory in Shandong University
Seminar on Number Theory and Algebra , University of Zagreb
European Community
Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry
Galois Theory and Explicit Methods in Arithmetic (GTEM)
Number Theory Group , Oulu
Number Theory Group , University of Turku
  • Caen: SDAD
    Clermont-Ferrand :
  • Limoges:
  • Paris
    • Paris VI/VII:
  • 64. MATH 814, Algebraic Number Theory
    MATH 814, algebraic number theory. JS Milne, algebraic number theory These notes are obviously attractive because of their free online availability.
    MATH 814, Algebraic Number Theory
    Hours, Location and office hours
    Monday, Wednesday, 10:30 - 12.20 in Room SSC 8660
    First lecture is Monday, January 12.
    Nils Bruin
    office: K10516
    phone: 604-291-3794
    Office hours:
    Monday, Wednesday, 1:30 - 2:30 in my office K10516
    or when available
    Suggested reading and Outline
    Suggested books:
    Daniel A. Marcus, Number Fields , Springer Verlag 1977
    A nice book. It develops the theory from first principles and only uses basic algebra. This sometimes makes the exposition unnecessarily involved. It has a great set of exercises and we will be using a lot of these for the assignments. Unfortunately, the book is out of print, so it is a bit hard to come by.
    J.S. Milne, Algebraic Number Theory
    These notes are obviously attractive because of their free online availability. I would recommend downloading and printing a set of these and use them as a first reference. You may also be interested in other texts Milne has on his web page
    J. Neukirch, Algebraic Number Theory , GMW 332, Springer Verlag 1999 (translated from the 1992 German original)
    Very good and complete reference text. The author's approach is a bit heavy-handed at points, but if you can make it through, you will get a lot out of it. Covers much more than we will be able to do in the course.

    65. Number Theory algebraic number theory, including class numbers, class groups, discriminants, class field theory, density theorems, Iwasawa theory.
    Number Theory at the Mathematics Dept. of the University of Texas
    Permanent faculty in Number Theory, and their fields of interest.
    • Frank Gerth ): Algebraic number theory, including class numbers, class groups, discriminants, class field theory, density theorems, Iwasawa theory.
    • John Tate ): Algebraic Number Theory (local and global fields), Class Field Theory, Galois cohomology, Galois representations, L-functions and their special values, modular forms, elliptic curves and abelian varieties.
    • Jeffrey Vaaler ): Analytic number theory, Diophantine approximation and the geometry of numbers in local and global fields, Diophantine inequalities, polynomials, effective measures of irrationality and transcendence, applications of Fourier analysis in number theory, inequalities and extremal problems.
    • ): Special values of L-functions (Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer and Bloch-Beilinson conjectures), arithmetic of elliptic curves, modular forms, Mahler measure of polynomials.
    • Felipe Voloch ): Arithmetic of function fields. Diophantine geometry over function fields. Geometry of algebraic curves. Algebraic varieties over finite fields. Modular forms, elliptic curves and abelian varieties. Finite fields and applications to coding theory and cryptography.

    66. UR Department Of Mathematics - Naomi Jochnowitz
    University of Rochester. algebraic number theory, modular forms, padic modular forms.
    Naomi Jochnowitz
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Rochester
    Rochester, NY 14627
    Office: Hylan 1003
    Fax: (716) 244-6631
    Research Interests
    Algebraic number theory, modular forms, p-adic modular forms.

    67. Algebraic Number Theory
    Fall Semester, 2004. Course Title Topics in Number Theory, algebraic number theory. Unique Number M390C (58965). Time and place TTh
    Fall Semester, 2004
    Course Title: Topics in Number Theory, Algebraic Number Theory Unique Number: M390C (58965) Time and place: TTh 9:30-11:00 RLM 9.166 Instructor: Felipe Voloch
    Brief description:
    This course will cover the basic theory of Algebraic Number Fields and Function Fields, their rings of integers and the basic theorems of unique factorization into prime ideals, finiteness of class number and Dirichlet's unit theorem. We will take the approach of Artin and Whaples and give an axiomatic characterization of Number Fields and Function Fields. Here is their original paper
    Prerequisite: Graduate Algebra
    Textbook: None. But here is a long list of lecture notes on number theory, some of which are relevant.
    This page has been visited times since March 19th, 2004 .

    68. Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
    University of Illinois at Chicago; 18 April 1998.
    Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
    Saturday, April 18, 1998
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day Program David Goss (OSU) Analytic continuation of integrals in characteristic p Sharon Brueggeman (UIUC) Number Field Extensions with little ramification Romyar Sharifi (UChicago) Norm Residue Symbols and Conductors Coffee Break Nigel Boston (UIUC) Just-infinite pro-p groups and the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture. Junda Hu (UIC) Specialization of the logarithmic Dolbeaux complex Niranjan Ramachandran (UMichigan) Examples of Mixed Motives of Varieties Coffee Break Michael Larsen (UMissouri) T-adic Lie groups and algebraic groups in characteristic p
    The meeting will take place in room 600 of of the Science and Engineering Office Building (SEO) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Directions to Campus are available on the university web page at (You want EAST SIDE! Note: SEO is located in the southwestern corner of (EAST) campus, at the corner of Taylor and Morgan streets.
    General Info
    There are many restaurants on Taylor street, west of the math department, for those who want to eat lunch before the meeting.

    69. Private Page Berge
    University Bordeaux. algebraic number theory and geometry of numbers. Publications, recent work, and links.
    • phone: +33-5-56-84-61-31 (From France : 05-56-84-61-31) fax : +33-5-56-84-69-50 (From France : 05-56-84-69-50)

    • Laboratoire A2X
      33405, Talence cedex
    I am a Mathematics professor at the University Bordeaux 1. My general field of research is number theory. After working for several years on algebraic number theory (Galois module structures, regulators and discriminants), I am presently interested in geometry of numbers.
    Links to WEB pages of some mathematicians working on lattices and coding theory.
  • Christine Bachoc Richard Borcherds Renaud Coulangeon Noam Elkies ...
  • P. H. Tiep
    Recent work

    70. Suggested Readings In Algorithmic Number Theory
    computer science SerNo 1423 Status HERE Editor Cassels, JWS (John William Scott) ed. / Frölich, Albrecht ed. Title algebraic number theory; proceedings of
    Suggested readings in Algorithmic number theory
    This list was provided by the organizers of the Fall 2000 program in Algorithmic number theory.

    71. Algebraic Number Theory
    next up previous Next About this document Up References Previous Analytic Number Theory algebraic number theory. (G = Global
    Next: About this document ... Up: References: Previous: Analytic Number Theory
    Algebraic Number Theory
    (G = Global; L = Local)
    (L) Artin: Algebraic Numbers and Algebraic Functions
    (G,L) Cassels, Frohlich: Algebraic Number Theory
    (G,L) Golstein: Analytic Number Theory (Chapters 1-6)
    (G,L) Janusz: Algebraic Number Fields
    (G) Lang: Algebraic Number Theory
    (G) Marcus: Number Fields
    (G) Ribenboim Algebraic Numbers
    (L) Weiss: Algebraic Number Theory


    72. Algebraic Number Theory:
    next up previous Next Global Theory Up Number Theory Previous Analytic Number Theory algebraic number theory Global Theory Local Theory root 199812-03.
    Next: Global Theory: Up: Number Theory Previous: Analytic Number Theory:
    Algebraic Number Theory:


    73. Dr Chris F. Woodcock
    University of Kent at Canterbury. Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory; padic analogues of classical functions and their applications in number theory.
    Home Research Teaching People ... Contacts
    Dr Chris F. Woodcock
    Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
    Pure Mathematics Group
    Publications Personal Page Room Telephone
    external +44 1227
    For a valid email address add
    Interests: Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory; p-adic analogues of classical functions and their applications in number theory.
    Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science
    Contact the IMSWebmaster
    Last Updated: 6 January, 2004 10:54
    Web Address: document.write(document.URL);

    74. Seminar On Number Theory And Algebra
    Recommended readings Graduate courses Number Theory in Cryptography (A. Dujella) (2003/2004); Introduction to algebraic number theory (I. Gusic) (2002/2003);
    Seminar on Number Theory and Algebra
    University of Zagreb
    When: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:45
    Where: Department of Mathematics, room 201
    Leaders of the seminar:
    Andrej Dujella , Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics , Zagreb
    Ivica Gusic , Associate Professor, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology , Zagreb
    Members of the seminar:
    Dragutin Svrtan , Professor, Zagreb
    Andrej Dujella
    , Associate Professor, Zagreb
    Ivica Gusic , Associate Professor, Zagreb
    Boris Sirola , Assistant Professor, Zagreb
    Borka Jadrijevic
    , Assistant Professor, Split
    Zrinka Franusic , Assistant, Zagreb
    Alan Filipin , graduate student, Zagreb
    Mirela Jukic , graduate student, Osijek
    Ana Jurasic , graduate student, Rijeka Matija Kazalicki , graduate student, Zagreb Danijel Kopcinovic , graduate student, Zagreb Marcel Maretic , graduate student, Zagreb Mirta Mataija , graduate student, Rijeka Vinko Petricevic , graduate student, Zagreb Petra Tadic , graduate student, Zagreb
    Next seminar:
    Petra Tadic: Rank of elliptic curves over Q T June 9, 2004 at 10:15
    Previous seminars:
  • Recommended readings Graduate courses:
  • 75. Hisao TAYA -Math. Lab. GSIS Tohoku Univ.- English
    Tohoku University. algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory.
    Division of Mathematics,
    Graduate School of Information Sciences,
    Tohoku University
    English Japanese
    Welcome to HISAO TAYA's Home Page !!
    Research Interest List of Papers My Vita
    Home Page of Div. of Math., GSIS, Tohoku University
    Home Page of Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University

    Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University,
    Aramaki-Aza-Aoba 09, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8579, JAPAN
    TEL:+081-22-217-4638, FAX:+081-22-217-4654
    Hisao TAYA

    76. Algebraic Number Theory Resources
    algebraic number theory resources. Recommended References. see index for total category for your convenience Best Retirement
    Algebraic Number Theory resources.
    Recommended References. [see index for total category]
    for your convenience: Best Retirement Spots Web Hosting ULTRAToolBox Resources on Diet and Nutrition Pain Relief Allergies Tech Refresh , and finally - a must check - Mediterranean diet Discovery. Algebraic Number Theory applications, theory, research, exams, history, handbooks and much more

    Introduction to Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry: Number Fifty-Four
    by William Fulton
    Fermat's Last Theorem: A Genetic Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 50)
    by Harold M. Edwards
    Introduction to Algebraic and Abelian Function
    by Serge Lang
    Introduction to Arakelov Theory
    by Serge Lang
    Introduction to Algebraic Independence Theory (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1752)
    by Yuri V. Nesterenko
    Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 83)
    by Lawrence C. Washington
    Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Vol 97)
    by Neal Koblitz Fermat's Last Theorem: A Genetic Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by H. M. Edwards

    77. Abramovich, Dan
    Boston University. algebraic number theory group and topology. Pictures, research papers, notes, transparencies.

    78. Pietro Cornacchia's Home Page
    University of Pisa. algebraic number theory ideal class groups for cyclotomic fields, and Ktheory of the rings of integers of an abelian number field.
    I am a graduate student in Mathematics at University of Pisa. I like traveling, the mountains and riding my motorbike. My field of interest is Algebraic Number Theory. In particular, I am interested in the structure of the ideal class groups for cyclotomic fields, and the K-theory of the rings of integers of an abelian number field.
    Some interesting mathematical links:
    Other links:
    • The parity of the class number of the cyclotomic fields of prime conductor Proceedings of the AMS, (1997) n. 11, 3163-3168. Anderson's module for cyclotomic fields of prime conductor, Journal of Number Theory. Fitting ideals of class groups in a p extension, submitted. The 2-ideal class groups of Q submitted. Fitting ideals of class groups of real fields , with Cornelius Greither, submitted. Fitting ideals for e'tale and algebraic K-gropus of number rings , with Paul Arne Ostvaer, in preparation.
    If you want to contact me, feel free to drop me a

    79. Algebraic Number Theory - Course Details - Computing - Imperial College London
    device. algebraic number theory. Lecturer A An introduction to algebraic number theory, with emphasis on quadratic fields. In such fields
    Skip over navigation Quick Navigation Imperial home page A-Z of Departments Courses Research Alumni Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Physical Sciences Business School Spectrum (restricted to College users) People finder Help Note: Your browser does not support javascript or you have javascript turned off. Although this will not affect your accessibility to the content of this site, some of the advanced navigation features may not be available to you. Home Teaching Course Details Algebraic Number Theory Note: Some of the graphical elements of this site are only visible to browsers that support accepted web standards . The content of this site is, however, accessible to any browser or Internet device.
    Algebraic Number Theory
    Lecturer: A Skorobogatov homepage
    For course notes click on the lecturers homepages. An introduction to algebraic number theory, with emphasis on quadratic fields. In such fields the familiar unique factorisation enjoyed by the integers may fail, but the extent of the failure is measured by the class group.
    The following topics will be treated with an emphasis on quadratic fields :
    Field extensions, minimum polynomial, algebraic numbers, conjugates and discriminants, Gaussian integers, algebraic integers, integral basis, quadratic fields, cyclotomic fields, norm of an algebraic number, existence of factorisation.

    80. Algebraic Number Theory
    algebraic number theory MAS 6215 (15287) Spring 2004. Instructor Dr. Klingler Office SE 228 Phone (561) 2973257 Email Course Links
    Algebraic Number Theory
    MAS 6215 (15287)
    Spring 2004 Instructor:
    Dr. Klingler
    Office: SE 228
    Course Links: Syllabus Homework Assignment #1 (Due on Friday, 1/16/04).
    Homework Assignment #2
    (Due on Friday, 1/30/04).
    Homework Assignment #3
    (Due on Friday, 2/13/04).
    Homework Assignment #4
    (Due on Friday, 2/27/04).
    Homework Assignment #5
    (Due on Friday, 3/19/04). Homework Assignment #6 (Due on Friday, 4/02/04). Homework Assignment #7 (Due on Friday, 4/16/04).

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